Free Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards (also known as scratchcards, scratchers, or scratch off tickets) are a popular form of gambling entertainment, both in their traditional physical card form and online. The main objective for the player is simple: scratch away the card's surface to unveil cash prizes.

We can trace scratch cards back to the early 1970s, when scientist John Koza and marketing specialist Daniel Bower joined forces to generate a computer-generated instant lottery game for Scientific Games Corporation (SGC). By 1987 this had evolved into the scratch-off lottery ticket we know today, with Astro-Med, Inc. holding the US patent for it back then.

From its simple beginnings, where the object was to scratch away the card's opaque surface to reveal sequences of three or more symbols or numbers, the scratch card branched out into different variations. These included figures from popular board games like Monopoly and major sports such as basketball, soccer and baseball. Winning sums are sometimes huge one US couple won $10 million from a $30 scratch card in 2015 although we should remember that prizes are normally only a few dollars, and big wins are extremely rare.

21st century technology brought scratchers into the digital world with online scratch cards. Now players can use their keyboard or mouse to scratch away the surface, or even place the game on 'auto-scratch', similar to 'auto-spin' on slots games, where the computer does it for them. You can find these on both sports betting sites and online casinos, where their range of themes and instant prizes make them a hit with players.

You don't have to play scratch off tickets for money, of course. Many of them offer entertaining themes and features that make them fun to play in their own right. The next section will show you how to find the best free casino games on this page.

Our selection of scratch off games

When you open this page, you'll see a list of scratch cards you can play for fun. There may be a lot for you to look at, so you can narrow down the selection by using the filters on the page.

The 'Game Provider' filter is one of these. You can select a specific developer here to see only their scratchcards: for Nextgen games, for example, just tick the box next to their name. You can also filter them by themes with the 'Game theme' filter, so sports fans might want to select 'Sport' to see just those.

Mobile-friendly casinos are a big part of the industry these days, and you can play virtually all scratch off games on your smartphone or tablet. To find these, go to the 'Advanced filters' section and mark the 'Mobile Devices Supported' box to see eligible games.

Free scratch cards FAQ

Do I need to download extra software to play free scratch card games online?

No, you can play all these games within your desktop or mobile browser so there's no need to download extra software.

Can I be sure of a random result in online scratch off tickets?

Yes. All online scratchers on our database are governed by a Random Number Generator (RNG) that ensures a completely random result every time.

Scratch and Win with Scratch Cards

Here at Play Club Casino you will find a huge number of enjoyable Scratch Cards to play. Anyone who has ever bought a physical scratch card will know exactly how to play. You simply need to reveal the hidden symbols to find out if you have won.

While this may sound simple, Scratch Cards can provide you with hours of fun and some of them offer enormous payouts of up to 15,000 times your bet or even more. Furthermore, our Scratch Cards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with all kinds of different themes. You will find cards themed upon ancient civilisations, sports, music, magic, mystery, Christmas, casino games, adventures, travel, nature, the orient, outer space, comic books, and much more. The themes are brought to life with enjoyable animations and sound effects, and in some games, they are furthered through exciting bonus rounds that can lead to even more winnings.

In addition to Scratch Cards, we also have a number of Instant Games for you to enjoy. These have a similar range of themes, but instead of revealing symbols, you will be betting on things such as a toss of a coin, a penalty shootout, a throw of a dart, and so on. There are also a number of Keno and Bingo games for those who enjoy lottery style games.

Be sure to spend some time exploring the collection of Scratch Cards, as we are sure that you will find many games to enjoy.

Scratch Cards Frequently Asked Questions

What Are My Chances of Winning Playing a Scratch Card?

As with all of the games at Play Club, when you play a Scratch Card you are gambling. This means that there will never be a guarantee that you will win. However, all of our games come with a theoretical RTP (Return to Player). This is the percentage of the money bet on a game that is ultimately returned to players. You can normally find a game’s RTP in its help information and this will give you a better idea of its volatility and your chances of winning. On the other hand, it must be stressed once again that there are never any guarantees when gambling.

How Do You Win When Playing Scratch Cards?

This will vary slightly from game to game. Though in general, you will be looking to find matching symbols and if you find enough then you will win a payout. Different symbols may offer different sized payouts and these can range from a fraction of your bet to many thousands of times your bet. Just keep revealing the hidden symbols and the game will let you know what you have won.

Do I Have to Reveal Each Symbol Individually?

No, you do not. The vast majority of the Scratch Cards available at Play Club have a ‘Reveal All’ option. This will automatically scratch away all of the hidden symbols so that you can see if you have won straightaway. In fact, many games go further than this and have auto play functionality that will allow you to purchase a number of cards in advance and watch as they are played automatically. This can result in very exciting and very fast-paced play.

Scratch Card Terminology Explained

As you play Scratch Cards, you will see that some terminology comes up time and time again. Here is an explanation of the most common terms:

  • Scratch Panel The area on the scratch card that covers the symbols that you need to remove. You normally just click on it in order to remove it and reveal the hidden symbol.
  • Paytable This is the area of the scratch card where it shows you the value of each of the symbols or winning combinations. For instance, it may show that finding three stars pays 100 times your bet and that three dollar signs pays 10,000 times your bet.
  • Wager The amount that you bet on an individual scratch card, sometimes this is also known as the purchase prize.
  • Lines Some scratch cards contain multiple games, also known as lines, and before playing you will need to choose how many lines you wish to play. Each line gives you the chance of winning a prize and is essentially a game in its own right.
  • Jackpot The top payout offered by a game, very often it is at least 10,000 times the amount you bet on a scratch card.

Start Playing Scratch Cards Today

Scratch Cards are the perfect option for anyone looking for simple, hassle free games that give the chance of big

wins. Start playing our collection of scratch cards today and with a bit of luck, you will soon be revealing numerous winning symbols.

Scratch Cards Online

Even if you have never played at an online casino, you are probably familiar with scratch cards. Online scratch cards are simply the digital version of lottery scratch cards that can be purchased at a variety of retailers. The online version is played by clicking on certain areas to scratch the opaque covering and reveal the information below to determine if the card is possibly a winner. The main difference between paper scratch cards and digital ones is that winners of online lotteries are determined by a random number generator (RNG).

Avalon Scratch

History of Scratch Cards

While lotteries have remained a prominent form of entertainment worldwide since ancient times, the scratch card as we know it today was not invented until the 1970s. One of the very first scratch off tickets, known as The Instant Game, was launched in the mid-1970s by the Massachusetts State Lottery. By 1987, AstroMed Inc. had patented a scratch card, making these instant gratification games even more popular.

While scratch cards had been around for several decades, they did not go digital until after the 21st century. In late 2009 and early 2010, scratch cards began to appear at online casinos. The earliest scratch cards used Macromedia Flash and Java technology to simulate the gameplay of scratch cards on a computer screen. This allowed people to play scratch card games online and use their mouse to actually scratch the surface of the card to reveal their potential prize.

Types of Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards can be separated into two main categories: web-based scratch cards and downloadable scratch cards.

  • Web-Based Scratch Cards: This is the most common type of online scratch card. Web-based scratch cards allow consumers to play directly on their web browser without having to download any software to their computer. These games typically require the plugin Flash to run.
  • Downloadable Scratch Cards: To play this type of scratch card, a consumer must download special software to their computer. Once the software has been installed, it automatically connects to an online service provider that delivers the games without browser support.

How to Play Online Scratch Cards

There are few online casino games simpler than scratch cards. The concept is fairly easy to understand. You receive a card, scratch away the surface to reveal the symbols underneath, and see if you have a winning combination of symbols.

The game begins when you place your wager. Next, use your mouse to scratch away the surface of the scratch card so that you can see the symbols underneath. When using the scratching method, one symbol appears at a time which helps build anticipation. If you prefer to play more quickly, you can click on the Show Card button which instantly scratches the entire card.

Depending on the game, there may be different types of symbols. Sometimes there are images like fruit that you must get in a row or diagonally to win. A winning combination will be highlighted on the screen.

You may also see symbols like 1X, 10X, or 50X. This refers to how much you could possibly win. For example, if you get three 1X you will win your full bet, if you three 2X symbols you would win twice your bet, and so on. Depending on the casino, you could win up to 50X your bet or more.

Winning at Online Scratch Cards

Despite their popularity, there is a small chance of winning big on a scratch card. However, just like slots you can determine whether or not you are playing a decent scratch card game by reviewing the return-to-player (RTP).

While this is only a percentage and not a guarantee that you will actually win, it can guide you in the right direction of better paying scratch card games. The higher the RTP, the higher your chances of winning. Some scratch cards with the highest RTP include Merlin s Millions, Genie Jackpots, Wish Upon a Jackpot, Pig Wizard, and Gorilla Go Wild.

If you are simply playing for entertainment purposes and want to extend your gameplay, choose a scratch card that has a high number of wins and bet the lowest wager possible. If your objective is to win money, then choose a scratch card with a high number of wins and make more larger bets.

Also be sure to properly manage your budget. While online scratch cards can be a lot of fun, you want to know when to walk away. Like any online casino game, your funds can quickly diminish if you re not paying adequate attention. Set a win and lose limit before you start playing and stop when you hit one.

Choosing an Online Scratch Card

Today you can find thousands of attractive online scratch card games from some of the biggest software providers in the business, including NeoGames, PariPlay, and WinTingo. Like slots, scratch cards can be found in many fun themes, such as sports, fantasy, and comic books. While you shouldn t expect to get rich playing online scratch cards, you can have a lot of fun and possibly walk away with some winnings.

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