5 Simple Strategies To Play And Win At Three-Card Poker

Three-card poker, or tri-card poker, is a unique poker variant available at top online casinos as well as land-based venues. The game is easy to play, with a moderate house edge so players actually have a shot at earning a win.

There are two basic ways to play the game, Ante-Play and Pair Plus.

Five Strategies to three-card poker Play like a Pro:

1. Learn the Rules:

With online tri-card poker, you have the Ante-Play and Pair Plus options. Learn and understand the rules to both options so you know which way you want to bet.

Pair Plus: you will win any time your three cards have a pair, flush, straight, straight flush or three of a kind.

Ante-Play: you will want to bet if you have a Queen-6-4 or better. Learn the hands to fold or bet on with Ante-Play to make the right moves during game play.

2. Practice Three-Card Poker Games Online:

Once you have learned the rules, you will need to practice putting what you have learned into action. Find an online casino that offers the game in Play Mode, so you can try a few hands and get comfortable with the format before betting for real money.

3. Set Your Bankroll:

Be sure to set an amount you will play with and stick to it. If you are beginner, choose to wager with a lower denomination. Most online casino games offer wagering of $1, $5, $25, and so on. Stick to $1 and $5 wagers until you feel more comfortable with the rules and betting strategies, then try wagering larger amounts.

4. Play Two Games at Once:

If you want to keep your win/loss record relatively even, it can be smart to play two real money three-card poker games at one time. Play the Pair Plus and the Ante-Play bet on the same hand.

Say you have a pair of sixes and the dealer has eights. You win if you choose the Pair Plus wager but then you lose the Ante-Play because the dealer s pair is higher. It can be a win-win or a win-lose situation, but either way, you are in the black because you placed both wagers and do not experience a huge loss by choosing only one betting option.

5. Find the Best Online Casino:

Every online casino is different, so your three-card poker gaming options will vary. Visit a few and take notes on what the three-card poker games offer, specifically reviewing the payout tables. Some online casinos will offer a 6 to 1 payout for a straight in a Pair Plus game while another might offer 5 to 1. You want to opt for the best payout so that you get the best bang for your buck.

Why Should You Play Three Card Poker?

Unlike most online casino games, three-card poker is easy to learn and play, plus it is not just based on luck but involves an element of skill based on hand selection. By learning the rules and basic strategy, you can make decisions to earn a profit with your game play. With online casinos offering three-card poker in several formats, you can easily spend time playing the game from home, whenever you like!

Learning the basic rules of the game and a few strategy points can help you play and win at online three-card poker.

Three Card Poker Secrets: The Unveiling

Three card poker games can be found at most casinos. However, it is not very easy to win cash at these games. This also suggests that this game is based on luck. The rules of this game are not that complicated.

You have to ante at the moment you receive your cards. When you get your cards you can either fold or play. You play with only the dealer and not other players on the table.

If you do not have a profile for online casinos then you can use your social media profile to sign in. Alternatively can also use your poker news profile.

Whether you play in a live casino or an online casino you will deal with a single deck of cards. When you play in an online casino, an automatic shuffling machine shuffles the cards. Before moving forward take a look at the list of the best poker players.

Why should you play the 3 card poker table games?

Even though the chances of winning money in this game are low, this card poker is easy to play games and has a moderate house edge.

It is not entirely based on your luck. Your chances of winning in the game depend on your skills. If you learn the rules and the basic strategies of the game then you can easily win the three poker games.

What are the basics of three card poker casino games?

If the dealer does not have a queen or a better card when you bet, then the dealer does not play the game. In such a situation you win your ante. However, your play bet pushes that is it neither wins nor loses. This happens even if the dealer beat s your hand.

On the contrary, if the dealer has a queen or a better hand then the player will have to beat the dealer in 3 card poker in order to win.

If you win in this poker then you win even money on the ante wager and the play bet. However, if you lose then the dealer takes both the bets at the pay table.

The hand rankings of most of the cards in this poker are the same as in poker with the exception that three cards and a straight have a higher ranking.

What is the best three-card poker strategy?

The best and the basic strategy when you play three card poker is that you should bet whenever you have a queen or a better card combination.

This also includes an Ace or a King. Also if you have a Q 7 or a better card then you can bet regardless of your other cards.

However, if your high card has a jack or lower then you should fold even if your other cards are not that high.

Are there any other strategies in three-card poker games?

Like any other poker player game, there are various strategies in three-card poker games as well. Choose the card poker tips that suit you the best. Before moving forward take a look at the Mandarin Palace casino review.

1. Do not play blind

The first three card poker strategy that you should adopt is to not play blind. Many players commit the mistake of playing each and every hand. This is however not appreciated. This is one of the worst mistakes that players can make in this game.

2. Set an amount that you want to bet

Make sure that you already decide the amount of money that you want to bet. If you are just beginning to play three-card poker games then set a small amount for yourself.

The three-card poker has a small house edge.

You can set a wager as low as 1 or 5 dollars before you are confident about the rules of the game.

3. Research a bit about the online casino you want to play

The options of a three-card poker game vary from casino to casino. Visit a few casinos and see what the casino offers in 3 card poker. Take a look at different Bitcoin table games.

Look at their payouts. Some of them offer a 6 to payout while others offer a 5 to 1 payout. Choose the casino that offers you the best payout. You can also take help from list of Bitcoin casino reviews.

4. Have enough revenue cash

While playing the ante play option make sure that you have enough revenue. If you have enough cash in your hand then you can play the game.

In case you do not have enough cash then you will have to end your wager.

5. Practice 3 card poker online

Once you have learned and understood the rules well, make sure that you practice it online. Play in an online casino that offers the 3 card poker in the play mode. You can also check out a guide on how poker tournaments work.

Try a few hands and get comfortable with the game before you play the real game. You can play Caribbean Stud Poker here.

6. Learn the rules of the game well

You get the option of ante play and pair plus option in an online casino game. Know the rules of both the three-card poker games to play the game well


Pair plus strategy: In pair plus you can win whenever you have three cards that have a straight flush, pair, flush, straight, or a three.

Ante play: You can bet in this if you have Queen 6-4 or a better pairing. If you know how to bet or fold then you can make the right moves with the ante.

7. Try to take bonus hands

The bonus hands in three card poker help you to earn good money. Many tables in the casino can pay up to 5:1. You get this for a straight flush on the ante. For a flush, you can get up to 3:1 or 4:1.

For three of a kind, you can get up to 2:1.

8. Try to play two games at the same time in casinos

Playing two different three card poker can help you to have a good win to loss ration. You can play the pair plus and anti play on the same hand.

For example, if you have a pair of sixes. At the same time, the dealer has a pair of eights. You can win the game if you have a pair plus wager. However, you can lose the Ante play if the dealer has a higher pair.

9. Lowest house edge bet

You get the lowest house edge in the ante bet. You can ensure winning if you place only those wagers and avoid the pair plus option. You can have the maximum winning opportunities when you play this game.

10. Place ante bet when you have a queen high, 6 4 or better

You should raise your ante bet when you have a queen, six, and a four or any other high valued hand.

11. Pair plus bet

You can make the pair plus bet while dealing with three cards. Hands of a pair or better or dealer s hand are irrelevant in this.

If you play it alone then it is a one move bet. If you have a pair or better in your hand then you get a pair plus a bonus.

Bonus in 3 card poker table game

The bonus wagers in 3 card poker help the player to win real money. At times the card bonus is even 1000 times the wager amount.

There are two types of bonuses offered in this poker card game. They are a pair plus and a 6 card bonus. You get a pair plus a bonus in a three-card game.

You also get an ante bonus if you have a straight or better.

If you have a pair or a better card at hand then you can win a pair plus in a card poker hand. Your bonus amount depends on the type of hand you are dealing with.

You get a six-card bonus once the combination of your hand and the dealers hand selection are compared. If a poker hand is forming from three of a kind then you can get the bonus.

Your bonus amount depends upon the type of poker card that you make.

What are the winning hands when you play three card poker online?

The winning hands in this game when played online include:

Mini Royal flush

This card combination in poker includes a king, an ace, and a king who belongs to the same suit.

Straight flush

The straight flush 40 1 in this game includes three cards of the same suit in a sequence

Three of a kind

The three of a kind in this poker includes three cards that have the same rank.


Straight includes three cards that are in a numerical sequence but are of different suits. If the dealer also has a straight along with you, then the winner is the one who has the highest valued card.


Flush includes cards that are of the same suit but not of the same sequence.

Pair includes two cards of the same value and one card which has a different value. The pair that has a higher ranking defeats the one with a lower ranking.

High card

A card that does not fall in any of the above categories is a high card.

If you and the dealer encounter a tie in the poker, then the winner is the one that has the highest card which is not a part of the playing card.

What are the odds of winning in 3 card poker casinos?

If you win then you can win both the ante bet as well as the play bet. If you encounter a tie, then there is a push.

The odd percentage in the game is as follows: 44.91 % when a player wins, 55.03% when a dealer wins, and 0.06% in case there is a tie.

Side bet of three card poker

There is some poker variant of this game which are as follows:

1. 6-Card

This combination is called Millionaire Maker. A royal flush card combination of diamonds pays you real money of around 100 thousand dollars. You just have to wager 5 dollars on the house edge bet.

2. Teen Patti

In this game, you play against the other players and not against the dealer s hand. It is an Indian version of this game.

3. Progressive jackpots in Las Vegas

In progressive jackpot you get the following prizes:

  • 100 % of the jackpot if the poker player has a mini royal flush
  • 50 dollars if the royal flush is in other suits
  • 100 dollars in case the player has a straight flush.

4. Ultimate three card poker

This is also known as face-up. In this, the dealer reveals only one card. You can make a blind bet if you want equal to your ante.

If you show another pair then you can make a bet equal to 3 x times the ante and play.

5. Three card 21 n Done

It is a combination of blackjack and poker games. The payouts for this are as follows:

  • A total of 21 pays you in a ratio of 1:1
  • A pair also pays you in 1:1
  • A flush pays you in the ratio of 3:2
  • A straight pays you 3:1
  • 3 card royal flush in diamond pays you 200:1
  • A straight flush pays 15:1
  • Three of a kind pays 5:1

To get more information on poker news or information you can visit our website.

Three Card Poker Strategy

This section covers strategies that you can use when playing three card poker to maximize your chances of winning. As with all casino games three card poker has a natural house edge which means that the casino will always make money from the game in the long term.

It is worth noting how poker hands are compared and ranked. In the even that neither the player or the dealer has a pair or better then the high card rule is used. When the first or second cards are equal you move to the third card. This means that for example A, 7, 4 will beat A, 7, 3.

Ante / Play Optimal Strategy

The best strategy for the Ante and Play bet is to always play if you have Q, 6, 4 or higher. Many players like to play if they have queen high or better which is what the dealer need to qualify. By taking into account the expected value of playing we find that Q, 6, 4 is the first hand where the expected loss is less than the 1 unit loss for folding.

The EV for Q, 6, 4 is 0.993378 while the EV for Q, 6, 3 is 1.002551. This means that you can expect to lose 1.002551 if you play Q, 6, 3 and you can expect to lose 0.993378 if you play Q, 6, 4 which is less than the amount you lose if you fold the hand.

Pair Plus Strategy

There is no strategy that can be used for the Pair Plus bet as you do not have any input as to the three cards you are dealt.

Money Management for Three Card Poker

One of the most important strategies that you will learn after learning the correct playing strategy is money management. Before you even make a bet you should decide what units you will bet in. This should be relative to your bankroll so if for example you are playing win a $100 bankroll you should probably only make bets of $5 per hand.

The second thing that you should do before playing is set win and loss limits. These amounts will vary from player to player but by setting limits you ensure that if you get lucky you walk away with your winnings and if you lose you do not lose more than you can afford.

3 Card Poker Strategy and Odds

This video is a must for anyone looking to learn 3 Card Poker strategies. Our casino expert details the optimal strategy of the game whilst playing a few hands. New players should get put off by the term optimal strategy as 3 Card Poker really is an easy game to play perfectly.

Develop a 3 Card Poker Strategy

3 Card Poker is one of the most popular table games. It is played in casinos around the world and also offered online at many cyber casinos. Learning how to play 3 Card Poker is fairly easy, but players can increase their chances of winning by understanding how the odds work for the house and how to follow the best strategy.

Unlike a hand of blackjack, where the player makes a single wager and only occasionally doubles down or splits with extra bets, 3 Card Poker play offers three bets on almost every hand. Because of this the overall house edge is much more significant it s like betting on three spots at a blackjack table every round.

Betting just the Ante Wager

If you wish, 3 Card Poker can be played by betting only on the Ante wager. To continue paying after obtaining your cards you must then place a similar wager on the Play or Raise spot when you think your hand is better than the dealers.

Remember, it s really just three-card poker your hand against the dealers. The Ante wager always pays even money (1 to 1) when the player wins. The overall house edge is built into the Ante bonus that is paid on a player straight, three of a kind, and straight flush.

This payoff is in addition to any win or loss on the Ante and Raise bets and is paid regardless of whether the player actually wins the hand. The following chart shows the most popular payoffs used for the Ante wager bonus, starting with table 1.

Hand Probability Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Table 4
Straight Flush 0.002172 5 to 1 4 to 1 3 to 1 5 to 1
Three of a kind 0.002353 4 to 1 3 to 1 2 to 1 3 to 1
Straight 0.032579 1 to 1 1 to 1 1 to 1 1 to 1
House Edge 3.37% 3.83% 4.28% 3.61%
Ante Bonus Payoffs 0.037104

The player will win the Ante bet 44.91 per cent of the time. There are 22,100 possible three-card hands. The Ante bonus pays on 824 of those, for a total of just 3.73 per cent of the time. If you play on a table with six players, someone gets paid on the Ante bonus about every four rounds.

Strategy Know-Hows

Mini Royal Ante Bonus

Some casinos now offer a large Ante bonus for a Mini-Royal hand of suited Ace-King-Queen. Unfortunately, the house edge is actually higher on these games at land-based casinos with the exception of the Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey. At the Borgata, a straight pays 1 to 1, three-of-a-kind pays 4 to 1, a straight flush pays 5 to 1, and a Mini Royal pays 10 to 1. That reduces the house edge to just 3.28 per cent.

Pitfalls of Playing Every Hand

Like other casino table games, different betting systems have been devised to take advantage of winning streaks. However, the play strategy for when to back an Ante wager with an additional Play (sometimes marked Raise) wager is based only on the fact that the dealer only qualifies when their hand is at least Queen high. With this in mind, the player should always bet the Raise wager when they hold at least Queen 6 4 or higher.

Players who like to play every hand to the max or in the blind and wager on the Raise every hand will find that the house edge rises from about 3.5 per cent to over 7.5 per cent obviously a mistake to do.

The fact that the player always wins when the dealer does not quality (and is paid only the Ante, but not the Raise bet) does not make playing every hand with a raise a good idea.

Pair Plus Wager

The Pair Plus wager is what draws most players to 3 Card Poker, because it pays regularly and has payoffs as high as 40-1 (higher on some games, usually with worse odds for the player). As with most bonus-style bets, the house has a much higher edge than on the regular Ante wager. The following chart shows a standard payoff schedule for the Pair Plus.

Pair Plus Table 1 Without and Table 2 With Mini-Royal

Hand Probability Table 1 Table 2
Straight Flush 0.22 40 40 50 For Mini-Royal
Three of a Kind 0.24 30 30
Straight 3.26 5 6
Flush 4.96 4 3
Pair 16.94 1 1
Nothing 74.39 -1 -1
House edge Percent 5.57 7.10

The Pair Plus wager gets paid on 25.21 percent of all hands, pretty often for a bonus wager. However, keep in mind that two-thirds of those payoffs will be even money (1 to 1) for a pair.

Effective Odds for Ante and Pair Plus

Many players find 3 Card Poker the most exciting when they are playing both the Ante bet and the Pair Plus bet.
Adding the house edge from the two most popular payoff schedules (Ante Table 1 3.37, Pair Plus Table 1 5.57) gives an overall edge of 8.94 divided by 2 wagers = 4.47 per cent for the house if the player only makes the Raise (Play) wager when they have at least Queen 6 4.

If the player plays blind, or raises every hand, the effective house edge goes up to over 6.5 per cent against the player. Don t do it.

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