Treasures of Egypt

Treasures of Egypt Slot Machine

Journey to another time and place with Treasures of Egypt, the online video slot where you can play on the reels to win instant cash.

Well-respected developer MrSlotty has created this game, giving you the chance to explore the treasures that the ancient Egyptians left behind.

But will you end up finding the buried loot? Here s a look at Treasure of Egypt

Walk with the Pharaohs

Treasures of Egypt gives you the chance to walk in the pharaohs shoes and experience what life must have been life for them many centuries ago.

Visiting the site of their sacred burials means you could find ancient artifacts, long forgotten. And there's certainly no shortage of precious items as just one quick glance around the screen will reveal.

The background is made from stone, with the appearance of a tomb that s been broken into, as shown by the golden sarcophagus lying to the left. The reels are set back into the wall and are surrounded by a myriad of treasures, from the chest lying on the floor to the gold which drips around the room.

And on the reels there s just as much opulence, with more than a passing nod to Egyptian culture, which has inspired many slots before. A statue of Anubis, the eye of Horus, a scarab beetle and the Ankh cross are just some of the revered symbols that you ll find.

The exotic feel to the game is further heightened by the music, which offers a blend of African and Eastern, perfect for the Egyptian location.

Tomb of Treasures

There's no doubt that there's plenty of gold and valuables to be found all around, so it s up to you to check out the paytable to see exactly what you could win on the reels.

The buttons on the main screen fit beautifully as part of the graphics, rather than being obviously plonked on top. This makes navigation easy and also aids the overall appearance.

To score a win in Treasures of Egypt you ll need to match at least three of the symbols on an active payline. You ll get nothing for a match if it s not on a payline that s in play. The more symbols you match the greater your prize will be and you ll also get more for certain symbols than others.

The bottom valued prize is just 10 for matching three symbols but the wins start to climb sharply in value with the top prize worth 1,000 for matching five.

The wild symbol offers the biggest win on the board, a payout of 2,000 for matching all five. However, the wild will also step in for other symbols on the reels, making it easier to match a winning line. The free spins symbol will hand out up to 10 free turns if you land them on an active payline.

Claim Your Cache

Now that you know exactly what s up for grabs, it's time to start playing but not before you ve had the chance to set up your stake.

The game is played on 25 paylines with up to 100 coins on each line; you can choose to change both of these if you prefer to play with lower amounts. You can t alter the value of the coin however.

Playing with fewer paylines means that you ll have less chances to win, but you will have to spend less on each turn. An alternative would be to reduce the number of coins on each payline; this would give you the same chances of winning but the prize would be lower. Only you can decide what strategy is right for your budget - and you can change it at any time!

If you re hoping for a big win, the gamble feature might interest you but there s a real danger attached to the play. It s a game of chance and all you have to do to win is predict either the colour or the suit of the card waiting to be revealed. If you win, you ll walk away with double or quadruple your cash but if you lose, you ll leave with nothing. A high risk endeavour but one that could win you big prizes in one move, do you dare to make the leap?

Collect Your Prizes

Treasures of Egypt by MrSlotty is a beautifully designed game with lovely graphics and immaculate attention to detail. Extra features would have made it even more attractive but nevertheless it can still entertain players of all levels of experience.

Treasures of Egypt Review

Take a trip to the ancient pyramids of Egypt with the mysterious Treasures of Egypt slot. The slot comes with 25 interchangeable paylines on a 5 x 3 grid. The slot has a lot to offer with wilds, scatters, and free spins.

Betting starts at a minimum of $0.01 per payline, and although the slot doesnt have a progressive jackpot, you can win a whopping $3,150 with a maximum bet. The slot also features a gamble option after every winning spin with which you can either double or quadruple your winnings.

Gameplay Graphics, Design, and Sounds

The Treasures of Egypt slot machine was released in 2019 by the famous MrSlotty, a slot manufacturer. The games name gives you an idea of what to expect, and it doesnt disappoint. The Egyptian-inspired symbols are well portrayed, and when the reels spin, it sounds like a tomb is being pushed open.

The soundtrack highlights the exotic nature of the slot, and it authenticates the theme. You have the option to play without sound, but we suggest turning it on because it gives the game an adventurous feel.

What Symbols Are Included in the Treasures of Egypt Slot?

Youll find a statue of a black cat, a statue of Anubis, the Eye of Horus, a scarab beetle, a scroll, the Ankh cross, and a golden statue of an Egyptian pharaoh.

A pyramid represents the wild symbol, and it can substitute all symbols, except for the scatter, to complete a winning combination.


Nefertitis Statue is the scatter symbol. Shell give you free spins if you land three or more scatters on the reels.

What Is the RTP of the Game?

Treasures of Egypt slot RTP is 94.00%. It s low compared with other online casino games. The slot is of medium volatility, which means that it s an ideal slot for high-risk players and players who like to keep their bets small.

What Is the Number of Paylines?

The slot offers 25 paylines, and you can choose the number that you d like to activate.

Special Features for Treasures of Egypt

The slot gives you one free spin for landing three scatters anywhere on the reels. Landing four scatters, gives you three spins, and youll need five scatters to get 10 free spins. The free spin feature can be retriggered to increase your chances of a significant Treasures of Egypt slot win.

Treasures of Egypt on Mobile

Packed with the latest development software, the Treasures of Egypt slot game is available on mobile. Whats more, you have easy access to Treasures of Egypt slot free play options from any browser.

Useful Strategy for the Treasures of Egypt Slot

Unfortunately, there are no particular Treasures of Egypt slot strategy that can promise a win. However, you can get the best out of your playing experience by taking some simple steps before registering to play with actual money.

The first step is to learn how the slot works. Gain knowledge on betting, symbols, and paylines. An excellent way to get some experience is to play a Treasures of Egypt slot demo version. A demo is free, and you can play for as long as you like.

If the slot ticks your boxes and you want to play with actual money, set up a budget for yourself. An excellent way to keep within your budget is to keep bets small and not opt for the gambling button on every win. We suggest registering with an online casino that offers Treasures of Egypt slot free spins and no deposit promotions.

Our Opinion About the Treasures of Egypt Slot

The Treasure of Egypt slot is beautifully designed, and we especially like the attention to detail. However, the slots low RTP and lack of special features dont put the game-high on our list. If you enjoy ancient Egyptian-themed slots, we recommend looking elsewhere.

Treasures of Egypt Slots by Cozy Games Management LTD

Play up to 20 lines per spin on Treasures of Egypt Slots from Cozy Games. The Isis symbol is wild and awards double payouts when it is part of a winning combination. All symbols pay left to right except scattered Pyramid symbols which pay in any position on the screen. Two, three, four, or five scatters appearing anywhere award 2, 5, 20, and 500x total bet for the spin. Max bet is 60.00 so the maximum scatter win is 30,000.00 in the base game. Five Wild symbols with three 1.00 coins bet on that line will also award 30k in the base game.

Three or more scattered Pyramids appearing anywhere will trigger 15 free spins with all wins tripled making the max jackpot on a single line worth 90,000.00. Scatter pays are in addition to any other line wins that spin.

Egyptian Treasure

In ancient Egypt there wasnt one main religion, but there was a great variety of local cults dedicated to specific deities. Numerous deities, revered in various localities, personified various powers of nature and social phenomena. The gods were worshiped in cult temples, which were property of the priests acting on behalf of the pharaoh. In the center of the temple was a cult statue in the sanctuary. Temples were not places of public worship or meetings, and only on specific days of holidays and celebrations the statue of the deity was taken out of the sanctuary for public worship. After many years, only you have a unique opportunity to visit these places and get more information about the whereabouts of ancient temples and sanctuaries. Many of them have been destroyed long time ago, some were buried under huge blocks of sand, but what is hidden from the eyes causes even more interest and curiosity. Study the map and go on a hike, maybe youll be more lucky than those unfortunates who were caught by the sandstorms. But if you reach your destination you will be simply amazed. In secret corridors, in the depths of each of hundreds rooms, you will

find countless treasures, mountains of gold coins and mighty amulets. Collect the most valuable in your opinion and exchange them at traders to gold or leave them to commemorate of your adventures.

Below you the final version of the thematic background image for the slot machine Egyptian Treasure. You will have to overcome more than one hundred miles to reach this location and admire the majestic pyramids and statues that have saved during many centuries.

Here you can see preliminary, sketch versions of thematic game symbols from the category High. These early concepts, which served as an excellent start to the continuation of the work and as a result you can see their final versions, as well as compare their similarities and differences with the preliminary sketches.

And this are the final versions of the special symbols from the category High. In this category there are three unique symbols that bring a large number of points to the player, and obtaining of several symbols will further increase the number of winning points and allow you to participate in the bonus game.

The demonstration of the animation process of thematic game symbols from the category High is also available. In this category there are three unique symbols that bring a large number of points to the player, and obtaining of several symbols will further increase the number of winning points and allow you to participate in the bonus game.

Here you can see preliminary, sketch versions of thematic game symbols from the category Regular. Getting of these symbols at the game reels brings the usual number of points to the player, and obtaining of several symbols will multiply the number of winning points.

And this are the final versions of thematic game symbols from the category Regular. Getting of these symbols at the game reels brings the usual number of points to the player, and obtaining of several symbols will multiply the number of winning points.

Below you can see the animation process of game symbols from the category Regular. In this category there are seven unique symbols that bring the usual number of points to the player, and obtaining of several symbols will further multiply the number of winning points.

This illustration is a door to the secret catacombs and you have to press the plates to get inside. Please note that you have only 3 attempts to look into all the rooms, and therefore dont rush and carefully weigh your chances of a lucky coincidence.

Here you can see one of the rooms, which can be accessed if you have successfully pressed one of the buttons on the front door, as mentioned above. After you get into the room, you can look around, and also pick up a certain part of the treasure to choose from. Each collected treasure will bring you bonus points.

This pop-up screen appears as a result of the end of the game. You can finish the game in many ways: to visit all rooms and collect the maximum number of ancient artifacts or to spend all available attempts to open one door. The points which youve won will also be displayed on the scoreboard.

Separately we want to note that when you pass through the rooms you may see one more mysterious room with coffins. This room is a bonus room and here you will have to find a mummy in one of the sarcophagus. You can come across both pleasant bonuses, and negative bonuses consuming life.

Here you are the auxiliary screen of the paytable for game symbols. Here you can find the winning values for these symbols, as well as find the number of points received for the multiple obtained symbol of the same kind. The number of displayed points is given as example and may differs from the final version.

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