Smash the Pig

Smash the Pig Slot

Smash the Pig is a brand new slot that brings a new feel and spin to the casino slots genre. This slot game by Spielo is not one based on glitz, glamour, and the high life, which seems to be the common trend of the moment. Instead, it is a game that has agricultural roots, as it is based around life on the farmyard.

Considering its odd premise, eyebrows have certainly been raised, with many questioning the legitimacy of this new game prior to release. Being as objective as possible, can this theme actually be made into a fun game? There is only one way to find out!

These Little Pigs Went to Market

Smash the Pig can be described in two words; adorable perfection. When the game starts (which it does rather quickly we must add) your eyes will be treated to bright colours all over the screen. It is meant to be a sunny day on the farm that this title is themed around, with the game reflecting that rather well.

The reels are centre screen as per the norm with a Spielo title, while the background is made up of a lush green hill with a beautiful blue sky above. What really sets this game apart from competing titles is its extremely impressive level of detail. Through every inch of this game you are going to find intricate elements that give it additional “pop”.

While Smash the Pig may not have the most creative theme around, the visual performance that it delivers certainly can’t be questioned.

As Simple as A-B-C

The user interface found in Smash the Pig is one of the best user interfaces around, of that there is no doubt. It matches well with the theme of the game and provides a distinct contrast against the bright background.

Under the reels, you can find a display which will tell you how many lines you are playing and the bet per line for that spin. When that spin ends, it displays the winnings. You can find the buttons, which you will be using to play the game, on the bottom part of the screen. They are menu, pays, select lines, bet per line, max bet, and spin. When you win, these buttons change into double up, take score, and triple up.

All in all, within Smash the Pig the user interface is organised impressively, which allows for easy navigation and even easier gameplay.

Smash and Grab Gameplay

When you secure a win within Smash the Pig, you will have the winning symbols highlighted on screen with a unique colour, dependent on the payline and related animation. In turn, this animation varies depending on the symbols featured.

Speaking of paylines, this is a 5-reel slot with 20 paylines. There is a scatter symbol (The Piggy Bank) that activates a bonus feature if you land three or more of them. During this bonus feature, all the pigs will be lined up on the middle row. You will then smash a piggy bank, which will give a reward of varying amount.

Three Little Pigs

There is a bonus symbol in Smash the Pig that works to fill your “Pick Gauge”. When you do win this bonus, the Pick Gauge will allow you to smash up to a set number of pigs in order to win an instant prize. More pigs come onto the screen if you have enough picks to smash more. These pigs certainly have some charm too, as they will hold random signs saying “I don’t feel well!” or “I’m with Porky!”. As far as bonus features go, you aren’t likely to find too many more abstract than this.

Like Pigs at a Trough!

This casino slot doesn’t need a high life vibe in order to draw you in, while it doesn’t need cliché casino styled games in order to be fun. Instead, this casino slot is a bunch of fun with just a pig and a smashing good time. The game has some really great gameplay mechanics, with a bunch of charm thrown in that makes it a joy to play.

Showing that Spielo as a developer can think outside the box when they need to, Smash the Pig, while odd, represents a true tour de force in online slot game creation. When it comes down it, Smash the Pig is one game you don’t want to miss!

Play Smash the Pig Free Slot Game

Smash the Pig slot game is no ordinary money box of yours. Rather than pennies, this piggy holds much more cash. IGT has once again done a splendid job designing a soothing and fun video slot with two bonus features that give away multipliers in plenty. Furthermore, with luck in your corner, you can win up to 10, 000 coins! You can play Smash the Pig for fun or for real cash at your convenience.

A Brief Smash the Pig Slots Description

Smash the Pig is a cute and comical video slot machine running on the IGT computer software provider platform. It includes 20 paylines that are fixed and five reels. The Smash the Pig slot features a massive extensive betting range which starts from 20 coins and ladders up to 40, 000 coins. The theoretical long-term Smash the Pig RTP is based on the number of 92. 15% and 96. 17%. Contrary to popular belief, you are able to secure some big wins as 10, 000 times of your bet.
The overall game is characterised by vibrancy and the use of cartoonish animations. The reels are set against a bright green field under a bright blue sky with clouds going swimming. It s a bright sunny day! The symbols have already been designed well, which is quite a simple video slot devoid of any complicated gameplay. The panel in the bottom offers the Paytable, the Bet value, the Spin button, and the number of lines. The luck meter is on top of the reels and to the right side; the screen could keep showing you the functions of both scatter buttons. To the

very best right-hand corner, you can view the principles of the game and regulate the sound.

Smash the Pig Bonus

Smash the Pig on line slot lacks a wild symbol and doesn't offer free spins, but the absence is compensated by both generous and smashing bonus games. Both these bonus games offer multipliers in loads which efficiently boosts your winnings.

Pick-a-Pig Bonus

No less than three of the branded pigs or the Scatter icons anywhere on the reels will activate the Pick a Pig bonus game. All you've got to do is choose a Pig to bag either of the following awards:

  • A random multiplier between 1x and 20x of the total bet value.
  • A second chance to pick besides a random multiplier between 1x and 15x the total bet.
  • Win All! will not only reveal all the prizes on the screen but grant you the same.
  • Bonus will activate the Pig Smashing Bonus. This bonus can only be launched one time during Choose a Pig Bonus despite awarded bonus wins.

Pig Smashing Bonus

Land 3 to 5 of the Smash the Pig scattered bonus icons to trigger the Pig Smashing Bonus. All these icons brings a random little bit of luck which starts to fill up the Luck Meter at the top of the screen. Your way of this bonus game is always to smash as many pigs as you are able to before you come to an end of luck in the Luck Meter.
Every choice that you make will cost you a random amount of luck and will also grant you a multiplier between 1x and 20x of the full total bet. If you're able to get five pigs on the screen, and you still involve some amount of luck left in the meter, the remainder handful of pigs will take a run.
You will find seven pigs appearing on the screen now and the Luck meter may also start to fill up. If you happen to run out of enough luck thus not able to smash anymore piggies, all the luck you've got left are certain to get added as a multiplier of the total bet and awarded for your requirements along with the pig you last smashed.

Smash the Pig Paytable

Smash the Pig video slot is sold with nine exclusive symbols with the Smash the Pig scatter bonus icon paying out the highest, followed closely by the stack of notes, the coin, hammer with spikes and the reduced paying symbols of A, K, Q and J. The Scatter symbol may be the pig with a dollar sign branded on its side. It really is accountable for activating the Pick a Pig Bonus.

x3 x4 x5
Smash the Pig Bonus Scatter 150 1,000 10,000
Stack of Notes 75 500 5,000
Coin 50 250 1000
Hammer 20 125 500
A 12 70 200
K 10 50 100
Q 5 25 50
J 3 15 25

Tips and Strategies to Win

Before we proceed to talk about ways to win some big fat stash out of Smash the Game slot game, let s take a glimpse at the rules guarding this game. The essential gameplay is usual, where you select a bet value and hit the spin button. The number of lines is fixed at 20, and the game does not support an autoplay option thus requires your constant engagement. To win, all of the line win icons are to look on a played line in subsequent reels starting from the leftmost. The pays have calculated both ways, from left to right and to left.
Only the wins with the greatest value are settled every line, and the line wins are enhanced by the line bet on the victorious line. You will also receive the wins from coinciding line wins on various paylines. However, the bonus wins are individually put into the quantity paid. Understand that misuse or malfunction will void all plays and pays.
The bonus games have perhaps already caused it to be clear how significant the situation of luck is in this slot. Anyway, slot machines are not quite simple to come around by skill alone since they will be mostly a casino game of chance. But there's absolutely no reason to get beat about it; certain approaches can well improve your likelihood of getting your hand on some cold income.
For starters, the inexperienced can try their hand at the free play version of this slot. Smash the Pig demo will not cost you just one penny, no matter how many times you play, but the catch is, you'll not earn a single penny either. The purpose of this whole Smash the Pig free slot is that it allows you to understand the overall game better its rules, paytable, and gameplay function. The better you realize the game, the better strategies you would be able to implement as you play for real.

Play for Real Money

Once you are through with the free play and if the slot suits your taste, you can proceed to take to the true money version. You can look at the actual money Smash the Pig slots at the many casino sites available on line provided they support IGT slots and games. Choose a casino that's safe and licensed by renowned institutions, includes a simple UI, has good collection bonuses and promotions, and banking options. Once you have signed up an account with the respective casinos, make sure to collect the Welcome bonus offer before you go to start playing. Also, make sure to keep in budget and not exceed it. Play slow and in a controlled manner to avoid losses.

About IGT

IGT or International Game Technology came to exist long in 1975 with its base in the United Kingdom. It really is a company focused on lottery systems and world wide gaming. IGT barged into the online gambling market in 2005 and has since occupied a firm space on the market. The software includes both online and mobile products. A few of the most widely acclaimed services and products of IGT consist of Cleopatra, Wolf Run, Roulette Supreme, Texas Hold em, and Bingo, and others.

Pros and Cons of Smash the Pig Game

If you are asking yourself why you should be playing this slot, here are a few reasons why:

  • The slot encompasses great graphics and sound.
  • You can win up to a maximum of 9 billion and offer moderate variance.
  • The slot offers double Bonus games.
  • You can also win a number of multipliers.

The slot could be a great one, nonetheless it has a unique set of shortcomings, for example, the slot lacks the Wild feature and free spins which slot lovers really look forward to.

A Parting Thought

When you have made it to the finish of the review, you will realize that Smash the Pig is an awfully generous slot machine game in Australia (CA). Besides having to pay in loads, the progressive slot has two bonus games to consider. They replace with the absent wild icon, and free spins offer. This is one of the best slots out there and absolutely worth a go!
You are able to enjoy particularly this slot on your own mobile phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops. Make sure you have a device with a compatible Android, iOS and Windows OS and a well balanced web connection. You do not have to down load the slot either as you are able to play it directly from any flash-enabled browser.

Smash the Pig Slots

Smash the Pig is an online video slot by IGT consisting of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 fixed paylines.

It is a very colorful slot that’s fun to play but not meant to be taken too seriously. There’s no storyline or relatable theme, but that’s the whole point. Outside of the game, the premise makes no sensei.e., smashing images of pigs is not something any sane person would contemplate, But once you start playing, the more pig images you get the chance to smash, the more money you make. So in that context, it makes perfect sense.

A product of IGT

IGT, which is short for International Game Technology, has been in the casino game manufacturing business for decades. Many of its slots, including Smash the Pig, were created initially for land-based casinos but later adapted for online and mobile slots play. Today IGT is one of the leading developers, manufacturers, and distributors of high quality slots, table games, and gaming software for land-based and online casinos all over the world.

A simple, straightforward slot

IGT released the online version of Smash the Pig in 2017. Compared to some of the newer slots, with their flashy design, intricate configuration, cinematographic quality animations multiple games within games, and many ways to win, this game pales. In fact, even some of the most frequently incorporated extra features like a wild symbol and free spins with multipliers are missing.

But if you’re a player who couldn’t care less if a slot lacks a storyline, fast paced action, and high-tech bells and whistles and prefer simple slots that stick to the basics, Smash the Pig is your kind of game. With some slots, you have no idea what to expect until you’re already well into the game, but with Smash the Pig, the title says it all.

The object of the game is to try to win big cash prizes by repeatedly smashing pigs.

Cartoon-like pigs and a bouncy hip-hop tune accompanying big wins fit the quirky theme. It’s the type of slot that will have you smiling even when you’re not winning.

Where Smash the Pig falls short

On the other hand, partly because it’s a highly predictable and relatively uneventful game and partly because the return to player isn’t great, Smash the Pig doesn’t have as much replay appeal as some other entertaining online slots. It is more the type of game you might want to try once out of curiosity or return to on occasion because it’s such a good mood lifter than one that is likely to make your top 10 list.

Smash the Pig does not have a progressive jackpot. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be a big concern because the same can be said about most online slots. Also, progressive jackpot slots, as a rule, produce winning combinations with decent payouts less frequently than the best non-progressive jackpot slots. Players with limited bankrolls who want to give themselves the best chance to win know this and look for games that they think can give them the best bang for their buck.

Unimpressive RTP

Smash the Pig has a published return to player (RTP) ranging from 92.15% to 96.17%, for an average of 94.20%. This is below average for Pennsylvania online slots. You can still win, but the biggest wins will most likely come in the Pig Smashing Bonus, which is hard to trigger. Another bonus feature called Pick A Pig is easier to trigger but likely to be less rewarding.

The problem is that while you keep spinning, hoping three scatter symbols will land so you can proceed to the bonus, your bankroll could take a serious hit. During the base game, unless you’re very lucky, the combination of many spins coming up empty and most of the “wins” only giving you your money back or less will have your balance moving in the wrong direction. If and when you finally trigger the bonus, the deficit might already be too big to overcome.

One consolation for those with limited bankrolls is that the low volatility of this slot minimizes the likelihood of wild swings in your bankroll. So even when you’re luck isn’t great, you can stay in the game longer.

Smash the Pig bet size

Smash the Pig can be played either in demo mode or for real money. Either way, all 20 paylines are always in play.

When playing for real money, the minimum bet per spin is only 20 cents, while the maximum is a hefty $400. Your line bet, which is also your coin size, is 1/20 of your total bet. If you choose to play in demo mode, the bet range might vary depending on where you are playing.

Smash the Pig symbols

Smash the Pig is a simple game. It includes eight regular symbols and two bonus symbols.

Pay both ways feature

As with most online slots, to produce a winning combination, three or more matching symbols need to line up adjacently (horizontally or diagonally) on consecutive reels. However, in most online slots, winning combinations can only be formed from left to right, starting with the reel farthest to the left. Smash the Pig pays both waysfrom left to right and right to left. Winning combinations can be formed either from left to right starting with reel 1 or from right to left starting with reel 5.

The pay both ways feature produces more frequent payouts. But what’s not so great is that most of these wins are very small. Much more often than not, you only get back the amount of your bet or less.

Regular symbols

The four higher paying regular symbols, in descending order of value, are as follows:

  • Smash the Pig logo
  • Stack of cash
  • Bronze coin
  • Hammer

The four lower paying symbols are the playing cards jack through ace.

If you’re lucky enough to have five Smash the Pig logo symbols line up across a payline, you will be paid 10,000x your line bet. At the other end of the spectrum, five jacks across a payline will return only 25x your line bet.

Smash the Pig pay table
Symbol5 Symbols4 Symbols3 Symbols
Smash the Pig logo10,0001,000150
Stack of cash5,00050075
Bronze coin1,00025050
Queen 50255

Special symbols

Pig scatter symbol

Three or more single pigs with a dollar sign appearing anywhere on the reels simultaneously will trigger the pick a pig bonus.

Smashing bonus scatter symbol

This symbol consists of the word ‘bonus’ appearing under a group of three pigs. Three or more appearing simultaneously anywhere on the reels will trigger the pig smashing bonus.

Smash the Pig bonus features

Pick a pig bonus

Upon triggering this bonus, you will be asked to pick one pig to reveal one of the following prizes:

  • Multiple of 1-20x your bet
  • Multiple of 1-15x your bet plus a chance to pick another pig
  • Triggering the pig smashing bonus (see below)
  • All available rewards

Pig smashing bonus

You can trigger this bonus in either of two ways: by winning it in the pick a pig bonus or by having three or more scattered bonus symbols land on the reels simultaneously in the base game.

The pig smashing bonus features a luck meter. The meter remains empty during the base game but becomes either full or partially full at the start of the pig smashing bonus, depending on how many bonus symbols (3, 4, or 5) show up on the triggering spin.

You’re presented with eight pigs, and your task is to pick one at a time to smash. With each smash, you win a new prize (a 1-20x bet multiplier), but at the same time, less luck remains in the luck meter. You keep picking and smashing until either the meter becomes empty or you smash five pigs, whichever comes first. If you have smashed five pigs and still have enough luck in the meter to keep going, the three remaining pigs will run off and eight new pigs will appear, and the bonus round continues.

How I fared in demo mode

In two out of my three playing sessions (betting $10 per spin in one and $20 per spin in the other), I triggered the pick a pig bonus, winning 10x my bet and 1x my bet respectively. Neither win was enough to offset my loss in the base game.

However, when I increased my bet to $40, I triggered the more lucrative pig smashing bonus in which I smashed eight pigs and won $1,280.

The bottom line

If you want to give this game a shot and can afford to bet big, that might be your best bet. However, those with limited bankrolls should play this slot mainly to have fun rather than empty out their piggybanks in the hope of winning a fortune.

Smash the pig slot machine online

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