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Ultima The Phoenix The Best UO Shard Ever This Server Is not Hard I can said Its Noraml Verry Good Staff Giving 5 skills 50.0 On Beggin And 2 At 100.0 Our Login is: LoginServer=ultimaphx.no-ip.org,2593

Heart Of Steel - The Best Bulgarian Shard OSI Clone - Samurai Empire Edition (All Completed), PvP, Events, Over 20 Quests, PVM, Heroes Тransfer from other Shards, Fully Spawned

Elysium Isles Elysium Isles is an RP shard which offers a completely unique experience to it's players. We have developed a completely custom shard from map, to scripts, to graphics. Running on a P4 3.0ghz, T1, with 1gb of RAM

Kingdom of Valar Unique classes with a D&D based level system. Custom quests and items developed since 2002. RP in Britannia / macroing in T2A / PvP everywhere.


Champion of Virtues 325/ 1000 Stats/skill caps skill balls, 2 accts per ip, 5 facets many custom quests eastern time zone & much more

-=Absolutus=- Free UO shard Best free ultima online server. Friendly staff. custom ores logs quests houses and more more more

Dawn of Dragons 325 Stat Cap, 1700.0 Skill Cap, High Skill Gain, Dedicated Server, Fun and Friendly Players/Staff. Auctions, Town Housing, plus much, much more! All Playstyles Welcome!

Online Games Play fun and addicting online games !

Xzandras Dream RPG/PVP/PVM shard with 300stat/1000skill caps, operating on 5 fully spawned facets. Ultimate crafting system, quests, mini-champs, and our Knive's Town Housing are 2nd to none. If you like UO your going to like this. Keeping it Real..

Ultima online ultima online 5.ci yılında ve devam ediyor

Vetus-Mundus RunUO Shard mit vielen UO:SA-Features, u.a. Gargoyles als neue, von den Menschen v?llig getrennte Spielerrasse, Imbuing, Mysticism, Barding-Spells, Underworld und Abyss. Viele eigene Erg?nzungen wie das PvP-Castle Siege-System mit Gildenrewards und das innovative Criminal-System auf Ter Mur sowie viele eigene Quests. Online seit 2004! Eine freundliche Community und ein aktiver Staff erwarten Dich!

freearcadegames Free Online Gaming Site 1000+Free Online Games To Play

Mystere AoS without the arties. Great playerbase, great staff. Events on a regular basis. Felucca only, join us today!

Treal A completely free, Indianapolis based Ultima Online server, with a mature and helpful staff. 1800 Skills Cap, 120 Individual, 310 Stats Cap, 125 Individual, Fel & 2TA only. Specs: 3.4 GHz P4 w/HT, 2.5 GB DDR2 RAM, 99% Uptime.

The HyperCube 4/6 casting, 7 custom factions, 12 Custom evo pets, Metals, Crafting systems, Spell systems, 500+ custom items, over 3500 custom scripts. Verbal commands, and Many Rare one of a kind items spawned. A server that meets everyones needs

Supreme Shard UO Mondain's Legacy Free Brazillian Site. Site brasileiro de UO Mondain's Legacy gratuito

A Professional Ultima Online Shard The Siege Perious Of Free Online Shards

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Ultima Online UO

Ultima Online UO Free Private Servers, Scripts, Free Shards, Macro, Guilds - Ultima Online UO

UO Roleplay

Friendly players professional staff. PvP, PvM, and RP, Dedicated Server, Quests. Custom World, Crafting, Maps, Monsters, Items! A world like none other! Join us.


Osi ML Clone. We just removed the things that ruined osi and keept all the good parts. So no insurance, no ethereal mounts, no multiple faccets or trammel rules, while adding all dungeons from all faccets.


And He said unto them,Go you into all the world,and preach the gospel to every creature.

Top 40 Ultima Online (UO) Websites

. Searchable A-Z Ultima Online (UO) Link/Web Directory Listings! Get yours; Get listed.

KWK's Shard

KWK's shard offers fast gains, higher stats, skill caps, daily backups, fun staff, custom quests and much more.

Dark Crusaders

Unique SE/ML shard with PvP and PvM. Skill gates starting armor, guildtowns, casino, arenas, custom creatures items, Kid Zone

. Skills work up to 135 w/ps 350 stat cap, 1 acc/ip 3 houses. More added all the time. Where the Darkness may engulf you.

The Best

A New Promissing Custom Russian UO Shard. Unique Scripts, Locations, Dungeons, Bosses, Skills, Artifacts; Advanced System of Quests; Helpful and Friendly Staff; Cities under Siege, Naval Battles, Uruk-hai and Much More! PVM/PVP/Adventures/Risk/Fun. The

Resurrection UO

Australian Shard based on the T2A era. PVP PVM and RP welcome. Global Chat System. 700 skill cap 225 stat cap with Pre cast insta hit. Champion Spawns

UO Origins

The ONLY Pre-T2A Shard! Come join us on UO: Origins and experience what gave Ultima Online it's name in gaming history. Are You With Us?


A unique, free UO shard loosely based on the pre-AOS era. While we do have Renaissance features, the only facet we use is Felucca.

Current Online World

Fun with an easy twist, fast skill gain


Servidor Mexicano lvl 300/150 Rates 2000x 2000x 100% y 70% MVP cards , Buffer, Mercado, MvP room, Gold Room Custom, Pvp Room Custom, Anunciador, Dr Loco, Ranking, Bloody Branch Seller, y mucho mas Unete YA!! Join NOW.

UO Featherstone

Featherstone is shard geared for adventurers. Player city on Magincia island. Increased skill/stat gains, lower custom housing prices, rare magical/movable treasure chests, evolved town critters, monthly veteran rewards. Heartwood and quests.

Shazzy's Shard - UO SE/MA/SA

ML/SA Custom server. 10+ years.Adventurers dream and Crafters paradise.Custom quests/creatures/crafts/pets.No UBER. 250 Stats/900 Skills[940 w/Vet Rewards]OPEN ACCOUNT CREATION! Tons of unique additions!

Buy UO Gold

Buy UO Gold - Win free Ultima Online Gold. UO Gold - Buy Ultima Online Gold Items - Free UO Gold - Search UO.


The Alexandria freeshard is the Official EasyUO Freeshard project. Not to be confused with the Alexandria standard subs library.


About Alexandria

The general idea behind Alexandria is that we wanted to create a place for the EasyUO community to hang out and play the game without worrying about being banned for macroing or even talking about scripting. We encourage scripting on Alexandria - however, it should be noted that unattended goldfarming/resource gathering is unacceptable behavior, per our Unattended Macroing (UMing) policy. Since our launch in late 2004, Alexandria has gained staff, programmers, and added several custom gameplay enhancements that we felt players would enjoy. Among these are casino add-ons, tree growing, renovated dungeons and spawn, a system for stealing from monsters, and much, much more. If we see something in UO that we can improve upon, chances are it's on our list of things to work on. Alexandria is staffed by long-time EasyUO veterans and active community members only, so we know who we can trust, and our players can trust us. There is ZERO gm corruption on our shard, we do NOT give out items for any reason, with the exception of events and quests that are free for all to participate in.

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