How much silver is in a Las Vegas ten dollar token

How much silver is in a Las Vegas ten dollar token?

There is no silver in any dollar tokens. They are iron with chrome plating. Silver "Ike" dollars were used in the past for casino play, now just tokens are used, because they are not legal tender except in the casino that issues them, for gambling purposes only. ======================================= There is no iron in these tokens. The question was about a $10.00 token, which usually is a "limited edition", encased in clear plastic, and does contain slightly less than 0.6 troy oz of pure silver. The remainder is brass - only the center is silver. They are usually marked: ".999 fine silver" - which is correct for the center portion. When silver was bringing a high price a couple of months ago, many people with these tokens punched out the silver. A few even tried to sell the remaining worthless brass doughnuts on eBay. The tokens are not worth much more than face value, if that.

10 Dollars Gaming Token - State Line Wendover, Nevada

Silver strike tokens issued before 2005 had a center silver round weighing about .6 Troy ounces, later ones had a .5 Troy ounce center silver round.
Issued by the State Line casino located in West Wendover, Nevada in close proximity to interstate 80 there on the Utah-Nevada state line. The casino operated as State Line from 1931 to 2002
The reverse depicts a race car on the Bonneville Salt Flats, commemorating the annual races there.

Nevada Casino Gaming Tokens - Worth?

I have about a dozen $10 gaming tokens from various Nevada casinos. They are about 40mm in diameter and 4 mm thick. There is about a 5mm ring of what looks like brass around the outside edge. The center parts are .999 fine silver and are so labeled. None of them shows a weight, however. They have various pictures on them, the casino name, and are dated 1995-2006.

They appear to be 1-oz. coins. Our postage meter shows them weighing 37g. I assume that is not a Troy oz. measurement. They are all in round plastic coin protectors. Do these have any value beyond their silver content and just what is their silver content? I would like to sell them and use the money to buy some ASEs or some Walking Liberty half dollars. Thanks for any info on these tokens.

I would say 40 to 45 bucks each Ed based on this guy below from ebay, Silverbandmetals who has huge inventory an major solid reputation for selling silver on ebay, many years now. Prices are a bit high IMO, but great inventory and you at least know you are getting a solid product that you can trust to be what it is supposed to be.

Those are very neat, and you can get them seems like at Provident metals, another spot where I like to buy, very competitive prices there, and I think the forum would agree, minus the shipping being a bit high.

Yeah here they are Ed from Provident for 25 bucks each, but after 9 bucks for shipping, they would be around 34 bucks, so them going for 40 on eBay would be just about the norm. And yes .6 oz of silver with a brass ring.

Thanks for the URLs and comments, Silverhawk. Useful info that. I appreciate you taking the time to look these up. I'm thinking that if I can get $30 each for them that would be good. We have a scrap silver, coin, jewelry, and silver plate buyer in town just now and they will give a free estimate of the value of such items. I think that I will check them out tomorrow and see what they will pay for these. I would not want to take less than about $27 for them but will have to see what the offer is. If they are only 0.6 oz. Troy weight in silver, that might limit the price to 0.6 x $39.50/oz. or a bit under $24.

Vinny: I don't know if they still use these or not. We try to get down there every year or so but for the last

couple of years I have not seen the "Silver Strike" slot machines that I used to play to win these. One of the casinos, Fitzgerald's, is out of business but the others are still around.

Not a problem I search these things all the time, and can find them in no time.

No reason those shouldn't bring 30 bucks each, but to a dealer like that 25 might be the best you can get each. Either way, if you decide to re-invest that money, you would have a decent little chunk of change around 300, divided by 40, breaks down to about 7 more oz of pure silver, or more like 7 of those silver eagles you say you want to get.

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