Mac Online Poker Sites

When it comes to online poker, Mac sites have become very popular. You can enjoy these poker rooms on the latest Macbook and other Mac computers, as you play Hold'em and other games on one of the slickest machines around. Apple's increased market share means that Mac online poker sites are more plentiful than ever before. At, we test the leading Mac poker online rooms to see if their real-money clients cut the mustard.

Join the Apple Macintosh revolution and use your OSX system to win some cash today. Find great Mac poker online at

  • Lots of download online poker Mac clients
  • No-download Apple alternatives if needed
  • Bag the same welcome bonuses as PC players

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Our Best Online Poker Sites for 2021

Getting Started

Playing real money poker online is as simple as making a first deposit or winning a few bucks while playing an Internet freeroll. To get started playing real money Mac online poker Sign up at one of our recommended websites using a top bonus code, pick a deposit method, and head to the Cashier tab. In seconds you ll be able to load your account with USD, GBP or Euros. Then the only decision you ll have to make is at which tables you should play.

Advantages of Real Money Play

If you love playing poker, you ll find that there are numerous advantages to playing online. One major advantage is you ll have access to tournaments, freerolls, cash games, and sit and goes anytime you want. Online PC and Mac poker sites run 24/7.

Another major advantage has to do with the fact that you don t have to go anywhere to play. As long as you have your computer and a good Internet connection, you can sit down at an online poker table and enjoy a game. Finally, online poker rooms can be played by everyone, from micro stakes players to high rollers. At most sites, you can enter a tournament or play in a sit and go for as little as one monetary unit. Play for $1/ 1/?1.

Real Money Mac Poker Online

In 2021, it's easy to enjoy poker online. Mac users may be late to the party, but there's no doubt the top gambling rooms are catching up and offering some good Mac online poker options.

Getting started with Mac online poker is easy. Simply read through our reviews of the best sites in online poker and pick a room. Then go to the Mac online poker site and click on the Apple logo on the homepage and download the software to your Macintosh desktop or laptop.

If you're moving over from a PC to a Mac, don't worry as you can use the same username and password for a Mac online poker room. There s nothing at all complicated about playing at a Mac online poker room.

Apple Mac System Requirements

As with all computers, it's important that you have the latest operating system installed so you can enjoy real-money Mac online poker easily. In addition, you ll want to have the latest version of the poker room s software.

For most online poker, Mac sites require Mac OS 10.5 or better in order to run. Updating your OS regularly is good practice. Keeping everything current and ready for some hot Macintosh online poker action will ensure that you never miss a hand.

No Download Mac Online Poker

If you don't have the latest Mac OS, or your computer is too old and can't be upgraded, you may need to find a different solution. With sites that don't have a Mac download option, you can play via your Safari or Firefox browser if the room supports instant-play poker.

Just log into the poker room on your Macbook with your account username and password and enjoy real-money action via your browser. This can be particularly useful if you have a Macbook Air and want to play poker on the move.

Using a Third-Party Solution

Alternatively, you can try installing a 'third party emulator' which helps run Windows software on your Apple Macintosh computer. Look for emulators like 'Crossover', 'Parallels' or 'VMware Fusion', which sit on your Mac desktop and allow you to play at traditional Windows download poker clients.

The great thing about programs like Parallels and VWware Fusion, or Mac's own Boot Camp option, is that they let you run programs for both Windows and Mac at the same time. You can even move files from one program to the other.

Find The Top Sites In 2021

If you're lucky to own an expensive Macbook Air or tower you're already enjoying slick processing power, state-of-the-art graphics and a user-friendly system. While Mac poker online wasn't an option a few years ago, in 2021 many real-money download clients give players the option of playing on their Apple device.

At we have the latest gambling reviews for sites offering poker online. Mac players can enjoy the same great games such as Hold'em, Omaha and HORSE as their PC counterparts. That s one of the great things about playing on a Mac, you have access to all of the same games, bonuses, and options as PC players.

So, pick a recommended online poker Mac room today, get some great free bonus cash, and start playing. You ll have a great time playing at a Mac online poker site.

Is Playing On a Mac the Same as a PC?

Mac online poker sites play the same as PC sites in that the cards and tables are the same, betting works in the same manner, and you have access to the same features such as chat, notes, information on card history, and other aspects.

You'll probably find that 'tiling' tables (displaying multiple tables on your monitor) is a little more user-friendly on a Mac than a PC, and of course, that Mac tower processing power always wins out over its PC cousin.

In everything, Mac poker online is exactly the same as a Windows client. The only difference has to do with graphics, which can vary a bit from a Mac to a PC. Thus, if you want to play at a Mac online poker site, you should be good to go, as there are a lot of Mac poker rooms from which you may choose. So, download a top poker Mac room today or employ the instant-play mode and start winning cash games and tournaments.

Mac online poker is no different than online poker using a Windows computer. The games are still the same and they can be played in the same way. Either software or browser-based gaming is possible while using a Mac computer.

A good Mac compatible site will likely have Mac-specific software for players to use. Many will also allow Mac users to play right from Safari, or their preferred web browser. These sites offer comparable bonuses to Mac players and are very favorable to Mac players.

You don t need to download software to enjoy online poker with your Mac computer, but there is software available allowing you to play at top online casinos without using a web browser. Gameplay is available inside a web browser and through custom software depending on what you prefer and where you want to play poker at.

Mac players can choose from all the same poker variations that Windows players enjoy. Most online casinos offer games for both windows and Mac players and the level of support is only increasing over the years as the number of Mac players increases.

Most casinos will have players from a variety of platforms playing against one another. Mac players, Windows players and even mobile players can play against one another at the same time.

There are high quality bonuses offered to Mac players. Some of our top Mac recommendations come with very favorable bonuses for new players to benefit from.

Online poker games from reputable casinos are never rigged. They all rely on random number generator software RNGs to keep the games completely random and fair. In many ways online poker is probably even more fair than playing in person where there is a chance the dealer could be cheating.

As long as you play at a recommended online poker site it s going to be safe. Leading sites use powerful security measures such as encryption and careful data management to keep customers safe the entire time they use the service.

Best Mac Poker Sites for 2021

Ever since Apple revolutionized the way people connect, online poker sites have stepped up by creating Mac-friendly software for users to have the best experiences online.

We have identified some of the top poker rooms for Mac players and put them in an easy-to-find list to ensure you have the best online poker experience.

So, if you are ready to start playing with premium Mac poker websites, you have come to the right place. Check out one of the websites listed below for an unparalleled Internet poker experience!

Our choice of Mac poker sites offers you a variety of advantages, including:

  • Native Mac software for the best online poker experience
  • Fast cashouts and great customer support available 24/7
  • Plenty of Texas Hold'em action and player traffic at the tables

The November 2021 results are in and 888 Poker is now our top rated Mac poker site.

Apple Mac computers have, historically, made up a very small percentage of the personal computer market; so small in fact, that Internet poker sites did not even bother to design software that Mac users could download!

Since the release of products like the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, however, Apple have grown their business exponentially and, in the process, vastly expanded their presence in homes around the world.

In response to this relatively new, and completely overwhelming trend, Mac online poker sites not only exist but are leading the way, and downloadable Mac poker software can be found in more than a few poker rooms. The key is finding the right online poker room for you!

Instant Plays VS. Download Software

Though the main focus of poker sites for Mac users will always revolve around downloadable betting software, it is only one of the two great options provided by top Mac poker sites, the other being the instant-play, ?no download? clients on the net.

These instant play rooms offer poker games that can be played via your web browser, and they can be used no matter what OS is running on your computer. No Download can be found at many gambling rooms on the web, but be warned: they may not have the same attention to detail as websites? downloadable options.

Don?t worry: all the top rated Mac poker websites listed on these pages have already been tried and tested to ensure that their Mac-friendly gaming options are completely up to snuff.

We Find the Best Mac Poker Rooms

Whether you end up with some good downloadable Mac-friendly software or stick with a no-download (Flash or Java) platform that supports Windows, Mac and Linux, the fact that you are playing on a Macintosh computer should never hold you back.

We did not just find a handful of Mac-friendly websites and stick them on this page, but instead test, compare and compile ratings on dozens of sites. As a result, we are able to make real comparisons and real recommendations for real players that want nothing but the best Mac poker sites. So, go ahead and make a free gambling account with one of these premium poker websites today - you cannot start winning big until you do!

The best Mac Poker Sites 2021

For a long time, users of an Apple Macintosh computer had a hard time finding good online poker mac sites. Most poker sites have been designed to run on a Windows PC for many years, and users of an Apple PC did not have a chance to use Mac Poker online offers.

Due to the increasing popularity of the Mac and the other Apple products in Germany, however, more and more providers offer online Mac poker rooms. Which online poker site has the best Mac poker room on the Internet and what else you should know about Internet Poker with the Mac, you can find here with us.

Mac Poker online sites offer you a very special experience in 2020. Compared to Windows poker rooms, most new Mac vendors expect even better graphics. The best providers fully exploit the technical possibilities of the Apple Macintosh computer and offer you real money poker games in high-resolution graphics and with great sound.

But as a Mac user, you do not have to rely on a poker site with a large Mac customer base to have enough opponents. Whether you play in the Online Mac poker room, in the Windows version, or with a mobile application: Most sites are cross-platform, so as a Mac player, you can be guided by the total page traffic to see if the poker room have enough traffic.

What differences are there when playing with PC or Mac?

With the growing popularity of Apple Macintosh computers, the number of applications for your Mac is also growing. Accordingly, more and more online poker sites offer a Mac version, although the number of downloadable software is still behind that for PCs. However, if an online poker site does not offer downloadable software for Mac, you will be able to play in the instant play version in the browser as well. Mac versions give you the same easy-to-use and intuitive handling and fantastic graphics youve come to expect from other applications on your Mac. This applies both to the available software programs and to the instant play versions for the game from the browser.

Is it safe to play Online Poker at a Mac?

Yes for sure. It is the same if you download the windows poker software or a Mac poker software.

Do all online poker sites offer Mac versions?

There are many poker sites that work on Mac OS, but some specific online poker sites offer the best Mac poker software.

We at YourPokerDream made the work to give you a detailed listing of the best Mac online poker sites in 2020 and to show you which site has a Mac version at all.

Can i play for real money at Mac Online Poker Sites?

Yes of course. You can play all the usual games, which the poker room offers to all poker players.

You can play Texas No Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Cash Game, SitGo, Multi Table Tournaments and all what you want.

Do I have to download a software?

If the online poker site of your choice offers downloadable software, it is recommended for optimal connection quality. However, the instant play versions of online poker sites are also a plausible alternative for the game from the Mac. These require nothing more than a browser, such as the Safari browser preinstalled on Macs.

How to find te best Online Poker Mac Sites?

Weve put together the best poker sites for you after extensive research, based on all the important factors such as game selection, security, simple transaction, rakeback deals and expert customer service. On our website, you will only find those online poker sites for Mac that offer you a fantastic gaming experience.

Best Mac Poker Sites

The best Mac poker sites now are ones with dedicated and maybe even downloadable software for Mac users. So we've carefully reviewed the top online poker sites for Mac and created a comprehensive list of the best here. To access the highest sign-up bonuses, download the poker software to your Mac. Then just create a new account via our links below!

Play poker from a Mac at one of these sites:


It used to be genuinely difficult to find an online poker site for Mac aside from no download poker options. But now all the top online poker sites - 888poker, PokerStars, partypoker offer a Mac online poker client to download. Including Mac-compatible tracking software and free Mac poker apps for iPhone or iPad. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about playing online poker on a Mac or a Mac mobile device like the iPhone/iPad.

Difference Between Mac Poker for Download and Mac Poker Instant Play

There are three basic forms online poker software comes in - a full-feature, downloadable software client you download to your desktop or laptop computer, a mobile poker app you can download to your smartphone or tablet and "instant play" or "no download poker."

The first is, obviously, the most feature-packed and stable with all kinds of customization options. It needs the power of a full computer to run at its peak capacity although it takes up very little of your available computer space. This is what most people who play online poker on their home computer (desktop or laptop) use to play online poker.

The second-most popular option these days is a mobile poker app, which you can download to your smartphone or tablet. For Mac users, that means an iPhone or iPad.

These are also very good software products. All of the major poker sites now have top-flight iPhone poker apps that offer virtually all of the features of the desktop client but with simplified tables, betting functions, lobbies etc.

You can still access the full range of games available to all players but things like multi-tabling and customization are slightly limited. Still, for the average player, you can hardly tell the difference.

There are new variations like Fast-Fold Poker (you're immediately moved to a new table with a new hand when you fold). And Jackpot Spin Gos where prize pools are randomly multiplied before the tournament starts. This makes mobile poker better and slicker than ever before. Case in point are the SNAP games on the updated 888 mobile software.

The third, and least popular form of playing online poker, is 'in-browser' or 'no-download.' This simply means you play the games via an Internet browser (eg. Explorer or Firefox) without downloading any of the software.

This is fine (and for people who only wish to play play-money-poker usually more than adequate) but for playing real-money poker online there's no question downloading either the full Mac poker software or Mac poker app is better for both quality of play and security.

Playing Online Poker on Linux

Getting an online poker client running on a Mac is one thing but playing online poker on a Linux-based machine can be considerably more complicated.

Although open-source operating system Linux and popular distributions Ubuntu and Mint Linux have been gaining more and more momentum over the years they haven t exactly lit the poker world on fire.

There are hardly any online poker clients that are designed to run natively in Linux and you ll most likely be forced to either run some sort of emulator or play on in-brower sites.

That s not say there aren t some great sites for Linux, as in-browser and instant-play software has improved dramatically over the years, but it will be significantly more challenging than playing poker on Windows or even OSX.

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