Double Bonus, Pick; em Poker

Double Bonus, Pickem Poker

This is another game that utilizes a deck of 52 cards, with the lowest rank for a winning hand being a pair of Jacks. This game and Bonus Poker have the same ranking of hands. What distinquishes Double Bonus Poker from Bonus Poker is that the first one will pay a player even money for hands such as a Two Pair, which means the player will receive the same amount of money bet.

On the other hand, Double Bonus Poker will pay a player 80 times the amount bet for particular Four of a Kind hands such as four Twos, four Threes, four Fours. In addition, the game will pay 160 times the amount bet for a hand of four Aces. It is these additional payouts, that again boost the excitement for the player.

It is worth noting that in the short term, Double Bonus Poker may appear an expensive game, thus, requiring a larger budget. It is so because, in order to accomplish a reasonable return, the player needs to rely on not so frequent hands.

As far as the game version providing the greatest earning opportunity is concerned, experts recommend 10/7 Double Bonus Poker, which offers an expected return of 100.17%. When playing this game version, one will earn 10 coins for every coin bet, if holding a Full House, and 7 coins for every coin bet, if holding a Flush.

Double Double Bonus Poker

Like the prior one, this game uses a regular 52-card deck, while the lowest rank for a winning hand is a pair of Jacks. Similar to Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker will pay a player even money for frequent hands such as a Two Pair. In addition, it will pay a player a lesser amount for hands such as a Flush, a Straight, and a Full House compared to what Double Bonus Poker pays.

However, in order to make up for the low rates of return for frequent winning hands, Double Double Bonus Poker will pay considerable amounts for particular rarer hands.

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In this game, one will find a new card, known as a kicker. Such cards could be a Two, a Three, a Four, or an Ace. Let us explain.

In case a player holds a special Four of a Kind and a kicker, they will earn double the amount paid in Double Bonus Poker. Or, if the player holds four Twos, or four Threes, or four Fours and a fifth card, which may be an Ace, Two, Three, Four, they will earn 160 times the amount bet, instead of 80 times that amount. In case the player holds four Aces and the fifth card turns out to be a Two, a Three, or a Four, they will earn 400 times the amount bet.

If one plays Double Double Bonus Poker on a restrained budget, then it would be better if they use a low-denomination video poker machine, a 25-cent machine instead of a $1 machine. This may prolong the period of time played and bolster the chance of hitting a rarer but highly profitable hand.

In the short term this game may appear expensive, thus, it requires a larger budget, because, in order to accomplish a reasonable return, the player needs to rely on infrequent hands.

As for the game version providing the greatest earning opportunity, experts recommend 9/6 Double Double Bonus Poker and a progressive jackpot, that offers larger payouts for particular Four of a Kind and Royal Flush combinations. Note that even without the progressive jackpot, the expected return of this version is 98.98%.

Pick 'Em Poker

This game enjoys great popularity in Canada, but can be found in the United States as well. Note that the game can be found under another moniker, Pick-a-Pair. Special promotions at casinos in both countries often feature Pick 'Em Poker.

This game uses a regular 52-card deck, while the lowest rank of winning hand is a pair of Nines. Pick 'Em Poker begins, once two exposed cards are dealt on the left side of the screen and two stacks each comprised by three cards appear on the right side. The top card in each of the two stacks will appear exposed. A player has to keep the two exposed cards on the left but needs to select one of the stacks on the right they are willing to hold. After a choice is made, the two hidden cards in the selected stack will be exposed and the player will have a complete hand.

What is important to note is that as no card replacements on the left screen side are allowed, the chance of achieving a high-ranking hand after the draw is reduced. This explains why in this game the

player gets paid for a hand of relatively low rank (a pair of Nines). Since such a hand occurs frequently, Pick 'Em Poker is an appropriate game for novice players and players having a thin budget.

As for the game version providing the greatest earning opportunity, experts recommend Full-Pay Pick 'Em Poker, which offers an expected return of 99.95%. As the payout percentage is below 100%, Pick 'Em Poker is an easy video poker game to come across, because it is offered in a large number of casinos.

Deuces Wild

Video poker is one of the most popular casino game genres in the world. It emerged around the 1970s when computer technology was entering the mainstream. In short, video poker combines the inherent random fun of slot games with the rules of poker, resulting in a unique and entertaining casino game genre. Video poker quickly skyrocketed to popularity and many different variations of the original game appeared as a result of this. Nowadays, players have at their disposal a wide variety of video poker titles, each slightly different from the rest.

Out of those, the Deuces Wild variation is one of the most beloved and it is featured in a wide range of online casinos. If you are interested in getting into video poker, Deuces Wild is an excellent game for beginners but it also appeals to veterans of the genre. In this article, we will cover all major features of Deuces Wild and give you some insight into how things work.

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Basic Rules of Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is relatively simple to understand and even easier to play. The rules of the game will be immediately familiar to someone who has played some form of poker. When you place your bet, you will likely have the option to bet between 1 and 5 coins. The size of the coins is determined by you, with the respect to the game s minimum and maximum bets. Once you have placed your wager, you will be dealt a hand of five random cards. From there, you will get to choose which to keep and which to discard. Ideally, you wish to form a hand equal to or higher than a Three of a Kind.

Deuces Wild gets its name from the Wild card feature which is iconic for this game. Wild refers to cards which can be used to stand in for other cards in order to form a winning combination. In the case of this game, the Deuces, or in other words the 2s, fulfil this purpose. This is a feature commonly found in slot games and it also used in video poker. The way it works is rather simple. For example, you are dealt a hand of A-3-8-A-10. You choose to keep the two Aces and discard the other cards. When you are dealt your new three cards your hand is A-2-J-A-6. Under normal circumstances, this would be a losing hand since you do not have a minimum hand required for a payout. However, since the Deuce can be used to finish a combination, it serves as another Ace in this scenario. This makes your hand equivalent to a Three of a Kind and thus, earning you a payout.

Another feature which you may be glad for is the Double. When you score a win, the game will likely give you the opportunity to stake your winnings for a chance to double them. If you choose to take this option, you will be dealt five cards and the leftmost one will be revealed. Your job would be to flip another card and if it has a higher value than the first one, the game will double your money. If, however, you choose wrongly, your winnings will be forfeited. In most Deuces Wild games, you can Double up to 4 or more times, but be careful when using this feature as it may end up costing you from time to time.

Hand Rankings in Deuces Wild

The hands that you can acquire in Deuces Wild follow the same hierarchy as in traditional poker. Below, we will list all the hands that you can have in Deuces Wild in ascending order. Deuces Wild generally follows this ranking of hands, but there may be some exceptions to this rule. Some games are known to switch the positions of certain combinations in the hierarchy, but this seldom happens.

Deuces Wild Rules Strategy & Tips for Winning

Deuces Wild is just one of the many versions of Video Poker and therefore it is difficult to give a standard strategy for a general version.

We have compiled a strategy for some of the most popular versions. Please ensure you check the strategy for the version you are playing.

How to Play Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is the same as other versions of Video Poker. You get dealt 5 cards, hold as many or as few as you want, the cards you discard are replaced by other cards from the pack and winnings are then paid. But, there is one major difference, which is that all four 2 s often known as Deuces are Wildcards and can be replaced by any other card to improve your hand. As there are 4 Wildcards, it is possible to get 5 of a kind, which isn t possible in many versions of Video Poker, meaning the Strategy is completely different from other versions depending on how many Deuces you are dealt to start.

Payouts and Probability

First of all, let s take a look at the possible winning combinations, how much each pays remember this can vary from machine to machine and depending on how many coins you play and how likely each is to come in.

Natural Royal Flush8004402027560.000022
Four Deuces20040604628240.000204
Wild Royal Flush25357969576960.001796
Five of a Kind15638183098560.003202
Straight Flush9830879692800.004168
Four of a Kind512944274305760.064938
Full House34231652972400.021229
Three of a Kind156747847795120.284690
Total 199332305172001.000000

As you can see from above, as the deuces are wild, not only is there a Five of a Kind in Deuces wild, there are also 2 versions of a Royal Flush, one using one or more deuces and one not using any. It is the one that doesn t use deuces that pays the most, followed by Four of a Kind deuces, Royal Flush using one or more deuce then Five of a Kind.

It is imperative that this order is understood before you start playing the Deuces Wild Video Poker to ensure the optimal strategy is followed.

Due to the four wildcards, the minimum payout is Three of a Kind. A pair of Jacks or better and Two Pair count for nothing in Deuces Wild.

Deuces Wild Strategy

Now for the strategy part…

First, find the table depending on the number of deuces you are dealt. The chances are this will be 0, in which case use the top table. If you get 1, use the 2nd table etc.

Start from the top and work your way down until you find the hand that relates to the one you have. There will be some occasions where your hand appears more than once, in this case, follow the advice in the higher option as this will be the most likely for you to win.

OrderHandExpected Return
1Natural Royal Flush800.00
24 of a Royal Flush19.574469
3Straight Flush9.00
4Four of a Kind5.8510637
5Full House3.00
6Three of a Kind2.0175762
7Straight or Flush2.00
84 of an outside Straight Flush1.65958
9Suited 10/J/Q1.3987
104 of an inside Straight Flush1.3829787
113 of a Royal Flush1.2719704
13Two Pair0.5106383
144 of a Flush0.5106383
154 of an outside Straight0.5106383
163 of a Straight Flush spread 3-40.5051-0.3959
172 of a Royal Flush, J highest0.38815913
183 of a Straight Flush, spread 50.35522664
194 of an Inside Straight0.34042552
202 of a Royal Flush, Q highest0.33851373
212 of a Royal Flush, K highest0.3278446
22Garbage, discard everything0.32552597

* An outside Straight is where you require a card at either end to make the hand e.g. 4, 5, 6, 7 either a 3 or 8 would complete the Straight

** An inside Straight is where you require a card in the middle to make the hand e.g. 4, 5, 7, 8 only a 6 would complete the Straight

OrderHandExpected Return
1Wild Royal Flush25.00
2Five of a Kind15.00
3Straight Flush9.00
4Four of a Kind5.8510637
54 of a Royal Flush3.4042554
6Full House3.00
73 consecutive suited cards 5/6/7 or greater2.21277
8Three of a Kind2.01758
11All other 4 to a Straight Flush1.70213 to1.97872
123 of a Royal Flush, K high1.1424607
132 consecutive suited cards 6/7 or higher1.0952822
143 of a Royal Flush, A high1.0462534
15Deuce only1.0328652

OrderHandExpected Return
1Wild Royal Flush25.00
2Five of a Kind15.00
3Straight Flush9.00
4Four of a Kind5.8510637
54 of a Royal Flush4.617021
62 consecutive suited cards 6/7 or higher3.3404255
72 Deuces only3.2730188

3 Deuces
Hold if you have a Wild Royal Flush or Five of a Kind (so non-Deuces are a pair), otherwise just hold the 3 Deuces

The above is a guideline only in order to optimize your chances of winning, like many casino games, players do like to trust their instinct so feel free to do the same.

4 Deuces
Discard all other cards if you hold 4 deuces


The following applies, in the above table:
Inside Straight EG 5,6,8,9 4 Cards where there is one number missing that would complete a Straight.

Outside Straight EG. 5,6,7,8 4 Cards that are consecutive and where a card at either end can provide you with a Straight.

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