Wheel of Cash

Wheel Of Cash Slots

If you love hit TV shows like Wheel of Fortune, then you're going to love Rival Gaming's slot game Wheel of Cash in which you can spin both the reels and wheels of fortune to turn game show prizes icons instantly into cash!

You can win cash prizes for lining-up all sorts of luxury game show prizes from Rolex Watches to Private Jets, whilst Wild Winning Tickets can also award big wins. There's also the chance to win more big prizes in the Wheel of Cash Bonus Round, whilst there's also a quirky little random pick feature you can play at any time to try and turn $1 into $1,000.

Spin Those Reels

As all prizes are multiplied by your coin-bets, it's worth taking a few moments to work out your best strategy. You can combine 1 to 10 coins and coin-values ranging between 0.01 and 0.25 to make your coin-bet, then choose how many of the game's 20 pay-lines you want to place that bet on. The minimum bet per spin is just 0.01 coins though you can play for up to 125 coins a spin.

Then all you have to do is spin the reels and try and line-up 3 to 5 matching icons of some seriously luxury game show style prizes and then watch as these prizes are turned into cash and banked. You can win up to 50 coins for diamonds, 75 coins for champagne, 100 coins for private jets, and 150 coins for golden coin stacks. However, there are much bigger prizes on offer including up to 500 coins for Rolex Watches, up to 800 coins for luxury yachts and fancy sports cars, and up to 1,000 coins for big piles of cash.

What you'll really be hoping to cash in on though is the 5 Wild Winnings Tickets which will award an instant prize of 5,000 coins, whilst even 4 of them will win you 1,000 coins. These Wild Winning Tickets also have the power to replace all those other luxury prizes to form plenty of other winning prize lines.

Spin Those Wheels

The key to triggering the Spin the Wheel Bonus Round is to spin-in 3 or more Bonus Wheel Icons, and when this happens you'll be whisked away to spin the Wheel of Cash. You'll be offered up to 3 spins of the wheel, but be aware that each prize you take will then be replaced by a Bust on the wheel and if you hit one of those Busts on another spin the bonus will be over, and you'll lose any prizes you've already won.

One of the best features of this game is the fact you can choose to try and gamble $1 and try and make it $1,000 for finding 5 matching icons, whenever you feel like it. Just click on the game in the top right hand corner of the screen and gamble away. There's even $3 and $10 consolation prizes for hitting 3 or 4 matching icons.

Spinning the Wheel of Cash is every bit as exciting as spinning the Wheel of Fortune, and now you can do it whenever you feel like it. And, if you just fancy a gamble, then don’t forget you can also try and turn $1 into $1,000 whenever you want to so get spinning!

Slot game like wheel of fortune

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Wheel Of Fortune Slots

If you ve ever enjoyed sitting back and watching an episode of Wheel of Fortune, you may be excited to learn that there are slot games based on this timeless classic. For as long as casinos have dotted the United States landscape, some form of a Wheel of Fortune slot game has been around. It s one of the most unmistakable slot games on the market and has plenty of longtime fans.

Play Wheel of Fortune Slots for Free

Playing Wheel Of Fortune Slots At Legal Online Casinos

Legal casinos range from real money gambling casinos in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania to free casinos that offer games to residents in every state. Since Wheel of Fortune is such a huge part of world culture, it s also one of the most popular slot games to see at casinos.

Do Legal Online Casinos Offer Wheel Of Fortune Slots?

Many of the legal online casinos out there do offer Wheel of Fortune in one iteration or another. Some of them include offerings like Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin, which happens to be the most popular Wheel of Fortune slot game currently available. Others have older Wheel of Fortune games that might be simpler and less complex for someone new to slot gaming.

As one of the most successful game shows in history, it s more surprising when a legal online casino doesn t offer a Wheel of Fortune slots game. All of the games have a common theme and provide similarities to the game show, so fans can enjoy feeling like they are part of the action.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Play Free Slot Games Online?

Depending on where you choose to play free slot games like Wheel of Fortune, there may be a signup process or there may not be. Some websites will want you to register before you begin to play, while others will offer a demo so you can try the game before signing up, and some may have the game available without any registration.

If you are playing at a legal online casino from one of the states that has legalized paid casinos, you are going to be required to register before playing. There is a process that varies at each casino, but the actual registration typically takes no more than five minutes or so.

What Makes Wheel Of Fortune Slots Fun?

One of the best things about playing a Wheel of Fortune slot game is that it features symbols and bonuses that tie into the game show that so many people are fans of. Since this is a game show with millions of fans, it s exciting to feel like you are a part of the magic that has made the show so popular for decades. It s also nice that the game is ideal for those who are beginners to slot machines but also has features for more experienced gamers who want a challenge and extra excitement.

Graphics And Sound Effects

The graphics that are used for the Wheel of Fortune slot game are reminiscent of the game show. One of the first things you will notice is that the wheel from the show is prominent and featured on the screen so you never forget what game you are playing. It also incorporates fun symbols shaped like different fruits that make this slot game feel like the traditional versions in a physical casino.

Adding into the excitement of the Wheel of Fortune slots comes from the music and sound effects, many of which are pulled from the game show. You can enjoy the sound of the wheel spinning, as well as special effects when you get winning reels to win coins or cash. It also has all the typical features of a traditional slot machine, so learning to play it isn t difficult even for seasoned gamers.

It s also nice that there are different Wheel of Fortune games so you can choose the number of reels you want to play, what sort of symbols appeal to you, and which bonuses will offer you the highest amount of winnings when you hit the jackpot. If you ve always wanted to spin the wheel you see on television, this slot game makes that happen for you.

Basics Of Wheel Of Fortune Slots

We mentioned that there are a few different Wheel of Fortune slots above, so there are also several options when you want to play. All of these are attractive games that have fun bonuses and features to offer an exciting gaming experience, whether you re playing for free or you re hoping to win real money.

How Many Reels Does Wheel Of Fortune Slots Have?

In most cases, Wheel of Fortune slot games have a traditional number of reels at three. However, some machines

offer five reels or have off-centered reels that look and play differently than other slots that might be available. Someone interested in a novelty experience reliving Wheel of Fortune from the television set can likely find an option that meets their needs.

For the slots with three reels, you ll see that a spin symbol can appear on the third reel, which offers the authentic Wheel of Fortune experience. Even if nothing great shows up on the other reels, you still have a chance of spinning the wheel and adding to your coin or cash count when the last reel finishes spinning.

How Many Paylines Are Available On Wheel Of Fortune Slots?

While it depends on the exact slot machine, some of these slot games at online legal casinos have hundreds of paylines for tons of different ways to win. For example, Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin has 720 paylines, which means that you have a good chance of winning back part of what you bet on the slot game every time.

If you aren t sure how many paylines are available, each of these games will have an information page that offers the answer. It will also provide information about what symbols are available and how much you can win when you get three or more of a specific symbol.

Progressive Slot Machines

Within the category of slot machines, some of them are designated as progressive slots. These games are configured slightly differently from traditional slot games and offer the chance to win a large amount of money or digital currency. The basic idea behind a progressive jackpot is that as more people play the game, the prize will increase. At some point, a player will get the entirety of the jackpot, which can be thousands or millions of dollars.

Does Wheel Of Fortune Offer A Progressive Jackpot?

Some of the Wheel of Fortune games have a progressive jackpot that offers the opportunity to win big if you happen to get lucky. However, most of these machines offer only a regular series of jackpots that can earn you increasingly large sums of coins or money, depending on whether you are playing for real money or fake currency.

How Do You Hit The Progressive Jackpot?

The way you can qualify to win a progressive jackpot on a Wheel of Fortune slot game is by playing max credits on a spin. Some games will require three credits to add you into the fold, while others might need only two. The smallest of these jackpots can start at $200,000 but will rise as you and other players continue to enjoy the game.

Is There A Minimum Amount To Bet?

Since there are several different Wheel of Fortune slot games, it s hard to state what the minimum bet is. However, of those that offer a progressive jackpot, it typically starts at a $0.25 wager. Some of the games will have a minimum of one dollar or even five dollars and also begin with more enormous jackpots that you can win. Make sure to look over the game that you want to play to see how many coins (or how much cash) you need to start a game.

Are There Any Big Jackpot Wins?

There have been several massive jackpot wins on Wheel of Fortune slot games. Numerous people have won tens of thousands of dollars, while a few others have managed to receive a payout of more than a million dollars. There s a potential to win a bundle when you stick it out with the Wheel of Fortune slot game at legal online casinos.

Wheel Of Fortune Slots Symbols

While there are various Wheel of Fortune slot games, many of them offer the same symbols which makes them a complete set. We ll be focusing on Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin while looking at symbols so you can get an idea of what to expect from it and other games that are based on the award-winning game show.

What Are The Symbols And What Do You Win?

Most of the traditional symbols on Wheel of Fortune are types of fruit, such as oranges, grapes, plums, and cherries. This is a common choice for slot games and can be more colorful and exciting than simple symbols like J for Jacks and A for Aces. However, there are also symbols like cars, expensive jewelry, and other items that harken back to the game show.

Bonus Round Symbols

The bonus symbol for this game comes in three varieties, each with a different sized Wheel of Fortune wheel on it. These symbols can only be found on the second through the fourth reel, so you won t see them on the first or fifth. However, you need to get three on your screen at once to start the Triple Extreme Spin bonus.

Jackpot Bonus Game Symbols

The jackpot game is a little different than most jackpot bonuses, as should be expected for anything related to Wheel of Fortune. Rather than taking you to a separate screen where you spin more reels, the bonus game takes you to the Wheel of Fortune wheel. You get the chance to spin it and then wait to find out if you win the substantial jackpot.

Additional Bonus Symbols

There are also special wild symbols that simply show up in red with the word Wild across them. They may not be flashy or innovative, but they do offer a chance to match more symbols together. Scatter symbols are just as simple as the wilds, but if three of them show up on the reels, you get a Mini Wheel bonus.

Wheel Of Fortunes Free Slots Play FAQ

Is Wheel of Fortune the same as the real money game?

Yes. For the most part, this game is the same in a free version as it is in a real-money game. The same symbols are present, as well as the identical graphics and music. The gameplay is also the same for Wheel of Fortune, whether you are playing it for free or for actual money.

Is it legal to play free slots?

Yes. Free slot games are legal for those throughout the United States. There are also specific states that allow real-money slots like Wheel of Fortune as long as they are associated with a physical casino. It s essential to make sure that the website or app that you use for slots is a legitimate one for the best possible experience.

Are the odds the same as the real money game?

It depends. In many cases, the odds are going to be the same whether you are playing for real money or not. However, sometimes the odds may be amplified, and in other cases, the odds might be lower. It s always a good idea to check with the online casino you use to determine what the odds are for Wheel of Fortune or other slot games.

Can I play Wheel of Fortune without creating an account?

Yes. Demo games and free games can sometimes be played without creating an account. However, this is going to vary based on where you play the Wheel of Fortune slots game. You ll want to see what the requirements are on the website that offers the slot games to be sure about whether registration is necessary.

Can I play slots for free but win real money?

Yes. In some cases, free slots award real money when you accumulate a certain number of coins. However, there are also free slots that are just for fun and give you a way to pass the time without paying out actual money. To play Wheel of Fortune, Divine Fortune, and other slot games, make sure you check out the information on the website to determine whether real-money is offered.

Are free slots safe to play?

Yes. Free slots can be just as secure and safe to play as real-money slot games. The main thing to be aware of is whether the website is reputable or not. If you trust the brand or company behind the site, there s no reason to worry about your safety when using free slots like Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel Of Fortune

Specs of Wheel of Fortune. Reels, Paylines and RTP!

The Wheel of Fortune slot has a perfectly combined visuals and audio, as well as numerous bonuses and special features. It has an ordinary setup 5 reels. The two outside reels have 3 rows, followed by reels with 4 rows and one central with 5. The design resembles a diamond and makes this machine stand out in the crowd.

One other rather unique feature is the payments on the paylines. They pay both ways and there are different bonuses players can win. Wheel of Fortune is also a jackpot slot with a potential win of 250,000. This IGT creation has an RTP of 96.6%, which is above the average. It s already a very popular video slot machine, especially since it offers big payouts and 720 different ways to win.

Theme, Features, and Symbols of the Wheel of Fortune Online Slot

When you play this slot, you ll see reels covered with luxury items and fruits. As you d expect, luxury items pay the highest amounts. The best-paying symbol is the game s logo, which pays out starting from 2000 times the initial bet. In addition to this, your screen can show a Wild symbol and two Scatter symbols.

Gambling Tips for Wheel of Fortune

There s no rule that will make you win big in this game, especially not since it offers many different chances to win. If you are on a low budget, set your bet low to keep playing and win some bonus rounds. If you re a high roller, you ll be happy to know that this game has a big deposit option, and the more you bet, the more you ll win.

If you haven t played this game or similar slots before, you might want to test it first. There s a Wheel of Fortune free slot on IGT s website and on casino sites, where you can try out a demo version.

Wheel of Fortune Fairness, Volatility, RTP

Wheel of Fortune is highly volatile slot with considerably high RTP that goes above 96%. This means that it s a safe and fair game to play, one that offers numerous opportunities for players to win.

Wheel of Fortune Mobile Play

IGT is renowned for excellent mobile compatibility and this slot machine is one example of it. The game can be found in many casino sites. While there isn t a real money app to download, its mobile version is almost identical to the desktop one, both in terms of quality and design.

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