Thread: How do i unlock my high level duty rouelette

Thread: How do i unlock my high level duty rouelette?

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Unlocking higher level dungeons in Duty Roulette?

I was just wondering if I was missing a quest here of some sort, so far the highest level dungeon I get to run in DR is Totorak (lv. 24) though the class I'm playing on is lv. 40. I figure it was just random but I've run one DR a day since 2.1 launched and Totorak is the highest I seem to get. so is there like a Duty Roulette: High Level? I've also seen word of a Duty Roulette: Story, but I'm guessing that's after you finish the main scenario?

How do i unlock higher level duty roulettes?

Im currently level 70, and i only have the 2 star one. How do i get the harder/high star ones?

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I still can't unlock Duty Roulette (Hard Mode) why? Plz help.

I assume I have all Hard mode Dungeons, but there is the last one on the list marked with . It's right after Phyrous Siris (spelling?) anyways I have no idea what that dungeon is and where or how to unlock it.. I think it's unnamed because I didn't unlock it yet?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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User Info: OtakuLiz

This lists all the duties in the high-level roulette. It hasn't been updated since Heavensward so know the duties listed under expert roulette are also in the high-level now.

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