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Poker Night At the Inventory

The Inventory: a former speakeasy founded against the possibility of an early draft of the 18th Amendment even more stringent than the one we know, now re-purposed as a highly exclusive club. Gaming's greatest characters settle in here during their "down-time," when their games are powered down. It's poker night, and four of gaming's greatest characters walk in to play some poker, about to bet everything they own for the sake of winning.

Poker Night at the Inventory is a crossover game from Telltale Games featuring Strong Bad, Max, Tycho and the Heavy engaging the "Player," a mysterious new challenger, in a game of Texas Hold'Em poker.

The trailer can be viewed here. It has its own (very young) wiki here which needs a little Wiki Magic.

The Shout Out page can be found here.

    : Heavy is updated from Team Fortress 2's 50s-60s stylized setting, but only updated to about the mid-80s (he listens to Huey Lewis and believes Purple Rain is recent), while Strong Bad and Tycho talk over computer setups and internet sites.
    • Even then, Strong Bad thinks that Videlectrix is recent, while Tycho refers to them as the 'classics.' Of course, Strong Bad's idea of state-of-the art technology is infamously backwards (any fan of the site will know Strong Bad thought his first computer was state-of-the-art because it had "two contrast knobs.")
      with the Iron Curtain. It's an all-new weapon for Team Fortress 2. but is statistically identical to the default minigun, and therefore purely cosmetic.
    • Max has an almost random playing pattern, as if he has absolutely no idea what he's doing or how to play poker; he gives the impression of being more interested in the cross-table kibitzing than in the actual game. Nonetheless, he's smart enough to back his luck when he suspects he's got a good hand.
    • Strong Bad's high confidence has him attempt to bluff his way through the game, stealing the pot as his high bets (or even all-ins) intimidate the players into folding to him. This makes him vulnerable to those who call his bluff, but because of this it's hard to tell if he actually is bluffing or if you're falling for his trap of an actually good hand.
    • The Heavy is much more conservative with his money, folding when he doesn't have what he thinks is a good hand and bets when he does; his bets are cautious in attempt to lure his opponents into adding more to the pot.
    • Tycho is even more careful than the Heavy, folding most of his hands. When he does bet, however, one can expect an amazing hand to appear. His playing style drastically changes as other characters are knocked out, becoming more aggressive in his betting and bluffs.
    • Strong Bad whenever asked about his "boxing gloves."
      • Heavy makes it clear multiple times that the Spy is his least favorite Team Fortress 2 character. See also This Cannot Be! below.
      • Artie Flopshark, deceased, who according to Max was beaten up for various perceived offenses including collecting money for a charity marathon, teaching the "nonexistent" variant Omaha, and winning a poker tournament in an attempt to pay off his mortgage. This may have something to do with the "Deceased."
      • If Max wins against you in 1v1 poker, he'll say it reminds him of the time Flopshark won against Flint Paper under similar circumstances. Paper apparently responded by killing Flopshark in cold blood.
      • Also, if your win/loss record has more losses than wins, there is a chance that game itself will call you "Artie Flopshark, Deceased".
      • From Sam and Max: Flint Paper, Bluster Blaster, Sam, Girl Stinky, Momma Bosco and a can of banang.
        • Some scenes from the comics can be seen on the wall behind Tycho.
        • Looks like Winslow, sounds like Winslow, but different clothing and only identified as "The Host." As there is no copyright notice for Lucas Arts in the game, interpret him as either a Captain Ersatz or a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo.
        • Possible to invert this. Due to how Max picks up his cards when the cards are first dealt, and the dynamic camera angles during conversations, it is possible to accidentally sneak a peek at what he has.
          • Max keeps referring to his psychic powers from The Devil's Playhouse, and during showdowns he can be seen peeking into the future vision toy, which begs the question whether his AI can/does cheat or he's just psyching you out.
          • In keeping with his personality, Max's play style is extremely erratic, with little underlying logic behind his moves. He tends to be really good whenever he remembers that he's playing poker, though.
          • The game is sometimes easier on Hard, because the characters are, on a whole, more predictable. On Normal it's almost a crap shoot. Or.. er.. a randomly-chosen card game.

           Max: (if they have a relatively good hand) Saboteur! You managed to cheat in the exact same way I did!

          Max: (if they have something like a pair of fives) Those are your cards, too? You're as insane as I am!

            : In-universe: Strong Bad says if he was in Team Fortress 2, he'd watch Heavy get "grenaded by eight-year-olds." Team Fortress Classic had grenades, but its sequel does not (with the exception of one of Soldier's taunt kills, and possibly the Demoman's primary weapons, but that would be giving Strong Bad too much credit). : The rare case of a game supplying DLC for another game. Character will ante up items for use in Team Fortress 2. : Trixie Trotter appears in the intro cutscene, roughly three months before her appearance in Back to The Future The Game, episode 2. : The Heavy's story about the Engineer. Given how the Heavy is telling this to three extreme sociopaths, their disgust means a lot.

            Strong Bad: That is some [BLEEP] up [BLEEP] man!

            • Also used with Max and Tycho. Max has several different stories about Artie Flopshark getting repeatedly maimed/killed for doing things like teaching people how to play poker. Tycho points out that it's well. wrong to beat up someone for trying to raise money for charity or to keep his home from being foreclosed. But killing his best friend for a Pac-man watch?Totally a-ok!

              Strong Bad: Nothing intimidates your opponents like a heavy dose of think-hard! [squints his eyes and groans while Heavy watches, confused]

              : They're not exactly on a team, but if they were:
                : The Player : Strong Bad : The Heavy : Tycho : Max

               "Congratulations! That was the hairiest game of Hearts I've ever played!"

              "Quick question: what do the numbers on the cards mean?"

                : Lampshaded by Tycho, who wants to know about Max's "pockets" (this doubles as a Mythology Gag since Sam famously asked Max the same). : In the vein of his source material, Strong Bad sometimes does this if a bad card turns up during a one-on-one showdown with the player. Especially hilarious because he doesn't say a thing during it, he just has this look while he slams his head into his cards and chips.
                • This gets more hilarious if the game decides to start his headdesk animation and a conversation started by him at the same time. Strong Bad will continually hit his head against the desk while talking in his normal tone of voice as if nothing is wrong.
                • So the BLU Heavy would like blue hair?
                • Heavy actually gets so happy about the red hair that Tycho has to protest, "You can't have her." Heavy then gets a really angry look on his face, to which Tycho squeals ". maybe we could work something out?" Way to stick up for your loved ones there, Tycho.
                • Strong Bad, as can be expected. Notable examples include making fun of Penny Arcade's site traffic while pimping off his own, despite not having updated at all in several months, as well as his constant lackstream of ladies.
                • All of the characters, particularly Max and Strong Bad, will mock you for being a wuss if you check, and then immediately proceed to check as well.

                  Tycho: "You should know, I've got your ass kicked pre-emptively." (player raises) ". yeah, I'll fold."

                  : As of a recent update, everyone will occasionally show an animation of they have a bad hand. Max and Tycho facepalm, Heavy just looks concerned, and Strong Bad repeatedly bangs his head on the table. : One of the Heavy's losing a hand is him flipping the table and massacring the players. Immediately afterwards, he sternly asks for a new hand to be dealt. : When Tycho is eliminated, he'll head to the bar and remain there for the rest of the tournament. :
                  • The Heavy keeps referring to Strong Bad as "Tiny Heavy." His explanation does not amuse Strong Bad.
                  • Max calls the Heavy "Mr. Weapons."
                  • Strong Bad calls The Heavy "Heavym'n" or "Ivan" and Max "Bunnym'n."
                  • Strong Bad calls Tycho "dork" and "nerd-rancher".
                  • Of course, this is a game set there.
                    • Well, Max doesn't state any plans for it. He simply states "It's. It's. BEAUTIFUL!" more emphatically than when Heavy first pulls out his precious gun.
                    • Strong Bad thinks it'll be a great way to keep The Cheat in line.
                    • The characters show varying levels, with Tycho and Strong Bad being aware of their status as game characters, while Heavy thinks his deaths and respawning are him having nightmares. Max's awareness seems to go in and out. in mid-sentence even.
                    • Tycho's an interesting case, as he knows that the other characters are from games. He owns Team Fortress 2, and mentions to the Heavy how long the game's been out on Steam.
                    • Tycho: "A pot like that could buy a little Giraffe time." The noodliness decreases when one considers Exhibit A.
                    • Another dialogue starts with Strong Bad making fun of the spikes in Tycho's hair, and somehow ends with the all-too-relevant Perverse Sexual Lust moment.
                    • Strong Bad does say "fucked up shit" at one point, but it's bleeped out even if you have the censor turned off.
                        says that the line Matt Chapman actually said was "bleeped-up bleep."
                      • Which is exactly what the subtitles say (Tycho's swearing is always ****'d out, whether censors are on or off).
                      • While the Heavy isn't really a villain, playing poker is a lot more casual than his day job.
                      • Really, all of the characters aside from Strong Bad have committed murder, and even he attempted murder. Unsuccessfully, but still.

                        "Face down in front of me, is the card beast of your worst poker nightmares. just something to consider."

                        : The Heavy's "Engineer Story" is a failed attempt at this, it seems. :
                        • An interview made before the game's release states that if the game sells well, they would likely follow it up with other card games featuring other gaming characters, or possibly celebrities.
                        • It should be noted that on Telltale's website, there is a section for "The Inventory." This implies that if the game does well, it may not just be poker that they're playing. . So. Clue?
                        • One of Heavy's lines in the trailer implies there's something a bit grim waiting for him if he loses.

                         "Beat me once? Shame on me. Beat me twice? Also shame on me. Beat me THREE TIMES? I am sent to my death."

                          • Strong Bad will ask The Heavy if he wants to "take care" of King of Town. The Heavy assumes he means kill, but Strong Bad just wants to shave half his mustache.
                            • Strong Bad admits he wouldn't mind if King of Town was killed, however.

                             Heavy: Oh. (puts weapon away)

                            Max: Whoopsie. (throws weapon over shoulder)

                            Strong Bad: Hand it over.

                              : Heavy clearly enjoys his job, but he does enjoy the full dental. Though he and his RED squad had to unionize for group medical coverage. Guess Medic is stingy with his supplies. : While most of the characters are jovial enough toward each other, with occasional bouts of conflict, Strong Bad and Tycho show fairly naked animosity toward each other. Mostly due to Strong Bad playing the part of Jerk Jock and Ted Baxter while ragging on Tycho's "site for babies."

                             Strong Bad: [mocking tone] Oh man, what happened?

                            Tycho: You want me to say you won again?

                            Strong Bad: I guess so. I mean if that's what happened for real and for true. Right?

                            Tycho: Die a sad, pitiful, painful death.

                              : When you get into a one-on-one situation with Tycho and he has a decently good amount of money. His smile rivals Dr. Giggles. :
                              • The Heavy has multiple lines asking the characters about their respective educations. Tycho plays it off with a lame DD joke, Max admits he never went to college, and Tiny Heavy. well. Not only that, but he also chats with Tycho about his favorite book (Tsar Hunger by Leonid Andreyev), because get this - he has a Ph.D. in Russian Literature. That's Dr. Heavy Weapons Guy to you!
                              • Probably a reference to how the Russian version of Meet the Heavy made him sound much more sophisticated than the original, implying that he only sounds like a dumbbell because of his relatively poor English.

                               Tycho: (to Heavy) What gets you in the killing mood? Ride of the Valkyries? Icelandic death metal?

                              Heavy Weapons Guy: I just get new Huey Lewis tape. He keeps spirits up on battlefield.

                               Max: (shocked) Are you asking me if I ever schtupped Momma Bosco?!

                                • Said question is probably very squicky from Max's point of view considering he doesn't like girls, or men, for that matter. He also sometimes forgets that he doesn't like girls. It's something of a running gag in his series.
                                • Strong Bad's reaction to Tycho having masturbatory fantasies about hedgehogs: "Oh, nothing. Just puking in my pants. "
                                • Tycho has the most down-to-earth personality and conservative playstyle of the four. Just don't get him talking about giraffes. Or hedgehogs. Probably best to keep him away from animals entirely. And it's a good thing he's sitting on the other side of the table from Max.
                                • He doesn't exactly take losing all that well, either:

                                 Tycho: Son of a bitching lagomorph.

                                Max: I don't even know how to play this game.

                                Tycho: That's fucking rich. That's just great. (pauses) Is there a guy in there?

                                Tycho: Some kinda card-counter astrophysicist motherfucker? Am I close?

                                Max: Why I never!

                                Tycho: I've seen you around with that guy in the dog costume. DON'T YOU LIE TO ME

                                  : Tycho is voiced by Andrew Chaikin for this game, who was the voice actor for Max in Episode 1 of Sam and Max: Season 1". :
                                  • Many, many, many, against Gamestop, government and so forth. Since a lot of the dialogue was "polished" by the original creators, it's usually entirely in-character, and references their backgrounds.

                                   Max: (asking after criminals he and Sam could fight) Oh, or if you know of a cabal of greedy corporate monsters, hell-bent on blanketing an entire generation in a deep, exploitative sadness, that would do.

                                  Tycho: Oh, so chains of used videogame resellers? Yeah, we got those.

                                    • Strong Bad doesn't think much of the Penny Arcade Expo.
                                      • There's a lot of Take That against all the characters' respective backgrounds by the others, both subtle and explicit.
                                      • If the Heavy loses with a good hand, such as a three of a kind, with a big pot, he will scream "WHAT?! I will not lose to lucky cowards! I kill you!" turn over the table, and fire up Sasha - which fortunately has no ammo. The other characters are naturally shocked. He will sit down again with a Death Glare and growl, "I. Do. Not. Lose."
                                      • Played with by Tycho if the Player is eliminated on a bad beat by another character, suggesting this reaction if Tycho was in the Player's place.

                                       Tycho: Man, if I were you, I'd be sweating hate. It'd froth from my mouth and nose. It'd be like that movie, "There Will Be Froth."

                                        : During Showdowns, if there's a hand that beats theirs, they start to look more and more desperate. :
                                        • Strong Bad reacts this way when the Heavy says that between learning to box and learning to herd goats, he chose boxing.

                                         Heavy: Strong and bad, how is boxing career?

                                        Heavy: I was boxer once. In school. We have to either box or learn to herd goats. I am not good with goats.

                                        Heavy: At first, I do not like punching other boys. But then I learn to LOVE it.

                                        Poker Night at the Inventory

                                        Poker Night at the Inventory is a poker game developed by Telltale Games, which features the Heavy as a character. In the game, players are able to win five Team Fortress 2 items by defeating a character who has bought into a round with that item. In addition to the items a player can earn in Poker Night at the Inventory for use in Team Fortress 2, various Team Fortress 2 playing card decks and tables can be unlocked through winning matches. A remix of the song "More Gun", along with a remix of "Team Fortress 2 (Main Theme)", plays ocassionally while a poker game is being played.

                                        As of May 23, 2019, the game has been removed from sale. However, any existing owners may still obtain its promotional items.


                                        The RED respawn calendar girl as the Queen of Hearts from the "Team Fortress 2" deck.

                                        The BLU respawn calendar girl as the Queen of Clubs from the "Team Fortress 2" deck.

                                        The Scout Jack of Spades card from the "Team Fortress 2" deck.

                                        The Soldier King of Clubs card from the "Team Fortress 2" deck.

                                        The Demoman Jack of Hearts card from the "Team Fortress 2" deck.

                                        The Heavy King of Hearts card from the "Team Fortress 2" deck.

                                        The Heavy King of Diamonds card from the "Team Fortress 2" deck.

                                        The Heavy King of Diamonds card from the "Poker Night" deck.

                                        The Heavy King of Diamonds card from the "Poker Night Alternative" deck.

                                        The Spy Jack of Diamonds card from the "Poker Night" deck.

                                        The Spy Jack of Diamonds card from the "Poker Night Alternative" deck.

                                        The Administrator Queen of Diamonds card from the "Poker Night" deck.

                                        The Administrator Queen of Diamonds card from the "Poker Night Alternative" deck.

                                        [Help Me] How To Win Items From Poker Night at the Inventory?

                                        I just bought this game for $5 and only for the TF2 items.

                                        Is there a very quick way to fool the AI so I can win stuff faster?

                                        All I see people saying is go All In every time but that isn't working well for me. Any help?

                                        Learn to play poker, it'll be much more rewarding than what you're trying. The AI in that game is easy to win against.

                                        Sam is in poker night 2, max is in the first one.

                                        No, just play the game and you will figure it out.

                                        You can kind of trick the system a little bit. if you play a hand but can tell it isn't going to turn out in your favor quit the game before the next hand is dealt and it will put you back at the start of the previous hand.

                                        This essentially means that every time you're going to lose a hand you can just quit the game and get a do over, although this is basically cheating and you'll have more fun just playing the game the right way because you won't have to be constantly quitting and relaunching the game.

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