Tips for installing Mark Slot 2 Linear LED

Tips for installing Mark Slot 2 Linear LED?

I have an office building project using Mark Slot 2 linear LED. Curious if anyone has installed this or something similar (like Ray Neo) and if so, any tips for getting these set correctly?

My install will be in hard ceilings; there is no accessible space above the ceiling. I m linking cut sheet and installation guide below.

It looks like I have to install the fixture on threaded rod prior to drywall. I m thinking I will have to run string lines set to drywall depth to get these adjusted correctly. I can t really tell if there is any adjustability once the fixture is in place.

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  • Apr 16, 2021
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Hang them with threaded rod, string or laser to get them as close as you can

to where you think the finished ceiling plane will be. Leave the nuts loose because it will be up to the rockers/carpenters to set the final position when they install the grid and rock.

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  • Apr 16, 2021
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EC, Westchester, New York NEC: 2014
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Unless there is a grid to drop them into you have to use threaded rod and that's how you adjust them up and down. I also imagine that it's going to be a PITA to get them located in a straight line and where they should be horizontally. No way are you going to get the threaded rod perfectly positioned hanging from an anchor in the deck. So I'm thinking you may have to use a trapeze with strut, then hang the threaded rod off it with a T nut so you can slide it back and forth. This is a job for the carpenters, lathers or rockers to make the final adjustment. After you make the initial installation it then becomes part of installing the black iron, hat channel or grid and whoever does that.

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