Spades Card Game Online

Enjoy the Spades card game and test your skills. Compete head-to-head against other players or in special tournaments for real prizes.

Here luck of the draw does not exist! Every single game is

entirely skill based. You get your own score and if its better than the one of your opponent, you are the winner.

Oh, and if you are not into the real cash thing..dont worry! Practicing Spades for free is also possible.

It is so simple: just install the app and start playing. Challenge yourself and prove that you are the best!

Basic information about the card game Spades

Spades is a trick-taking card game where spade is always trump. The rules outlined on this page are commonly used goals, but variations of Spades that adhere to other rules to exist. Before you start playing Spades, online or offline, it is therefore a good idea to check which rules that are used in that specific setting.

Spade can be played by two to five players. It can be played as a game where everyone plays individually, or a game where a pair work together to bean another pair.

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Spades for four individual players

A standard 52 card deck is used. The object of the game is to win the least number of tricks.

The game is scored by hands. Before the game begins, the players must agree how many points that is required to win the game. Playing to 500 points is common, but if the players doesnt have time for this a lower number can be elected, e.g. playing to 200 points.

Before the game beings, the players must also appoint one of them to be the writer. The writer will write down all the bids and all the scores, and must keep this information available to all players at all times.

In case of a tie, players participate in one more round of play to break the tie.

Playing Spades a step by step guide

  1. Each player draws a card from the deck. The person with the highest card becomes the dealer. The drawn cards are shuffled back into the deck.
  2. The dealer deals the entire deck of card, face down, one card at the time, clock wise. The first card is dealt to the player seated left of the dealer. When the dealing is over, each player should have 13 cards.
  3. Each player picks up their own cards and look at them. (You will probably want to arrange your cards by suits, since this makes it easier to play Spades.)
  4. It is now time for the bidding part of this game. The player seated left of the dealer starts by telling how many tricks he expects to win. The process the continues clockwise around the table, until all four players have told how many tricks they think they expect to win.There is only one round of bidding. You must bid at least one, passing is not permitted.
  5. The player seated left of the dealer makes the opening lead. Each player then acts, clockwise around the table. Each player must follow suit, if possible. If you can not follow suit, you may play a trump or discard. The trick is won by the player who played the highest trump. If no trump was played, the trick is won by the player that played the highest card of the correct suit.
  6. The player who won the previous trick is the one who opens next.N.B! Spades can not open unless spades have already been played, or the player has nothing but spades in her hand.
  7. Playing continues until all the players are out of cards. This means that 13 tricks will have been won.
  8. It is now time for the scoring. If you make the contract (the number of tricks bid), you get 10 points for each trick bid, plus 1 point for each overtrick. An overtrick is any trick that you take in addition to the tricks required to fulfill your bid.

Example #1: You bid 5 and then managed to win exactly 5 tricks. Your score is now 5 x 10 points = 50 points.

Example #2: You bid 5 and then managed to win 8 tricks. You get 10 points each for your first five tricks, but only one point each for the remaining three tricks. (5 x 10 points) + (3 x 1 point) = 53 points.

Example #3: You bid 5 but only manages to win 4 tricks. This is called breaking contract. You now get 0 points.

Spades for two individual players

When Spades is played by two players, the same rules and procedures as above are followed, with the necessary accommodations. For instance, each trick will be two cards instead of four.

The dealing procedure is however completely different from Spades for four individual players.

  1. The players draw for high card.
  2. The deck is placed in the middle of the table.
  3. The player who drew the highest card starts by picking the top card and looking at it (without showing it to the other player). The player can now either keep the card or discard it.
  • KEEPING THE INITIAL CARD: If he keeps the initial card, his next action will be to pick up the new top card from the deck, look at it, and discard that card face down.
  • DISCARDING THE INITIAL CARD: If he discards the initial card, he discards it face down and picks the new top card from the deck. He must keep that card.
  1. The second player now picks up the top card from the deck and looks at it, and can either keep or discard it. He will follow the same rules as stated above.
  2. The players take turns looking at and discarding cards until they have 13 cards each and 26 cards have been discarded.

Spades for three individual players

When Spades is played by three individual players, the same rules and procedures as above are followed, with the necessary accommodations.

There is one important special rule:

  • Before the game starts, the deuce of clubs is removed from the deck. This means that there is only 51 cards left: 17 cards for each player. Thus, there are 17 three-card tricks to be made.

Spades for five individual players

When Spades is played by five individual players, the same rules and procedures as above are followed, with the necessary accommodations.

There is one important special rule:

  • Before the game starts, the deuce of clubs and the deuce of diamonds are removed from the deck. This means that there is only 50 cards left: 10 cards for each player. Thus, there are 10 five-card tricks to be made.

Spades for two pairs

When Spades is played by two pairs, competing against each other, the partners sit across from each other to make is difficult for them to see each others cards.

The same procedures as above (Spades for four individuals) are followed, with a few notable exceptions.

Playing Spades For Real Money Can Be Very Rewarding

Of late, it is being seen that the game of Spades is growing exponentially on the Internet. Many online casinos and websites are now offering Spades to anyone who is interested in playing this fast paced and fun game. With this growth of Spades, it is also seen that it is a good way to make substantial amounts of money if you are knowledgeable and have the skills.

Earlier Spades was a game that was limited to being played at home with family and friends. However, with the advancement of the Internet, Spades can now be played online against live players. No longer are you bored with playing the game against a computer or automated bot. In fact, many websites and online casinos also hold regular tournaments for cash prizes for Spades players from all over the world. If you are good and you have an equally good partner, you can win handsomely at these tournaments.

As mentioned previously, Spades is a fast paced game that hardly takes around half an hour to finish. It is played with a deck of 52 cards a minimum of 2 pairs are required. However, the game does not allow partners to communicate across the table. That is why when people are playing Spades with their regular partners, they form some type of communication that is under the radar. In other words, the silent communication between the partners cannot be detected. In traditional Spades, this form of communication can be a gesture, a raised eyebrow or even a cough. However, when you are playing the online version of the game, you do not have the benefit of seeing your partner. Therefore, any form of communication is always judged with the cards that your partner discards.

The rules of Spades are fairly easy to comprehend. Basically you and your partner have to say how many tricks you will take at the beginning of the game based on that the pairs play. The bidding and scoring system make the game interesting. You have to be careful how you bid as it is important that you do not go beyond the tricks you specified at the beginning. This is where the fun and excitement comes in, and makes the game more interesting than most other card games.

No doubt you need to be a skillful player to make money when playing Spades. Your chances of winning are quite good if you can beat your opponent. There are many websites that offer live play for money and all you need to do is download the free software for the game onto your website and begin playing. It is also quite possible for you to find a partner online. Of course, you would require some form of camaraderie between yourself and your partner if you want to win each time you play. The best bet to win substantial sums of money while playing Spades online is to rope in your regular playing partner. However, this does not mean that you cannot win if you are playing with a completely new partner. If you are smart and skilled at the game, and are able to understand your partner's card throwing, then there is no way you can not win money while playing the game.

When you are playing with a good partner, he or she will feed you a card of a suit that they know you are cutting. If you are planning to cut a trump card, make sure that you go only as high as you need to. Usually all it takes is a two of Spades or three of Spades to win a hand in the initial rounds. Make sure that you keep your high valued Spades for rounds that have more at stake. Also, never cut your partner. This is the number one rule that you should always follow.

If you are truly interested in playing Spades for real cash, then check out It is a website that offers tournaments for cash. However, if you want to get to know the software that the site uses, you can first practice playing the game for free. This will also help you hone your skills if you are not familiar with the game or if you have not played it for sometime. The site allows players playing for real money to deposit up to $500 a month into their accounts. In addition, the site holds regular tournaments which increase the odds of winning more money when playing Spades.

So, if you thought that it was not possible to win real money while playing Spades online, you are mistaken. You can win and win substantial amounts. However, you need to be a skillful player with a good observant partner.

Any Spades apps/sites that play with real money?

There is another reddit group called paidspades but there hasn't been much activity on this.

The biggest issue with $ Spades is that there's really not a good solution to offer money play without great modification of the game. Unfortunately, it would be too easy to cheat (even in solo play) unless AI players are utilized.

There were two smaller sites in the late 1990's early 2000's that had daily offerings of partnership trick taking card game tournaments for money, but both shut down as technology advanced and people had easy access to outside communication devices.

Even Bridge, probably the most developed and competitive partnership card game in the world, has significant cheating problems.

Playing for money is fine and I do it often, but it's best left for small groups of trusted individuals rather than large anonymous gaming sites.

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