Deposit Safes

This B rated construction depository safe from Gardall can be used for business at home. It is also possible to install this depository safe in a wall, RV or car trunk. It is compact but made more secure by bolt down . This compact safe is ideal for hiding money and valuables through the envelope slot. The deposit slot allows a person to quickly and quietly store money and valuables while keeping the safe out of sight, while the B-rated safe steel door and thick body provide the assurance needed for those to know that this safe will keep valuables secure.

Gardall H2 is designed to be used in many settings: walls, car trunks, RVs and basements. It is a well-built safe for the storage of items that are important to you. Its UL listed Group II combination lock is designed to be drill resistant. The door is constructed of 1/2 inch solid steel plate. The 3 locking bolts and heavy duty hinges make it hard to break into by a burglar. Store small valuables and important papers at home or at work. The safe has four anchor holes and we recommend you bolt this safe down to your floor.

This commercial light duty depository burglary safe is perfect for secure storage of your most valued possessions. With its B-rated listed Group II dial combination locks, anti-pry burglary resistant door, anti-fishing sawtooth baffle to protect the top slot and 3 live locking bolts, owners of the the Gardall LCF2014 can rest assured that this well constructed burglary safe will keep contents secure from thieves.

Protecting what's rightfully yours means having the best security available and that's where the Gardall LCR2014 comes in. With its laser cut door for an exact fit and heavy duty hinges, this safe will deter thieves from trying to gain access. The B-rated safe comes standard with a Group II combination lock, but can be upgraded with a digital electronic lock for additional security. Ideal for home, office and delivery vehicles, those storing their valuables inside this safe can securely bolt down the safe by taking advantage of the mounting holes pre-drilled.

Gardall FL1218K single door deposit safe delivers maximum safety to cash deposits even when the safe is locked. Ideal for cash management businesses, homes, offices or delivery companies, this safe features a strong 0.5" steel plate door and 0.25" steel thick body with a punch resistant bolt that will deter any forced entry. For quick monetary deposits the top drop box makes it simple while the front load depository door can be opened to hold larger items of value. With three live locking bolts, heavy duty hinges for a lifetime use and a spring loaded re-locking device this is one industry leading safe that will keep your possessions secure.

This safe can be ordered with a combination dial lock or electronic keypad lock. If you are interested in these options, please call 877-442-9964 or email

The Gardall DS1914 one door economical depository B-rated safe which provides burglary protection for all your valuables, cash, checks

, etc.. Features include a 0.25" strong steel body and 0.5" steel plate door, 3 live locking bolts, heavy duty hinges, an anti-fish sawtooth baffle to protect the top slot and an independent re-locker to deter forcible entry. Knowing your valuables are inside this safe means that you can rest assured that they will stay that way.

Please contact us if you need indoor delivery on this item. There is an extra charge.

Rest assured that your valuables will be safe inside the Gardall FL1328 B-rated depository safe. With its 0.5 inch steel doors and punch resistant bolts this safe will deter any forcible entry. This safe features a Group II combination lock and triple boltwork with independent re-locking device. The re-locking device activates if the back cover is knocked off the lock, stopping any bolt withdrawal. If you need to store items quickly you can use the top drop envelope door while the front loading depository makes it easy to store larger items inside.

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