Druid vs Lifestealer

I was watching the darer vs virtus.pro game and I heard that a late game lifestealer can't beat a late game druid, is this true?

Druid is potentially the strongest hero in the game simply because he has 12 item slots, so it's not far fetched at all.

While this is true, I would like to point out a couple things:

It isn't normal for a syllabear to be super farmed and fill all 12 slots with end-game items. Hypothetically, yes it is possible, which at that point he would be unstoppable (against PA with halberd is debatable).

Naix can get farmed relatively fast. All he needs is treads, armlet, basher, and hyper stone which is achievable in 25 minutes before he can perma-bash anyone (or drop the basher an he'll still kill people before his combo ends). Typical syllabears that farm all game will generally have a some form of boots/Midas/relic by this point (and maybe a bit more, but not enough to be a threat). At this point if Naix and Sylla + bear 1v1 each other, Sylla would die.

Mid/Late game, Halberd would literally destroy Sylla or the bear (whichever has the main items). Naix could easily disarm the main damage one, pick off the other with perma bash, and then destroy the first if he is left over. (Not to mention bear has a shitton of HP to give insane life back.)

But generally, I must say that it comes down to how well the players of Naix and Sylla play their heroes, and how long they are left to farm without disturbances. If they are farming for

50 minutes, it is obvious that Sylla would destroy Naix. However Naix only requires 25-30 minute of farm before he can pick off almost anyone 1v1, which would snowball him down further faster than jungle farming.

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