Russell Peters Tickets

Shiws seemed really short and it felt like he was basically chit-chatting with the audience. Not a whole lot of fresh material. When it was over, i stood up and looked around and it seemed most people had a look like,that's it? I wouldnt pay to see Russel again. Prefer to just see snippets of gis show on youtube.

The Venue at Horseshoe Casino - Hammond

I enjoyed the comedy of Russell Peters at the show. Been a long time fan of him and to see him in my backyard was a huge plus. (I live in Chicago) The venue was ok (old) but what do you expect from Indiana. it wasn t a packed show maybe 40% of people in the audience and he was funny about it. He didn t make it unnoticed which I thought was very real of him. He stepped out on stage and had the audience laughing from the first second BUT One thing I didn t like to much was towards the end it felt like he was searching for material which I understand but he was on tour since last year. shouldn t you have material memorized by now. Overall great show!

Great show - as expected!

The Theater at MGM National Harbor - National Harbor

Have been watching him for some time and seen him live for the third time - hilarious as usual!

Fox Theatre Detroit - Detroit

I was a skeptic about this show but my son insisted on going. I am glad I went as the show was really entertaining and uncomfortable at times being that I was with my son :). We had a great time as Russell got the crowd roar into laughter!

The funniest person on earth, hands down

Fox Theatre Detroit - Detroit

One of the best performances I have ever attended. Not just I enjoyed thr show but I got a chance to meet Russell after the show (Mainly because he picked on me during the show.. lol)

Fox Theatre Detroit - Detroit

Russell was awesome as expected. He was funny and amazing. His opener was horrible.

Russel Peters deported tour

Fox Theatre Detroit - Detroit

The show was amazing. Russel was extremely funny and all his comedy was straight from the audience. He has pure talent and he was not scripted at all. I would totally love to go again.

Fox Theatre Detroit - Detroit

The third time we ve seen him first time on the USA. Always a great time

A true rockstar.

Fox Theatre Detroit - Detroit

Never laughed so much in my entire life.. it was a dream to watch him perform.. An opportunity to watch him LIVE that too at the Fox Theater, Detroit.. that is was a blessing in disguise! What a rockstar of a performer.. Power to him!! Be a Man!! Do the right thing.. watch him Live.. or Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad. ?????

Still one of the Best

Fox Theatre Detroit - Detroit

We have seen Russell Peters three or four times and he always has a fresh act. Nearly the entire set is culled from his interaction with the audience and his amazing knowledge of the world and its people, allow him to interact intelligently with anyone in the crowd. He doesn't just use people's looks or backgrounds as points to pick on them. He is very anti cellphone at his show which I heartily approve of (and wish others would stick to). The rehearsed part of the act, specifically about (not) having kids was hysterical as well. The opening act was painfully bad unfortunately.


Russell Peters on Tour

The rare North American stand-up comedian who can sell out arenas from L.A. to London to Sydney, Russell Peters returns to the stage with his latest roving revue, dubbed The Deported tour.

The current show features Peters' first set of all-new material since taking a break from stand-up after filming his 2016 Netflix special, Almost Famous (though he was hardly idle during that stretch on top of starring in a handful of films, Peters also launched his own prime-time series, The Indian Detective, which came to Netflix in 2018).

Despite ascending to rock-star status in the comedy world complete with dramatic, dry ice assisted entrances Peters' routine is still rooted in relatable, everyday anecdotes, as he regularly reenacts amusing family conversations that give his jokes a broad, cross-cultural appeal.

Russell Peters Background

Raised in the suburbs of Toronto by Anglo-Indian parents, Russell Peters is a true 21st-century comedian, with a massive international following that reflects the connectivity of our world in the online age. And he actually owes his big break to the Internet.

After paying his dues on the Canadian stand-up circuit for 15 years, Peters became one of the first comedians to go viral in 2004, clips of his Comedy Now special began circulating on the then-nascent YouTube platform, with his astute observations on racial stereotypes earning him fans across the cultural spectrum.

Since then, Peters has sidestepped the traditional Hollywood star-making machinery to cultivate audiences in places most North American comedians never venture countries like Lebanon, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Despite never starring in a massive film or TV series like Jerry Seinfeld or Chris Rock (who once quipped that Peters is "the most famous person nobody's heard of"), he orbits the same stratosphere when it comes to selling tickets. In 2013, Forbes magazine ranked him the third-richest comedian in the world with annual earnings of more than $20 million. However, in recent years, Peters has made significant inroads to becoming a household name in America, thanks to his well-received 2016 Netflix special, Almost Famous.

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