Silver Fang Slot

If you are looking for a first-rate video slot machine with staggering and eye-caching graphics, the Silver Fang from Microgaming can make your wishes come true. It is a peerless and beautiful drawn emulator that brings you into the magical fairytale world of Silver Fang. Here you will meet a Howling Wolf, a Deer and all this time you will be feeling the breath of the Northern wind. A snowy and dangerous winter forest with lots of adventures and prizes opens its doors for you. The gates are open to welcome the brave gambler, the rest is up to you. This slot is similar to Shoot!.
The Silver Fang is a 5-reel and 50-payline video slot with lots of special features, wild and scatter symbols and a double portion of unforgettable emotions. It s a fantastic chance to have fun absolutely free of charge, so go ahead and explore this unreal cool game! And in addition we want to mention that the Silver Fang is available in all online casinos, which is very comfortable and can be useful. Start your journey through a magical and beautiful winter forest!

Silver Fang Slot Machine

Silver Fang is all about a bear hunting wolf that is common in the Japanese wilderness. This slot is a 5-reel video slot with 50 paylines and less than impressive 3D graphics. The good things we have to say about this game is that it offers free spins, multipliers, stacked wilds, and a lower span of wagering options best suited for low-limit and casual slot bettor; however, beware of the high variance trap that this slot can become.

Visit the Japanese Jungle

The Deer and the Wolf is all you get in terms of nature on the symbols, while the rest is a host of the generic playing card values usually found on video poker machines plus the game s logo. The Howling Wolf is wild, and it substitutes all other symbols on the reels apart from the Paw Print. The wild symbols appear stacked during free spins.

Win 15 Free Spins and 5X Multiplier

You will unlock 15 free spins and a 5X multiplier on all wins when you get 3 or more Paw Print symbols on the reels. On top of that, you will be awarded with scatter pays that are added to your payline wins. This can go as high as 50X your total bet for 5 scattered Paw Prints. Free spins can be retriggered.

Best for Casual Gamblers

This game has a low-limit betting value that runs from 0.01 to 25.00 coins. This betting range automatically locks out high-rollers, leaving the game to be enjoyed by both penny bettors and casual gamblers.

The Bottom Line

Besides the free spins, there is nothing much to note here. Silver Fang is limited in terms of betting, but it will appeal to players who are comfortable in a lower-betting range and aren t looking for a lot of fancy features and graphics. Don t let the low betting values fool you though, as this is a high-variance slot, so do keep an eye on your bankroll.

Silver Fang Slot Machine

Casino Silver Fang with an animalistic theme, which is included without registration, will appeal to curious users. People starting to play for free in the newest slot machines will see on the display wild wolves that have always been considered proud and mysterious creatures. Gamers who choose this automat will be able

to observe the life style of such beautiful animals. But it s especially interesting for users to play for free with unique graphics solutions.

Silver Fang fascinating slots online without registration

Over the white virtual drums of the free Silver Fang gambling visitors will see carefully traced snow drifts and a birch grove. In the background gamers can view the dark blue sky, and the corporate logo is painted in bluish-yellow hues. Running slots with bonuses, users will notice that during a risky round, a wolf lair appears hidden under the snow.

While the machine is not running Silver Fang, gamblers are allowed to activate up to 50 paylines. The developer provides five reels.

Visitors of the hall who want to play slot will learn the details:
the option of doubling the payment is not available;
autoplay is not provided;
there are symbols Wild and Scatter;
the jackpot does not exceed 1,000 coins.

The main features of the accessible without registration of the game player Silver Fang are as follows:
the design of the one-armed bandit consists of 50 lines and 5 drums;
gamers who prefer to run the simulator for real money can receive a jackpot of up to 1,000 virtual tokens;
gambling users will enjoy the presence of special symbols;
virtual drums are launched by clicking on Spin .

Symbols and bonuses of Silver Fang

Users who decide to play online on online Silver Fang emulator will collect combs from thematic animations. Symbolism includes card denominations and an animal track on the snow, wolves depicted close-up and howling to the moon, brown bears. The print of the wolf s paw is a scatter, and three such icons start a round of bonus rotations.

The wolf howling amid the moon is a wild symbol here. He will be able to replace himself with absolutely any missing symbol in the combination for the greatest gain. And the wolf footprint imprinted on the snow will bring you a certain amount of free spins depending on the number of these very symbols in combination.

Of course Silver Fang is also able to boast a whole list of all possible features and useful functions. To begin, perhaps, it is worth it with a game for doubling, by means of which the guests will be able to increase by several times the win from the last successful comb. In addition, there is an opportunity to change the number of different lines crossing the playing field and, of course, increase your bet if you decide to play big.

Silver Fang immerses its player in the snow-covered oak forests untouched by man. It is here dangerous wolves live among the total polar silence only occasionally disturbed by a blizzard. These wayward animals silently scurry among the countless many indistinguishable trees, hundreds of years living by simple and unchangeable natural rules.

And if you are close to the spirit of this entourage, then Silver Fang probably will take even a few hours of your time. However, you will be able to assess all the penetration and the plot on your own, in the test mode by testing it free.


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