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Play Keno +2Ball online for free now!

The popular game Keno originates from China and is incredibly fun! Why? Because Keno is easy to play!

Here you find out the most important aspects of this game classic. Moreover, you can immediately play Keno +2Ball if you have enough Twists even free of charge!

The aim with Keno +2Ball

Keno was invented more than 2000 years ago in China and bears a resemblance to our widespread number lottery. In the modern version Keno +2Ball players also try to correctly guess as many numbers as possible from 20 randomly drawn balls (total amount of possible numbers on the playing field is 80).

You can select between 2 and 10 numbers. The fewer numbers you choose, the higher the winning quota will be for the lowest number of hits.

Please also note: You can change your numbers selection in each round by clicking on green (selected) numbers to remove them or blue (not yet selected) numbers to add them!

Winnings paid for a hit are displayed at the left side of the game screen.

2 Extra Balls? Possible with Keno +2Ball!

If you manage to guess enough numbers and you land a win with at least 5 hits you have the option to increase your chances of winning further. Because now you can purchase two Extra Balls!

Simply click on “2 Extra Balls” and hope for landing one or two more hits.

If you don’t want to take this risk, click on “Collect” and start a new game round.

Keno - this phenomenal game rocks our Online Casino

It comes as no surprise that the game Keno became a global phenomenon since its creation in 19th century China. Guessing up to 10 winning numbers and betting on a new combination of numbers round after round is simply exciting! Lottery enthusiasts in particular will relish this breathtaking casino game.

Why not check it out for yourself by trying an even more exciting variant of this iconic game on GameTwist: In our casino you can even play this game free in many cases!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the numbers will bring you good fortune!

Play Keno Online

Simply put, keno is a numbers-based game of luck and patience, which can deliver big winning results, so knowing how the game works, will maximise your chances of being successful.

Gambling has been available for centuries - not decades and you may be surprised to learn that keno originated in China way back in the mid-1800s. The numbers game was then brought to America by Chinese immigrants in the late 1800s and has grown in popularity over the years.


Keno would be played with 80 Chinese characters, but as the game became more and more established in the USA, those Chinese characters were replaced by 80 Arabic numerals. There have been many varieties of the game; Nevada had its own version which saw each number accompanied by a racehorse, which gave it a new name: Racehorse Keno.

But, in the 1950s, the racehorses names were removed due to a telling off by governing (tax) bodies.

From Atlantic City to Las Vegas, you will find keno lounges available (including live dealers), where numbered balls are produced by a machine in a style very similar to the original bingo game.

Keno can be found on many online casinos, allowing players to manually pick numbers or they can choose to play with an automatic pick function. Each round will draw 20 numbers and should you have a winning bet, you will be credited automatically

Now you've learned the history of the game, it's on to the next step

How to play keno!

Playing Keno

In a similar style to the lottery, players are required to pick several numbers on a ticket and yes, you've guessed it to win, you need to match the numbers you selected to those that are drawn. The ticket will have numbers from 1 through to and including the number 80; you mark from 1 to 20 numbers (some versions only allow 10 selections) before the game begins. The way in which the balls are drawn, will vary; online keno is different to the ping-pong ball machine used in land-based gambling venues

To start the game, you simply press play or auto and the random numbers will be drawn and hey presto!

The Good and Bad Points to Playing

The good? It's an easy, slow-paced game that allows bets from as little as £1 a go, plus you can win substantial amounts of cash if you're lucky.

Now the bad - keno has the highest house edge of all casino games, with a whopping 25% or more!

Free Keno Games

Similar to both lotto and bingo, Keno is a game of chance based on predicting numbers that would be drawn during each game round. What makes this online game so attractive is its simple rules and one of a kind graphics. Brush up on our keno Guides and get familiar with the game before you actually start playing. has gathered below many unique keno games from different software providers which you can try for free.

Once you feel confident enough, head

to a real money online casino and play the game! On each one of our game pages you will find a complete list of casinos where you can play for real money. Also, don’t forget to check out real money keno bonuses for your country, so hurry up and claim yours now!

Play Free Casino keno Games

Here on Chipy’s page dedicated to Free Casino Keno Games, you will find a collection of 47 titles that you can play without investing any actual cash. Choose your next favorite online keno game and practice it to become a true pro, but remember you won’t be able to win any real money from it as long as you play it in free mode.

Keno is a type of lottery game that is incredibly popular in modern casinos. In addition to this, some lotteries also offer it as an option. Numbers are drawn out arbitrarily, much like in bingo games or lotteries, by using either a ball machine in land-based settings or a Random Number Generator in online variants. Players choose their wagers on a table and win cash prizes accordingly. Keno has a longstanding history in the gambling trade, dating all the way back to ancient China.

Discover our directory of 47 free keno games by scrolling down below and browsing through our short, yet compelling list of titles. Here, you can find all the best free keno no download games your favorite software providers have to offer. Enjoy free keno from renowned names in the industry by the likes of 1X2 Gaming, BetSoft, Tom Horn Gaming, Pariplay, and more. Each game has its own dedicated review page that will indicate its score based on real player feedback, as well as a list of casinos where you can play it once you decide to go in for real money.

All Play Free Casino keno Games

Chipy’s Guide to Free Keno Games

According to ancient Chinese legends, playing keno is what funded the construction of the Great Wall of China. However, this idea of raising money for public institutions through lotteries and other games of luck was frowned upon in the country in the 19th century. Chinese lottery practices thus remained undocumented until 1847, when the Portugues government in Macau granted licenses to Chinese lottery operators. Rumor has it that tickets were sent via messenger pigeons back then, which gave birth to the well-known Cantonese term “báige piào” (pronounced baak-gap-piu) which literally translates to “white dove ticket”. Nevertheless, the name of keno comes from the French word “quine”, which means “five winning numbers”. The Latin word “quini” signifying “five each” is also an ancestor of the term.

Playing keno is pursued with the help of cards that usually contain numbers 1 through 80 on them. In online keno games, this is emulated within the game, while land-based operations offer them printed on paper. Classic keno cards allow players to choose between 1 and 10 of the numbers available on it, but some allow up to 20. You can see an example of this with five selected numbers in the screenshot embedded below from the Playtech Keno game.

After selecting the numbers and the value of your wager, 20 numbers will be drawn at random by either a ball machine or an RNG, depending on whether you’re playing in real life or online. Online casinos use a Random Number Generator to ensure the fairness of the operation. Depending on how many numbers you match to the result of the selection, you can win varying prizes.

Do you want to play keno for real money and enter the lottery for the chance to win actual cash prizes? Then head on over to our Online Casino Reviews page and discover your next favorite Internet gambling playground. Each of them has its own review page where you will find more details about software providers, as well as a score based on real player feedback. This will definitely help you make a suitable decision, so ensure that you take these factors into account as well.

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