Win Real Money Online Instantly in your PayPal Account with these 70 Games; Apps

Win Real Money Online Instantly in your PayPal Account with these 70 Games & Apps

Do you know you can win real money online instantly just by solving simple puzzles from the comfort of your homes? Now don t say all this is scam and baseless. Every online earning application and website is not a scam.

A lot of legit game apps exist that pay instantly to PayPal.

To be specific, there are nearly 100+ games and applications that reward you with instant PayPal cash by completing some simple tasks. Some of these applications deliver your rewards in the form of gift cards while other do credit real money.

So today, we ll introduce some legit and exciting money making applications that deliver your rewards in PayPal wallet. Enjoy this post, play the games, pay your bills, and have a great experience.

Lets get started!

Win Real Money Online Instantly (70 Games and Apps that Pay Instantly to PayPal)

1. OhmConnect

OhmConnect is an innovative, user-friendly, and money-making application where you are asked to save energy during the #Ohmhours. As you connect your energy utility account to this application, you start getting rewards in your Paypal account.

2. Wealth Words

Wealth Words is an online real money game that has a variety of puzzles to test, build your skills help you earn money at the same time. You can cash out your winnings through Paypal. The game is available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

3. Ibotta (Only For US Citizens)

This is the best application for all online shopping lovers to keep shopping and earn Paypal cash. This application pays you for shopping where you upload the receipt of Ibotta. Once you ve gained $20 from Ibotta, you can withdraw the amount.

4. Receipt Hog

At Receipt Hog, you get coins on your everyday purchase, which can be converted into PayPal cash. When you earn 1000 coins from this app, you get $5 in your PayPal. The interface of this application is similar to online games.

5. Shopkick

Yes, getting paid to solve puzzles is possible. But with Shopkick, the scenario is totally different. Whether you purchase your groceries online or offline, just upload your receipts, and start getting paid from the first purchase itself.

6. Mobee

Mobee is an exciting application that pays you PayPal instant cash for shopping at your favorite mall and enjoying different restaurants cuisines. Plus, you can complete some mystery missions and grab some additional bonuses.

7. CashPirate

Cashpirate is usually a gaming application that is 100% legit and comes with various opportunities for earning money. Here, you have to download the application, run them for 60 seconds, and get some points to complete such tasks.

8. AppKarma

AppKarma is also a similar application where you earn rewards by playing games and completing the daily tasks. If you prefer to win cash fast every day, become an AppKarma user.

9. Make Money

At Make Money, you re free to complete countless tasks every day, and the payout process is very simple. There are no limitations on completing the tasks, the points are redeemed, and money is transferred to your PayPal account.

10. Panel App

At Panel App, you need to play cash games and complete some basic fundamental surveys. This game does have some daily limitations for completing the daily tasks.

11. FeaturePoints

In our opinion, FeaturePoints is the best application for earning quick PayPal games. Here, you have the freedom to play games, complete surveys, and try different applications with no limitations!

12. SwagBucks

Swagbucks allows you to earn free gift cards for shopping online/offline, dining at different restaurants, taking surveys, and playing games. This is a 100% trusted American application having millions of users.

13. GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket is a 100% free application that allow users to play fun money making games and company surveys. Here, you have the choice of taking surveys or playing games to earn your PayPal cash.

14. PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint is a legal application where you have to share your genuine opinion and complete the surveys. The surveys in this application are based on the latest controversies and affairs. Ensure you re giving genuine answers, and nothing should be copy-pasted.

15. InstaGC

InstaGC is a free and legit application where you can watch unlimited videos, take surveys, and play games to get money in your PayPal account. The only drawback of this application is the least amount you can withdraw is $15.

16. Toluna

Toluna is a USA-based company where you join communities, answer specific questions, and also complete surveys. Compared to other applications, here you re generating PayPal cash legally and professionally.

17. CashCrate

At CashCrate, you re earning cash online by joining the verified money-making programs and sharing your opinions via surveys. There are no limitations in the daily tasks and payout process.

18. SlideJoy

SlideJoy is a New York-based company where you rent your smartphone s lockscreen to this company and get paid in points and bonuses. You can redeem the points and choose PayPal as the payout method.

19. Fronto

Fronto is the best application for all mobile addicts and smartphone lovers. This application pays you money for reading articles, completing surveys, watching videos regularly.

20. App Trailers

At App Trailers, you need to consistently stay active and watch as many videos as you can. If you have a good amount of spare time and an internet connection, watch videos on App Trailers and earn PayPal cash.

21. Viggle

Viggle is an entertainment-based application where you play games for cash prizes , watch videos, and even take some random surveys. To become famous on Viggle and get some additional bonuses, you need to join the communities.

22. SwagBucks Watch

SwagBucks Watch is a fantastic application and suitable for entertainment lovers. Here, you have the freedom of watching funny, horror, gaming, and technology-related videos and make some good cash.

23. InboxDollars

InboxDollar is a free and one of the highly-rated applications among the other money-making apps. Here are the best games you can win money , updated surveys, and some free trial offers. Try this app once because you ll undoubtedly love it.

24. AppNana

AppNana is having a rating of more than 4.5 stars with 50,000 above reviews. Here, you have to download specific applications, invite your friends, and daily checkout the application to win PayPal money .


At MNFST, you become an influencer and start posting some informative and promotional content on the social media handles. Earning cash depends on your dedication, consistency, and influence score.

26. Userlytics

With Userlytics, you have the freedom to make $100 PayPal now just for testing the websites and rating them. Ensure, nothing should be promotional or biased; you ve to share your genuine reviews.

To explore a few more games that can help you make $100 PayPal money, visit here!

27. Surveys On The Go

Surveys On The Go is a simple yet user-friendly application where surveys are available related to sports, current affairs, technology, entertainment, politics, and many more. Per survey pays you from $1 to $10.

28. BuzzBreak News

BuzzBreak News gives you instant Paypal cash for reading news-related articles and streaming the live news channels.

29. Field Agent

In our opinion, Field Agent is one of the best applications on this list. Here, you get products for free to try and share your feedback. In short, you re getting paid for becoming the influencer of different companies.

30. GiftPanda

At GiftPanda, there are legit games that pay cash in your Paypal account. You need to test different websites and products,

play basic games, and invite your friends. The more you re active on this application, the more money you ll make! This is s imilar to Wealth Words, which is an easy online crossword puzzle game, where you put your crosswords skills to use, solve the puzzles and earn money

31. Rakuten

Rakuten pays you instant PayPal cash when you do online shopping via this company s stores. You get rewards in the form of cashbacks which are transferred directly to your Paypal account.

32. Shopmium

When Shopmium is there, you don t need to think about cash prize games . You need to purchase certain basic items and upload the receipt of the bills. This application is available both on Android and iOS.

33. iPoll

At iPoll, you re paid for sharing your unbiased reviews about the places you visited, your previously purchased products, and services. Based on your reviews, you re getting some good cash in your PayPal account.

34. Uvinox Community

There are various games to win money instantly , but nothing can take the Uvinox communitys place. You need to share your genuine opinion and earn thousands of points for getting PayPal cash.

35. AppDown

Appdown is far better than the cash prize games because you re just downloading the applications and getting points. You have the freedom to redeem these points and get PayPal cash.

36. BerryCart

At BerryCart, you ll share your reviews on their products, click the screenshot, and upload on the application. Once your reviews are approved, you ll get cashback in your PayPal account.

37. Perk

At Perk, you re watching videos, answering trivia questions, and completing reviews. At the end of the day, you see some cash deposited in your PayPal account.

38. Qmee

You share your genuine and unbiased reviews and win real money online instantly . There are some free coupons and deals available for regular users. It means you earn money by sharing reviews and grab coupons for your purchases.

39. SavingStar

It s the right time to win money instantly at SavingStar. If you want to scan your receipts and get instant cash, SavingStar is the best application. Once your account has $5, you can withdraw the amount from your Paypal account.

40. MooCash

You can grab a good amount from MooCash by playing games, completing daily tasks, and watching videos. Apart from getting money in your PayPal account, you also get surprise gift cards from the retailers.

41. YooLotto

YooLotto is another application where you need to complete daily tasks and offers. Overall, YooLotto is also one of the perfect applications for getting some good deals and coupons.

42. EmbeeMeter

EmbeeMeter is a different application that will constantly run in the background and gives a detailed report. The more you run this application in the background, the higher point you ll get in your account.

43. ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome gives you instant cashback for shopping your items via this application. You have the freedom to get your cashback in your PayPal account or via gift cards.

44. TopCashBack

TopCashBack gives you nearly 1-3% cashback on every purchase directly to your Paypal and Amazon accounts. This game is available for both iOS and Android users.

45. AppBucks

With AppBucks, you can win real money online by completing daily tasks that are updated every alternate day. You can transfer your rewards to the PayPal account or purchase the gift cards.

46. AppLike

Now you can just utilize your spare time and play some basic games and win money online. You can redeem the points via a PayPal account or purchase Amazon gift cards. There are many skills based online games, where you can leverage your skills, play, win and earn money. The money gets directly into your PayPal accounts.

47. ScreenPay

ScreenPay delivers some rewards for promoting some deals and offers on your smartphone. However, this application is only available for Android users.

48. AdMe

Like ScreenPay, AdMe pays you for displaying their ads and offers on your smartphone s lockscreen. You can get some points that can be converted into instant PayPal cash.

49. SurveyCow

There is no need to solve puzzles when you re using SurveyCow. Here, you need to complete some surveys, earn some points, and get PayPal cash.

50. PaidUnlock

Paid Unlock also pays for putting some ads on your smartphone screen. Currently, only Android users can download and use this application.

51. Mr Rebates

Mr Rebates has partnered with more than 2500+ stores where you can visit, purchase something and get cashback in your PayPal account. You also get $10 for signing up on this platform.

52. Fitplay

Fitplay is actually the best application for gaming lovers. You try this app; you ll earn numerous coins and also some PayPal cash. The best part is here you can also get Amazon gift cards for the lowest price.

53. EarnHoney

In our opinion, EarnHoney is an application where you need to play some games, shop via this application, and earn some points. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android users.

54. Gift Hunter Club

Here, you need to complete some tasks like playing games, completing some surveys, and downloading some applications. Apart from PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, you also get Xbox and iTunes gift cards as well.

55. BeFrugal

BeFrugal has partnered with 5000+ stores like Walmart and Target. You need to use this application for your online shopping and get cashback directly to your PayPal account.

56. Watch2Earn

Watch2Earn is an application that delivers some points when you re watching videos. You can redeem your earnings via gift cards and PayPal cash.

57. Rewardable TV

Rewardable TV gives you some points for watching videos, movie trailers, and gifs. You watch them and indulge in puzzles win cash . Sorry to Apple users, you can t download this application.

58. CreationRewards

CreationRewards is an entirely different application that pays you for browsing various websites, taking surveys, and watching videos. Here, you can redeem your points through a PayPal account and use some gift cards for Amazon and Walmart. You also get $3 as a signup reward.

59. GrabPoints

Like other applications, GrabPoints also gives you points for completing offers, downloading applications, doing some surveys, and watching videos. Here, also you get instant PayPal cash without paying any taxes or transaction charges.

60. App Flame

Earn money instant with App Flame because here only for downloading applications; you re getting App Flame. When you download any application, you re getting good rewards and additional bonuses for inviting your friends.

61. PushRewards

PushRewards is one of the best instant cash withdrawal games you ll ever play in your life. From the interface to payout, everything is super easy and hassle-free. Another good example is Wealth Words, where you win and get money directly to your PayPal account

62. Lucky Miner

Lucky Miner is the best PayPal cash earning application, only for Indian users. All the new users get a 30 INR signup bonus and 2 INR per referral. This application is loaded with numerous games which are super easy to play.

63. Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash is the same game that used to be the default game for Windows 7. However, this game is not so popular, but still the best for earning PayPal cash because of low competition.

64. Mistplay

Mistplay is not something new; it already has more than 10 million active users worldwide. The more you play this game, the more units you earn, which equals easy PayPal cash.

65. Survey Junkie

With Survey Junkie, you become an independent influencer and share your reviews towards various services and products. Survey Junkie offers multiple gift cards, and you can also redeem cash through PayPal.

66. Lucktastic

Lucktastic is the personal favorite application of many users where they play games and win scratch cards. If they are lucky while scratching the cards, they will get instant PayPal cash.

67. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is our favorite earning application where you have access to various survey sites. With Prize Rebel, you can earn 10$ to 12$ per hour.

68. Pei

Pei is an automatic cashback application where you re syncing your payment cards, and the calculated cashback is transferred to your account.

69. Dosh

Dosh is also like Pei, where you re scanning your receipts for getting cashback. This receipts scanning app is better than Pei in terms of interface and payout process.

70. FreeBird

FreeBird gives you instant PayPal cash just like Wealth Words and many others when you use the payment cards for paying at restaurants and UBER rides. Whenever you feel like going out for dinner parties, have a look at FreeBird.


All these 71 games and applications are 100% legit, and they pay you on time. There are similar applications that don t pay you but also ask for upfront investment. So, stay aware. If you want to pay your bills or enjoy your favourite food every day, look no further than the aforementioned applications.

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What are the best free online slots?

The top three free online slots are

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Yes, you can win money playing online slots even when you play free slots provided that you are using a bonus not a demo game.

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There are dozens upon dozens of free slot games at the best online slot s sites. Both for fun and for real money. Casinos offer players bonuses which they can use to play online slots free. They also offer demo games which players can use to play slots free as practice.

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