Who is the voice of Easter Bunny in Rise of the Guardians

Who is the voice of Easter Bunny in Rise of the Guardians?

Who is the voice of Easter Bunny in Rise of the Guardians?

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman as E. Aster Bunnymund, called Bunny for short, the keeper and bringer of Easter eggs as the Easter Bunny and Guardian of Hope. He shares his voice actors Australian accent. Isla Fisher as Toothiana, called Tooth for short, the tooth collector known as the Tooth Fairy and the Guardian of Memories.

Will there be a rise of the guardians 2?

While the movie was a pretty devastating box office bomb, DreamWorks Animations Rise of the Guardians was well-liked by both critics and audiences, and left many wondering if we will ever get a sequel. Well, Ramsey has now confirmed that, while there are no plans at present, he would love to return.

Who voices pitch black in Rise of the Guardians?

Jude LawRise of the Guardians
Pitch Black/Voiced by

Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, is the Rise of the Guardians re-imagining of the Boogeyman, the mythical creature that haunts the closets and dark corners of childhood nightmares and the main antagonist of the film. He is voiced by Jude Law.

Who was the Easter Bunny before he was a guardian?

Bunnymund is a Pooka, a philosophical warrior rabbit, and used to live in a village with other Pookas on his homeworld before they were wiped out, leaving him as the only survivor.

Why was Rise of the Guardians a flop?

The films opening was the lowest DreamWorks debut since Flushed Away. The movie managed to double its $145 million budget, but as a result of high production and marketing costs, it did not turn a profit. The studio reportedly took an $83 million write-down.

How did Jack Frost die in the movie?

car accident
Michael Keaton as Jack Frost, Charlies father, the vocalist and harmonica player of The Jack Frost Band who was killed in a car accident while trying to come home to spend Christmas with his family, and is restored to life in the form of the snowman in his sons front yard, thanks to his sons magic harmonica.

Is Jack Frost in frozen 2?

Why Jack Frost Cannot Appear In Frozen Sequel….. by DarkMousyxKagome on DeviantArt.

Why didnt they make a Rise of the Guardians 2?

Rise of the Guardians Season 2: Renewal Status Sadly, it loses an estimated $83 million due to distribution costs and marketing of the film. Thus the movie didnt do well in terms of profit and it is unlikely that the sequence of Rise of the Guardians will be made.

Is Jack Frost related to Pitch Black?

He briefly sought to turn him into a Fearling Prince, but during one attempt to do so, Nightlights inner light caused Pitchs hand to become human again. Eventually, Pitch was able to strike a blow against Nightlight that left him a forever boy filled with the power of ice and snow, leading to him becoming Jack Frost.

What is pitch black backstory?

In the books, Pitch Black was originally a hero who attacked Fearlings (supposedly Nightmares) and went by the name, Kozmotis Pitchiner. He rounded up a particularly troublesome group of Fearlings and shoved them to prison where he looked over them and had to endure their constant whispering and pleading.

Does the Tooth Fairy have a crush on Jack Frost?

Tooth is really sweet albeit a little clumsy around Jack. She has a crush on Jack; while she is more reserved about it, her minions as theyre extensions of herself, they feel mostly the way she feels are more obvious about their crush, what with their fainting and fan-screaming.

Why was there no sequel to Rise of the Guardians?

Rise of the Guardians Season 2: Renewal Status Sadly, it loses an estimated $83 million due to distribution costs and marketing of the film. Thus the movie didnt do well in terms of profit and it is unlikely that the sequence of Rise of the Guardians will be made.

Is Sandman the most powerful guardian?

Sandy is arguably the most powerful of the Guardians because, unlike the rest, Sandy is able to connect to any and every child every night because he sends out his dream sand to bring pleasant dreams to all. Sandman was the first guardian chosen by The Man in the Moon (character).

Is Jack Frost Elsas boyfriend?

Elsa is Not in Love with Jack Frost On paper, Elsa and Rise of the Guardians Jack Frost seem like a perfect fit they have similar looks and both have ice-based powers. Yet, the relationship between Jack Frost and Elsa will likely always just remain wishful thinking.

Who is the most powerful Guardian in Rise of the Guardians?

Sandy is arguably the most powerful of the Guardians because, unlike the rest, Sandy is able to connect to any and every child every night because he sends out his dream sand to bring pleasant dreams to all. Sandman was the first guardian chosen by The Man in the Moon (character).

Who would win Elsa or Jack Frost?

Elsa has more power, but Jack has way more experience and creativity with his power than Elsa does, so it balances out. Also, Id say that Jack is the more aggressive of the two. Elsa, by her very nature, would not go all out, and would be fighting defensively.

What is Pitch Blacks weakness?

This turns out to be his weakness: by hitting him In the Back with a black sand arrow, Pitch turns the Sandman himself into black sand.

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Pitch Black

  • History
  • Talk (11)
Villain Overview

Full Name


The Nightmare King
The Boogeyman



King of Nightmares

Powers / Skills

Ability to cause nightmares
Dark magic
Control over Nightmare sand which can be used to create his Minions as well as for offensive and defensive purposes
High intelligence



Manipulate Jack Frost into joining him or corrupt his legacy (succeeded at first, but failed).


Attempted murders
Unlawful imprisonment
Animal cruelty

Type of Villain

Pitch to Jack Frost.

Pitch Black (full name: Kozmotis Pitchiner) is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 25th full-length animated feature film Rise of the Guardians. He is the cunning, tyrannical and manipulative Nightmare King who plots to make children forget their beloved Guardians and send the world into "eternal darkness", an era where fear is the only thing that can be felt anywhere by anyone. He is Sandman's counterpart and Jack Frost's archenemy.



Pitch Black was originally a powerful master of terror due to humanity's great fear and terror of the dark in the times before the Guardians. But after the Man in the Moon chose and sent the Guardians to give light and happiness and hope to the children of the world, children lost their misery and fear of the Boogeyman, causing Pitch's power to wane until his existence was so fragile that he could not be seen or heard. This lonely existence, in comparison to the Guardians of Childhood who are loved and believed in all over the world, caused Pitch to harbor a bitter hatred for the Guardians.

Rise of the Guardians

For centuries, Pitch searched for a way to strike against his foes. Eventually, he found a way to transform the Sandman's dreams into nightmares, which are monstrous horses that he controls.

Pitch attacks what gives the Guardians their power: children's belief in them. He kidnaps the Tooth fairy's army of fairies to stop her from collecting teeth, but the other Guardians help her perform her duties. Seeing that more direct action is in order, Pitch battles against the Guardians, and manages to overwhelm the Sandman with black nightmare sand, killing him. Next, he sends nightmares to destroy the Easter Bunny's warren, while he distracts Jack Frost by taunting him with his memories.

When all hope seems lost, Pitch approaches Jack in Antarctica, and offered an alliance due to the fact that they were both outcasts. When Jack refuses, Pitch snaps his magic staff in two and throws him into a crevasse.

Children all around the world ceased to believe in the Guardians, and soon only one boy named Jamie still held on to the hope that the Guardians exist. With so few children believing in them, the Guardians become weak while Pitch gained incredible strength. As Jamie's hope is too irrepressible, Pitch tries to kill the boy, but the Guardians all try to protect him. With encouragement from Jack and the other Guardians, Jamie gets his friends together and prepares to stand up to Pitch. By not giving in to fear, the children gain the power to turn nightmare sand back into dream sand.

The Guardians regain their strength and manage to fight off Pitch and the nightmares. Sandman is also revived. Ultimately, the children no long fear Pitch and hence no longer see or hear him. Pitch attempts to run away, but is confronted by the Guardians. Pitch vows that he cannot be rid of them forever and that there will always be fear, but North reminds him as long as one child believes, that Guardians will be able to fight fear. At the same time, Pitch's nightmares arrived to the scene sensing his own fears, so they attack and drag him down into his lair.


Pitch is bitter, jealous, arrogant, deceitful and oppressive towards the Guardians as they were believed in and he was merely just written off as a bad dream. Out of all of the Guardians, Pitch has the most interaction with Jack Frost as he feels the two have much in common, which they do; however, while Jack is mischievous yet kindhearted, Pitch is extremely malevolent, sadistic, greedy and cruel. He is also seen as being the rival of Sandman as the two are polar opposites in both their abilities and color scheme.

Pitch is the Boogeyman and described as the King of Darkness. He is a downright and unequivocal sadist, deriving glee from turning children's dreams into nightmares and mocking a dying Sandy. When being confronted by the Guardians at Tooth Palace, he was heavily sarcastic and contemptuous, so he shows his rivals nothing but contempt with insults and threats.

He is also shown to be very manipulative and duplicitous, luring Jack Frost away from the rest of the Guardians so his Nightmares could destroy the Easter Eggs and was able to trick an enraged Jack into finding sympathy for him. However, if he couldn't persuade someone, Pitch resorted to blackmail; for example, he threatens to murder Baby Tooth if Frost doesn't yield his staff.

When it comes to Jack, Pitch takes a sinister, twisted, heartless, unpleasant and ruthless approach towards him. Initially, Pitch saw him as nothing more than a "neutral party" and ignored him; however, when Jack overpowered the Boogeyman using his ice powers Pitch was impressed and began to relate to him (the director himself confirmed it was genuine and not fake). After Jack refused his partnership, he breaks his magical staff and left him for dead.

Pitch plays extremely sadistic mind games with Jack Frost throughout the film, when he has lured him to his lair, he cruelly taunted him over his forgotten memories and mocked him over the Guardians never accepting him as a member.

He is also very insulting and vituperative, an example was when he told the Easter Bunny to suck an egg and threatening to snuff the Tooth Fairy's helpers with a pillow. He is also extremely traitorous, depraved and evil, so he was perfectly fine murdering Baby Tooth and Jamie to fulfill his goals.


Pitch is tall and lithe in appearance. He has pale gray skin, dull golden eyes, and glossy black hair that is styled in spikes that curve towards the back of his head. He wears a black coat that appears to be made of tangible darkness.

E. Aster Bunnymund

E. Aster Bunnymund (or Bunnymund and commonly known as the Easter Bunny) is a main protagonist in the Guardians of Childhood series and the 2012 film, Rise of the Guardians.


Bunny is a six-foot Pooka that has grayish-blue fur, flower-like imprints on both his forehead and shoulders, and bright emerald-green eyes. He wears leather bracers set with orange stones, a single-strap holster with which he carries his boomerangs, and leather wrappings on his feet

In a disbelief state, Bunny was reduced to a smaller bunny.


Bunny came from a long ancient line of warriors called the Pookas, creatures who resembled anthropomorphic rabbits. However, they were all killed off by Pitch Black with Bunny as the sole survivor. After Pitch Black brought about eternal darkness during the Dark Ages, Bunny was chosen to become a member of the Guardians of Childhood, a group of individuals chosen by hand by the Man in the Moon). Among them was Nicholas St. North, Toothiana and Sandy, and most recently, Jack Frost. Bunny became the Guardian of hope, spreading out hope to the children of the world and bringing about the gift of life. Pitch Black disappeared into the shadows, bent on revenge.

Bunny had a run -in with the winter spirit, Jack Frost, who set off a blizzard that took place in 1968 on Easter Sunday, forming a forty-four year grudge between the two. Whether it was on purpose or on accident is unknown but they didn't reconcile until Jack became a full-fledged guardian.

E. Aster Bunnymund

E. Aster Bunnymund (mostly referred to as Bunny and known as the Easter Bunny worldwide) is the main tritagonist of the 2012 DreamWorks' animated film, Rise of the Guardians and a main character in the Guardians of Childhood book series.



Early Life

Bunny is the last of his kind, as Pitch Black killed off most of his race, leaving Bunny the only Pooka. He was chosen by the Man in the Moon to be a Guardian of Childhood, bringers of light and hope to the children of the World. Bunny became the Guardian of Hope, and began hiding eggs for children to find.

At an unknown point, he had a rivalry with Jack Frost, who caused the Blizzard of 1968.


Most of the time, Bunny is a cool and calm Pooka from Australia. However, there's are several things that get under his skin, such as North saying Christmas is better than Easter, Pitch Black, and Jack Frost calling him a "kangaroo." Bunny is known for being stubborn, as he was known for holding a grudge against Jack Frost for accidentally setting off a winter during 1968 on Easter Sunday.

Bunny is dedicated to his job to being a Guardian of Childhood, thinking best for Children by giving them hope. However, despite not having an experience with children up close, Bunny grows attached to Sophie Bennett while under the influence of Jack's magic snowflake. He tells her a tearful goodbye, admitting that he will miss her greatly and gives her eggs he painted for her as a goodbye present.


Bunny is a 6'1 Pooka with grey-ish blue fur and green eyes, but without belief, he is reduced to a small bunny. He wears leather bracers set with orange stones, and a single-strap holster with which he carries his boomerangs

Powers and Abilities

  • Rabbit Prowess: Bunny has rabbit prowess, established in having incredible speed and jumps very well.
  • Chlorokinesis: Bunnymund has the power to control flora growth, sometimes making a flower grow whenever his tunnels close up. In the Warren, he has various flowers and plants with magical abilities that help him paint and decorate his Easter eggs.
  • Rabbit Holes: Bunny can create holes and underground tunnels tapping his foot on the ground. It usually leads him to the place he is trying to get at. He can also teleport other people with him. They usually leave a flower behind.
  • Enhanced Senses: Bunnymund has drastically better senses than what is naturally possible, able to hear and smell an intruder in his Warren.
  • Immortality: Like the Guardians, Bunnymund is immortal and untouchable to anything that happens in time, but is still capable of being killed by someone more powerful than him.
  • Martial Arts: Bunny claims that he has a mastery in Tai-Chi with nerves of Steel. He has excellent hand-to-hand combat, but focuses more on his weapons when fighting. 
  • Magic: Bunnymund clearly has access to magic, given his enchanted boomerangs and explosive Easter eggs.
  • Master Boomerang Wielder: Bunnymund's weapons of choice are his enchanted boomerangs, and wields them with uncanny skill and swiftness. He can easily take down several Nightmares with them single-handedly, up-close or from a distance, making him a very versatile combatant. His boomerangs are able to travel long distances and always return to his possession, even if he's not looking; he merely holds up his hand and they return to his grip.
  • Hope Manipulation: The ability to manipulate hope the Guardian of Hope. Bunnymund can sense and manipulate the hope, including the virtue, of people, animals and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling hope, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level. Bunnymund's elaborately decorated Magic Eggs were designed to be little symbols of hope.
  • Gift of Life: Bunnymund is the Guardian of life and hope. He can bring his Sentinel Eggs to help him with his Easter tasks.
  • Shape-shifting: As a Pooka, Bunny has the ability to shape-shift. By eating chocolate, Bunny can increase in power, size, grow extra arms or acquire the ability to fly. Bunny's shape-shifting powers are so advanced that he was able to change the Earth's shape from an oval to a sphere. The movie, Rise of the Guardians, also reveals that Bunny has a decrease in power and size by the lack of belief which reduces him into a small and adorable bunny.


Rise of the Guardians

Bunny first appears in the film, where he is running down his own tunnels and approaches the North Pole.

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