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Star Cruise - Libra - Penang (Doubt on Travel)

I am planning a cruise in Malaysia, the StarCruise Libra 1N cruise from Penang.

I will reach Penang by 17.45 on Day 1 and have a flight to Kuala Lumpur on Day 2 at 9:45 AM.

The problem now is about getting to the airport on time the next morning.

The cruise gets over by 8 as per the travel agent.

Is it practically possible to reach the airport from the Star Cruise Terminal in 1 hour?

Also, can some one give me info on the address of the terminal?

Not practical. Not enough time in the morning peak traffic and distance required to get to the airport for check-in. Get a later flight i.e. after 12. Terminal is at Swettenham Pier, No. 1A, King Edward Place George Town

This is not a cruise, it is a gambling ship which goes out from Swettenham Port in the evening when it is dark, sails out of Malaysian waters and then stops. People gamble all night and then it sails back in in the morning. Is this what you want? It is most certainly not a cruise as it goes nowhere and you will see nothing. It's sole purpose is to allow people to gamble.

Advisable to recheck your estimated arrival time with Star Cruise again. Per their website, it differs on Fri-Sat.

Even if docking at 8am, by the time you get off, it will be 9.30am--10.30am, depending on passengers loading.

Factor another 45 mins travel time to airport.

Thanks a lot for the kind responses all. I appreciate the time and efforts spent on this post.

Having been encouraged by your responses, may I put forward somemore queries?

1. Now that this is not a feasible option, I need to book another flight to KUL/SUBANG that leaves in the afternoon. I am planning to not show up for the already booked 9.45 flight as the cancellation charge is twice the actual fare.

2. Now, I need to reach KL Sentral that day. Hence, as per my research, Subang airport is way better and nearer to KL Sentral. Best is to reach KL Sentral right?

3. Is there any other way to reach KL Sentral? I am getting 2 tickets at 100 MYR on FireFlyz airlines. Is it the best deal possible? Bus takes 5 hours and almost 80MYR for two people. Please advice.

4. Planning on this cruise journey because its the first time that I am going on a cruise and its the first for my wife too. We do not gamble or drink and hence I do not know what to do on a 3D-2N cruise. Planning to go on this just to get a feel of how sailing will be like! Do you think my thoughts are in the wrong direction?

Again, thanks a lot for such amazing replies. I appreciate it a lot !

As I said it is not a cruise - it is just a floating gambling den operating during the hours of darkness. It doesn't sail anywhere and is stationary during the night. You will see absolutely nothing from it and it won't give you a feel for cruising at all. A complete waste of money if you're not drinkers, smokers or gamblers. There is a lounge area on the boat with entertainment, plus a disco, but that's about all.

I'm hoping a travel agent hasn't been advising you on this trip or making bookings for you. If they have then go back and see them as they have given you some very bad advice and you need to get them to change things for you. If you have done it yourself and feel the so-called cruise is not for you can you cancel it? If you haven't yet booked it then don't, but as you have flights to Penang booked and paid for think about what you will do for one night instead. It is getting to the stage where you might just be better cancelling the flights and spending another night wherever it was you were flying to Penang from.

If you keep the flights to and from Penang you will need to leave George Town at about 7.45am for your flight. It will give you one night on Penang but you will need to stay in George Town if you are going to see anything that night.

The only quick way to get to KL is to fly. Subang is nearer to the centre of KL.

A one night cruise to nowhere is a way to get a little taste of what cruising is about. You will be able to evaluate the cabin size, the dining options including Chinese, Japanese and Indian restaurants, entertainment, pools, jacuzzis, nightclub and the general layout of the ship. I enjoy cruising, I hope you make the most of your one night cruise.

Thanks a lot for the reply.

Dear Paperstonescissors, Gaja,

Its my own plan. I haven't taken any help from a travel agent.

My wife had once expressed her dream of being on a cruise ship, just to feel the energy on it.

We will never be able to enjoy a long cruise as we do not do most of the things that is said to happen on a ship like drinking, gambling or smoking. Hence, I thought why not experience this for one night.

So far as seeing places is concerned, I would like to do it by flying as I dunno how I can kill time on a cruise.

This is how I got to thinking of trying this 1 night thing.

I booked tickets myself and cancelling is anyway a great waste of money.

The cruise isnt booked yet though.

I will be in Penang by 5.45PM on day 1 just for the cruise. so even if I cancel the plan on the cruise and stay put in Georgetown and take the 9.45AM flight to KUL, do I get to see something?

Can you suggest an itenary for one evening so as to make me leave early next morning to catch my flight back to KUL?

Do you mean I should go ahead and try this? One thing you should note is I will be bored to death if I take any other cruise as I will have nothing to do! What's your suggestion?

As Gaja said, it might give you an idea of what a cruise ship is like. It might persuade your wife

that she doesn't want to do a longer cruise or even that you might like to try it! The Libra does a three night cruise once a week up to Thailand so it is a properly equipped cruise ship. I have spent an afternoon on it, and it is quite impressive, so some of my comments are based on what the staff themselves were saying when they took us for a tour round.

The cabins are on several decks and they do vary. We were shown them all. Most people buying tickets for the one night cruise do not need a cabin, so you need to check if the ticket you are buying includes a cabin or not. If you need a cabin you will have to choose between a smoking or non smoking deck, and check whether the cabin will be near the gambling areas or a decent distance away. Smoke does travel and can be unpleasant if you are too near a smoking area. We could smell the smoking areas when we toured round the Libra.

If you decide the one night cruise is not for you then there are quite a few things you could do in George Town. Have a look at There are several vegetarian Indian restaurants in Little India if that is your preferred food choice. You will be arriving early enough to go up Penang Hill as the railway runs until about 10pm. If you are here before the 18th March you could go and see all the lights at Kek Lok Si. They're a fantastic sight. Most of the museums close at 5 or 6pm but you can still walk round and see all the street art that Penang has become famous for.

Do you mean I should go ahead and try this?

I have given you some ideas, it is up to you to make the decision :-)

The question would be , is it a must to take the cruise?

I been to this casino cruise before, its cheap (less than MYR100 + buffet) and big ship to walk around. Like P.S.P said, unless you are interest on gambling. Nothing much there.

There's a karaoke room and a pub with free entertainment which you can spend some time there. Not sure whether you are vegetarian because the buffet is international buffet. Thus, you will have limitted food if you are vegetarian.

For memorable time with your wife. Yes, you can do the Titanic's stunt there and have a view in the casino. I'll suggest you book a cabin also for both of you once you in the cruise. They have limitted room and the price might not be cheap for a small room. But then again, if its for an experience that both of you wish to try.. go ahead.

Regarding your flight, definitely you will miss it especially if you are bringing a big luggage. There will be long que.

If you choose not to take the cruise. Your option also will be limited because by the time you reach Penang (around 6pm) its already evening. Thus, only few place you can go for sight seeing depends on which hotel you are staying for a night. Little India, 3D museum, time tunnel Musem and georgetown mural walk are nearby the pier. If you are coming during Chinese New Year, of course there's more to see at night. Otherwise, your option are limited.

Back to the question whether you should take the cruise or not. I'll suggest you talk to your wife on this. Wife is the King! If the cruise is one of her highlight. Then, its better you go and avoid her wrath since she won't know whether she will like it or not until she try it.

If your wife wish to do the Titanic's Stunt and doesn't mind on smaller ship. I'll suggest you look into the following website : (try google around, there's should have more option)

My advice is: if you choose to take the cruise make sure you get a room and book a later flight

If you choose not to take the cruise, make sure you have wonderful back up plan for the night

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