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Texas Hold'em is a betting game where players try to get the best five-card-hand from their two hole cards and the five community cards. Texas Hold'em can be played by 2 to 12 poker players. Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular poker games in the United States and the online poker community. At CardzMania, all poker games are for fun without a pot limit, and there is no real money involved.

Ranking of Cards

Aces are high and 2s are low. Ties can be broken by the kicker, the players' next highest card.

Ranking of Hands

High Card If there are no pairs or kinds in play, the player with the highest card wins

One Pair Two cards with matching pip numbers

Two Pair Two sets of two cards with matching pip numbers

Three of a Kind Three cards with matching pip numbers

Straight Five sequential cards that are not of the same suit

Flush Five cards that are in the same suit

Full House Three of a kind and a pair

Four of a Kind Four cards with matching pip numbers

Straight Flush Five sequential cards that are of the same suit

Royal Flush 10 through Ace of the same suit

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The Deck and the Deal

Texas Hold'em is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Player left of the dealer is called the left blind, also known as the small blind; they make the initial bet in the game. The player left of the left blind is called the right blind, also known as the big blind; they double the bet of the left blind. The positions of the dealer and the two blinds rotate clockwise after each game. The dealer is identified by the small black dealer button with D next to one of the poker players.

After the blinds make their bets, the dealer passes out two cards to each player; these are called the hole cards. The cards are dealt face down clockwise starting with the player next to the dealer. After players look at their cards, the game proceeds in the following five rounds: Pre-flop, Flop, Turn, River, and Showdown.

How to Play

After players receive their two cards, a round of betting occurs, beginning with the player left of the right blind. In rounds of betting, players can either call (match the previous bet), raise (make a higher bet than the previous one), fold (resign from the deal / round), or check (pass on betting).

After the Pre-flop, the dealer burns one card (discards one card face-down on table) and places the next three cards face up in the center of the gameplay area. These are community cards. A round of betting occurs based upon the best combination players can make with their hole cards and the community cards.

After the Flop, the dealer burns another card and follows that by placing a fourth card face up on the table. A round of betting occurs in similar fashion.

After the Turn, the dealer burns another card and follows that by placing a fifth and final card called river face up on the table. A final betting round occurs in a similar fashion.

After the River, any remaining players must reveal their hole cards. The player with the best possible five card hand rank wins the pot. If only one player is left, they automatically win the pot and don't have to reveal their cards.


Player with the best possible five card hand rank (or the last player left if everyone folds) wins the pot every round.


All players start with the same points balance and compete over deals / rounds to amass as many coins as they can or eliminate other players (when they run out of points). The player with the highest number of points or the last player standing wins the game.


We support several customizable rules and options so you can play Texas Hold'em exactly how you like or how you grew up playing with your friends and family. In addition to the classic way of playing, we often have new creative options for you to try to spice up the game if you are interested in trying different spins for fun.

Players start the game with a set amount of points. If they run out of points, they are out of the game.

Players determine a set amount of rounds (also known as hands or deals) that the game will go to (instead of the points selection above).

Players only have a set amount of time to make their turn after which a turn is automatically played for them and the game proceeds: Fast is 7 seconds, Standard is 15 seconds, Slow is 30 seconds, and Very Slow is 60 seconds. Players can also choose to disable the timer, but that is only for private tables.

Betting Types

Players can choose to add either blinds or an ante to the game.

Players add a predetermined amount to the pot before the game starts.

Limited Betting

Players have a limit to the max they can bet.

Players can raise multiple times.

Players can choose to sit out for a round.

Players can buy back points if they are almost out.

Players can choose whether to play with jokers in the deck. Jokers act as wildcards and are automatically chosen to reflect the best possible hand.

Terms and Definitions

Ante: A bet made to start the pot before the actual game begins. Everybody pitches the same amount for for the ante.

Blinds: Small blind and big blind bets are used to start the pot. The player sitting next to the dealer is the small blind and the one next to them is the big blind. Blinds increase after a few rounds.

Bluffing: Making a bet despite not having a good enough hand to bet on. This is done in the hope that someone with a good hand will fold instead of continue with the game.

Call: To make an equal bet to the previous bet.

Check: To pass on making a bet. This can only be done if no bets have been made thus far.

Fold: To resign from the game, giving up the bets you have made in the pot.

Kicker: The highest card used to break ties when multiple players have the same rank of hands.

Raise: To make a bet more than the amount of the previous bet.

Pot: The total amount of bets made.

Card Game Basics

A deck of cards consists of 52 cards, with 4 distinctive subgroups. Each of these subgroups is recognised by a symbol

and are referred to as suits. They consist of Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds. Each suit contains 13 cards which, generally, are considered in this order, Ace (A), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jacks (J), Queen (Q) and King (K). Some games include the two Jokers found in a standard deck but most games don't.

Solitaire Games

As the name implies, Solitaire games are typically games that one can play alone. Solitaire begins by building a grid of cards called a Tableau. The Tableau, or Cascade, is a set of 7 piles of overlapping cards. The first pile has 1 card, the second pile has 2 cards, and so on. Only the bottom card in each pile is facing upward. The remaining deck forms the discard and draw piles. The goal of solitaire games is to move cards from the tableau, discard, and draw piles into four suited piles (called the foundations) in ascending order (Ace to King).

Trick Taking Games

Trick Taking games center around having the highest ranked card in a draw. Typically, players of trick taking games sit in a circle, sometimes in teams and sometimes playing solo, and are dealt a hand of cards. Given the specific game's card ranking (and trump), players draw a card from their hand in hopes that it outranks the other cards played. The player who outranks the others wins the trick for that round and gameplay is repeated until the cards are exhausted. Typically the player or team with the most tricks wins the game.

Rummy Games

Rummy games are typically played in teams of two where players try to play their cards, or meld them, in groups of a kind or in sequences of a suit. Rummy games often contain the joker and wildcards (Ace and 2) to help make melding easier. Depending on the type of meld made, teams receive a certain number of points. After a player lays off all of their cards, the game ends and the team with the most points wins.

Betting Games

Betting games typically center around having the highest ranked hand in a group of players. Before the hands are dealt, betting games normally require an ante, or an initial bet that starts the pot, or the winner's prize. After receiving their cards, players make bets over who has the highest ranked hand. Players do not need to bet according to their real hand; they can bluff, or lie, in hopes that other players fold from the game rather than challenge their hand. Either the last player betting or the player with the highest hand between the last players betting, wins the pot of bets.

Climbing Games

Climbing games typically center around players getting rid of their cards as fast as they can. Each climbing game has its own rules for discarding cards and its own implications for getting rid of your cards first. Some games run on a points system where the player who gets rid of their cards first gets the most points. Other games run on a ranking system where the player who gets rid of their cards first is in a better position for the next round.

Classic Games

Classic games vary to a great degree in terms of rules and objectives. A thread that binds them all is their simplicity and age. Classic games are typically easy enough for young children to play them and have typically been around for many years.


Would like to discuss new features or variations for Texas Hold'em? Need a custom rule? Have a question? Got a suggestion? Don't see a game you want to play? Please contact us by email, facebook or twitter - we really value your feedback and love hearing from all of you!

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Free Online Poker Sites Have Fun and Play Texas Hold em Games for Free

Poker is a game that s generally played for real money, and some say that playing it without real monetary stakes doesn t make any sense.

However, Texas Hold em and other forms of poker can be perfectly entertaining even without any money on the line if you are a true fan of the game.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free poker sites out there for you to enjoy and have fun without risking a single cent.

These online sites offer free poker games and a chance to learn poker rules before you jump into real money games. Without further ado, let see the top 9 of the best free online poker sites you can find today, and if you stick to the end of this article, we will share the pros and cons of such games.

9. World Poker Club

The World Poker Club mobile poker app is a free online poker app that offers a fairly mediocre poker experience but has one special feature that made me have to put it on this list.

You can play at the World Poker Club from your Android or iOS phone or tablet, and the app will allow you to make quick actions at the tables by making double taps, slides, and other gestures that represent particular poker plays such as fold, check, or all in.

The company behind the app would do well to create higher-quality poker software to support it, as the app has some real potential with its gesture feature.

As it stands, World Poker Club does not have enough players to be close to the top of this list, nor does the software provide the kind of experience you want to see from a top-class app. Nevertheless, I recommend you try World Poker Club, even if just to have some fun with the unique gestures system.

8. Scatter Hold em Poker

If you are looking to have some fun and not compete against other players necessarily, Scatter Hold em Poker is an app that will let you play against the computer in a fun mix of poker gameplay and fantasy games.

Instead of sitting at a Texas Hold em table for hours and folding out the junk hands, Scatter Hold em Poker allows you to enjoy classic poker games like 5 Card Draw in a completely new way.

You will use your play money chips to play poker against the computer, accumulate achievements, solve missions, and advance through levels like you would in so many mobile arcade games available in the mobile app stores these days.

The game offers a ton of customization options as well, making it possible to change your avatar, the deck colors and designs, and the background you are playing on.

While this is far from a classic free Texas Hold em app, it is a game that will appeal to the players who like beating the computer and reaching the highest levels in games like Candy Crush or various arcade card games.


If you are not quite looking to play poker against real players and just want to cool off and unwind without any stress, 247Poker may be just the place for you.

Unlike the other best free online poker sites on this list, 247Poker is not a platform that pits players against players, but rather one that will put you in a ring with five AI players who will try to take you for everything you ve got.

Of course, no real money changes hands here, and you will be playing against the bots simply for practice.

That said, if you are a novice player, playing against these AI players may be a great way to learn how to think about the game.

The 247Poker platform is definitely not as visually pleasing as some of the others on this list, and since you will be playing against the AI, I can t compare the toughness of the opposition to the other site.

You will get to choose between easy, medium, and hard AI difficulties, and I recommend starting at the lower difficulties if you are new to the game or trying to beat the toughest AIs if you are already a seasoned player.

6. Replay Poker

This free-to-play online poker platform offers an instant play version and a downloadable desktop app but no mobile app at this time.

Replay Poker may be a free online poker app, but it runs on software that resembles the very best of real money online poker sites like PokerStars or Party Poker.

You can enjoy various games and stakes at Replay Poker, with cash games being the main focus of the platform and an occasional tournament also available.

Alongside free Texas Hold em poker, you can also play Pot Limit Omaha , Omaha Hi/Lo, and Royal Poker, which is a unique poker variant that only features high cards (tens through aces), making for a very action-packed atmosphere. If you want to learn more about PLO and figure out the best Omaha starting hands, this is a great place to do it.

Replay Poker has been around since 2005 and has been one of the most popular play money poker platforms for the entire period.

Not only does it not require any monetary risk to join and play on, but it also features an entertaining achievements system, private ring games, and much more for free money poker players to enjoy. Check out our Replay Poker review if you want to learn more about this platform.

5. Global Poker

If you live in America and you want to play some online poker, Global Poker might be just the right place for you. While technically Global Poker is a free online poker site, it offers a mode of play where you can actually win some real money.

The Global Poker platform itself is quite high-end, as you may expect from a site that will expect you to put up real money to play the games.

At Global Poker, you will use real money to purchase Gold Coins, which are a proper play money currency without any monetary value.

However, every time you purchase Gold Coins, a corresponding amount of Sweeps Coins is also awarded.

The Sweeps Coins can be used to play at special Sweeps tables, and the coins can be converted back to cash via WorldPay, making this a technically legal way to play real money poker just about anywhere in the world.

Is this legal? Absolutely! Global Poker has been increasing in size and value over the years, and the Sweeps Coins are one of the main reasons why.

The platform is also very safe and can be compared to the major poker sites in this aspect as well, as few player complaints have ever been filed against the operator.

Of all the free poker sites out there, Global Poked definitely provides one of the best experiences, and it offers Texas Hold em, Omaha, and even Crazy Pineapple tables at a variety of stakes.

4. PlayWPT

The WPT was one of the early tournament series that helped bring poker into the mainstream, launching back in 2002 and showing the world that everyone could become the next poker champion.

Today, the WPT tournaments are not as popular as they used to be, but the PlayWPT online poker platform allows players to compete at free online poker with no risks.

The platform mimics real money poker sites quite well and offers a high-quality experience even to players who are used to playing on the top sites.

The PlayWPT poker platform features extremely sleek and modern graphics, with unique player avatars, running commentary from the WPT legends Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten, and cut scenes from the iconic WTP tournament broadcasts over the years.

The game also allows you to play in different virtual locations, representing the different WPT stops, which is another nice touch that adds to the overall atmosphere.

At PlayWTP, you will start with $25.000 in play chips, and plenty more can be added at a reasonable price through the app's store or by winning at the tables against some pretty soft competition.


The WSOP brand is probably the biggest one in the entire poker industry, and the vast majority of poker fans were introduced to the game by watching live episodes or reruns of the various WSOP events.

While real money WSOP Poker is available to players online in some parts of the world, players from everywhere can enjoy free money poker at

PlayWSOP is a unique online platform that allows players to enter free online poker cash games and tournaments under the WSOP brand.

The app itself can be connected to social accounts, such as your Facebook or Google account, and WSOP free chips can be obtained upon signing up as well as through various other methods.

Free Texas Hold em is not the only game on the platform either, as free Omaha games are also available in the cash game and tournament format.

Players can enjoy playing for various virtual stakes, and if you happen to run out of chips, you can purchase more for small amounts of real cash in the operator's store.

If you don't want to spend real money to play free poker, you can stick to the lower stakes and build your play money bankroll all the way up to the heavens.

2. Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker is by far the biggest and most visited free online poker site in the world. The massive social poker game is available through Facebook and a standalone app available on PCs and mobile devices alike.

However you choose to access it, you will most likely log in to Zynga Poker with your Facebook account, and this massive social network has popularized the game for the most part.

At Zynga Poker, you can play cash games, sit and goes, and spin & wins, all perfectly imitating the real money poker sites that are available these days.

The app is partnered with WPT, one of the biggest brands in the world of poker, and as such carries even more weight and credibility among poker players.

All action on Zynga Poker is played for free money, but the chips can be bought once you run out in the in-app store, which offers many options for players looking to play various stakes.

The software itself is pretty advanced, although those who are used to playing on premium poker platforms will notice it is slower and less smooth than those top sites.

Regardless of any downsides, Zynga Poker is the one place you can guarantee to find action around the clock and at all free money stakes available, making it the ultimate place to go and unwind, with a strong social element present in the game that allows you to compete with your friends and peers actively.

1. PokerStars Play

PokerStars have been the number one online poker platform for many years and one of the industry leaders ever since the earliest days of the poker boom. While they focus their business on providing real money poker games, free money poker is also a part of the business model.

At PokerStars Play, a desktop and mobile app that you can run on practically any device you choose, non-stop play money games are available in all poker variants and formats.

Unlike most other free poker sites that offer only Hold em and sometimes Omaha, PokerStars Play also allows you to enjoy poker games like 7 Card Stud , 5 Card Draw, 2-7 Triple Draw, 8 Game, and many others.

Featuring probably the best online poker software in the industry, PokerStars Play is the ideal place to enjoy some free poker action without taking any risks.

As you play at PokerStars Play, you may also get awarded with real money bonuses, free tournament tickets, and other valuables to use in the real money room if you are eligible for real money play.

While many free poker sites are available and listed on this page, PokerStars Play is easily the best one out there and the one with the most variety and the best software for all devices.

As such, it is my number 1 pick for anyone looking to play free online poker with friends or random players worldwide.

Play Money Poker Pros and Cons

If you are not sure whether free money poker is for you, I have listed out some of the main pros and cons that you may want to consider before you make up your mind.

Playing at free poker sites for fun may not be as exciting as playing for real cash, but it is a great early learning experience that many of the world s best pros started with some years ago.

Furthermore, free poker can be a great hobby that doesn t ever need to grow into anything else. If you simply enjoy playing poker for fun money, there is nothing wrong with that.


  • High-quality poker apps are available
  • There is no risk involved
  • Compete with your friends
  • Accumulate play money for bragging rights
  • You may win some real prizes if you do very well


  • You can t win real money regularly
  • Many opponents don t take it seriously
  • You may think you are better than you are

Considering all of these, I would recommend approaching play money poker from a slightly different perspective than you would real money games.

Expect many opponents to be spewing chips, not caring about the results, and don't take your wins or losses too seriously.

After all, play money games exist primarily for fun, and the results don't really matter too much.

That said, if you are looking to learn the game seriously, you might want to check these poker tips for beginners even before jumping into these games.

World Series of Poker - The Best Free Online Poker Game

THE ONLY AUTHENTIC POKER BRAND raises the stakes as the best FREE online poker experience on iPhone & iPad, hands-down. Play Texas Hold em and enjoy WSOP s authentic features! Want to become a poker legend? The WSOP app is the right poker app for you! Use your winnings to buy into high-stakes tables and compete with real poker players. Stack your chips and prove to everyone that you re a true poker legend! Stay on top of your game by completing your Season s challenges and unlocking special WSOP Academy videos with Lon and Norman.

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