Playing with my money, is like playing with my emotions

Playing with my money, is like playing with my emotions.

I wanted to post this yesterday, so that I can get everything off of my chest just then and there. Seeing as though today is a brand new day and I've heard nothing from the person involved. I decided to post it today. If you wan't the TL;DR version just scroll to the bottom since I know this is wordy, grammatically errored to hell, and more mistakes than what you could get from a bingo parlor.

This all started one year ago (July 1st, 2014) I was geared up and ready to head to an event that I paid, for and waited on for so long. (This was my Graduation Gift from me, to me in receiving my Bachelors of Arts.) At this point, is where the shit started to hit the fan. One of my friends (We'll call him Smokey) was going to the event with a bunch of our common friends. Now Smokey owed me money, and Smokey informed me the day of the event that he was going to pay me. Well Smokey must of been listening to the Fresh Prince, because at this moment is where everything got flipped and turned upside-down. It turns out that Smokey decided to not handle the Hotel accommodations and gave them to someone else to do. That person, in return added EVERYONE who was staying in the room with them onto the Hotel room account (From what I was told, the more people you have on your room account, the more they charge. In this case, let's say it's between 6 to 8 people.) When I asked what that had to do with my money. He responded with Well, the room due to this friend being stupid came out to being over 1,000$. And since I didn't want to ask you for money, I just used the money that I owed you on it. At this point, I was somewhat livid, and another part understanding. Understanding because I see that it's a bunch of people who don't know the value of a dollar outside of conventions. The livid part of me went off into a hailstorm of cursing of How in the fuck could you spend my money. I need my money! and I paid for a room, and I don't get to stay in the room. This went on for a good 40 minutes. Words being said by me such as Fuckapopolis and whatever magical curse words I could think of to describe how I virtually got cheated out of my money. This went on until he promised to make it up to me. To get to that point sooner, he gave me a $200 HP Laptop, and a newbie Quasi-Professional Nikon Camera that he got from the local swapmeet no shorter than three days after the event ended. I called it even with that.

Hearing about my story, since I blew it up on facebook about what happened. Another friend (We'll call her Felicia) called me. I vented to her about what happened, and how I screwed up my finances. She agreed to help me out and told me that one of her friends was willing to buy my badge from me for 90$ (that's 5$ more than what I paid, but whatever. I was gonna make money off of it.) Felicia came by my house, picked up my badge and asked me if she could get gas money. I said sure, and loaned her 20$. Since I'm brooding in my house like Batman who can't catch the Joker, I decided to turn my phone off and just go do stuff to kill time and get over what happened.

Hours pass, and I decided to turn on my cell phone. Right when I did, I got a call from Felicia. She tells me that she got the money for my badge and that it went down without a problem. When I asked her to bring the money by. Her response was I had an emergency (or something to that degree) When I told her, Look, just use part of it to get out of what happened. She responded with, Too late, I spent it. and let out a soft little chuckle after saying it. At this point I told her that I needed my money. She goes off to say that she'll pay me back after the convention. And then hangs up. I'm sitting at home being like What in the fuck did I just allow to happen. But then I thought about what she said, and kept saying Why did she laugh at the end? (Turns out through my crappy detective skills that the Emergency was either A. Her not selling the badge and giving it to one of her friends. Therefore she would bide time, and hope I forget about it. Or B. She got the money, There was no emergency, and she spent it on herself and her friends.)

We'll fast-forward to this year. Sometime around mid-March or April, I decided to just call Felicia to see how she's doing and if she can pay me back anything. Just to get to the point that some of you reading might of deduced. Each time I called, she never picked up. Each time I left a voice mail, she never returned a call back. Each time I sent a text, she never responded back. One day I got a common friend to help me test a theory on if she was dodging me (just to be on the safe side) so I called her up on her phone, in which she didn't pick up. Then we waited an hour, and had him call her. Within three rings, she picked up, and was saying that she spent all day doing nothing, then hung up. I finally got my answer that Felicia was nothing more than dodging and knew that she needed to pay what she owed.

Anyway, sometime in April or May, is when she finally decided to try and be an adult at me. I sent a text message asking So when can you pay me? her response was Why do you always ask me about money, when you know I don't have a job? (Before this shit happened, she was working part or full time and going to school. After the event, she never talked to me or facebooked me about shit. See a problem here?) My response was simple, but to the point. I don't keep up with your life like that. How was I supposed to know you weren't working? You're being like XXXXX who tried this same shit. I'm guessing she got dumbfounded, and realized that she was dodging me, so then she informed me that her phone broke and all this other bullshit that has been happening. (She lives with two other people rent free in a one bedroom apartment. Since she gets EBT, she only has to get food for the house, and is NEVER expected to pay rent. Only drive the breadwinner to and from work, and other miscellaneous duties assigned by guilt.) So since I wanted to have a trail of what she was telling me, at this point I only talked with Felicia through text's. And kept any phone calls to the bare minimum, unless it was backed by a text.

Now we hit June. I get a random call from Felicia and she tells me that Hey! I'm working staff at the event this year! And since last year was bullshit for you, I'll give you the complementary code that they give to all staff members. And pay you back At this point I'm tired of the bullshit she was saying, and I knew it was bullshit. However I ignored the red light which was flashing in my face and decided to take her up on her offer. I mean it's almost a year and there is no way it can get worse? Right? With the event date coming closer and closer, all I could do was just pay for my badge and call it a day. Just collect my money another time from her after the event. Well on some random day she texts me and sends me a screenshot of a page that has a bunch of codes on it, saying that I need to enter in the code and the badge should be free. So I go ahead to the website to do all of this, and instead of paying 0$ on an 85$ ticket, it still remains $85. So immediately I text back saying, Hey. Your code(s) didn't work at all. Her response was to go and figure it out. Some time later, she tells me that they were codes ..issued last month and that she's . waiting for this month's codes to come in. Alright, cool. I got a good three weeks (or so) before the event. What can I possibly go wrong?

Yesterday, (June 30th) was all wrong (long ramble incoming.) I found out that she got a hotel room with a bunch of her friends. She hasn't made any attempt to try and reach me at all yesterday, or today for that matter over my badge status or money owed, she's put up on Facebook that she's going to the event with other friends, etc. Most of our friends who know the full story were pissed off at her, some wanted to get me a badge considering how messed up it was that she would do this (Craig was the first one who called me about it saying that he would pay for the entire event plus the room for me.) Other's offered to pitch in for a hotel room that I was going to stay in with some other people, and I even could of gotten in with a group of people who were working the event and needed help for this year's festivities. My response to them was that considering that the gesture was nice, I couldn't have them cover for her mess up, because then that means she would get off (partially since she still owed me money) without any problems.

Right now, I'm simply sitting here and typing out this long message to get everything off of my chest. I put up on facebook earlier this week that I didn't wish to be bothered by anyone and that if someone needed to get in touch with me to leave a call, text, or voicemail on my phone. So far, my phone has zero of everything. And after all of this, I'm angry, if not pissed off over what's transpired. I never would've expected someone I considered a friend to treat me like this, let alone pretend that an event was way more important than paying back what was owed.

I know I left some holes here and there, but I just needed to air this out. I don't know if r/offmychest is the place for this. And if it isn't then my apologies. As you can see, one year's worth of stuff, no matter how big it is, will bother the hell out of you. I guess Big Worm put it best by saying Playing with my money, is like playing with my emotions. Or in this case, Playing with people's things, is like playing with their emotions.

TL;DR: Friend owed me money from last year, friend decided to give me my money plus some other things. One year has passed since this happened, and the friend never followed through on anything she said. No longer a friend.

Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions shirt

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