8 Fun Ways to Play Poker Without Money or Chips (No Money Spent)

8 Fun Ways to Play Poker Without Money or Chips (No Money Spent)

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After the poker boom of the early 2000s, more people are warming up to the idea of poker as a fun way to spend their pastime. Yet, not many people are thrilled with the idea of losing their hard-earned cash to a friend or family member who ll make sure they remember it for a long time to come.

It is true, that poker chips are universally accepted as the ideal betting currency for poker games. Luckily, you don t necessarily have to play poker with money or chips. Whether at work (if your boss allows it) or at home, there are a few hacks to help you enjoy playing poker without spending a dime.

The game of poker is centered around betting or wagering. Without some form of wager involved, it is hard to determine who wins or loses; hence, the need for betting chips or another monetary substitute to play poker. When poker chips are not involved, players will need to get creative with substitutes.

If you re playing poker at home, there are a few things around the house that may work as a poker chip replacement. From fake money to scrabble pieces, you d be surprised by how many things around your house could work perfectly as chips. As for playing with money, you can completely cut it out, but there are a few things you may use as substitutes for cash to make the game a little more interesting.

If you are hosting a home poker game then it is almost an unwritten rule that there are also snacks and drinks available to everyone. Want to know what is the ultimate list of food and drinks for poker night? Find out in this article that I wrote.

Can Poker be Played Without Real Money?

While poker is definitely more exciting when money is involved, the game can be played without real money. Not everyone has what it takes to make living playing tournaments or cash games. Understandably, some players would rather enjoy a game of poker without having to lose money, and just like other games, poker can be enjoyed amongst friends and family members with zero wagerings involved.

Since the game is predominantly centered around placing bets, you will have to get creative to find ways to place false bets during a hand. Look around your home, and there could be several items that would replace real money.
If you can get your hands on poker chips, that would be great, but even without chips, it s still possible to pull this off. What you re looking for is any item around the house that comes in different shapes, colors, or sizes. Those parameters would come handy while trying to assign denominations.

Play Poker for Fun Facts

  • playing poker for fun doesn t replicate the same experience as playing for real money
  • no real adrenaline rush when going all-in
  • less competition
  • no need to have actual money or poker chips
  • can still have fun with friends
  • games are more chat friendly and more relaxed atmosphere
  • suitable for kids and the whole family

Now that you know what playing poker for fun brings and how it differs from playing with real money or poker chips, let us have a look at 8 ways to play poker without money or chips. This list starts with ideas of items you can substitute for poker chips or real money.

1. Pieces of Board Game

An excellent way to play poker without chips is to use pieces from board games as substitutes for chips. It could be pieces from Othello, Checkers, Backgammon, or Connect 4. If you can lay your hands on Scrabble tiles, you can make it work as well.
If you own more than one of the games I mentioned, you can mix them together to give you enough pieces to play poker. You can substitute scrabble tiles for a $1 chip, Othello pieces could be $5, and you may even use red Connect 4 as $1000 chips. It depends on how many of these board games you can lay your hands on.

What to bet? The winner of a hand can get to enjoy an ice-cold drink while others watch.

2. Garage Items

If you have a toolbox laying around somewhere, there are tons of stuff you can substitute for poker chips. Items like bolts, nuts, washers, nails, electrical terminals, and fasteners can be used as poker chips. If you don t have a toolbox or own a garage, you could ask a friend to bring along. Surely, you must have a friend or two who own a toolbox.

What to bet? This can be made into a game of truth or dare where players who lose out on a hand gets to tell everyone a little secret.

3. Coins

This is probably the most appropriate substitute for poker chips on the list. It s common to find a pile of coins stored away in most houses. If you do find some around your home, then you may just have found the perfect poker chips replacement. It could be dimes, pennies, nickels, or a combination of all three.
If you can t assemble enough coins, you could ask your friends to bring some along while coming to your house. If you can t find enough, then perhaps you may want to consider other options on this list.

4. Fake Cash

The idea behind this list is to create a viable poker chip substitutes by thinking outside the box. One excellent, creative idea you can make do with is substituting fake cash for real money. These fakes cash could come from board games like Monopoly, Game of Life, or Payday. I assume you have one of those games stacked somewhere in your closet.
If you don t, you can always ask your friends or buy a board game that comes with fake cash. People commonly use fake money because of its distinctive colors and its resemblance to actual cash, which makes it easy to distinguish the denominations.

5. Office Supplies

If your working environment allows it (or your boss isn t around), nothing is stopping you from enjoying a friendly game of poker with your colleagues. Sure, money isn t involved, but there are bragging rights at stake, and it s undoubtedly an excellent way to bond with your co-workers. Your office is most likely filled with lots of items that can pass for substitute poker chips. Look around you. What can you find? Paper clips? Tacks? Posted notes? These items can work just fine as chips for your game.

What to bet? The winner of a hand gets bragging rights.

6. Candy

Why not? Candy can work just fine as poker chips and compliments for the lack of money involved. Placing bets with pieces of candy can make the game that bit more interesting.
If you can t lay your hands on some candy, you can make do with whatever food you have around the house. The promise of a little treat at the end of the game could make a friendly game a little more challenging for players.

7. Online Poker With Play Money

Several websites allow people to play poker without money. You can place bets like regular games, but you won t be using real money to do so. Apart from websites, you can also download apps on your PC or smartphone to play free poker. You can play alone or with others as most online poker games feature multi-players options. Most people who play cash poker online usually practice their hands by playing on websites/apps that allows people to place bets with play money.
This option is a little more promising because you get to play the game as you naturally would if you re playing with money, and you can play alone ( vs. COM) as opposed to the other options where you need at least two players to play a hand.

Or you maybe you want to play some real money games while not risking any of your own money? There are websites that do exactly that. On this website, you will get free $50 to play with (not available for US players anymore). They even provide you with free coaching materials. it is in websites best interest for you to be a winning player. This is exactly how I have become a winning poker player.

8. Strip Poker

Well, as long as the kids are nowhere near and everyone is comfortable with showing a bit of skin, strip poker can be a fun way to enjoy poker. While many people play strip poker using 5 card poker, nothing stops you from using texas hold em.
The strategy of the game is straightforward; the player that wins a hand gets to keep his/her clothes on while other players have to remove a piece of clothing. The rules are flexible, and in some cases, players who fold their hands are allowed to keep their clothes on.

The Basics of Playing Poker Without Money or Chips

With no money or chips involved, the rules and gameplay might be a little different. So let s run through a few adjustments you can make to ensure the game is still enjoyable.

  • Number of Chips: In a standard game of poker, around 500 poker chips are sufficient to get the game going. Without chips, and with fewer people involved, you may not need to assemble that many items around your house to substitute for chips.
    If the number of players on the table is below 6, you can assemble 300 pieces of your substitute poker chips to get the game started. If the number of players is more, then you must find a way to collect more pieces.
  • Assigning Denominations: This is perhaps the most challenging part of playing poker without chips. Your best option is not to complicate things.
    Setting only 3 chip amounts will make it a lot easier to enjoy the game. You can play 25/50 blinds while setting chip denominations to $25 to 8 chips or an even lesser amount. Since it s not real money, you can pretend to be a big spender.
  • Number of Players: If you can t assemble enough items to replace chips, then you may have to reduce the number of players on the table.
    It doesn t make any sense if over 10 players are playing a hand with less than 300 chips top play with. Players can take turns to play hands. This may be a little challenging to pull off, but it s better than nothing.

Poker Without Money Vs. Poker With Money: Which is Better?

Without a doubt, cash poker is more challenging, more thrilling, and definitely better than playing poker without money. While most people don t want to lose their money, a little wager shouldn t hurt anyone. In most games between friends, the betting amounts are usually low.

Nobody likes to lose money, but I d imagine that not many people would make a fuss about losing a couple of dollars. In fact, I have seen games where people stake blinds as low as $0.01/$0.02. If that s too low, you can take it up to $0.05/$0.10. Any money is decent enough as long as you re not playing to enrich your pockets.

There s a drive that comes with playing cash poker that you don t get when there s nothing to play for. Without that drive, there s a real chance that poker might just be reduced to a boring game. This is why many people who play poker without money try to place little wagers like candy or small pieces of food to make the game a little more interesting.

Benefits of Playing Poker Without Money

It has been established that poker is better played with money, but are there any benefits to playing friendly poker? Below are a few.

  • No Risk: Have you seen poker players? There s so much tension around that table as they try to figure each other s move. With money to be won and lost, some players may even resort to cheating to try and win a hand.
    When you re playing poker without money, there s no need for all that pressure. You know you re not going to lose any money, no matter how badly you play. It saves you all that mental stress.
  • Avoids Hurting Your Friends: No one is ever happy to lose money. If you re playing cash poker with your friend, chances are someone is going home with a few dollars less than they came.
    If you re the kind of person who would rather not see their friends lose money, you can play poker without cash and make it strictly for fun. This way, the only thing at stake is bragging rights, which is obviously not as severe as losing money.
  • Work On Your Poker Skills: If you re still learning the game or trying to perfect your skills, playing cash poker might be a bad idea since you re more likely to lose money. Playing without any money involved will help you master the game without your inexperience, costing you some hard-earned cash.
    Also, with virtually nothing at stake, there s less pressure, and this gives you a more unobstructed view of the game while helping you make better choices during a hand.
  • It is Casual: With no money involved, playing poker without cash tends to be casual. This casual nature of the game can be a good thing if you have a few things to discuss with your friends or family while playing the game.
    Your poker games could be a weekly or monthly thing where you and your friends get to talk about your jobs, family, and relationship while playing poker. This can be fun and therapeutic for everyone involved.
  • Fewer Hostilities: When people are losing more, they quickly get upset. It is a common sight to see individual players take an aggressive tone or pick a fight with another player, especially when he has reasons to believe his opponent is cheating.
    You wouldn t want your friends fighting over poker, would you? With no money involved, players naturally won t mind much if they lose, neither do they care that much that another player on the table might be cheating.

Benefits of Playing Poker With Money

If poker can be played without money, why bother playing with money at all? The following points will tell you should think about playing poker with some real cash.

  • It s Challenging: The most obvious benefit of playing poker with real money is that the game becomes more challenging when there s money on the line. Players are more focused, and there s less chatting on the table. Playing without any money involved can be quite dull, with a little wager on the pot, poker becomes instantly more exciting and fun.
  • Sharper Skills: While playing poker without money can help you work on your skills without much pressure, you will never know if you ve made real progress unless you play a serious game with some cash to win.
    There are several strategies that you can only be faced with during a cash poker game. Hence, any serious poker player will ultimately need to finetune their game while playing in a game where there s something to lose.
  • Win Some Good Money: If you get really good at it, you can win a lot of money when you play cash poker. Some of the best poker players around the world have earned a small fortune playing the game, and you can too.
    Poker was my only source of income for more than 10 years, and I started at the lowest limits, slowly moving up.
  • It s More Thrilling: What s the game of poker without the thrill of winning or the agony of defeat? Those emotions are completely sucked out when there s nothing at stake. It is worthy of note that some players don t play cash poker to win. To these people, the rush of adrenaline that comes with playing out a thrilling game is worth more than the value of cash.


Poker is a fun game that can be enjoyed by anyone. Unfortunately, religious beliefs, personal convictions, and a general unwillingness to stake real money means some of us are not too happy to make real bets.
Luckily, it s still possible to enjoy this game without needing to part ways with your hard-earned cash. Some of the options listed above could even prove to be more fun than you expect.
If you re playing with your partner, then a game of strip poker can do wonders for your love life. Sometimes, the problem might not even be money; it could be a case of finding items to replace poker chips in the case of an emergency at home or the office when you need to enjoy a quick game with your friends or co-workers.
With the options provided in this article, you can enjoy poker anywhere and everywhere.

Best Play Money/Free Poker Sites in 2021.

Playing free online poker games with fake money can be fun and rewarding. Not only do free poker sites let you play poker online for play money, but you could even get additional real money rewards.

Some sites offer the opportunity to use play money or the points accumulated from playing with play money to enter real money tournaments. Others offer free rolls and prizes based on how often you play with play money.

We've found the best free online poker sites, plus we explain:

  • The advantages of play money poker
  • What is a freeroll
  • How to enjoy free poker tournaments for real money

How We Find the Best Play Money Sites

Our team of experts have years of poker experience. They play poker online for money and for fun, using their knowledge to seek out the best free online poker sites. They do this by acting the same way you will, creating accounts and testing the free poker sites for real.

This means that they usually follow standard steps:

  • Creating an account: This is usually quick and easy, simply creating login credentials and giving basic personal details at a top free poker site.
  • Finding a great game: The team checks which games are available and popular at each free online poker site.
  • Entering a freeroll: To truly experience the full scope of a site, it's best to try out their freerolls and tournaments, just like you will.
  • Switching to real money poker: Once the team has a sense of the free play poker for fun, they will make a deposit to test if it's easy to switch to real money poker.
  • Resolving an issue with customer support: Whether it's to verify an account or ask a question about freeroll prizes, our reviewers will contact customer support to test how long it takes to get a response and how friendly the team is.

What is Play Money Poker?

Play money poker is known by many names. Some sites refer to it as free play poker while others talk about free online poker games with fake money. You might also call them free poker sites for fun.

The point is that you'll be visiting free poker sites that let you play free online poker games for fake money. You won't need to make any deposits or worry about any risks as you won't be playing for real money.

Usually, you'll use a certain amount of play money to take part in various poker games for fun. You might accrue points through play, or win a certain amount of play money, and then you can be invited to special tournaments and events where you'll play free poker and win real money.

What are the advantages of playing free poker online?

  • Test out a casino without any risk
  • Earn special rewards at free poker sites
  • Learn a new poker variation without any risk
  • Try different poker strategies for free
  • Get all the thrills and excitement playing poker for fun

What Makes a Free Poker Site the Best

Plenty of free poker sites have decent offerings, but of course you want to play the best free online poker. You might even be looking for the best free poker sites to win real money.

That's why all our reviews are based on a variety of criteria, with each casino ranked across those elements to determine which are the best play money poker sites. The assessments include:

  • Licensing and security: Even though you're playing for fake money, sites should still be reputable, with full certification for fairness. Additionally, they need to still protect your personal data with modern encryption technology.
  • Software: Whether using apps, software, or instant play in your browser, the free poker sites should be stable and work well on any modern device.
  • Games: The reason you're visiting free poker sites for fun, there needs to be a wide range of poker variations available.
  • Customer support: The customer service team should be available across different communication channels to answer questions or resolve issues.
  • Banking methods: Whether you decide to play online poker for money, or you simply need to withdraw your winnings from a free-entry tournament, online poker sites need to offer fast payouts with a range of banking methods.

Types of Free Games Available to Play

When you visit the best free poker sites online, you'll be able to play a range of different poker variations. These are just some of the free poker games available.

  • Texas Hold'em: The most popular form of poker, this is the variation played at the World Series of Poker. With a combination of community cards and your hole cards, you have excellent chances to form a stellar hand, or bluff your way to success.
  • Omaha: Similar to Texas Hold'em, except you get four hold cards instead of just two. Still, you'll combine your cards with the community cards to create a winning hand.
  • Stud: This is the poker that was played in saloons for decades. When you see poker played in old Western movies, this was the variation of the game.
  • HORSE: The letters stand for Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Eight-or-better, with these games played in rotation, letting you experience all the different variations.

What are Freerolls?

Freerolls at free poker sites are poker tournaments that don't require any entry fee. They often offer cash prizes, though, which means that you can play free poker tournaments for real money.

You may need to use your play money to enter, or get invited after clocking a certain number of free online poker games. Either way, you can visit the best free poker sites to win real money in freerolls.

How to Play Free Poker Online for Real Money

If you're looking to play free poker online for real money, one of your best options will be freerolls. These are tournaments that don't require any entry fees, but let you win cash prizes.

There are also options at some free poker sites to play in real money tournaments without a buy in. This is most common for players who are in the top tiers of play money poker players, added to the mix for some extra fun and challenge. You might be invited to these tournaments if you're a loyal player at top free poker sites.

Finally, you could take advantage of no deposit bonuses, letting you playing poker online for money. The amounts are usually quite small, but you'll still get some real money to play with, without any deposits or risks.

Enjoy Free Poker on Mobile

You can visit the best free online poker sites when you like and where you choose with your smartphone or tablet. You can choose to download free online poker apps, or visit free poker sites with no download instantly in your browser.

No matter how you choose to play, you can access the best free poker sites on any modern mobile device. This includes iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire or BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.


It's clear that free poker sites offer excellent experiences and tons of great rewards. Whether you simply want to play free poker online for fun, or you're looking to win real money playing free poker, you can do it all.

Visit one of our recommended sites today to enjoy the best free online poker games with fake money.

What is play money poker?

Play money poker (sometimes also called free play) are online poker games where you don't risk any real money.

How much money do I get to use?

Every site is a little different and starting amounts can vary by game type and from table to table. For tournaments, there will of course be a set starting amount that will be the same as the rest of the players.

What poker variations are available?

Texas Hold 'Em is going to be found on 99.9% of these sites. However, games like Omaha, Stud, and mixed games are starting to gain momentum with the play money crowd as well.

How does it compare with real money play?

Using play money can be just as fun as real money play. It's a great opportunity to focus on the fun of trying to figure out what other players are holding, what card will come out next, and if you should hold them or fold them.

One other thing about play money poker is much more aggressive play. This is only natural since really there is no downside to going all-in.

Are there any benefits?

For players that may be new to poker in general or one of the less common game types (lowball, razz, etc.), choosing play money games may be a good place to start. Even for intermediate to advanced players, play money is a great option for testing different poker strategies.

Additionally, many of the sites we recommend even offer real money rewards (such as freerolls or various prizes) for winning in play money games.

What are the best free poker sites?

We are always updating our list, found on this page, of the best play money poker sites. We regularly assess the best free poker sites, adding new ones and even removing some that don't meet our standards.

Can I play free poker for real money?

Yes you can! Whether you join freerolls or enter free poker tournaments for cash, you can win real money playing free poker.

Free Poker

Best Places to Play Online Poker for Free Against Real People

This page aims to help poker players find the best places to play poker online for free. Here you will find information on Poker games and Freeroll tournaments, where players can win real prizes without risking money, and answer the most frequently asked questions about free chips poker.

Websites for instant play in browser

www.americascardroom.eu - Americas cardroom - top american poker site

https://playwsop.com - World Series of Poker website you can play for fun

https://www.zyngapoker.com - Zynga Poker Website with no deposit poker

https://www.pokerist.com - Free poker website - only email verification needed

https://www.replaypoker.com - Replay Poker available for browser play but need Flash Player

https://www.playwpt.com - World Poker tour is one of the few free poker websites that can give you the experience of texas holdem poker.

Applications for Iphone (iOS)

Pokerist - Discover the world of Omaha and Hold'em in one App. Chat with other players.

Poker R-Soft - Free chips. several times a day, private games with password protection, observing games of other players.

WSOP - Million of players in one app. Facebook connect bonus, guest mode, multi-level tournaments,chips every 3 hours.

Zynga Poker - One of the world's most popular online poker games. Higher stakes, Bigger payouts, Variety of games and a lot of tournaments!

DH Texas Pokers - Daily login lottery and special offers, Online rewards, VIP tables, Super chip package and Facebook connect.

Apeak Poker - Start your journey to becoming a poker pro! If you just want fun poker games then this app is for you.

Poker Heat - Monthly Users: 100,000

Coin Poker - New popular poker platform with amazing application

PlayWPT - Very easy to make account and start playing. You can earn free chips every two hours with the free spin and also you can buy chips with great deals

PPPoker - Players can win different prizes - Gold Coins, Gold Tickets, Points and Vip Cards

PokerFace - Great poker application with face to face interaction

Pokerrrr - One more application for team game

Poker World Mega Billions - Legal iphone / ipad poker application with real cash options

PokerUP - Social Poker: Chat and play with friends across the globe

Mega Hit : Texas No limit Holdem crossplay against millions of players all around the world with free chips

Applications for Android

Poker Heat - Large variety of poker rooms delivers an experience like no other. 1,000 Chips Daily.

Apeak Poker - Tiny app only 38 Mb , support English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish .

TX Poker - 43,513 total revews average mark is excellent. Dash Poker, Sit-N-Go tournaments.

Sharemypair - Non stop notifications . Broken hand replay!

Poker Heat - Monthly Users: 100,000 Top app in UK and Canada.

Poker King - Good gameplay. Decent players.Perfect for beginners, who want to learn with experience.

Ultimate Qublix Poker - High stakes poker app , full tables credits on install

Poker Extra - Facebook friendly have full functionality guest mode.

Coin Poker - Professional app for experts

PlayWPT - one more app for free poker with real people

PPPoker - Online poker battlefield , fast application and nice interface

Poker Mafia - Ancient application with real players

Pokerface - New online poker software for face to face game with friends

Pokerrrr - No Limit Hold em, OFC-13 card poker, Short Deck Poker, Pot-Limit Omaha, Round of Each, Sit-and-go

Poker World Mega Billions - Don't deal with cash, thousands a day without winning a hand?

Poker UP : Best online social multiplayer poker in 2021 (86mb)

Mega Hit : Connect your Facebook account for instant play

The Difference between Playing Poker for Free and Real Money Games

Play Poker on practice tables with chips and Real Money buy-in poker is NOT the same game. This may come as a surprise to some since the game rules remain unchanged, hand rankings are the same, betting structures are the same, in fact, you play the game in precisely the same way but with one crucial difference RISK.

The element of risk alters the way people play. In free poker, a player has nothing tangible invested and has nothing to lose. Consequently, nothing is stopping a player making audacious all-in bets and seeing another players hand at a ridiculously high price. When a player has real money on the line, you better believe they take every hand seriously, and think carefully about how they play the hands.

With that being said, there are plenty of reasons for players to hit the free practice poker tables online. If you are new to Poker, practice tables using will help you to learn the game without taking significant financial risks.

Even if you know how to play the game and have experience in real money poker games offline, practice play tables will help you to become familiar with a platform and the software in use, making it easier to jump into a real game and hit the ground running.

How to play Poker Tournaments FREE

Most of the major online poker platforms offer what is called Freeroll Tournaments where players can compete for real money and prizes without having to pay a buy-in fee. It sounds too good to be true, doesn t it? But there is a very good reason why the big online sites sponsor this kind of event; they want to convert practice play players to active pay-to-play customers.

Poker rooms know that moving up a level from playing fun practice play games to buying into real money events can be a daunting experience for some. Freeroll games give players an excellent opportunity to enjoy the thrill of playing poker for real cash prizes without the financial risk. They also provide the chance for players to assess their skills playing against a better class of opponent; since there are real prizes to be won, they attract a more serious and potentially dangerous opponent, who will not likely make rediculous all-in bets for fun.

Before buying-in to real money poker games, consider the interim step of gaining the necessary experience through Freeroll tournaments. When you start to win real money and prizes, you will be ready to buy-in and play real money poker games.

No Download Poker Rooms

No-download poker is the perfect option for poker players who want to play poker as quickly as possible with no delays, glitches or hassles. You don t have to download any software, it won t take up any space on your hard drive and it leaves virtually no trace on a computer. You can also make do with a limited internet connection from time to time if you just want to get a quick game or two in on your phone.

A wide variety of poker sites have no-download options while some poker sites ONLY offer in-browser options. PokerListings has reviewed your no-download poker options below. Click "Play Here" to access our exclusive bonuses and freerolls!

Top No Download Poker Sites

In short: No-download poker is a great solution while you re on vacation, on your phone, on the bus or train or at an internet cafe. If you're looking to play free poker no download is also the way to go as you'll have the full run of the options at most poker sites and access to all of the play-money games your heart desires. Also known as in-browser poker, you ll be able to play on any device that supports a standard browser and that includes mobile devices and tablets so long as they run some form of flash or HTML5.

What's the Difference Between No Download and "In-Browser" Poker?

It's a fairly archaic term but every now and then you might come across the phrase "in browser" poker. No-download and in-browser poker are just two different terms for the same thing. "Instant Play" is another term you'll likely see on a poker site's landing page. It all means the same thing - free poker play with no download required.

Can I Really Play Free No Download Poker?

Absolutely. All major poker sites offer free, no download play money poker where you can test out the software, games and tournament options. Free no download poker is in fact a great way to get used to the speed of online poker games and the ins and outs of each poker site's software. When you step up to the real money action you'll want to be confident and prepared for how the software works (so you can just focus on good poker decisions) and no download poker is a great way to practice.

Related Reading:

Can I Play No Download Poker on My Phone?

Not to sound like a broken record here, but another yes. As mentioned above, no-download poker was essentially the first mobile-compatible form of online poker before pure online poker mobile apps were developed. If you don't want to bother downloading the full mobile app for your chosen poker site (we recommend you do for the best functionality, though) you can easily stick to the browser-friendly tables.

You'll likely be a little bit limited in the range of games you can play and you won't be able to multi-table but if a quick sit go or cash game is all you have in mind it should more than fit your needs.

Can I Make Online Deposits with No Download Poker?

If you're tired of playing the free online poker games on offer you can absolutely step up to playing real-money poker without downloading the full software. Deposits and withdrawals work the same as they do with the downloaded software versions. You simply need to sign in to your poker account with your username and password, navigate to the cashier and choose any of the available deposit options.

If you've ever bought anything online you've done this before as you never have to download any software to do any online shopping for example. As far as online poker goes you join the site the same way other players do and still have your own private account where you can deposit money to play.

What are the Benefits of No-Download Poker?

Speed, convenience and safety are the primary reasons people use no-download poker. Because you don t have to download anything you can literally be playing poker in a matter of seconds if you ve already set up your account. All that no-download poker needs is a relatively modern Internet browser - and with the prevalence of smartphones and tablets these days you're typically walking around with one at all times.

Another big benefit of not downloading software is you avoid downloading any adware or malware from questionable providers since you re not actually downloading anything. Not that that happens very often - and if you stick with any of the dozens of well known poker sites out there this will never be an issue.

Do I Have to Install Anything for No Download Poker?

You really don t. Although you might need the most recent Flash update or Microsoft Silverlight, you shouldn t have to download anything specific to the online poker client. If you do need to update your existing browser you'll likely get a pop-up notice from the browser itself. Never download any updates from anything other than the official software site itself, however.

Can I Multi-Table with No Download Poker?

You can multi-table although re-sizing tables is usually more of a challenge when you re playing in-browser. Some online poker sites are better than others. For the full range of multi-tabling options we recommend sticking with the full download software provided by sites like PokerStars, 888poker or partypoker.

  • See updated mobile multi-tabling on 888 (Nov 2020)

Can I Play No Download Poker Tournaments?

Yep. While no-download poker usually works best for quick cash games or Sit Go s you can also play bigger multi-table tournaments; just make sure you have a reliable Internet connection. PokerStars' biggest new sensation, Spin Go tournaments, can also be played with no-download software. If you don't know much about Spin Go's they're very short, three-person tournaments where you can win anywhere from 2x to 10,000x your buy-in. With $1 million jackpots available from time to time in special promotions and very low buy-ins, it's also more than enough enticement to fire up a couple any time of the day.

Where can I play in the States?

  • USA Online Poker for Real
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey

Free Poker Practice No Download!

If you've always wanted to take a shot at online poker but were a bit intimidated by the speed, skill or thought of losing money, no download poker is a great way to get your feet wet in the game. If you stick to the play money game it is literally unlimited, free poker practice! No downloads, no deposits, no tracking software, no heart-racing decisions - just pure poker fun with none of the risk. Odds are very high you'll fall in love with the game and make the move to real-money poker but for newbies there's no better entry point than free no download poker. Read more about free online poker here:

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