4 Tips For Planning A Casino Night Fundraising Event

If you run a non-profit organization, you have to arrange for funds. You can organize a fundraising event to get money for your organization. Usually, people organize carnivals or bake sales, but casino night fundraising events has become trendy.

People will enjoy the event and you can also collect the money you need. Here are some tips for planning a casino themed fundraising event.

Plan well ahead

You should plan for the event at least six months in advance. You must decide on the venue, the budget, the number of people expected, human resources, and more. If you can plan in detail then nothing will go wrong during the actual event.

Hire professionals

You should hire a professional casino party company for the event. Whichever venue you choose for the event, whether it’s a school or a conference centre, they can arrange a casino atmosphere.

There will be real dealers and you will be playing all the popular casino games. There will be free Wi-Fi access and guests will be able to play online casino games in Euro Palace Casino. Therefore, both online and offline casino games will be available.

Get sponsorship from a local company

You can ask local companies to sponsor a poker table, for example. As there will be lots of people at the party, many companies will be willing to sponsor a table to promote their brand. All you need to do is make signage and place it on the table.

Create a nice atmosphere

The guests will be paying money to join your party so you must provide the guests with a great atmosphere. You can hire a DJ, have welcome drinks and make a stage for dancing. They should feel as if they are at a real casino.

These ideas will help you to put up a successful casino night fundraising event. You will be able to attract a lot of guests. Don’t forget to advertise the event so that more people can attend.

Planning A Casino Party Fundraiser

A fundraiser is a great way to way raise money for charities or non-profits. Although, running a successful fundraiser is easier said than done. No matter how big or small the event, there s one thing we can always attribute to their successes: proper planning! For example, when we ask hosts How much money would you like to raise? most realize they haven t given it any thought. Key steps like setting revenue goals are a crucial part of the planning process. Another important factor is to determine what tables are legal to use in your state. For example in the state of CA, games such as roulette, blackjack, banking or percentage games, and dice games, when offered for play for anything of value, are prohibited by Penal Code section 330. These games are prohibited as they are not controlled games, and therefore cannot lawfully be offered at charitable fundraising events

Calculating Revenue Setting Ticket Prices

Having a realistic goal of how much money you would like to raise is the key starting point. It determines ticket pricing and the limit of your expenses. Ask the following questions:

  • How much money do you want to make? =Net Profit
  • What s the max number of tickets you expect to sell? =Tickets
  • What is the total amount of projected expenses? =Expenses
  • What is the total of my net profit plus all my expenses? =Gross

Net Profit+ Expenses= Gross

Gross / Tickets = Ticket Price

For Example, say you want to raise$3500 at your fundraiser. You aim to sell200tickets and your total expenses are projected to be $1500. To determine what pricing your tickets should be, add $3500 to $1500 which equals $5000 then divide this by the total number of tickets you aim to sell. $5000 divided by 200 is $25 per ticket sold. Once you have calculated the price per ticket, ask yourself if this amount will support your revenue goals. It is possible you may not be able to sell your proposed quantity of tickets at this price. For example, if I sell 175 tickets at a rate of $25 per ticket sold that means I ve earned $4375 from my event. With my expenses estimated at $1500, I would net only $2875 from the fundraiser which is under my target. To account for this, ask yourself if you are undercharging guests. It is possible you will not sell as many tickets as you expect to.

Let s take the previous example. Your fundraiser sold 175 tickets but, instead of $25 per ticket, you charged guests $30 per ticket which is a 20% raise. At this amount, if you sold the same amount of tickets, you would earn $5250. Subtract from this your total expenses ($1500) and your net profit would be $3750 which is $250 over your target amount.

When pricing tickets you want to choose an amount that ensures you will meet your goals but will not discourage guests from attending. If you are worried about ticket sales, remember there are other ways to generate revenue at a fundraiser.

Other RevenueGenerators

When generating revenue, casino fundraisers do not need to be restricted to ticket sales only. One or more of the following channels can generate revenue:

Table Sponsorship

Table sponsorship is an excellent strategy to distribute the total cost of the event and reduce the overall amount you payout. Hosts can organize sponsors into different levels giving each business or individual a chance of participating in the fundraiser. For example, a High Roller sponsorship would sponsor a table for $200 and in return would receive $500 in starting chips instead of the normal $100 that guests receive at the start of the event. The non-profit organization is giving the individual additional casino chips which cost it nothing and in essence are cashing in on an advanced re-buy from the guest. The sponsor gets more chips to play with and advertising. Plus the donation is a tax write-off for them since the organization would be a registered non-profit. In the end, table sponsorship gives businesses and individuals an amazing opportunity to get public recognition and benefits the non-profit s cause.


Re-buys can be a huge part of casino fundraisers. When guests run out of playing chips they have the ability to purchase more from the host organization. This increases the total revenue and gives players another chance at the casino tables. There are many factors that affect re-buys, such as the affluence of guests, but if done correctly, they can count for a large amount of revenue. One of the key factors is to make sure guests don t start with a high amount of chips or else re-buys will never occur. Every fundraiser is different but we recommend guests don t start off with more than $100-$200 each. The only setback to re-buys is that they never guaranteed. Think of them as a nice bonus for your casino fundraiser.

Drink Sales

If you are going to give guests the full Vegas Casino experience, then offering them drinks is a must? Adding beverages to the mix is a great way to liven up the party. Also, don t expect every person at your fundraiser to be playing at the tables. Plan for them to be walking around and socializing with one another.

Having food at any party is a must and party hosts have a lot of options in this area. You can charge guests for the dinner and earn revenue from this which ultimately adds to the events total profit. You can include dinner for every guest and charge per plate instead of per person. You can cater the event. In the end, when it comes to food at your fundraiser, the goal is to use it as a way of increasing your total revenue and thus, your total profit.


Auctions are something that can be fun for anyone attending your event. This gives guests an alternative activity to playing at the casino table and another opportunity to engage in the festivities.

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Full House Casino Events client s are responsible for researching and complying with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding fundraiser, corporate, or private casino parties.


If Casino Party USA had a specialty , it is fundraising casino theme parties and poker tournaments. Year after year our clients return to us looking for repeated success in helping to raise monies for their organizations.

Casino fundraisers, casino night charity events, and charity poker tournaments are a great way to raise money for your non-profit group or organization while entertaining your guests with exciting casino fun.

If you are planning a casino fundraiser or charity poker tournament, we understand that your primary goal is to maximize your fundraising potential while providing an authentic Las Vegas style casino theme
event. We have many proven ideas to help you achieve those goals. As casino party and poker party specialists, we guarantee your event will not only feel authentic, but your guests will be thrilled with the excitement it brings. We provide support and guidance until your event is over. Casino Party USA has assisted HUNDREDS of charities and groups with their fundraising needs. We would be happy to share our experience with you in the planning of your casino fundraising event.

Fundraising Tips and Ways to Raise Money for Your Charity

When planning a casino fundraiser, casino charity event, or charity poker tournament, having a realistic goal of how much money you would like to raise is the key to a successful event. This will determine the price of your admittance fee, script voucher prices and expenses. Once this key goal is determined you can then begin to figure out your pricing and expenses.

Revenue for a casino fundraiser will usually come in the form of the following activities.

  • Ticket Sales
  • Casino Table Sponsorships
  • Additional Casino Chip Rentals

The main key in reaching your above casino fundraising goal is to get people to attend your casino fundraising event. Everyone involved in your casino fundraiser committee should be responsible for selling tickets or providing names for mailing and invitation lists. Determining head count is critically important, not only for the amount of casino tables you will need, but also for food counts. This is probably going to be your main source of income and your fundraising goal depends directly on getting people to the event.

Sponsoring casino tables is a great way to not only pay for the casino tables but to provide additional revenue towards your casino fundraising goal. At a minimum, table sponsorships should at least cover the cost of the table. However, in our experience, many business are willing to not only contribute money for the tables, but to donate prizes as well. Why not invite your sponsors and their employees to attend your casino fundraiser? Prepare nice placards to sit on each table. Ask your sponsor if they would like to have small brochures or literature for their products on the table. They should understand that not only is their donation going to a great cause, but they are getting some great advertising as well.

As part of their entrance fee guests are usually given an initial Chip of a nominal amount. The idea here is for them to Rent additional Chips by making an additional donation to your charity. We suggest having a table set up and attended by one of your charity members to take additional donations for Casino Chips. Keep your suggested donation in the range that your guests are comfortable with. You may want to consider having a credit card processor to make it easier for your guests to make additional donations.

You may also bring in additional revenue towards your goal with food and drink sales and silent auctions. These can vary wildly depending on the type of event, where it is held, the type of guest and the value of prizes that you have at the auction. All of these things can be taken into consideration when planning your casino night fundraiser.

Casino Party USA has created Casino Fund Books filled with coupons that the players can Cash In at the table games. The books are provided for additional incentives for players to be able to DONATE ADDIITIONAL FUNDS at their event.

At your FUNDRAISER, Casino Party USA will bring these books and help to solicit DONATIONS from your guests.

Casino Party USA will help you run a successful casino theme party fundraiser with our staff not only providing management of the casino games, but also great ideas for contests, raffles, drawings, and other ways to boost your charitable contributions. Many clients hire not only Casino Party USA for their events but, specifically ask for several of our staff to emcee and host the event.

Make Note: Due to legal issues surrounding charity gaming , not all laws apply in each state. Please contact our office for a discussion on your upcoming event and how we can raise money, and fun, for you.

Call 303-280-3096 or contact us today to make your next fundraising event a smashing success!

The Basics of Casino Night Fundraising

Although it might seem that way, it s not just fun and games. There are many decisions to be made, each is imperative to the success of your casino night fundraising event. Every decison is equally important, such as: the perfect event date, time, venue, and location. The critical part is rallying support from your sponsors. Hopefully these tips and this proven strategy will help you put together an amazing and profitable event.

Choose an Ace

Nothing is more important then choosing the perfect calendar day. It s been my experience, (and I ve worked with many great charitable organizations), that planning your event (6) months to 1-year in advance is a wise decision. This allows proper time to plan and to deliver a flawless and well-organized event. Casino night fundraising requires having a dedicated team, an outreach plan and plenty of time to structure your event to insure that your funding goal is obtained.

Most casino night fundraisers are successfully hosted in the spring, right after Valentine s Day, through the end of May. Although fundraisers in the fall might be a popular choice, many fail because of scheduling conflicts with football and the Holiday season. If you choose to book your event during fall, be sure to eliminate any event dates that might include regular or playoff high school, college or NFL football and/or dates near the Holidays. If planning for a spring date, be careful of March madness, otherwise you should be good-to-go! Here is a money saving tip consider hosting your event on a weeknight because many venues and vendors will offer a discounted rate!

Bet this strategy to win

A casino night fundraiser works well because everyone is excited to be a part of creating an authentic casino experience! That enthusiasm carries forward and helps motivate your team towards obtaining those valued sponsorships! If you follow this sponsor strategy, it should have you in the black long before event day! Here s how it works! Start by reconciling the amount for each casino table game you are renting. Then price and sell those casino table games to your sponsors for slightly more than you paid to rent them. By selling them at a higher rate you should be able to cover your casino party rental fees and some of your other expenses too!

Before the event, create framed sponsor signs for each table successfully sponsored. I recommend 6 x 4 because it will fit nicely on any casino table. Then place your sponsor signs on each casino table game rented. Please see the example shown in this video.

In-Kind is a great hand!

If your donors cannot sponsor a casino table game, maybe they can offer you an In-Kind Sponsorship. These types of donations can be used for a Chinese, silent or live auction and/or a door prize raffle. Many smaller businesses will donate In-Kind items such as gift cards, wine baskets, business services, venue memberships, sporting activities and resort/hotel stays.

To begin the donation/sponsorship process start by writing an event donation letter for your team to send out to potential sponsors. It s a sales process and just like sales does, it requires energy, passion and commitment. Be sure to allow yourself and your team the time they need to obtain those donation commitments. As you move forward and begin to reach your sponsorship goal, be sure to also ask for donations for printing, marketing, food, live music, venue and decorations! You ll be surprised how quickly things can come together and how easily you can cover all of your expenses with sponsorships!

Heres a sample donation letter:

Winning At Casino Night Fundraising

As with any fundraising event an effective strategy is essential and choosing the right casino party company to partner with is critical for a profitable event. Contact us to request a meeting with your Board about planning your casino night fundraising event. There are many key factors and compliance issues to address pre-event. We re the experts in this field and we re more than happy to help you sort through all of them so that Everybody Wins!