Bug with portable slot trick and Isaac

Hello reddit, this is my first post :) I wanted to tell you about a little bug I just found out about.

Most of you probably know the slot machine trick, but I'll explain it for the ones that don't know it: Basically, after you defeat a boss, you use the portable slot. If it spawns a black fly, you just leave the room, go back in and - boom! - you can fight the boss again and get a second item. You can repeat this as much as you want, even on the mom fight (but you have to have a way to teleport out of the room, like a tarot


And maybe a little trick some of you didn't know already: If you stand as high up in the room as you can, the chance that you kill the fly instantly by way of your familiars is way lower. It seems to work almost always.

Well, I just tried this on Isaac. The second fight against him was pretty normal - except for, when the second chest dropped down and I tried going to the chest, the game ended. even though I had the polaroid. But I didn't get the normal cathedral ending, but instead the chest ending!

TL;DR: Just read the last paragraph.

I think this is pretty crazy, and might help you preventing this from happening to yourself, as I would have really liked to go to the chest. Thanks for reading!

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