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Titanic Slots Machine

Bally Technologies is going to come out with their latest slot machine the Titanic slots, based on the 1997 classic movie directed and written by James Cameron (the director of Avatar). The global gaming expo which took place in Las Vegas on the 13th of September gives us a sneak peek into what really goes on in the game dynamics and the quality of graphics and game design.

Titanic is the second biggest movie ever to be created, and Mike Trask, the public relations manager of Bally Technologies unveiled the slot machine which is an adaptation of this two billion dollar box office hit. The machine is a penny slot which has a maximum bet of 400 credit points. Betting the maximum limit entitles you to a chance at the progressive jackpot and multiple other engaging features that the slot machine has.

The game incorporates many different clips and scenes from the actual movie to make it all the more exciting. Fans of the movie and slot players alike, will enjoy themselves very much at the Titanic slots. Quite a few women of the age forty to sixty are already lining up to have a go at the slots to check out how well the romance between Leo and Kate has been brought out by the slot game.

Featured Bonus Rounds on Titanic Slots

One of the most exciting features of the game is the ‘mystery’ feature in the slot game. The mystery feature starts with a popular scene from the cinema the scene where Jack draws a portrait of the beautiful aristocrat Rose DeWitt Bukater. This scene is an integral part of the movie because it demarcates the onset of a loving relationship between Rose and Jack on the R.M.S Titanic.

Each bet placed by players opens up different possibilities depending on the betting amount. A forty credit bet for example, grants you a 3rd class ticket on the ship. With this ticket, you have a shot at one mystery feature. A second class ticket grants you two mystery rounds, and a first class one gives you three shots at the mystery round with a chance at getting a huge win with the progressive jackpot bonus.

An Epic Free Spins Feature

The spin design in this slot is quite innovative. The wheel is the steering of the ocean liner itself. There are many different famous snippets shown during the course of the game. The game has five reels and thirty lines of pay. The symbols include different characters from the classic, drinks of different kinds, cutlery, the ship, and the bonus symbol.

Three bonus symbols on the same spin grants you a free spin with multipliers. You have a choice of playing with multipliers of one, two, three, or five. However, the larger the multiplier, the lesser the number of free spins you are allowed to use. The progressive order is thirty, fifteen, ten, and six spins respectively for each multiplier value.

You get some winnings at the end of the free spins, and winning chances are quite high. If you hit a big win on the slot machine, you will be thrilled with the Titanic theme by Celine Dion with the cover of the movie the scene where Jack and Rose stand at the edge of the railing right at the front of the R.M.S Titanic.

Titanic: The Movie

The Titanic is a classic movie written and produced by James Cameron. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Billy Zane. The general theme of the movie is the story of a seventeen year old lady, Rose. Rose is born to an aristocrat family and is to be married off to a rich claimant that her mother has chosen for her. On the R.M.S Titanic however, she meets a poor artist named Jack.

Though Jack lacks money and title, he is kind and intriguing, and Rose falls in love with him. The tragic ending sees the Titanic sunk, and Jack giving his life to save Rose’s. Rose grows old, but she is content with her life and constantly remembers the one true love she found on that ship. At the complete ending, an aged rose is seen to carry a relic of what Jack had left her with. She seems a happy lady.

The classic tale has touched the hearts of thousands and thousands of viewers and has earned its way to becoming a classic tale. The story is told over eighty years after the tragic incident. The entire film is a narration by Rose. She tells her tale of woe and passion to her granddaughter and a few others. While they listen intently to her tale, she goes through the minute details of this epic tale. Her gripping experience is remembered forever in the hearts of these young ones looking for their own love; asking Rose how she found hers.

Titanic Slot FAQs

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The Titanic slot machine is a 5-reel game with 30 paylines and a progressive jackpot bonus. Get up to 3 chances in the mystery round to try and land the progressive jackpot.

Yes, you can. Check out our favorite mobile casinos to play the Titanic online slot on a handheld device. Sign up and get your hands on a generous welcome bonus while you game on the go.

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Titanic Slot Machine

Slot machines, created on themes of the world-famous films, always attract their audience. Therefore, the Bally Company definitely did not lose by releasing a five-reel slot, based on the plot of the film about the Titanic. Thanks to the well-designed design and the appropriate sound elements, you can completely survive the events, developing on the ship. To please yourself not only with gambling emotions but also generous payments, play Titanic slot for real money in any of the proven Bally casinos, available in your country Or you can run this slot for free and without registration and enjoy pleasant leisure right on our website.

Description of the interface of Titanic slot

The game screen of the Titanic casino slot fully conveys the atmosphere of the film. The abundance of wooden textures, carvings, gold patterns emphasizes the luxury and status of the ship on which you happened to be. The buttons for controlling the slot are located at the bottom of the screen. They allow players to manage their bets and adjust the game configuration with the following buttons:

  • Circular Arrows: Turn the reels without interruption for a chosen number of times.
  • Stake/Line Set the coins size.
  • Spin: Set the reels in motion.

The Titanic five-reel video slot has 5 reels and 25 possible active lines. On each line you can put only 1 coin, and the range of rates is from 1 to 5 cents, which will please both beginners and experienced players.

Description of the game symbols of Titanic video slot

The game symbols of the Titanic casino gaming slot repeat the original plot of the movie. You will meet Rosa, Ruth, and Jack, as well as the other significant characters of the movie. Also, among the game symbols there are white gloves, pocket watches, all kinds of luggage, barrels, chests and, of course, the image of the liner. All symbols have their own win multiplier, so check out the payout table before making bets.

  • There are several Wilds in the game: the standard one is the letter T, which will double your winnings if you collect 2 icons; the same letter with the image of Rosa or Jack also has an opportunity to double the prizes; and finally, the Ship Wild the letter T with the image of the liner. All Wilds have the same abilities they replace any characters on the active line and at the same time double your winnings.
  • Scatters work in conjunction with the Wild Symbols, and together with bonus rotations can increase your winnings per round by 100 times!
  • Bonus symbols should be noted separately: they are executed in the form of tickets, and each of them has its own properties: a ticket for the First class gives you 15 bonus rotations, increases your winnings by 15 times and gives the chance to win any of the three jackpots; the Business class ticket gives you the opportunity to win any jackpot, but does not have a multiplier; and finally, the Economy class ticket has a multiplier of x10 and gives you five bonus spins, but you cannot win the jackpot with it. The probability of dropping a certain type of ticket depends on the size of your bet. The bonuses do not end at this: some characters also have the ability to activate random promotions for the player, so your game definitely will not be boring!


The Titanic slot machine has everything you need to be called good: balanced gameplay, saturated with bonuses and secret levels, a lot of winning combinations and of course, generous and frequent payouts. Beginners can experience their luck if they play Titanic slot in free mode without registering in a casino with the Bally affiliate license, and experienced players can immediately bet on real money and hunt for top prizes!

Titanic Slot Review: Here s A Breakdown To Get You Started

Titanic slot is a game from Bally Technologies. It features five reels and 25 pay lines, and it is accessible on every device. Titanic is an iconic ship, which is famous around the world, even if it failed even to complete a single voyage. The sinking of Titanic, which was the largest passenger ship at that point by a considerable margin, in 1912 was mourned around the world. The younger generation was given a feel of this disappointment through James Cameron s 1997 film, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet amongst other stars. The film went on to win numerous awards. The slot has to live up to many expectations.

  • Released 2016
  • Software Bally
  • Rolls 5
  • Paylines 25
  • Minimum Bet 0.35 per line
  • Maximum Bet 100 per line

Titanic Slot Design and Graphics

It is a straightforward slot that comes with a ton of features. The presence of 25 pay lines along with five reels makes it convenient in terms of modern slot setup, but Bally Technologies has done enough work to ensure that this game feels fresh and energetic. At the same time, there is also a vintage element, thanks to the slot s theme. Due to copyright issues, a different soundtrack is selected as the theme. Many of the symbols will relate back to the movie, and it is not surprising considering that the game is based on this movie.


It is quite remarkable that one can play Titanic slot without coming across any usual card playing symbols. More often than not, these symbols have become a staple amongst slot games, but they convey a message of slackness and lack of creativity from the developer. Yet, there are no such symbols on this game. All 11 symbols have a great deal of individuality.

Various Combinations

There are a handful of symbols trunk box, a stack of cargo, and a pile of luggage that occupy the lower end of the spectrum. They will start yielding returns even if just three features on the reels, but the returns are rather low with a maximum of just 0.30 times the stake. If five of these appear on the reels, it can result in 3x times the stake.

6X Payout?

An old-fashioned flip-open clock is the next most valuable symbol alongside a pair of gloves and a vintage car. Interestingly, the car is almost identical to the vehicle that features in the actual movie. If five of these symbols are available on the reels, it can result in a 6X payout. It would be as low as 0.60x if only three are available.

High-Value Symbols

This Titanic game also has a couple of high-value symbols, which are primarily handed out to the movie s main characters. The lead character s mother-in-law and her son are high-value symbols that payout 9x or 12x respectively, when five of them feature on the reels. Jack is the second highest paying symbol with returns of 18x when five appear on the reels. If only three are featured, it returns just 1.80x the stake. Titanic s female lead, Kate Winslet, is the highest paying symbol alongside a red T symbol. Both are capable of returning 30x when five appear on the reels, while the returns are down to 2.40x when just three appear.

How to Play Titanic Slot Machine

The setup has been done cleanly, with most of the controls available on the left side of the screen. After being awarded an appropriate ticket, a player is directed to the game screen, where all legible fonts are used to display information like total balance, stake/line, and any wins. All controls are available on the left side. Interestingly, a player can change their ticket class at any time so that they need not worry about picking an expensive or an inexpensive ticket. An autoplay button is also provided where players can spin up to 50 times without interruption. Once again, there is flexibility in this regard with the option of going for 20 or 10 spins if a player is not comfortable with 50 autospins at one go.

Features of This Game

Here s exactly what you need to know. Some exciting things can spice things up

Unlike other titles, the player is requested to choose their stake even before hitting the first spin. It is required because it opens up a jackpot feature, where players are awarded tickets first class, second class, and third class depending on their stake.

  • Those who are playing with more than $0.05 a spin will be handed a first-class ticket.
  • This ticket opens up every jackpot available.
  • A stake per line between $0.02 and $0.04 will earn a second-class ticket, which gives access to every jackpot aside from the top choice.
  • A third class ticket is offered with a stake of $0.01, and many jackpots are placed out of reach.

These jackpots are provided randomly, and a player is required to choose three tiles so that they can pick up cash awards.

Jack s Drawing Feature

This feature is awarded randomly, and it makes a player chose from 10 different question marks. A player will continue making choices until they have come across an equal amount. It is possible to come across a wild symbol during this feature. It can provide up to 2000 times the stake. The highest value is provided to a drawing symbol, which also functions as a wild symbol.

Mystery Double

Another randomly awarded feature, it hands out double wilds from two to five. These would appear in the second, third, fourth, or fifth reels. These double wilds symbols have the potential to substitute every other symbol apart from wild symbols. Many wild symbols in slot titles do not have the potential to replace scatter symbols, but this double wild can perform this feat.

Mystery Wild Reels

A player is randomly awarded this feature, which places two wild reels on the plate. This feature also transforms scatter symbols into additional wilds, and this can lead to bigger wins.

Wheel Feature

A player can trigger this feature by getting three or more double wild ships, wild ships, or ship symbols. These should appear on the first, third, and fifth reels. Once these conditions are met, a player receives access to a Wheel of Fortune section that provides four different features:

Make It Count

It is one of the main features of this game. If it is triggered, a player is provided with ten titanic free spins. It can be used to multiply the stake by 50x to even 250x. All spins are played on a particular reel. Interestingly, the proximal plays a crucial factor since a special prize is provided when this symbol appears on the reel.

Heart of the Ocean

A player receives free spins that can range anywhere from 6 to 30. These are often provided with multipliers that range from 5X to 1x depending on the number of free spins. For example, a player receives a 5X multiplier if just six free spins are offered. This multiplier drops down to just 1x in the case of 30 free spins. If a player only manages ten spins, it results in a 3X multiplier. If there are 15 free spins on the table, the multiplier drops down to 2x. There are specific differences between the symbols. If a player gets a wild heart icon, all the symbols from right to left also get transformed into wild symbols.

Pick Up

A player will be making their way up a grid as they start picking up Titanic symbols. A player will be picking a T symbol from the crowd. It can contain two options a credit prize or a multiplier. The round keeps progressing as long as a player continues to pick up credit prizes. Once a multiplier value is found, this Titanic slot review found that it turned out to be the conclusion of the round.

Safe Feature

A player has to choose an option amongst ten safes, which are displayed on the screen. Each one has a different bonus value, and the initial credits will decide on potential wins. For this purpose, Titanic tips would recommend going with a maximum stake. Depending on a player s luck, they will be rewarded multipliers and other prizes. A player might get multipliers that range from 150X to even 800x of their line bet.

Tips for Winning at Titanic Game

One of the most successful Titanic tips for this game would be playing with a first-class ticket as much as possible. There is not a huge difference, but RTP figures between different ticket classes do change. The third class has an RTP figure of 95.95%, while this increases to 96.01% for a second-class ticket. Finally, a first-class ticket comes with an RTP figure of 96.05%.

Mobile Access

There are no dedicated ways to access this slot machine on Apple or Android devices through a Titanic mobile app. Just like many other slot titles, they are accessible only through browsers that will adapt to an individual device. This allows for excellent gaming experience irrespective of mobile availability. A player will get a similar level of experience regardless of their device tablet, mobile, or PC. All it takes is a good Internet connection to have some fun.

Free Play Mode

The Titanic slot machine is available in a free play mode without using any credit card, signups, or other personal information. This mode can be utilized to provide personal excitement without risking real money. Many of the online casinos offer no deposit bonuses for their new players. It gives a great way to transition into a new institution with a new set of games. These no deposit bonuses can be used to enjoy this title, which has a plethora of bonus games that can confuse an average player. It is better to know these intricate games well before playing with real money.


Even though the Titanic slot machine will sound very confusing at first due to the sheer quantity of bonus games and features, it is rather interesting that it takes only a few minutes to learn. Everything has been constructed into a brilliant atmosphere that will help bring back memories of an iconic movie. Apart from focusing on just graphics and gameplay, the developers have also been sticking together a brilliant slot title that will elevate gaming experience to the next level. Even if a player has not experienced this movie, they will be quite happy with this adaptation, which has a vast number of features on-board

. All these elements make this game a fantastic one.

Play Titanic Slot Free Plus a Detailed Review

Titanic online slot machine is an amazing game about the famous ship that sank on its trip in 1912. Its developer, Bally, has done a great job with this movie-inspired game that you will always feel to come on board regardless of what happens.

Graphically, the Titanic App is divine and make use of different features that might see you enjoying the game as well as the real money prizes that it offers. Be sure to read the following sections to find out more about the free Titanic slot machine.

Titanic Online Free Game Basic Information

The fans of the epic ship tragedy will appreciate the availability of the original and main characters in the slot machine, including the symbols of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. Curiously, under the terms and conditions of license agreements, the presence of some main characters is changing in most slots, but this does not apply to the Titanic online slot machine. The addition of the Celine Dion song as the slot s soundtrack adds authenticity to it.

Boats, Barrels, jewellery, gloves and suitcases, as well as the Titanic itself, make the usual surrounding complete. These and lots of other symbols fill the grid of the slot with five reels, three rows and 25 paylines.

Titanic Slot Machine Bonus Game

Similar to all other leading slot machines, Titanic offers plenty of bonus features, which include the following:

  • Mystery Double Wilds Feature: This feature is activated during a base spin when the reels of the slot machine haven t stopped turning yet. Between two and five double icons of the wild symbol can appear on any parts of active reels starting from the second to the fifth. Also, they can be part of the winning combination, and they also activate extra favourable conditions.
  • Wheel Feature: The scatter symbols are the ones that activate this feature. They will only activate it when they land on reels one, three or five. First, you ll need to launch a wheel of fortune since it is the one that will provide you with the right to take part in the next gaming round.

Other additional features that you can keep an eye on when playing this slot machine are Jack s Drawing Mystery Feature, Mystery Jackpot Feature and the Mystery Wild Reels Feature.

Titanic Demo Free Spins Features

Titanic is a game with lots of real cash winning chances plus free spins. You ll unlock the free spins feature when you land any of the three ship icons anywhere on reels one, three or five. While in the free spins round, you can also gain access to these important features:

  • Pick Up-Pick Icons: The value of these symbols is increased by a multiplier. And once it increases, you move to the next level, which is highly rewarding.
  • Make it Count: This feature provides ten free spins and a bonus on top that you will get your hands on when a watch symbol lands on the award.
  • The Safe-Pick Safe & Object: Another important feature, The Safe-Pick Safe & Object, increases the bonus value as well as the multiplier that can double or even triple your latest winnings.
  • Heart of Ocean: This feature rewards four free rounds. The lowest round offers six free spins and a five times multiplier. When it comes to the highest round, you will enjoy 30 free spins, but a multiplier isn t available.

The Interface of Free Titanic Slot Game

The interface of the slot machine fully conveys the surrounding of the movie. All visuals, including carvings, wooden textures and gold patterns, emphasize the status and luxury of the ship that you have boarded.

The buttons for adjusting the important wagering features and controlling the game are positioned at the bottom of the playing field. They allow you to manage your wagers and set the slot configuration with these buttons:

  • Line/Stake: Sets the size of the coin.
  • Spin: Starts the reels of the game.
  • Circular Arrows: This allows you to turn the reels of the slot without any interruptions for a given number of times.

With five reels and 25 possible active paylines, the slot machine allows you to place a one-coin bet, and its range is between one and five cents. This range will please both experienced and beginner players.

Play Titanic Online Free

You can play the Titanic online slot machine free on a range of devices that run on different operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. The slot machine provides everything that you need to enjoy your gaming sessions. It has balanced gameplay, levelled with secret levels and bonuses, not to mention frequent and generous payouts.

As a beginner, you can experience your luck if you play the game after reading the Titanic review created by experts. Be sure to look for an online casino that offers Bally games to enjoy this slot machine.

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