Heather West

was a contestant on Season 2

of Hell's Kitchen. She was the winner of that season, and was awarded an executive chef position at the Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino in Las Vegas with a $250,000 salary, where she worked at the Terra Rossa Restaurant. In Season 6, she became Sous Chef for the red team.

From the start, Heather was considered to be in an entire league of her own during the entire season. She had a strong personality and was very confident. She emerged very quickly in the competition as a leader, and while not having the best streak in challenges, she was easily by far the best individual performer during services. She always knew when to be serious and when to have fun, and when she had fun, she could become wild by cracking jokes and making everybody laugh, even the audience, as well as being shown to be one of the most compassionate contestants in the history of the show as well.


Season 2

Episode 1

The twelve contestants arrived in Hell's Kitchen on a bus and were greeted by Jean-Philippe. They celebrated with some champagne glasses, got to know each other, and had a first look at the restaurant. Afterwards, Ramsay walked through the hallway, opened the dining room doors, and greeted the contestants by introducing himself and announcing that only one of them was going to win the competition. The only way that person would win though was to impress him, and asked all of them to cook their signature dishes.

During the Signature Dish Challenge, Heather was the seventh chef to have her dish judged by Ramsay, and when she went up, she told everybody that she was a Sous Chef leading a twelve-person brigade, and told them not to call her babe or hon. She served chocolate raspberry empanadas, and even though Ramsay hated the idea and feeling that the outside was too thick to digest, he called her dish the best he has tasted so far. After the challenge, she was placed in the red team because Ramsay declared that for the first time ever, the teams are divided by gender, men in the blue team, women in the red team.

Before prep, Heather revealed that the women s plan was to get the men out first, and have an all-female finale. Before service, she was one of the four women volunteered to be the kitchen donkey for her team, and she was picked. She was very enthusiastic about that idea, even though Rachel deemed losing her for that night to be an unfortunate situation. During dinner service, she was already hard at work on the first ticket by mopping the floor. After Polly struggled on appetizers for an hour and a half, Ramsay had her swap spots with her, and after seeing how poorly things were, she was ready to get it done as she called out three minutes. Three minutes later, she sent an acceptable risotto to the pass, and when it went to the dining room, Sara started cheering, only for her to calm her down. After three hours into service with barely any food leaving the kitchen, Ramsay shut down the service after some customers shouted "I want my food!" all over the dining room. While clearing down, she was embarrassed by that night s service.

The red team lost the dinner service, but Ramsay named Heather the "Best of the Worst" for being able to send food out after several unsuccessful attempts by her team in the first hour and a half. Ramsay asked her to name two people for elimination. During deliberation, she was rattled as she never thought about being singled out as the one who sent her teammates home, and asked her team how they felt. She knew Sara should have kept her mouth shut that night instead of repeating two minutes fifteen times, before being approached by the latter. Sara apologized about the cheering, but she asked how she could smile afterwards because her dream could have ended at that moment. Later, Virginia was dismayed about failing that night, and she told her she did not want to see her go home.

Heather nominated Polly and Virginia for elimination, despite telling the latter she does not want her to go. While being dismissed, she said that the only way to go now was up after that night. [1]

Episode 2

The next morning, after only two hours of sleep, the contestants were woken up by Sous Chefs Scott and Mary-Ann playing cowbells at 5:24 AM. They were told to go outside immediately, and once outside at the loading area, Ramsay recalled how the previous service was embarrassing. Afterwards, Ramsay wanted them to have a good idea fn how much food they wasted last night as a restaurant would never survive with a lot of waste. To get his point across, Ramsay ordered the chefs to jump into the dumpsters and pull out all the garbage from last night. After that, Ramsay told the contestants that he did not want another large amount of waste in the competition ever again. Now that the chefs understood the lesson, Ramsay ordered them to clean up because they stunk.

During the Perfect Steak Cut Challenge, Heather said it was important for the women to win, and was the second person from the red team to have her attempts judged. She only got two accepted, disappointing Ramsay as he expected more from her. The red team won the challenge 12-11, and they were rewarded with a helicopter ride to The Saddle Peak Lodge to have lunch with Ramsay. When they went back to the dorms to change, she called their victory a big one as it showed the men they were not messing around. When the women came back from their reward, Gabe made a joke about how the red team are one man down and missing somebody, supposing he would like to transfer to their team. She answered by saying she would think about it in the jacuzzi.

The next morning, Heather could not find Larry, but after a phone call from him at the hospital, she learned, along with the other contestants, that he would not return to the competition. She stated she was sad to see Larry go because of an illness, and would rather see him leave because of something else.

During dinner service, Heather was on the meat station. After 45 minutes, she helped Maribel to send her starters out. Later, she tried to get duck sauce for the next table, but spilled some on herself, and suffered a second-degree burn to the hand. Ramsay helped her by getting her hand under cold water, and asked Jean-Philippe to get some ice. Despite her injury, she continued to be a team player by telling Maribel and Sous Chef Mary-Ann what was going on in her station. Afterwards, Ramsay told her to see a medic and left the service by ambulance. All that made her fearful as she refused to see another one of her teammates go home, and did not want to leave. She managed to return after service and before the post-mortem. When she returned, Ramsay praised her for her dedication and teamwork when he recalled the delegation of her station to Maribel while standing in pain over the cold water. The red team won the service, and after elimination, she reaffirmed her plan to have an all-female final two to show that women could do it. [2]

Episode 3

The next morning, Heather showed that her hand healed very quickly and had already took the bandage off.

Before the Relay Challenge, Heather, not wanting to risk being the reason she costed her team a win, volunteered to sit out for her team because of her injury. However, Sara was unsympathetic and called her a princess. While Sara was waiting, she tried to motivate her and give her some tips, but the former disrespected her by saying she was good enough to do it herself, and flipped her the birds. Her team won the challenge 21, and was awarded a day on a yacht with Ramsay.

When the women came back from their reward, Garrett made a sexist comment about how they should go back home to cook them dinner. That statement infuriated Heather as she considered it disrespectful, and began ranting to the women on the patio on how much that comment angered her. She said that Garrett had no right to talk to her like that, how he crossed a line, and god help him if he said anything more. Later, she and Garrett had a talk about his sexist comment was, and how much harder women had to work to get to the same level as the men. Garrett explained that he would not let anybody, man or woman, disrespect him, but that comment did not make her feel better, hoping he was going home next. After she left, the rest of the men came in, and Garrett talked how he was sick about the men vs. women theme. In the next room, the women were listening to Garrett s rant, and she mocked him.

During prep, Heather noticed Maribel who was crying because of her homesickness, and tried to comfort her as they needed her to stay strong. Also, Sara was annoyed by her way of leading the team.

During dinner service, Heather was on the fish station. When she was trying to help Sara with her risotto, the former found her abrasive and was compared to a drill sergeant. When Ramsay asked for a time, both answered, making Ramsay annoyed. Sara called out the order again, and Ramsay reminded her that the appetizers station was the former's responsibility, making Sara smile. Later, she produced a thin red wine sauce for her fish, and Ramsay refused to send out her sub-par dish because he knew damn well it was not good enough. She understood she deserved to be yelled at because as a boss, he decides what goes out and what does not, while Sara just smiled at her struggle. Moments later, she helped her team to successfully send out many entrees, and when Maribel announced that she had only six wellingtons when eight were on order, she got dismayed. After many frustrations from Ramsay on both sides, he shut down the restaurant. The red team won the service. [3]

Episode 4

Back at the dorms, Tom went on the patio and talked with Heather and Rachel about how he brought more than the 21 year old s, but she felt he was not getting it. She felt Tom was underestimating their experiences as chefs, the sacrifices they made, and that he should not be cooking. When Tom claimed that he sacrificed everything to be there, she and Rachel got irritated about his comment, with her commenting that she gave up time with her family to cook. However, Tom said he only cared about the money, disgusting her as she cared about the experience, and was not happy that he was treating cooking like a game, because it was all she knew what to do, but Tom simply did not care.

The next morning, Ramsay noticed that Heather was emerging as a leader on the red team, along with Sara and Rachel. Because the men were in dire need of a leader, Ramsay transferred her into the blue team, which pissed her off because she now had to work against her girls. As she received her blue jacket, Ramsay said there was now a woman in the blue team to show the men what balls were. Afterwards, the chefs took a trip to Los Angeles, and while she thought they were going to a Wolfgang Puck brand restaurant. they went to Pink's Hot Dogs instead. After having hot dogs, they went back to the restaurant to prep the kitchen for the first lunch service of Hell's Kitchen. During prep, Sous Chef Scott asked her if she expected to be in the blue team that day, but she knew the men needed to focus, and said she was on their side.

During the Lunch Service Challenge, before the tickets came in, Heather gave each of the men a station to run, and Tom noticed how organized she was compared to them. Afterwards, she had to calm down an argument between Garrett and Tom, but knew that if they could not get over their macho bullshit, she was going to start breaking heads. Despite that, the blue team completed all their ticket, and celebrated their first completed dinner service. When Ramsay announced he asked the children to rate the food on a scale of 10, the blue team was declared the winners as their food was rated 9.85, compared to the red team's 9.84. They were rewarded with a day at the Santa Monica Beach amusement park to feel like children again. During the reward, she was ecstatic as she never went to an amusement park in years, and later that evening, she and Keith bonded on the Ferris Wheel, with the latter wanting it to be them in the final two because it matched the Hell s Kitchen logo.

During prep, the blue team was very confident with the acquisition of Heather as a new teammate as she helped Keith keep his pants up with a safety pin. During dinner service, she was on the garnish station. She was not seen much, except for feeling like the men's babysitter, as she was telling Garrett how to do his risotto, and asking Tom if his pan was hot enough. After frustrations from both teams and only half the dining room getting served, Ramsay kicked both teams out of the kitchen. Both teams were named joint losers, and they were asked to nominate one each. During deliberation, she was embarrassed by that night as she, Keith and Garrett acknowledged that Tom was the reason why the blue team sunk that night, along with all the other times.

Heather was not nominated for elimination, and while being dismissed, she was relieved that Tom was gone as she felt the blue team could come back without him. [4]

Episode 5

Back at the dorms, Heather expressed surprise that Ramsay did not switch out Virginia for Rachel during elimination as he sound like he would have.

The next morning, Heather tasted some fine-dining dishes, which included caviar, cheese fondue, pate, and chicken kebab. After a few minutes, Ramsay revealed all those dishes were fake, and introduced the Blind Taste Test. She was the second person from the blue team to compet, and went up against Virginia. She was able to get chicken and hot dog correct. The blue team lost the challenge 6-7, and they were punished by cleaning both kitchens that were left as they were after the previous dinner service. During the punishment, she was envious as she was a woman also, and was on that team before, while Garrett tried to chat with her.

Later that evening, Rachel chatted with Heather as the two playfully taunted with each other, but that annoyed Sara as she felt that their friendship was unprofessional because both were making eyes to each other. Rachel explained to her the power struggle in the red team because of her feud with Sara, and said she did not need a loose cannon in the kitchen.

During dinner service, Heather was on the appetizer station. Even before Ramsay called one ticket out, she was caught putting spaghetti in a pot to cook. Ramsay told her they were not a fast-food restaurant, and threatened her with on-the-spot elimination if she did it again. She said it was hard to get chewed out after getting pumped all day, but when Garrett tried to comfort her by touching her shoulder, she aggressively told him to not touch her. That prompted Garrett to say that she had to work with him and not against him. When Ramsay called the first ticket, she did not answer back, and Ramsay told her team he was already nervous and they have not even sent anything yet. The first risotto she sent was bland, Ramsay asked her to taste it, and she answered that she found it a little bit crunchy, but not more. Ramsay asked her to start again. Later, she was trying to help Garrett on the meat station to redeem herself, but the latter was annoyed by that because he felt she wanted to control what he was doing, and it was getting him off track. Afterwards, Ramsay said she was cooking like a donkey. Two hours into service, she screwed up Garrett's station when she sent up the wrong number of quail orders, he accused her of making herself look good, and that caused his station to get all fucked up, while Ramsay told them that they were making their final three tickets painful. Moments later, Ramsay shut down both kitchens after Rachel's problems in the red kitchen.

During the post-mortem, Heather raised her hand to say she indeed did not perform as good as she could, and added by saying they all should be up for elimination, but also added that she did not deserve to go home. While Ramsay thanked her for her brutal honesty, Keith saw that as a way of getting the responsibility off her shoulders. The blue team won the service, and back at the dorms, she admitted to Rachel that she would miss her very much if she was to go, and the latter told her that if she was going home, she would want her to win.

At elimination, Rachel was eliminated, and while being dismissed, Heather being dismissed, Heather took the former's elimination very hard emotionally as she grew close friend with her, and said she would have Rachel in the back of her head, hoping to use it to get her to the end. [5]

Episode 6

Back at the dorms, Heather was already crying over Rachel's elimination and missed her as she knew the latter would be in the back of her head. She talked to Maribel about it, and said she did not think this would happen, but Maribel took that it as she wanted her to be eliminated.

The next morning, at 6:32 AM, Sous Chef Scott and Mary-Ann woke up the contestants with megaphones, shouting all over the dorms, and telling them to get outside immediately with their jackets on. During the Three Course Meal Challenge, Heather struggled to find what she wants for her dessert, and Keith noticed she was getting flustered. She was the final person from the blue team to have her dish judged by Ramsay, and went up against Maribel. She made a fresh-fruit crepe with mango puree, but Ramsay did not like it as it was soggy like a wet sandwich.

The blue team lost the challenge, and were punished by taking part in Delivery Day. That announcement infuriated Heather as she felt Ramsay was playing favorites now, and was angry that the red team won with burnt soup and one strawberry. As the blue team vented their frustrations on the patio, she wanted the blue team to be the final three at the end, and send the women home. During the punishment, Garrett flipped the birds to the leaving red team, unaware that Ramsay was inside it. She did not think it was a good idea, and hoped if it would not affect the blue team later. During the night, Keith asked why they did not have an ice machine when the ice truck came, but she said she did not care what more was thrown at her. Afterwards, Keith called her a tough bitch, a term she liked.

The next day, both teams were asked to create their own menus. During the menu planning, Heather reacted terribly to Garrett's lobster Wellington suggestion. She told Garrett to put something up, but the latter saw no point as every idea he had was shut down.

During dinner service, Heather was on the fish and grill stations, and had her pear tarte tatin featured on the menu. An hour into service, when her kitchen was ready to move on to entrees, the truck horn was heard, and she, along with her teammates, was forced to do one more task of the punishment. All three of them raced outside and took in orders of wine. She said the blue team would not be broken. Later, she took over the meat, but when Ramsay asked who cooked the steak, she hesitantly said she did, annoying the former as it was good before wondering why she could not take the compliment. She knew that it was thanks to her the steaks were coming out goo, and that Garrett clammed up, especially when the latter tossed out a burnt chicken. After that, she managed to help her team complete their side of the dining room for the first time, and Garrett thanked her for saving his white ass. Afterwards, the blue team was called in to help the red team complete service. The blue team won the service, and back at the dorms, she was in glee over the red team's catfight.

After elimination, Heather knew that with five chefs left, the claws would come out and it would get rough. [6]

Episode 7

Back in the dorms, the blue team speculated on what tomorrow would bring, and while Heather predicted that both teams would be merged into one, Keith felt there was still one more team service left. The next morning, at 7:44 AM, she and Keith were hugging each other on the couch when she said she formed a great bond with the latter, as his prediction was both of them in the finals, unaware of the deal Keith made with Garrett.

Before the next challenge, Ramsay announced the remaining five contestants would become one team, which was the black team. Heather was the fourth one to receive her black jacket. After that, they went back to the dorms to change, and she joyfully predicted that it would be her as the winner. During the 10 Ingredient Challenge, she was the second person to have her dish judged by Ramsay, and served fresh saffron prawns over a bed of spinach and artichokes. While Ramsay found it nice, he realized the spinach was not clean enough as he got some dirt in the throat. She lost the challenge to Keith, and was punished by taking part of Bug Night, which was wrapping both kitchens for fumigation, and doing the fumigation herself, along with her punished teammates. During the punishment, she got fearful when Garrett decided to confront Keith in the dorms for backing out on their deal, hoping there were no knives upstairs. After the punishment, Garrett told her how angry he was about the situation, but she admitted that his anger was making her uncomfortable. Garrett claimed he would never lay a hand on anybody, explaining how he was removed from his home and moved to a youth anger management program when he was young.

During prep, Heather was annoying Sara with her leadership as she felt she was just barking out orders. During dinner service, she was on the appetizer station with Sara. The first risotto she made was bland, and Ramsay told her and Sara to start again and stop panicking. On her second attempt, she succeeded to send an acceptable risotto, but while Ramsay told her to remember the flavor, she enjoyed a moment to herself. When the twelve-top table arrived, the pressure shifted to her and Sara, as they had to get 12 starters at the same time. While she found it difficult to work with Sara as the latter did not listen to her, they successfully sent out twelve appetizers for the twelve-top at the same time, and she enjoyed another moment as she was proud of herself. After service ended, she could not believe that they completed an entire service with only five people. When the final five were lined up, Ramsay reminded the lack of teamwork, despite the completed service. Ramsay called out her inconsistency despite getting all the appetizers out, and Keith was named "Best of the Worst".

Heather was not nominated for elimination, and while being dismissed, she said Vegas was on the line, and was giddy about the fighting to begin. [7]

Episode 8

Back at the dorms, Keith joked with Heather about the fact he was the last man standing, declaring he had to get rid of the dudes as he was a pimp. Keith hoped that K-Grease was in the final two, while she told him he had to pick her if he was to win the next challenge, or she would punch him in the throat.

The next morning, when Ramsay asked the final four who they think was the strongest chef, Heather, along with Sara and Keith, answered herself. Ramsay declared they were all strong chefs, and named the reward of the next challenge before explaining it, which was a guaranteed spot in the final three, which she called huge. After that, she put blindfolds on, along with her teammates, and they were taken to a secret location where they would run their own individual restaurants. On the drive their, she was excited to run her own restaurant, and when it was revealed to be catering trucks for construction workers, she got excited.

During the 100 Portions Construction Workers Challenge, Heather cooked a grilled chicken sandwich with French fries as everybody loved those dishes. As she served her dish, she revealed that she added alcohol into her onions as she thought construction workers loved alcohol. Back in Hell's Kitchen, she knew that the immune chef could throw things out of whack, but Ramsay revealed that her dish was named the worst by the workers, making her lose the challenge to Virginia. The news made her heart drop.

Heather was punished by prepping crab for the next dinner service. Back at the dorms, Keith comforted Heather who was discouraged by the results. Then, she and Keith felt that Virginia won not because the workers liked her dish, but because they liked her. Keith said she won only because she is the hottest and was flirting with them, saying things like I'll take you home. The two plotted against Virginia, where they agreed to leave her on the side if she would need help during service. During the punishment, she was pissed off that Virginia was still around despite having all but one poor service. As the trio were pissed at Virginia, they planned on letting her fall in the following service. When Virginia returned from her reward, she received a cheap glove.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay told that three master chefs would be eating in the dining room that night, and that was not the time to mess up. During dinner service, Heather was on the meat station. As she knew she could be any of the three remaining chefs going home that night, she was in overdrive on meat as she had to step up. Then, Virginia could not find her green beans, holding her up on her entrees, but when the former told Ramsay she was trying to move fast as many things were going at once, the latter told her to watch her. Despite that, she served perfectly cooked Wellingtons, and Ramsay said it was the best start they have ever had. When the master chefs arrived, she chose to serve them beef Wellingtons. However, Sara declared she needed two minutes on the salmon, so she had to take her duck back. While Sara acknowledged her mistake, Ramsay said he knew it was her mistake, claimed that the duck was perfectly cooked, and that she was holding the entrees back. When Sara said she needed two minutes again, Ramsay was discouraged and she had to refire her duck. When Sara continued to struggle, she was sent over to fish to help he, but got kicked off by the former who said she was fine. Determined to ensure the quality of her food, she had to communicate well with Virginia, only to repeat one of her orders to her when the latter did not understand it the first time. After a minor fire erupted on Virginia's station, she was sent there to help her, going to the back store looking for bok choy. When Ramsay asked Virginia if panicking was because of her immunity, the latter answered no, even though the former reminded her that she was working her station for her. Despite that, she succeeded to get her entrees out, and more than half of the diners received their main courses. When Jean-Philippe returned to the kitchen with the chefs' dishes, he said to her that the meat was cooked perfectly, but Virginia's peas were burned. She sarcastically thanked Virginia for that. While she was determined to complete service, with or without help, Sara asked her to slow down, but Ramsay made the latter count the tickets, which there were 10 left, and made Sara apologize to her for that comment like she meant it. Afterwards, Virginia told her to slow down as well as she could not make it in time, leading Ramsay to tell her that the former was screwing her. Then, Virginia told Ramsay she burned the cabbage, forcing Heather to take her meat back. That led Ramsay to revoke Virginia's immunity, which made Heather smile and thanked God for that. After the last ticket was sent out, Ramsay congratulated her.

When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay named Heather "Best of the Worst" for having the dish most enjoyed by the three master chefs. She was asked to nominate two of her teammates for elimination. During deliberation, Virginia convinced her to put her up as she was so ashamed about her performance, and seriously wondered if she was ready to run a restaurant. Although she felt threatened by Virginia s creativity, she respected that decision and went to the patio to tell the news to Sara and Keith. She said she was nominating Sara alongside Virginia, which made the latter ask why. Although shocked that she had to justify her reasoning, she felt that Sara made more mistakes than Keith, whose performance that night was okay. She reassured Sara that she was not going home as Virginia was taking herself out, and the three chefs toasted to themselves being in the final three.

Heather nominated Virginia as her first nominee, and Sara as her second. She was shocked when Virginia announced that she wanted to stay despite her telling she wanted to leave, eliminating Sara in the process. While being dismissed, she was still shocked about Virginia staying due to being a threat to her, but said she was not worried. [8]

Episode 9

Back at the dorms, Heather was still shocked over Virginia s decision, and felt bad as she told Sara she would survive over the former. On the patio, she feared that had she put Keith up for elimination, he would have been gone, but the latter felt safe against Virginia as he could easily beat her in the kitchen. When Virginia asked them if she was better than Sara, both her and Keith yawned in her face, as it was not important. The next morning, Virginia, being determined to not fail on another service, asked many questions to he , but she refused to answer her, thinking that she would not help her win the competition as she herself wanted to win.

During the Taste It Now Make It Challenge, Heather used wild striped sea bass, mashed potatoes, and cilantro in order to recreate Ramsay's dish. During the cooking, she started to second guess herself. She lost the challenge to Virginia, and after hearing the decision, she disappointingly said that no matter how good you were, sometimes it was not your day. She was punished by spending some time with Jean-Philippe in the dining room, polishing all the glasses and silverware of the entire dining room. Back at the dorms, she accused Virginia of taking the recipe of the dish used in the challenge in the recipe book she got during her shopping spree reward. However, Virginia accused her of being jealous of her success and did not listen to her as she was proud of herself. When Virginia left, she told Keith that she would not help the former anymore, something Keith agreed to do as Virginia did not do well in services. In addition, Keith told her to beat Virginia in the finale if it would not be himself. During the punishment, she and Keith tried to listen to what Ramsay was saying to Virginia while polishing the glasses, with her saying that there is not a lot of things that needed to be taught, but rather executed. When she saw Virginia at the pass, she got pissed at Ramsay for teaching the latter how to win, but Keith did not think Virginia could grasp it. However, she refused to let Virginia take away her dream when she was so close.

Later that night, Heather gave cold shoulder to Virginia when she asked her if she was mad at her. She told Virginia she did not want to be her friend anymore as she continued to accuse her of cheating. When she went to bed, Keith joined her, laughing and having fun with her, leaving Virginia alone in her bedroom. Virginia was sick and tired of being an outsider, and got on her knees, in front of her bed, to send some prayers. During prep, she refused to answer Virginia's questions as she did not want anybody to take her dream away from her. When Ramsay announced that they would each take control of the pass, she knew how serious that was as Vegas was on the line.

During dinner service, Heather was on the meat station. When Ramsay asked for the chicken, she panicked and said it needed 30 seconds more. Unfortunately, she sent it up burnt, and Ramsay asked her to start again without doing the same mistake over, much to her embarrassment. During Keith's turn, she had to take over timings when the former struggled as she knew they must control the reins, and asked Keith if he had some balls. She was the second chef to run the pass, and asked Sous Chef Scott and Virginia for a proper time on their food to be ready. However, she tended to rush because of the pressure, so Ramsay had to tell her to stop panicking and calm down. When she asked Keith a time on his risotto, he gave her seven minutes, but she gave him six. Her good leadership abilities managed the team to send many appetizers out. After that, Ramsay pulled Sous Chef Mary-Ann aside to tell her she could attempt a sabotage on the next order. So, Sous Chef Mary-Ann served lumps instead of mashed potatoes. She failed to spot the mistake, and when she started arguing about it, Ramsay lost his patience and told her to stop. After that, she was sent back to her station, knowing that her constantly second-guessing herself was screwing her. During Virginia's turn, she asked the former to repeat the order because she did not understand her well. On the last ticket, Virginia lacked communication and teamwork with her.

After service, Ramsay asked the final three to name one person that did not deserve to be in the finale. During deliberation, Heather deemed Virginia as the weakest line cook, but felt Keith was the weakest leader, and the two women talked about his quiet behavior on the pass. While Keith was confident that he killed it, she tried to talk to him about how he could have been louder. However, Keith told her to not fuck around, before wondering if she would throw a curveball at him.

At elimination, Heather acknowledged that Keith could have been louder, she nominated Virginia for not giving her the demand for respect. She received no votes and was not nominated for elimination. When Keith was eliminated, he hugged her goodbye. Afterward, Ramsay congratulated her and Virginia for making it to the final two and reminded them that one of them was going to win their own restaurant in Las Vegas. He said to get back in the dorms and get some rest. Back at the dorms, both were excited and shouted all over the place, when they saw champagne bottles waiting for them on the table with a letter of congratulations. They opened a bottle, drank a glass, and somebody knocked at the door. Before the people were revealed, the episode ended in a cliffhanger. [9]

Episode 10/11

Coming back from the previous episode, it was revealed that the people knocking at the doors were both finalists' respective loved ones. Heather got a visit from her parents. She told them what she have done so far in the competition, which included diving in the trash dumpsters on episode 2, and her friendship with Rachel. After some appreciated time, her family left, along with Virginia's, and she gave a hug to her, telling it was a sweet gift.

The next morning, Heather was back to business, aware that only Virginia was standing between her and her dream. The telephone rang and she picked it up. Ramsay told her to get down in the kitchen, along with Virginia. When both of them entered the blue kitchen, some members of the media were waiting for them in the dining room, holding cameras and taking pictures. After Ramsay talked in the microphone, reporters asked a series of questions to the finalists. At some point, the finalists revealed the dance they made up in the dorms, which Heather was embarrassed about. But, they performed it anyway, much to our amusement. After that, Ramsay revealed the final challenge, and a huge red blanket came down from the ceiling. He told both finalists that the restaurant is divided, with Heather working in the red kitchen with Sous Chef Scott, and that she would design her dream restaurant. Before they left to the dorms, Ramsay gave them their head chef's jackets. Back in the dorms, both of them were really excited, and changed in their new outfits.

Back downstairs, Heather stood on her respective side of the restaurant, thinking about how she could design her new restaurant. She declared that she could die now, because her dream was coming true. With 36 hours left until the last dinner service, Ramsay introduced her, and Virginia, to John Janavs, the designer of Hell's Kitchen, and Albie Colotto, the designer of the Red Rock Resort Spa. He told her to work with them, and after, work with Jean-Philippe for the uniforms and atmosphere of her restaurant. After that, she met all those people and explained to them her vision of her dream restaurant in detail, and the construction began. She later met Sous Chef Scott to design her menu.

After some hard work in her kitchen, Heather was told by Ramsay to pack her bags because she, him, and Virginia, would go to Las Vegas. She was extremely excited about that trip. They traveled in a huge GMC limousine, and on the way to Vegas, Ramsay reminded her signature dish on the first day, and her burn on episode 2. Arrived in Las Vegas, Ramsay introduced the Final Signature Dish Challenge, where she had one hour to prepare their new signature dish to the customers of the Red Rock Resort Spa. She made a Chilean sea bass with pureed cauliflower. During the judging, both dishes were neck-and-neck, with a very close score the whole time. After a tie at 10, one last customer was approached to taste the dish, and he clinched the loss for Heather. After the challenge, Ramsay invited her, and Virginia, to the roo top to admire Las Vegas, and inviting both of them to London as VIP guests at his own establishment to come and enjoy themselves. She was very excited about the gift, and after that, they went back to Hell's Kitchen.

Arrived in Hell's Kitchen, Heather learned that her stairs were missing the Plexiglas they needed. Janavs suggested a color to go with the rest of the dining room, which she agreed. Finally, her booths were not set up properly, which made her really concerned about the progress of her restaurant. After that, she went to sleep, exhausted, but having a lot of things on her mind. The next morning, her former teammates came back to the dorms to greet and congratulate both finalists. Rachel was the first one to enter, and was hugged very hard by Heather. Rachel was very happy to see her in the finals. During the selection, she was given the last pick as she lost the final challenge to Virginia. She chose Rachel as her first pick, which both of them were very happy about. For her second pick, she picked Sara, and in the end, she was left with Garrett. However, she was also happy to have him on her team as she knew exactly how she could get what she wants from him. After the selection, she got back to the dorms with her team for briefing time. The team was happy about the menu, Garrett even saying that she was smart about it and that she designed it for the team to succeed.

During prep, Garrett was very confident, while Rachel and Sara were focused on their own things. Moments later, Colotto came and talk to Heather about a minor problem with her booths. She agreed, along with Janavs, to trim off a small section of them, so it could fit on the wall. Four hours before opening, the design of her dining room was way behind schedule, but fortunately, the kitchen was running smoothly. When she presented her menu to Ramsay, he said the chicken on her salad was chewed up, the sea bass was boring, but praised the desserts. Minutes before opening, she presented her dining room to Ramsay. He found it very vibrant, elegant, and the only negative review he had was the child graffiti on the wall, written with a blue sharpie marker. After Ramsay told her that he was proud and that her brigade was not her friends, Then, she briefed her team one last time, telling them what she wants from them during that service.

On her first ticket, Heather was controlling her brigade and everybody seemed confident and focused. Sara led the team off to a good start with her salad appetizers, making Heather very happy about it. Many starters went out of the kitchen very fast, with more than half of the diners receiving their appetizers. But moments later, one of them came back in the kitchen for not being hot enough. So, she asked for a scallop soup on the fly, determined to not leave that night not a winner. An hour into service, almost all of her customers received their appetizers, but they received mixed reviews. When a salad came back for being too salty, she ordered once again a scallop soup on the fly. She was worried because Sara and her weak performance could get her chances of winning away from her. Rachel had to refire an order of meat because it was not cooked enough. When she sent it back to the hot plate, Heather told her it was perfectly cooked. The Red Rock Resort president enjoyed his meat dish. Three hours into service, she started to push desserts out. However, she told Sara to replate some of the desserts because she was not satisfied with them. When Sara sent them for the second time, the plates were not the same, and Heather told her to replate them once again, which Sara acknowledged it was becoming obnoxious. After that, Ramsay told Heather that the cream of the dessert was underneath the plate, so she told her brigade to clean underneath the plates. Fortunately, her team eventually rallied to send their final desserts out, and the Red Rock Resort president enjoyed his. After service, she congratulated and thanked her team.

When the teams were lined up, Ramsay congratulated them and asked for a big round of applause. After that, Ramsay revealed that the president of the Red Rock Resort was dining in both restaurants that night, and the president himself came in the kitchen to give his reviews about the different dishes. Heather's sea bass was praised for the great presentation and delicate taste. Ramsay told her to say goodbye to her staff and wait in the dorms. Before she left, she gave a long hug to Rachel saying that if she does not win, she could say that she had a great restaurant for one night. Back in the dorms, she was drinking beer with Virginia, and both of them told how nervous they were. After a few minutes, the Sous Chefs went knocking at the dorms' door to get both of them in Ramsay's office. Arrived there, she stood in front of a door, knowing that it would open only if she was the winner. Ramsay praised her great improvement and maturity throughout the competition. After declaring that he read every customer comment cards, and that one of the finalists was holding a slight advantage in front of the other, Ramsay gave both of them a key each. Ramsay then declared that one of those keys would not only open the doo, but also their very own restaurant in Las Vegas. After waiting nervously for Ramsay's countdown to end, she turned her key, and her door opened.

Heather became the winner of Hell's Kitchen, and went downstairs to celebrate with everybody, who also congratulating her. Three months later, she was introduced to her new staff at the Red Rock Resort Spa, where she gave a very emotional speech and thanked everybody from Ramsay to her parents, who were as emotional as her during her speech. After that, a big firework erupted on top of the resort.

Ramsay's comment: "Heather won Hell's Kitchen because of her determination. She stuck to what she knew best, and she controlled her kitchen from start to finish. Heather clearly has great leadership qualities, and this, for a 25-year-old cook, is a phenomenon. This woman is going to be a big success. My work is done, it's been a phenomenal journey, I'm ready for the next challenge, and fuck you all!" [10]

Nomination History

Week 1 BoW
Week 2 Win
Week 3 Win
Week 4 Safe
Week 5 Win
Week 6 Win
Week 7 Safe
Week 8 BoW
Week 9 Safe
Finale Winner

Season 3

Episode 8

When Julia and Jen came to the Red Rock Resort Spa as part of their reward, they were greeted by Heather. She gave them a tour of her restaurant, the Terra Rossa, and had some dishes prepared for them. During lunch, she gave them some advice to help them with the rest of the competition. [11]

Episode 10

Heather came back for the final challenge to judge Rock and Bonnie's dishes. She gave a point to Rock's fried chicken Surf n Turf, over Bonnie's prawn fettucine, tying the score at 3. [12]

Season 5

Episode 15

Heather came back for the finale of that season, along with Michael (Season 1 winner), Rock (Season 3 winner), and Christina (Season 4 winner). She was seen when Ramsay introduced the recently crowned winner Danny to them, and she saw the unveiling of the Hell's Kitchen "Wall of Fame". [13]

Hell's Kitchen: What Happened To Season 2 Winner Heather West Terra Rossa

After winning Hell's Kitchen season 2 and then jumping around various kitchens, Heather West settled in her NY hometown and seems very happy.

In 2006, Hell s Kitchen Season 2 aired on Fox. It was the first season of the series to divide the contestants by sex (male team versus female team), and this division has now become the show s signature starting point. Though the season kicked off in a new way, the grand prize was the same as always. The winner would receive $250,000 and a chef position at Gordon Ramsay s restaurant of choice. The winner was Heather West, a sous chef from Port Jefferson, New York.

The cast of Hell's Kitchen Season 2 featured just eleven chefs, each from a unique background. There was Giacomo the pizza chef and family restauranteur, Garrett (who learned to cook in prison), Larry the fishmonger, and Tom the former stockbroker. The cast has evolved in some pretty interesting ways as well. Hell's Kitchen runner-up Virginia Dalbeck went on to successfully own and operate multiple restaurants. Sara Horowitz wound up becoming Justin Bieber s tour chef before getting arrested for assaulting her partner in 2013. Keith Greene had a steady chef s career before his tragic accidental drowning in 2012. Just ten months after Hell's Kitchen Season 2 aired, contestant Rachel Brown, who was eliminated during episode five, committed suicide.

As the season unfolded, Heather West was a clear leader. She had confidence and consistency. She was also a friendly person. Needless to say, she stood out for all the right reasons. After her win, Heather didn t receive an executive chef position. Instead, she was offered a senior chef position at Terra Rossa at the Red Rock Resort Spa in Las Vegas, plus a $250k salary. A year after her contract at Terra Rossa ended, Heather moved from Washington to North Carolina to California. She worked as the head chef at Monterey's, Jellyfish Restaurant, and Broadway Grill. Eventually, Heather moved back to her home in Port Jefferson, New York, where she met her future husband. Now married and the mother to two sons, Heather has bravely shared her postpartum depression struggles on social media.

While she did return to reality TV as the red team s sous chef during Hell's Kitchen season 6, it seems like Heather s now put that part of her life behind her. On Twitter, she refers to herself as Co-Founder of Non Profit East End Play Dates/Chef/wife/ mommy/ lover of all things Disney/was on that show with that guy a very long time ago.

While Hell's Kitchen is in the rearview mirror, she hasn't forgotten her time on the show.

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