Street Fighter 2 Slot Demo

Combine your favorite video game with online slot developed by Cryptologic Company Street Fighter II slot machine. Fight with your opponent triggering special Fight Feature and collect lucrative payouts during the ordinary mode.

Try to spin its luxurious 25 wager lines and this game will immediately occupy peculiar place at your top games list. Want to add couple of other items to it? Check all Cryptologic slots we suggest to gamble on our site.

Street Fighter Slots Start - Choose The Hero

Street Fighter 2 video slot machine was created by Cryptologic. Before you set necessary settings at the wager section and make up your mind about pay lines amount, you need to set your Street Fighter choosing in between main heroes of the game. There are Sagat, Ken, Chun Li, Ryu and Guile. If you pick up Ryu icon it will be landed only on the 2nd reel and act as Wild icon. And on the 4th reel will appear Bison symbol behaving as a Wild symbol too. If you catch them simultaneously Ryu and Bison you will start incredible feature.

Place your wagers for fighting with Bet button and its arrows. Street Fighter II slot game by Cryptologic comprises diverse wagers from the minimal points like 0.01 up to the highest 20 per line. If you set all 25 wager lines with 20 coins per line, the total wager will be equal to 500 coins. The ultimate stake Bet Max button takes on wagering all 25 lines, which are alterable with arrows at the Lines section.

Operate with Paytable to learn rules and payouts for icons together with getting info about Fight Feature. Here all winning combinations are valued in free credits as well as your wins will be also completed from them. But in IWCasino online they know how to turn credits into cash, play this game there and boost your bankroll with real money.

And, of course, spin those reels and stake lines in Auto Play mode just setting appropriate number of spins either 5 or 15 spins, etc.

Bison And Other Special Characters

The main feature in Street Fighter 2 free slot is started when Fighter and Bison appear on appropriate columns coincidently. We liked its graphic and design of video slot machine reels disappear and player can watch the Fighter in the full length, as well as Bison. With each spin they start fighting till one will beat another. To complete this task with each rotation on 1st and 5th reels appear special icons: Star, Boots, Fists as well as Fists and Boosts. Star gives right for Fighter or Bison to use his special power.

Boots kick and Fists punch, whilst Fists and Boost all together. On the 1st reel appear action that Fighter can use, and on the 5th column Bison. Above the gaming field there are health meters for both characters. When Street Fighter kicks or boosts, player is awarded with prizes. During the bonus games expanded reels acting as Wild symbol.

Street Fighter 2 online slots logo is Scatter icon and it is irreplaceable by Wilds. Other symbols taken to the fight are sculls, shuriken, muffles, mask together with the claw and traditionally selected cards.

Yoe can play Street Fighter 2 video slot machine both for free and for real money.

Street Fighter 2 slot machine

Street Fighter 2 slot machine. Fight! NetEnt s Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior Slot gives you the chance to revisit the iconic world of Street Fighter. He taking you back to 1991 with this one. For some of you it ll seem like only yesterday. For others, you might not even have been born! But all of you will love the feel of this slot, which is based on what is arguably the greatest fighting game of all time.

5 xs 5. Cluster Pays. But that doesn t even skim the surface of this game. Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior Slot has a ton of features and gamification that make the game feel and play very similarly to the original arcade version the same graphics, the same emotion, and the same fist-pumping action!

Choose one of 8 characters and fight a random opponent. If you win the battle, you are awarded Beat the Boss Free Spins. There are 4 boss levels in Free Spins. Each level offers a higher multiplier. Only by beating a boss can you move to the next level. Each victory increases your chances of winning big. Keep fighting off your opponents until you come up against the final boss himself M. Bison!

This game is loaded with Wilds. Each high-value symbol in a winning combination gives you one point. Collect 7 or more points, and the Wild Combo feature is activated, randomly placing Wild symbols on the reels, and giving you a chance to win big!

A hidden bonus game allows you to control your character just in like in the original arcade! Remember the part in the game where Ryu smashes up a car? Well, it s time to do it again! It s time to finally answer the question: who is the best street fighter? Play it right today!

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Slot

There were a ton of great slot announcements from ICE London 2020, but few generated as much buzz and anticipation as Street Fighter 2 from NetEnt did. The wait is over, and the final product will exceed many expectations. Sometimes developers rely on the recognition power of a branded slot, while the development takes a back seat to make a quick and easy buck. Not so with the Street Fighter 2 slot. It's not too much of a stretch to say that Street Fighter 2 almost redefines what we think of in a slot. For one, the arcade license has been put to good use and permeates every aspect of the game. Secondly, the whole way the game is played is new and fresh. It's not without its drawbacks, which we'll get to, but for now, it's round one, fight!

Street Fighter 2 Online Slot: base game

The first thing to clear up is that the Street Fighter 2 slot is based on the original coin-op version released in 1991. The first Street Fighter game was a hit, but the sequel took things to the next level and dominated arcades worldwide. One main draw was the 8 characters which fans will be chuffed to see, not only make it to the slot version, but each one brings a different modifier with them. As well as choosing which payer to do battle, stakes must also be selected from 20 p/c up to the truly heroic 700 /? per spin, although this range can vary depending on market. Once settled, the chosen character jets off to a random part of the world to begin their first battle. Each battle includes multiple spins, and concludes when one of the fighters runs out of health.

At the core of the gameplay is NetEnt's Cluster Pays system which is played on a 5x5 grid slot format where 25 symbols tumble into place on each spin. Payouts occur when 4 or more matching symbols connect either vertically or horizontally and which also trigger the Avalanche feature. With this feature, winning clusters are removed from the grid to let new symbols fall into place. The Avalanche will continue to payout as long as winning clusters appear.

The image on the high pay symbols change depending on who is fighting, but the low pays are always J-A royals in an old arcade game font. There are four high pay symbols - 2 are victory versions and 2 are defeat versions which pay up to 30x for clusters of 16 or more. Victory and defeat symbols can also appear in 2x2 colossal sizes for guaranteed wins.

When combinations of high pay symbols land, the respective fighter deals damage to their opponent until the health bar of one of them is reduced to zero. If the player is defeated, then the Car Smash bonus game is launched, if they win, the Beat the Boss game is triggered.

We'll cover both of those games shortly after a look at the stats. Starting with the RTP which like everything else is a little complicated and ranges from 96.02% - 96.08% depending on which character is selected. Then again, if the Insert Coin Gamble game is activated, RTP skyrockets to 98.7% - 100%. Volatility can also vary by fighter, but expect a rather high setting regardless. Right, enough housekeeping, on to the good bits.

Street Fighter 2 slot: Features

It all starts with fighter selection, and each of the 8 original characters affects the game in a different ways on a sliding volatility scale of 'Win Often' to 'Win Big' we get:

  • Dhalsim places 3 or 4 wilds in random positions on the grid (96.04% RTP).
  • E. Honda places 3 wild symbols on the same reel (96.05% RTP).
  • Ryu places 3 wild symbols on the same row (96.02% RTP).
  • Guile places 2 vertical stacks of 2 wild symbols (96.04% RTP).
  • Zangief places 2 horizontal stacks of 2 wild symbols (96.08% RTP).
  • Chun Li places 2 or 7 wild symbols at random (96.08% RTP).
  • Blanka places 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same reel (96.08% RTP).
  • Ken places 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same row (96.06% RTP).

Each character has a Wild Gauge that is filled by one point for each high pay symbol in a winning cluster. When there are no more winners on screen, and 7 points on the Wild Gauge, their modifier listed above is activated. As usual, wilds can substitute for any other pay symbol.

Each battle round has two outcomes win or lose. If players lose, then the Car Smash Bonus Game is triggered. Here players can either manually smash a car or hit the 'Quick Finish' button to win from 5 to 15 times their bet. Once completed, players can stick with the same character or choose a different one for a new battle.

If players win the battle, then the Beat the Boss Free Spins are awarded. Here, the rules are the same as the base game, except that boss levels come with a win multiplier. There is no set number of free spins, instead the bonus

game continues until someone is defeated. Beat the boss and players move to the next level, or lose and head back to the base game. There are 4 bosses to defeat: Balrog (x2 multiplier), Vega (x3 multiplier), Sagat (x5 multiplier), and M. Bison (x10 multiplier). Now, should you beat all opponents, then you pick up an additional 100 times your stake award for remaining undefeated throughout the tournament.

In one final twist, when players lose to a boss they may get the chance to restart the level via the Insert Coin gamble feature. The feature can only be used once per Beat the Boss Free Spins round and requires you to give up a portion of your winnings. The advantage, however, is that you get to play with a significantly higher RTP setting of between 98.7%-100%.

Street Fighter 2 slot: Verdict

With so much going on in Street Fighter 2, it's hard to know where to begin. One thing is certain, fans of the arcade game will love it - at least at first. If players will stick around long term will come down to whether they'll enjoy the commitment required to go far with the game. What that means is that, once a battle starts, you are locked in until you win or lose. Until that happens, bankrolls can rise or take hits as much as health bars do.

The Car Smash bonus is a rather unexciting consolation prize of low value. Make it to the Beat the Boss game, however, and things really heat up thanks to there being no set free spins and the addition of win multipliers. With a max win potential of over 7,000 times the stake, it's quite clear that there's enough worth collecting a few bruises along the way for.

If you are intrigued by Street Fighter 2, it would do well to demo the game before making a commitment. The gameplay is so unusual that at first, it's like being assaulted by E. Honda's 100 Hands Slap - you can't really tell what's going on. Despite the initial confusion, the game is fun from the get-go and is a testament to NetEnt capturing the spirit of the arcade game perfectly.

NetEnt has encapsulated nearly every aspect of the arcade game; traveling the world battling contenders, the individual moves and catchphrases, and the soundtrack. To see and hear Ryu unleash his iconic "Hadouken" surging punch will instantly take fans back to the glory days of arcade games. Thus, it's a slot with a long shelf life if players embrace not just trying to win coins, but reliving classic characters from their video gaming days.

Okay, it's not perfect, the target audience is very specific and it won't suit players who want straight forward gaming. Those who don't understand the concept might find the game cluttered, complicated and confusing. But the angle here is not to please everyone. This is a branded slot that does everything possible to please fans of the arcade game. NetEnt has flexed their creative muscle and the result is like no other slot out there.

Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot Slot Review

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NetEnt Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot Overview
Street Fighter II The World Warrior is a science fiction-themed online slot machine that came out of the gates of NetEnt. This title hit the market on the 21st of May 2020 and it revolves around one of the most popular console games series ever made - Street Fighter.

NetEnt is a software provider that strives to bring unique titles on the market and it seems like they released yet another successful title. Offering graphics and sound effects that guarantee an authentic experience and an incredible mix of features, this game can be considered a must-play title for fans of the genre. Those who wish to see more slots from the same software provider’s catalogue should take a look at Finns Golden Tavern or Coins of Egypt.

How to Play the Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot
Street Fighter II The World Warrior online slot machines will welcome spinners on an interesting grid of 5 reels, 5 rows and no paylines, featuring an RTP of 96.06%. Yes, there are no paylines because the pays are made in clusters for adjacent symbols in the cascading reels manner. Winning symbols from a combination will be removed to make room for others to fall in, leading to a potential chain effect and multiple wins in a single spin.

Bets can be customized with the help of the button that resembles stacked coins and can vary from a minimum of 0.20 to a maximum of 700.00 credits for each spin. With such an amazon range of values both high rollers and penny slots spinners can enjoy this game as it finds a sweet spot for each budget. The autoplay feature is available and you can let the reels spin by themselves for a while if you decide to just sit back and enjoy the matches.

Street Fighter II The World Warrior Online Slot Features

Theme - Street Fighter is a very popular video game series of fighting games released by Capcom. The first game hit the market in August 1987 and in the years that followed the series covered almost any gaming platform from Xbox to Playstation, PC and even Gameboy. Now used as a theme for a slot machine, we can surely say that the result is unique and will definitely please the nostalgics.

Audio - Anyone who played Street Fighter will instantly recognize some of the sound effects present here. For the spin actions, there are some jingles and ding-dongs included but mostly the tunes remain authentic.

Graphics - The graphics are designed to resemble the initial arcade game as closely as possible and you can clearly see from the start that the software providers aimed to offer an incredibly authentic experience from top to bottom.

Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot Bonus Features

Wild - In the main game and Beat the Boss Free Spins there is a Wild Gauge that gets filled with every Wild appearing on the reels. When there is no winning combination on the reels and there are 7 points in the meter, your character will use his own unique Wild Combo feature.

Battles - The main game is played in battles. You select a character and spin to fight a random opponent. The battle ends when one of the characters will run out of hit points. If you win you will be awarded the Beat the Boss Free Spins feature and if you lose, the Car Smash Bonus is started.

Beat the Boss Free Spins - There are 4 Free Spins levels available and you will have to fight your way up. Each victory will increase the multiplier for up to 10x at level 4.

Car Smash Bonus Rounds - Destroy the car using your character to win instant cash prizes between x5 and x15 the initial stake value.

Play Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot Machine on Mobile
Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot can be played on all devices from laptops and desktop systems to mobile ones like tablets or smartphones. If you want to be able to play it no matter where you are we recommend that you play it as a mobile slot game for full mobility.

Play Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot Game for Real Money
Street Fighter II The World Warrior Slot is available for free on SlotsMate. Try it in demo mode to understand how it works and what your best betting strategies are. When you’ve figured it out, make an account at one of the online casinos in our Real Money Slots section to start playing for real.

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