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PokerStars is available to download on a range of platforms, and you can even play on your mobile or tablet device. Check out what great PokerStars Mobile apps you can download below!

Play poker on the go

Enjoy the same ground-breaking features and award-winning support that have made PokerStars the choice of millions of poker players around the world.

Mobile Cashier

Use the Mobile Cashier to manage your bankroll on the move, direct from your mobile device! You can even use it to make real money deposits for use on the Mobile poker app.

Poker on the move with your iOS device.

Now you can play poker on the move with the PokerStars Mobile Poker App directly on your iPhone , iPad or Android device!

Play against millions of users from the palm of your hand and enjoy great features like Quick Seating The Play Now button lets you instantly join your favourite games and tournaments with a single click. Take to the play money tables or play for real money, with practically every feature you ll find in the desktop software you can even multi-table! Available in dozens of languages, the app is also fully secure, using the latest encryption technology to provide a safe, fun place to play, wherever you are.

Play on your iPhone for the ultimate mobile experience, or on your iPad for big-screen enhancements and extended battery life, perfect for tournaments and long ring game sessions.

3 Easy Steps to Start Playing at PokerStars

Download the Android app now and play PokerStars anytime, anywhere. Our simple-to-use App and easy-to-follow download process means you could be playing online at PokerStars in a matter of minutes! Plus, PokerStars is also available on Windows, Mac and iOS platforms.

Download Install

Download the PokerStars Android app now or get via the Play Store on your device. Search for and install PokerStars Poker . Downloading may take a few minutes, depending on your wireless or mobile data connection.

Once the app has downloaded onto your device, press the PokerStars spade icon to launch our software. If you already have a Stars Account, you can use your existing login details to access the tables. If you re new to PokerStars, just follow Step 2.

Create Your Free Account

To sign up for a new account, open the PokerStars software and select the New to PokerStars? Sign up option. There are several simple steps to create your Stars Account. You will need to enter a valid email address, and create a username. When you have agreed to our End User License Agreement press Finish .

Start Playing Poker Now!

Congratulations, you ve now successfully created your Stars Account. You can either Make a Deposit or Explore PokerStars .

Finding games couldn t be easier thanks to our specially designed Mobile tabs. Just press the Lobby tab along the bottom of your screen once you re logged in and fill out the search criteria to find your favourite games.

You can switch between games by selecting the relevant tab at the top of your screen. If you know the specific Tournament ID of a poker event you want to play in, press the Search icon and enter the relevant details into the search bar provided.

9 Best Texas holdem poker apps for Android & iOS

Texas Holdem Poker is one of the variations of poker games that logically thinking appeared in Texas approximately a hundred years ago. Then it also became popular in Vegas and was considered more of a thinking game for avid gamblers.

Texas Holdem is a community game where players must gather the best combination of two of their own cards and 5 main community cards that spread on the table. While there are thousands of poker games apps that have been created for mobile platforms, we are likely to find numerous specifically Texas Holdem Poker variations for Android and iOS.

The final goal of the game is to win chips while betting that includes check call, raise or fold. That player wins which hasnt folded until the end of the game and collected the best hand. Either other players should fold their cards before the final moment. Surely, all bettings should be done before the flop takes place.

Zynga Poker

Zinga is well known for its Texas Holdem casual game and tournaments as well as high stakes and payouts. The game requires registration thought its possible to do it using a facebook account. This way you can invite all your friends from facebook community and play at any time and at any place.

This casino game is available for Android and iOS for free. And like any game involving gambling it does require some in-app purchases, probably to buy coins.

Tournaments include a buttle for the main prize like for example in Season competition where all players around the world competing with each other. Its more rewarding, challenging and stressful at the same time.

Traditional Holdem poker game includes 5 or 9 players options. You can join any of them and choose the speed at the same time. Thus if you are a benefit you need more time to analyze the game and make decisions, so as not to lose fast in the game where the speed is high.

Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker is yet another app for gamblers that requires Facebook login and password as everyone should register through their own account. Though this lets the player invite friends from the Facebook community.

What is more, the app has a chatting option, so you will never feel lonely playing the game online. Talking with co-players while making stakes will bring more excitement to the game. The app is supported on different platforms including web, it gives players a variety of options to play at any time on any device.

The game is easy to navigate due to its comprehensive UX. Graphics are perfect as well and the table looks real. All your friends and competitors will have photos attached to each name. SO it looks like a circle of people with cards. As long as the game includes an option to play for real money, you are to buy chips through your accounts.

Texas Hold em

Texas Holdem is a classic poker game that actually doesnt require you to invest real money into it. This game is more relaxing and enjoyable. It has an offline and online game option. And of course, its suitable for not professional gamblers. Its only available for iOS devices for free without any registration especially Facebook account data which isnt a requirement.

However, the game supports multiplayer up to 8 gamers. For this, you have to sign in with your Facebook login and invite your friends to play together. Otherwise, you will play with the bot.

Everything is classic in this app. All main rules of Texas Holdem are followed. The game says that you will play as you would play in Las Vegas, Paris or Macau. There

are 10 different locations overall. Of course, if you are not interested in playing with real people you can live the offline mode.

DH Texas Poker

Thankfully this Poker app is available for both platforms Android and iOS. It also has an option to register either using a Facebook account or email address. In fact, DH Texas Poker is one of the most popular apps. It has been downloaded more than 20 million times and keep a high rating on Play Market.

The app itself full of surprises and gifts. It has a daily login lottery, special offer, and gift. You can buy chips or earn them. The app suggests to install other apps to get more chips or you always have an option to buy them for real money.

Here you can easily play with friends in one game with up to 9 players. Besides, there are several game modes in this poker game: Play Now, Casino, Private room, SitGo.

There is no option to choose a speed level, so learn how to play faster. Graphics in this game is not so up-to-date though it is clear and bright enough with the user-friendly interface.

Texas Holdem Omaha Poker

Texas Holdem Omaha Poker is yet another free application to play Texas Holdem that luckily available for both platforms iOS and Android. Its as popular as the previous app we described with over 20 million installs. The game will immerse you in the world of real poker though it wont cost you an arm and a leg.

This game offers tutorials for those who have never played or even have no understanding of game rules. As well as many others it offers multiplayer and chats so you can invite your friends to play and talk to each other. Its a very nice option to spend one hour of your free time in the evening.

There are lots of different modes in the game including tournaments that are very challenging things to participate in. They are held each weekend with weekly achievements results. Learn how to play poker here, bluff, gather a hand or learn when its time to fold.

The good thing is that your account is saved in the game itself and even if you get a new phone you can restore all your progress and chips.

Texas Hold`Em Poker Deluxe

Nice and multifunctional app for Android and iOS has a huge variety of gifts, the option to send free chips and choose different stakes tables. Texas Hold`Em Deluxe is an advanced and modern poker game that includes a single game and multiplayer where you can play with friends sending gifts to each other. It also supports chat and of course requires an internet connection or at least Wi-Fi signal somewhere around.

The game offers:

  • Log in via facebook account.
  • Chips reward in case of a daily launch.
  • A different number of opponents in one game: from 5 to 9 persons.
  • The ability to have fast access to all your friends and poker partners.
  • Live chat with friends and opponents during the game process with an arsenal of emoji and simple gifts for joy.
  • Modern and user-friendly interface with amazing graphics.

You can easily raise a stake using a scroller on the right-hand side of the game table. As all buttons are big and bright you can quickly react to the situation, raising or folding. The game is free with in-app purchases that give you an option to keep on playing having extra chips.

Texas Hold`Em Poker

Texas Hold`em Poker is not just a simple poker table game. It has its own rules and a world inside the game. This game expands your abilities out of the poker table to city life giving you an option to buy houses, buy transport and travel to other cities.

This game differs from others in our list because it has another set of features. First of all, there is no internet required. This means it doesnt support multiplayer. Undoubtedly it a single-player game, for those who want to spend a quality good time by themselves.

There are a few main tasks to do in this game: playing poker, winning and earning. Develop your little empire buying houses in different cities. This poker game is suitable more for beginners to learn Holdem Poker rules, get familiar with hands before joining one of the poker apps for real money and multiplayer. The comprehensive tutorial will help newcomers to learn fast.

The game is free for Android devices with in-app purchases.

Texas Hold`Em Poker FREE

Texas Hold`em Poker by Mywavia Studios offers us a standard poker apps package including online multiplayer, Facebook friends connection through the game and tournaments options.

Participating in tournaments is a great chance to win the bag of coins. There are plenty of different tournaments with different prizes and stakes. You also can invite your Facebook friends to play or to participate in a tournament. Bet, fold or raise in this fantastic Texas Hold`em application.

During the game, you can chat and send poker faces. This way you can bluff about your hand to prompt everyone to give up and fold. dont forget that bluffing is part and parcel of any poker variation. The game is free you will be offered to make purchases while you are playing. The price per one item starts from $1.

Wild Poker

Wild Poker is Texas Hold`em with power-ups and different characters performing it. Your aim is to unlock as many characters as you can so you can feel more powerful while gaming. Wild Poker supports team game, with your own characters. It doesnt support online multiplayer. Characters are wild animals, obviously, thats why this app was called like this. Lions, sharks, owls will be your power us as they carry superpower.

Thos who is thrilled with poker will find this game super entertaining and far beyond normal standard Texas Holdem. Luckily, owners of both devices, Android and iOS-based have a chance to install it and play. While the game is free you will be suggested for some in-app purchases.

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