Richard W. Munchkin

Our guest this week is Mike Shackleford, aka The Wizard of Odds. We talk to Mike about what he had been up to lately, as well as his book Gambling 102.

[00:00] Introduction of Michael Shackleford, the Wizard of Odds

[00:48] Gambling 102

[03:27] Wizard of Odds newsletter and James Bond movies

[09:25] Punto Banco

[14:11] James Bond/s other gambling games

[19:56] Sal Piacente and cheating scenes in other movies

[20:32] Which James Bond was the best gambler?

[23:30] The Card Counter

[24:21] South Point Casino November promotions - earn up to ten half-priced Walmart gift cards, $32k Thanksgiving Day hot seat promotion

[26:02] - card counting training website and community with many betting, tracking, and analytical tools

[26:35] - Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners

[27:45] Double Up promotion

[31:45] How often does Michael gamble these days?

[32:21] Michael's relationship with and

[34:44] Magic trick and magicians

[45:03] Michael's other interests

[46:02] Recommended: Wonderground by Jeff McBride, Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead, Mind Games at The Strat

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Books Referenced:

Scarne's Complete Guide to Gambling by John Scarne

Other Things Referenced:


Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead

Mind Games at the Strat

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Gambling With an Edge - Mail Bag 11/18/2021

No guest this week as we once again dip into the mail bag.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Gambling With an Edge - bookmaker Chris Andrews

Our guest this week is Chris Andrews, author of " Then One Day: Forty Years of Bookmaking in Nevada".

[00:00] Introduction of Chris Andrews, bookmaker and author of Then One Day: Forty Years of Bookmaking in Nevada

[00:42] Gill Alexander and the origin of Chris' new book

[04:09] Chris' background in bookmaking

[06:55] Working at the Stardust sportsbook

[11:59] Working at the Barbary Coast sportsbook and misplacing $250,000

[16:36] Working at the Cal Neva sportsbook in Reno

[22:07] Who sets the lines?

[25:15] Max at Cal Neva

[32:02] Roxy Roxborough

[37:08] Chris' brief job at the Golden Nugget

[40:08] South Point Sportsbook

[41:19] South Point Casino November promotions - earn up to ten half-priced Walmart gift cards, $32k Thanksgiving Day hot seat promotion

[42:21] - card counting training website and community with many betting, tracking, and analytical tools

[52:52] - Gold Membership offers correction on most games, free Pro Membership trial for GWAE listeners

[44:38] The best sportsbooks in Las Vegas

[48:53] William Hill and the model of limiting players

[50:59] Then One Year, the sequel to then one day.

[57:50] Have Chris' sons followed him into the bookmaking business?

[59:22] Recommended: Dexter on Showtime, A Gambling Man by David Baldacci, The Sopranos, and The Sopranos Sessions

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Books Referenced:

Then One Day: Forty Years of Bookmaking in Nevada by Chris Andrews


A Gambling Man by David Baldacci

The Sopranos Sessions by Alan Sepinwall, David Chase, and Matt Zoller Seitz

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Gambling With an Edge - guest Anthony Curtis

Our guest this week is Anthony Curtis of The Las Vegas Advisor. We talk to AC about the latest with Mattress Mac, new books, and much more.

About Richard Munchkin

I am originally from Des Plaines, IL. I went to Oakton Community College, and then Columbia College in Chicago where I received a BA in Theater Arts. I moved to Las Vegas after college, and worked as a dealer and occasional pit boss at The Castaways. While working in the casino I learned to count cards, and after a few years I was making more money playing blackjack than dealing it, in one quarter the hours. What could I do? I had to quit the job.

I moved to Los Angeles in the 80s and found that acting in film and television was nothing like my background in theater. I was fortunate enough to make the transition from actor to writer, producer, and director. You can see my resume at IMDB here.

You can read reviews or purchase my book here at Amazon. Gambling Wizards: Conversations with the Worlds Greatest Gamblers
In the book I interview 8 of the top professional gamblers in the world. These are all people who have made many tens of millions of dollars from gambling. It includes, Billy Walters, Alan Woods, Doyle Brunson, and 5 others.

Currently I cohost a podcast Gambling With an Edge. Each week we have a guest, and discuss current gambling news, or ways to gain an advantage at lots of different gambling games. Here is a link to the Gambling With an Edge Facebook page. I post news articles there that are of interest to professional gamblers, as well as updates about upcoming guests.

Meanwhile I have gambled my way around the world as a way to supplement my meager show biz income. I hope you find things here to enjoy.

You can also check out my Facebook page at Richard W. Munchkin, follow me on Twitter @RWM21 or email me at [email protected]

Gambling With an Edge Radio Show

Gambling with an Edge premiered on Feb. 3, 2011 on KLAV radio (1230 AM) in Las Vegas. The show started with co-hosts Bob Dancer and Frank Kneeland. Later, Richard Munchkin replaced Frank, then I replaced Richard, and then Richard returned replacing me. This page contains podcosts of the shows during my one-year term as co-host and return visits.


    I'm the guest. The topic is the purchase of my Wizard web sites. I'm the guest. The topic is Super Bowl prop bets. I'm the guest. The topic is half-point parlay cards. I'm the guest. The topic is the new games at the 2013 Global Gaming Expo. Please note that my analysis of Amir Lehavot's financial position in the World Series of Poker was incorrect. You can use my poker tournament calculator to get the correct analysis. Our guest is Kevin Lewis on the video poker scene in Reno. Our guest is Brad Fredella, Manager of Gaming Analytics for United Coin Machine Company and the Gamblers Bonus group of properties. I'm the guest. Our guest is actress Angela Wyman. Our guest is Ted Stratton. Our guest is Stanford Wong. Our guest is Mark Billings. Our guest is Michael Konik. Our guest is John Chang. Our guest is Bob Nersesian. Our guest is Eliot Jacobson. Our guest is Bob Nersesian.
  • No new show on Nov. 22, due to Thanksgiving. Our guest is Willie Alison. Our guest is Arnold Snyder. Our guests are Staci Alonso and Chris Brune. Our guest is Brian McAllister. Our guest is "your friendly announcer" Kelly Flynn. Our guests are Holy Rollers Ben and Colin. Our guest is Brian McAllister
    Our guest is Mike Fields of Action Gaming/ (part 2) Our guest is Mike Fields of Action Gaming/ (part 1) Our guest is Nathanial Tilton. Richard Munchkin fills in for me this week. Our guest is I. Nelson Rose. Our guest is Steve Fezzik. Our guest is Richard Munchkin. Our guest is Buddy Frank, slot director at the Pechanga casino. Our guest is Anne Freid-Lefton, the Tax Gal, who talks about tax strategies for professional gamblers. Bob, Munch, and I talk about game show strategy. Bob tells his story of how to cheat to get on Jeopardy. Our guest is "Hollywood" Dave Stann, author of Hollywood Blackjack. Our guest is Ed Miller as Arnold Snyder fills in for me while I'm climbing Mount Whitney. Our planned guest cancelled and we couldn't find a replacement on short notice, so Bob interviewed me. Our guest is Stephen How of the web site Our guest is Arnold Synder again. This week we focus on his sequel Poker Tournament Formula 2. Our guest is Arnold Synder, who should need no introduction. We talk about his book Poker Tournament Formula. Our guest is sports-betting expert Jason Been. Jason is the first guest to be on twice with Bob and me. Our guest is Frank Kneeland, author of The Secret World Of Video Poker Progressives and original co-host of this show. Our guest is Geoff Hall, inventor of Blackjack Switch, and advantage player in blackjack, poker, and backgammon. Our guest is Roger Snow, vice president of product development at Shuffle Master. Our guest is Bob Nersesian, attorney to the advantage players and author of Beat the Players. Our guest is Nolan Dala, media director of the World Series of Poker. Our guest is former host, Richard Munchkin. Richard tells some stories from his long and interesting career as a professional gambler. Our guest is Mark Gruetze, gambling writer for the Pittsburgh Tribute-Review. We talk a lot about gaming stories in the news, the gambling scene in Pennsylvania, and cheating Internet software. Our guest is Don Schlesinger, author of Blackjack Attack Playing the Pros' Way. Don is another blackjack great to be on the show and we talk about a variety of topics from the Illustrious 18 to the current state of blackjack today. Our guest is Beth Anne Uston, daughter of the legendary Ken Uston. We talk a lot about her father and his remarkable life. Our guest is Michael Gaughan, a long-time Vegas casino owner, and current owner of the South Point. Our guest is Stanford Wong. If my count is right, this is Stanford's fifth time on the show, which beats my record before co-hosting. The topic this time is sports betting. Our guest is Shirley Dancer. Shirley is the often mentioned but seldom seen wife of Bob Dancer. Many of Bob's articles are based on events that happened to the two of them. Now we get a chance to meet the woman behind the stories. Our guest is Blackjack Traveler. BT is a a world-traveling advantage player, in search of strong opportunities in parts often deemed dangerous. He shares some of his interesting stories from the road. Our guest is Eliot Jacobson . Eliot is a Ph.D. mathematician and former advantage player. Now Eliot works as a consultant designing casino games, auditing Internet casinos, and advising on game security. On the show we ask Eliot about switching sides and the latest advantage plays, among other topics. Our guest is Michael Bluejay. Michael's specialty is how to live on a tight budget, especially when visiting Las Vegas. He offers lots of advice on lodging, eating, and gambling in Vegas, among other topics. If the name seems familiar, Michael was my webmaster and advertising salesman for several years, and author of my page on Flip It. Our guest is Dollie Wong, the cocktail waitress behind and Dollie doesn't hold anything back as she answers our questions about cocktailing, and turns the heat back on us at times. I hear the radio broadcast had to be censored several times but we have the original recording here. Our guest is Josh Axelrad, author of Repeat Until Rich. Josh's book, and our interview, are about his experiences on a card-counting team, including a honest look at the dark side of that world. The show starts at the 1:05 point. Our guest is handicapper Jason Been. We talk about the upcoming Super Bowl and other topics in sports betting. You may stop writing about the "Name that Tune" question posed. The answer is Mahna Mahna.

The infamous "no safety" bet discussed on the 2/9/2012 show. Thanks a lot, Tom Brady.

For shows prior to my debut, and after I left, please visit In particular, you'll find me as the guest on shows #1, 16, 40, and 51.

Are you an advantage player, who has something interesting to say, and want to be on the show? If so, write to me or Bob expressing your interest.

Gambling With An Edge

Welcome, listeners from the Gambling with an Edge radio show and podcast. Thanks for visiting!

Im Ken Smith, and I was a guest on the show on January 2nd, 2014. I spoke with hosts Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin about blackjack tournaments, my new strategy cards, and online gambling in New Jersey and Delaware.

If you missed it, here is a link to an MP3 file of the show. Click to listen, or right-click to download it:

If you arent already familiar with this radio show, I highly recommend that you check it out. You can either browse the past episodes at Richard Munchkins blog, or if you are an iTunes user, you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Details of the items that we discussed are listed below. In addition, make sure you scroll down to an article I wrote just for show listeners, explaining a simple change you can make in 2014 that could be worth hundreds of dollars.

Blackjack Tournaments

The best resource for table game tournament information is The site hosts a searchable listing of upcoming events, along with a community of very talented players discussing the game.

My e-Books on blackjack tournament strategy

How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments

Volume I in my pair of books includes material useful for a wide range of tournament expertise, from beginner to experienced.

The book is in PDF format and will be immediately delivered by email.

Buy the book at my publishers website: Buy Volume I here.

Volume II includes more tournament advice, again appropriate for all skill levels.

Of particular value are the discussions of tournaments that use an accumulation format.

It is available in PDF format, immediately delivered by email.

Buy the book at my publishers website: Buy Volume II here, or get a bundle of both books at a special price.

You can get it at Amazon.

Strategy Cards

My Advanced Strategy Cards for Blackjack include card counting index numbers for the popular Hi-Lo system in addition to the usual basic strategy. The twelve card set included all the index numbers from -5 to +5. See the details page for more information.

If you just want an accurate strategy chart for free, see my Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine.

Online Gambling in New Jersey and Delaware

If you live in New Jersey or Delaware, these new sites of mine will be of interest.

One Easy Change to Improve Your Casino Results

In todays casino environment, knowing the best strategy for the games is only part of the puzzle. For both machine players and table game players, coupons and marketing mail can offer a substantial boost to your bottom line. To maximize your marketing mail, you need to understand how the casino marketing system works.

Even experienced players often assume that the value of your marketing mail is based on the total amount of your play. That is almost never true. Most casinos use some form of the average daily theoretical or ADT to decide how valuable you are as a player. Theoretical loss or theo is how much the casino expects to win from you based on which games you play, how much you bet, and how long you play. This is probably familiar to you. The critical part that many players dont understand is how that value is averaged across all the days that you visit.

Imagine a player who visits a casino on just one day in a month, and plays enough to generate a theoretical loss of $1000. Then consider another player who visits the same casino on 10 different days in that month, and generates a total theoretical of $4000. You might think that the second player would get better mail offers, because he has the potential to lose four times as much in a month. But the first player will get more generous free play or match play offers, because his ADT is $1000 compared to the second players $400 ADT.

The casinos marketing mail is based on the idea of How much might this patron lose on the day we attract him back in with a coupon offer? If you spread your play out over several different days, you are going to get smaller offers than someone whose action is concentrated on fewer days.

Misunderstanding this concept leads to a variety of mistakes. Here is a common one… If you visit a casino on an overnight stay, you may be tempted to get up and put in a little extra play before you checkout of the hotel. But what that abbreviated play is actually doing is dividing your theoretical by two, since you now have two play days.

The simple advice that can improve your marketing mail is this… Dont play on checkout day, unless you plan to put in a full days worth of play. In fact, try not to ever have rated play on any day where you dont plan to play much. The free play and match play offers you get should be noticeably higher after a few months of managing your daily average better.

Stay Connected

If you want to stay up to date with my many projects these days, here are two good ways…

Meanwhile, you may want to visit the BlackjackInfo main site, or try our free Blackjack Strategy Trainer.

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