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Ukash poker has become a very popular deposit option at poker sites and rooms accepting Ukash, especially for players from the UK. offers a safe and convenient alternative to credit cards and additional payment methods offered by online casinos worldwide, Ukash is also the easiest way to turn cash into chips at online poker rooms, as you can load up a voucher with cash at nearly any convenience store or paypoint location.

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    Ukash Poker Sites

    More poker rooms and Ukash poker sites accept Ukash as a poker room depositing option as it seems to be becoming a popular deposit method for players from the UK and Ireland. We hope to continue adding to our list of poker sites with Ukash as a deposit option for funding your poker account soon, for now as we update our pages all poker sites on this Ukash poker page are considered by us to be safe, trustworthy, and reliable poker rooms to deposit and play poker at online. Get your Ukash voucher and use it to deposit instantly at the best Ukash poker sites, listed below.

    Ukash Poker Overview

    is an online pre-paid "paypoint" payment system for making a poker deposit, available in the United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa. This service will allow you to shop online (make online poker room deposits with Ukash) even if you currently don't

    have a credit card, or bank account. In order to make a Ukash poker deposit you will have to find a retail store that has the PayPoint, Payzone ( or e-Pay (, brands displayed, and after you buy the Ukash card for depositing at a poker site, you will be given a voucher that has a 19 digit number that you will use every time you reload your Ukash account. This way you will no longer have to fill forms with personal information or information about your credit cards at online poker sites, and thanks to Ukash poker deposits you will have the opportunity to avoid identity theft and credit card fraud, completely. The Ukash payment method can be used at many online poker rooms, VOIP services plus many other websites that currently accept Ukash.

    The Ukash vouchers have a fixed value with a minimum of ?5.00 and a maximum deposit of ?499.00. The Ukash system is a simple and safe way to make a poker deposit. In case you need to know where you can buy the Ukash vouchers you will be able to locate a store that currently offers the vouchers on Ukash website. Another important thing is that you have to make sure to spend the amount of money on your Ukash voucher in less than 12 months, since it's going to be valid just for that period.

    Ukash Poker Deposit

    In order to fund your Ukash account to make a poker deposit you will need to get a Ukash voucher, which you can do either by transferring from a bank account and receiving your voucher online. Otherwise the second method of getting a Ukash voucher is by going to stores that have Paypoint, Payzone or e-Pay displayed. There you will be able to pay for Ukash with cash or any other payment method accepted by that store, including any credit card that was denied at a poker site. Ukash has a large network of stores that accept this type of payment, you are nearly sure to find one on every corner in most of Europe.

    Benefits Of Poker Depositing With Ukash

    Have you ever used a credit card to deposit into a poker room or paid high fees to use another ewallet or prepaid card service? Depositing at Ukash poker rooms makes for easy reloads and depositing at your favorite poker site. Players will never have to worry about having a check or credit card declined at the cashier counter. Any poker site that accepts Ukash will guarantee that any loaded and valid voucher works instantly to fund your account with real money.

    Our staff thinks it s great that we can go out for a few items at the market and come back with a ?500 voucher to play a round of Sunday poker tournaments at our favorite Ukash poker site without anyone being able to see the evidence of it once the bank statement or credit card bill shows up.

    Other benefits to depositing at poker sites using Ukash are the fact that there are no risks of credit card fraud or identity theft. Your money is completely secure. Furthermore, there are no processing fees when it comes to using Ukash which makes it a great poker deposit option.

    Ukash Poker Deposit Fees

    Ukash currently does not charge any fees. So the moment you will make a deposit at an online poker room, you will have in your bankroll the same amount of money that you've paid on the Ukash voucher. This is one of the most convenient and safe method of making online payments.

    Ukash Poker Deposit Security

    Ukash is one of the safest ways of making an online anonymous deposit to fund your account at the best poker rooms. Ukash is regulated by theFinancial Services Authority in the United Kingdom. And they represent a electronic money institution.

    Thanks to the fact that the system to make the payment is very easy, it's also going to be very safe. To prevent fraud, you will have to be careful, and not share the 19 digits number with anyone, and don't send it through non secure communication methods (e-mail, IM & others). In order to be completely safe it's better to buy a voucher that represent exactly the amount of money that you plan to fund your online poker room bankroll, and only use the form that you will be redirected to from your online poker room cashier.

    Drawbacks of Ukash Poker Deposits

    At most Ukash poker sites, you need to deposit the full amount of your Ukash poker voucher. In other words, if you have a voucher for ?200 and only want to deposit ?75, you most likely will not be able to. This is why, when depositing at poker sites, you should always set a limit and deposit only that amount.

    While more and more poker rooms are accepting Ukash poker deposits there are still plenty of poker rooms that do not accept Ukash quite yet. We expect almost all poker sites will accept Ukash deposits soon but for now it is best to refer to our Ukash poker room reviews. The only other downside to Ukash poker deposits is the inability of most poker sites to process withdrawals back to Ukash, but cashouts come in many other options and soon online poker rooms will use Ukashout to process withdrawals.

    Ukash Poker Withdrawals

    If you grew your bankroll or took that big tournament at your favorite poker site and want to go enjoy bottle service at the local nightclub with your winnings, then you are going to want to make Ukash poker withdrawals and cashouts too right? You will need to transfer your winnings into a bank transfer. Ukash is a direct poker deposit option at the moment, which means you cannot withdrawal your poker balance back to your Ukash voucher account just yet.

    There is a new payment system called Ukashout that allows you to withdrawal and more poker rooms will be offering this Ukashout poker option soon. Both a direct bank transfer and Ukashout is free with Ukash and almost instant which means it s almost as easy to receive money with Ukash as it is to spend it. It is this ease and convenience that has made Ukash one of the best poker deposit options available, especially to players in the UK.

    Ukash Poker Summary

    • Ukash vouchers can be combined for a larger poker deposit.
    • Ukash poker deposits are made instantly with the help of the 19 digits voucher.
    • You can split one Ukash card into more cards.
    • Ukash can be converted into 22 different currencies.
    • Ukash deposits for poker are a ?5.00 minimum and a maximum up to ?499.00.
    • No Poker Deposit Fees When Using Ukash
    • Ukash vouchers can be purchased both online and at paypoint locations around the world.

    Ukash Online Casinos

    If you happen to also be looking for a casinos that accept Ukash, check out our Ukash Casino page at our sister site.

    Ukash Poker Deposit

    Are you looking for an alternative to credit cards and electronic wallets when it comes to online poker deposits? Then Ukash might be the perfect choice for you. Ukash (also known as Paysafecard) is a prepaid voucher that you can use for all kinds of online transactions. The poker deposit Ukash option is great for players who want an extra layer of security when making payments. Read on to find out more about Ukash!

    What is a Ukash Poker Deposit?

    Ukash was launched back in 2001 and now operates under the name Paysafecard. Today, these prepaid vouchers are available in 40 countries around the world.

    Ukash vouchers have 16-digit passcodes that you use to make online deposits. All you have to do is input the code, and Ukash poker sites will receive the money right away.

    There are different amounts of Ukash vouchers that you can purchase from convenience stores and outlets. The amounts available are: ?10, ?25, ?50, ?75 and ?100. You can also buy these vouchers from the PayPoint website. From this website, you will find additional amounts: ?125, ?150, and ?175.

    After you have bought your Ukash voucher, you simply have to log into your online poker account and find the Paysafecard option on the cashier page. Look for the 16-digit passcode on your voucher, and type it on the page.

    You can choose to deposit the entire amount or a partial amount. If you deposit a partial amount, you can still use the remaining balance for future poker deposits. But keep in mind that you have to use the remaining balance within 12 months, otherwise you will be charged ?2 per month afterwards as a fee.

    After you deposit, you can stop playing free poker games and start playing for real money!

    Pros and Cons of Ukash Poker Deposit

    Here are the pros of using Ukash poker deposits:

    • There is a large number of poker sites that accept Ukash
    • Transactions with Ukash are super fast
    • You can buy Ukash vouchers from thousands of land-based UK outlets and convenience stores
    • There is a greater level of security with Ukash
    • You play online poker more responsibly with Ukash
    • Ukash does not charge for online transactions

    Ukash is a pretty popular online payment option for poker sites. Although it s not as common as credit cards, it s likely you will find it in the payment options page of your favourite poker site.

    Unlike wire transfers and some electronic wallets that can take days to process a payment, Ukash processes payments very quickly. Once you input the 16-digit passcode, your poker account will receive the deposit right away.

    The only real downside of using Ukash vouchers is that you have to actually go out of your way and buy it. If you think it s inconvenient to have to purchase a voucher for payments, then maybe you are better off using a credit card for poker deposits. If you live in the UK, finding UK vouchers is pretty convenient because there are thousands of convenience stores and outlets you can buy from. If you don t want to step outside your house, you can always buy the Ukash vouchers from

    Since Ukash vouchers are prepaid and are sold at set amounts, you will play online poker more responsibly. You can give yourself a specific limit for the day or for the week and stick with it.

    Another upside of using Ukash is that it does not charge for transactions. When you use electronic wallets, you will often find that you are charged fees for depositing to the electronic wallet before depositing to the poker site. When you use Ukash, all you need is to do is pay for the voucher that will contain the same exact amount as what you paid for. If you deposit to your poker site, there won t be any deductions or fees for Ukash.

    Final Thoughts on Ukash Poker Deposit

    For those who want to make poker deposits without risking credit card or bank details, Ukash is a great choice. With Ukash, you don t need to disclose details to the poker site, or even an online electronic wallet site. Ukash is quick, easy and convenient. It s especially convenient if you live in a country that sells a lot of these prepaid vouchers. So go ahead and try a Ukash voucher and see if it works for you!

    UKash Poker Sites List of Poker Rooms that accept UKash Payment / Deposit

    Ukash, a prepaid voucher available at several outlets across the globe, can be used to fund one s online poker account safely, securely, instantly, and anonymously, which accounts for its rising popularity among online poker players.

    Ukash is an ideal online poker payment option for players who are, for some reason, unable to use their credit cards or do not have a credit card or do not wish to reveal their financial details to an online poker site. Ukash vouchers are easy to obtain, and once players have obtained them, they can use only the amount of cash the vouchers contain to fund their online poker accounts. This greatly controls their online poker spending and prevents them from getting addicted or going broke playing poker.

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    About Ukash

    Ukash is a highly reputed global company, which can be used by people of all age groups to make payments for online products and services. This payment option is a life saver for customers who do not have a credit/debit card and cannot get a credit card because of poor credit score. Ukash vouchers are available at any of the hundreds and thousands of outlets all over the world and also online.

    Smart Voucher Limited is the operator of Ukash, which is licensed and regulated by the UK financial regulatory body, the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Customers, therefore, can trust Ukash to be safe, reliable, and secure.

    Ukash is a heavily patented financial product and the technology that powers it is protected by laws in several countries across the globe such as Australia, UK, China, and South Africa.

    How to use Ukash

    One of the biggest advantages of using Ukash is the financial anonymity it offers. Customers do not need to furnish their financial or personal information to get hold of a Ukash voucher, and they do not need to reveal their financial details while using Ukash at an online poker site. Ukash, therefore, offers 100 percent anonymous spending.

    Ukash vouchers are available at more than 420,000 outlets all over the world, such as petrol stations, post offices, kiosks, and others. Ukash can be used as a payment option at hundreds and thousands of goods and service provides online as well as offline.

    Players who wish to fund their online poker rooms using Ukash must first visit the Cashier and choose Ukash as their payment option. Once they do so, they will be prompted to enter the 19-digit pin, which begins with the number 633718. Now they must enter the amount they wish to deposit, and this amount will be instantly deducted from their Ukash cards and entered into their online poker accounts.

    List of Ukash Poker Sites

    Owing to the popularity of Ukash, several online poker rooms accept deposits via Ukash. Here are some of the best Ukash sites.

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