How To Get More Mod Slots

How To Get More Mod Slots?

People have linked me to builds that have 60-75 mod slots, when I only have 30, how do I get more?



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Warframe get more mod slots

Your collection of mods is impressive, Operator. But, I wonder if there are more to be had?

Mods, short for Modifications [1] or Modules, are the upgrade system in WARFRAME in the form of special cards that can be equipped on Warframes, weapons, companions, and vehicles to enhance damage, power, survivability, speed, mobility, precepts, and utility.

The Mods system is accessible after the completion of "Liberate the imprisoned arms dealer" tutorial mission from the Vor's Prize Quest, by installing the Mods Segment reward from said mission onto the Orbiter, which will permanently unlock the Mods system for use via the Arsenal ("Upgrade").

From the Arsenal, you can install mods on your equipment, but they are limited by the equipment's mod capacity that depends on the level of the equipment. Any mod can be installed/removed freely and can be applied to several equipment at the same time. You can also upgrade your mods by using Endo Endo  Endo and Credits Credits  Credits through the process of Fusion.


Acquisition [ ]

  • Drops from enemies: Almost all enemies have a chance of dropping a mod, selected from their drop table(visit their respective pages for more details). The usual mod drop chance is 3% (can be doubled with Mod Drop Chance Boosters), but may differ depending on the type of enemy. Typically if a mod drops from a specific enemy:
    • 75.88% of the mod drops will be Common.
    • 22.11% of the mod drops will be Uncommon.
    • 2.01% of the mod drops will be Rare.
    • Most non-endless mission types may offer a mod, blueprint, endo, or credits as a mission reward upon completion.
    • Every rotation of endless missions (e.g. Defense) will offer a reward chosen randomly from a drop table, including but not limited to mods.
    • Completing a Nightmare Mode mission rewards a Nightmare mod.
    • Completing quest missions may reward a mod.
    • Opening an Orokin Vault always rewards a Corrupted mod
    • Opening an Isolation Vault may reward a Necramech mod.
    • from Syndicates with <<<1>>> Standing   standing. These generally consist of warframe and weapon Augments
    • from Nightwave Cred offerings. These include certain Aura Mods
    • from Baro Ki'Teer on a relay for Credits Credits  Credits and Ducats Ducats  Ducats . These include all of the Primed mods, except for those which are obtained through Daily Tribute.
    • Subsequent to the completion of the Sacrifice quest, copies of Umbra Mods can be acquired from Cephalon Simaris. precepts cannot be traded if the player does not own another copy.

    Attributes [ ]

    Mods have several attributes:

    1. Name Effect: The name of the mod and what it changes when installed. The name includes an identifier of the variant (The descriptors "Flawed", "Primed", and "Amalgam"), or set ("Umbral" in the right image), if applicable.
    2. Item Compatibility: What the mod can be equipped on and if it's part of a Mod Set. Mods are applicable either to a type of equipment (e.g. MELEE ), or to a subtype, (e.g. SWORDS ), to only a single piece of equipment and its variants (e.g. SKANA ), or only to one of more variants (e.g. BURSTON PRIME ).
    3. Special Indicator: Symbols that denote if the mod is an Aura, Stance, Exilus, Riven or part of a Set.
    4. Polarity Drain: The number is the amount of Capacity points a mod uses up when installed ("drain"). The symbol denotes Polarity(described further below).
    5. Rank: The upgrade level of the mod, ranging from rank 0 to Maximum Rank, which varies according to mod, the highest being 10. When the level of a mod is greater than zero, it is indicated by blue pips on the bottom of the card. (A small black hexagon appears above the rank pips on mods that are slotted not visible in the right image.)
    6. Stack/Quantity: The number of mod that you own of the same rank.
    7. Rarity: Denotes the rarity of a mod by the card's material and an increasing number of pips at the top (which are not visible in the right image as they are covered by the Set indicator). Mods vary in five tiers of rarity, as follows:

    Interaction [ ]

    Multiple specialized UI environments exist to facilitate players' various interactions with mods:

    • Arsenal (used for installing all mods, except for Railjack mods)
    • Plexus (used for installing Railjack mods)
    • Mods Console (used for managing owned mods through Mod Actions: "Fusion", "Transmute", "Sell", and "Dissolve")
    • Codex (used for obtaining knowledge on all existing mods, and ways to acquire them)
    • Trade screen (used for exchanges with other players involving mods)

    Introduced in Update 12.0 (2014-02-05), mods of the same type and fusion level are placed into an item stack, with a number on the top left showing how many of that item is available. This process is essential in reducing clutter and is also used to ease the process of selling or dissolving mods.

    Installation [ ]

    Once the Mods system has been unlocked, mods can be installed by visiting the Arsenal on your Orbiter, selecting the desired Mod destination (e.g. Warframe, Weapon), and then clicking on the UPGRADE   button. Afterward either click on ACTIONS   APPLY AUTO INSTALLATION  , or simply drag a mod from the collection and drop it on a Mod slot. Mod installation and removal is instant and free.

    Mods are placed in Mod Slots (commonly referred to as "slots"), arrayed in a rectangular grid. In addition to these general slots, which are compatible with the vast majority of mods, some types of equipment have special slots, which are only compatible with a corresponding class of mods.

    Mod priority order
    (for Companion Precepts and Elemental Damage mods)
    1 2 3 4
    5 6 7 8

    The number and type of slots an item will have depends on the type of equipment:

      have 8 general slots, an Exilus slot, and an Aura slot.
    • Primary and secondary weapons have 8 general slots and an Exilus slot. have 8 general slots and a Stance slot. , Arch-melees, and Companion weapons have 8 general slots. have 8 general slots; Melee Exalted weapons also have a Stance slot, but it's permanently occupied by an Ability-related Stance, and can't be interacted with. have 10 general slots. and K-Drives have 8 general slots. have 12 general slots. (the Railjack modding system) has 8 general slots and an Aura slot on one grid (Integrated), and 3 special slots on each of the other two grids (Battle and Tactical).

    Items have a limited Mod Capacity, that correlates to their Rank. The maximum rank is normally 30, but for some items it is 40. Warframes/Companions/Archwings/K-Drives/Necramechs and Weapons can be supercharged with an Orokin Reactor or Orokin Catalyst respectively, which doubles the available Mod capacity. Mod Capacity functions as a limit to what mods can be equipped depending on their drain. Mods can have a drain of 0 to as high as 20 depending on the mod and what rank it is. Items also have a minimum mod capacity, which adds mod points onto items that are a lower rank than a player's current Mastery Rank. The amount of minimum mod capacity is equal to the player's mastery rank.

    If the Mod Capacity drain is less or equal to the item s remaining Mod Capacity it will install and Mod Capacity will be deducted.

    Mod drain is modified by Polarity:

    • Matching polarity reduces drain by half, rounded up: (e.g.   Serration costs 14, but dropped into a Madurai polarized slot costs only 7)
    • Non-matching polarity increases drain by a quarter, rounded mathematically: drain of 0-1 will increase by 0, drain of 2-5 by 1, drain of 6-9 by 2, drain of 10-13 by 3, drain 14-16 by 4, etc.

    Aura and Stance mods increase Mod Capacity rather than drain it.

    • Polarity affects the amount of bonus Capacity that is provided: matching polarity doubles it, while non-matching polarity reduces it by 25%, rounded mathematically.

    The Railjack analogue of the Arsenal is the Plexus, also located in the Orbiter, and accessible from a Dry Dock.

    Fusion [ ]

    Mods can have their overall power increased by the process called Fusion. Fusing a mod with Endo increases the rank, and thereby overall power, of the mod. Each rank requires twice the mod energy than the previous rank to level up and leveling up from rank 0 to 1 sets the base amount of mod energy for this calculation.

    Transmutation [ ]

    Transmutation is one of the ways of acquiring mods. Choosing this Mod Action, players can sacrifice four selected unranked mods to generate a random mod from a list of mods that can be acquired in this way. Alternatively, three selected mods and one   Transmutation Core can be used to guarantee a random mod of a specific polarity. Transmutation of Riven Mods requires a Riven Transmuter. Mods that cannot be acquired by transmutation are conventionally called untransmutable mods.

    Selling [ ]

    Choosing this Mod Action, a player can convert a mod into an amount of Credits equal to 75% of the Credits invested in the mod [2] . Any selection of single mods and/or stacks of mods can be sold, and players are prompted to review and confirm the action after clicking "Sell" (after a mod has been "sold" this way, it isn't physically found anywhere it has been eliminated). Notably, Riven Mods cannot be sold.

    Rarity Rank 0 Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8 Rank 9 Rank 10
    Common 200 562 1,287 2,736 5,634 11,430 23,022 46,206 92,574 185,310 370,782
    500 1,225 2,674 5,572 11,368 22,960 46,144 92,512 185,248 370,720 741,664
    1,000 2,087 4,260 8,607 17,301 34,689 69,465 139,017 278,121 556,329 1,112,745
    Legendary 3,000 4,449 7,347 13,143 24,735 47,919 94,287 187,023 372,495 743,439 1,485,327
    Requiem 25,000
    (0 charges)
    (1 charge)
    (2 charges)
    (3 charges)

    Dissolution [ ]

    Choosing this Mod Action, a player can convert a mod into a set amount of Endo, equal to it's Mod Rating. A sum of all owned mods' Mod Ratings is visible in the upper-right corner of the Mod Collection screen. Riven mods have a special calculation (see the table below). Any selection of single mods and/or stacks of mods can be sold, and players are prompted to review and confirm the action after clicking "Dissolve".

    Mod Rank Common Uncommon and Peculiar Rare, Amalgam, and Galvanized Legendary Requiem
    0 5 10 15 20 500
    (0 charges)
    1 8 18 28 40 677
    (1 charge)
    2 12 25 40 60 833
    (2 charges)
    3 15 33 53 80 1000
    (3 charges)
    4 18 40 65 100
    5 21 48 78 120
    6 25 55 90 140
    7 28 62 103 160
    8 31 70 115 180
    9 34 78 128 200
    10 38 85 140 220

    Last updated: Update 27.1 (2020-02-04)

    • The total Endo gain from dissolving a Riven Mod is equal to the following formula, rounded up:

    Standard Mods and Variants [ ]

    Standard mods (or single-stat mods) are the basic class of mods: all the mods that provide a straightforward bonus to a single stat. In each item category, each base stat only corresponds to one standard mod. At times, changes to game mechanics have included total redesigns of some mods to become a different single-stat mod or dual-stat mods (e.g.   Quickening ), but these are still essentially standard mods. Standard mods are generally equipped in one of the main slots, but some are Exilus mods.

    A standard mod may come in six variants: Normal, Flawed, Primed, Umbra, Amalgam, and Galvanized. In addition to being eligible for these variants, standard mods may also have a unique variant.

    Rarity only somewhat corresponds to classes of mods: some standard mods are Rare, and some nonstandard mods are Common.

    Players cannot install duplicate mods onto a single piece of equipment. Likewise, different variants of the same mod cannot be equipped together. For example, a given pistol can only accept one   Hornet Strike mod at a time, and   Flow and   Primed Flow can't be installed together on a Warframe.

    Normal standard mods generally drop from regular enemies, and are the most easily obtainable mods. They are transmutable, sellable and tradeable.

    Flawed mods are an inferior variant of standard mods. They have a maximum rank of 3, and provide an overall reduced effect. They are automatically picked up during the course of the Vor's Prize quest. Flawed mods are untransmutable and untradeable. The quest in which are they are obtained is not replayable, so there is no way to gain additional Flawed mods subsequent to it. Visually, Flawed mods have a cracked image.

    Primed mods are a superior variant of mods, that have had their maximum rank increased to 10. Most Primed mods can be obtained from Baro Ki'Teer, but four Primed mods,   Primed Fury ,   Primed Vigor ,   Primed Shred , and   Primed Sure Footed are only obtained from 200/400/600/900 Daily Tributes and cannot be traded with players. All Primed mods are of the Legendary rarity, and they are untransmutable.

    Umbra mods are a class of Legendary mods, that feature the properties of both Primed mods and Set Mods. All are a superior variant of a standard mod, while also possessing a second stat that grants enhanced effectiveness when fighting Sentient enemies. They are divided in sets, but the Set Bonus of each set is the same: an increase of each mod's bonuses. Umbra mods are acquired through the The Sacrifice Quest (and can thereafter be reacquired via Cephalon Simaris). They are untransmutable and untradeable. All Umbra mods have the exclusive Umbra polarity that can only be applied with an Umbra Forma. Visually, Umbra mods are Legendary mods with a set indicator.

    Amalgam mods can be either slightly inferior or superior variants, and come with certain additional properties. Some sacrifice a small amount of their main bonus to provide a small bonus to another stat of an altogether different item. Others are weapon-specific, and are actually superior variants, while still having a second stat. The latter also usually have a third stat, generally understood as a novelty/utility feature (e.g. extra gore). Amalgam mods do not have a formal Rarity tier, but yield the same amount of Credits and Endo when sold and dissolved, respectively, as Rare mods. They are untransmutable and untradeable. Thematically, they are amalgamations of two existing mods (so for example,   Amalgam Serration can be seen as a combination of   Serration and   Rush ). These mods have a distinct Sentient-influenced visual styling.

    Galvanized mods have slightly inferior base stats than their original counterpart, but in turn have stacking buffs from killing enemies that make them a superior variant to standard mods. Their maximum ranks are increased to 10. Galvanized mods do not have a formal Rarity tier, but yield the same amount of Credits and Endo when sold and dissolved, respectively, as Rare mods. Galvanized mods are purchased from the Arbitrations vendor for 20 Vitus Essence each.

    Nonstandard Mods [ ]

    Nonstandard mods are all the other mods that provide bonuses to either the same stats as the standard mods or to certain other stats, or modify equipment in specific ways. They come in different classes and have a more varied design. Nonstandard mods stack with other mods providing the same type of bonus (certain exceptions exist). Therefore,   Vitality (a standard Health mod) stacks with   Vigor (a Nightmare mod, providing both a Health and Shield bonus). They generally do not have variants (a small number of Primed Nightmare mods are one exception).

    Nightmare Mode Mods (commonly called Nightmare mods) are a class of Rare dual-stat mods they provide a bonus to two different stats for the same item. They can be acquired through completing missions in the Nightmare Mode. Nightmare mods are untransmutable. Visually, they do not have a clearly distinguishing mark.

    Corrupted mods are a class of Rare mods that affect one stat positively and another negatively. Those available for warframes are characterized by extremely high bonuses outweighed by major penalties. Those available for weapons provide bonuses of a similar strength to their standard mod analogues, while still also having a penalty. Corrupted mods can be obtained from the Orokin Derelict, using special Dragon Keys to unlock vaults located within. They are untransmutable. Visually, they do not have a clearly distinguishing mark.

    • Corrupted mods that provide a bonus to Critical Chance (e.g.   Critical Delay ) are a notable exception to the general pattern of nonstandard mods in that they can't be stacked with their standard analogues.

    Conditional mods are mods that require some condition to be met during combat in order for their effect to activate. A large subset of these mods are called Acolyte mods, and these now drop in Deimos bounties; others are dropped in the same manner as standard mods (notably,   Condition Overload ). Acolyte mods are untransmutable, and the remainder may or may not be. Visually, they do not have a clearly distinguishing mark.

    •   Split Flights (a conditional Multishot mod for Bows) and   Split Chamber being mutually exclusive is another notable exception to the general pattern of nonstandard mods' ability to be stacked with standard mods.
    • As a potent illustration of the difference between standard and non-standard mods,   Charged Chamber and   Primed Chamber(note that it is not a Primed mod; "Primed" here simply refers to priming such as that of an explosive charge) two conditional Sniper mods, the latter ostensibly a superior variant of the former, are in fact stackable following the general pattern of nonstandard mods providing the same type of bonus not being mutually exclusive.

    Many Set mods and some Augments (e.g.   Hata-Satya ) also have a conditional effect.

    Augment mods (commonly called Augments) provide augmentation to a specific Warframe or weapon. On warframes, they alter abilities or passives. On weapons, they provide straight up bonuses, sometimes superior to standard mods (e.g.   Scattered Justice ). Most can be obtained as Syndicate Offerings, but a significant number is obtained elsewhere (for example, some are Executioner Mods). They are untransmutable. Augments granting Syndicate effects are overlaid with their Syndicate logo.

    • Different Augments affecting the same ability or passive cannot be equipped together (e.g.   Aviator with   Ironclad Flight on   Titania ).
    • Single-weapon Amalgam mods (e.g. Amalgam Ripkas True Steel) should not be confused with Augments. Augments stack with standard mods (therefore augmenting that which is standardly available), while Amalgam mods do not, as they are the standard mods themselves, in that particular variant.

    Riven Mods provide randomized bonuses to a specific weapon: up to three bonuses, and a penalty. The bonuses on Rivens tend to be based around standard mods (normal or primed), and these base bonuses are modified by a stat individual to each weapon called disposition. When acquired, Riven Mods come in a veiled form which supplies no stats and must have a challenge completed in order to unveil it. They are transmutable using a Riven Transmuter, and transmutation produces a veiled Riven. The only way to obtain unveiled Riven Mods directly is by trading with players. Riven mods are purple.

    Set Mods are a class of Mods that offer increasing bonuses when one or more mods in a set are equipped together in a current loadout. Each mod of a set, apart from it's individual effects, also provides a second Set Bonus effect shared between all the mods in the set, that becomes stronger the more of the set's mods are installed. Many set mods have conditional effects, and some even figure as dual-stat conditional mods (e.g.   Motus Setup ). Set mods are untransmutable. They are distinguishable by their shared set prefix (e.g. Augur, Gladiator, Vigilante, etc.) and icon on top of their card.

    Special Slot Mods [ ]

    The following types of mods have a special, dedicated slot.

    Aura Mods are Warframe mods that benefit the entire Squad and also increase the player's Warframe total mod capacity. They can only be equipped in the dedicated Aura slot and only one Aura can be equipped to a Warframe. They can normally be obtained from Nightwave Cred offerings, but some drop from The Silver Grove specters and Nox. They are untransmutable.

    Stance mods are special mods for Melee Weapons. They increase the player's melee weapon mod capacity and unlock unique attack combos. They can only be equipped in the dedicated Stance slot for a specific weapon type and only one Stance can be equipped to a melee weapon. Most Stance mods are transmutable.

    Exilus Mods are utility or mobility-based mods that can be equipped in the Exilus slot, or if the player chooses, in a general slot. The Exilus slot is present on all Warframes and primary and secondary weapons; on Warframes, it must be unlocked with an Exilus Adapter, and on weapons, it must be unlocked with an Exilus Weapon Adapter.

    Some Exilus mods exist as typical standard mods, e.g.   Sure Footed and   Primed Sure Footed .

    Some Exilus mods exist as somewhat atypical, but also essentially standard, mods:

    • A number of mods similar to   Mobilize are treated as it's "cognates", meaning that   Mobilize ,   Patagium ,   Battering Maneuver ,   Piercing Step ,   Rending Turn ,   Firewalker ,   Ice Spring ,   Lightning Dash , and   Toxic Flightdo not stack, in line with the expectation that standard mods with the same type of effect do not stack. Despite these not being single-stat mods in a technical sense, their mobility enhancements are seen as a unified effect.

    Many Exilus mods are nonstandard mods, such as the the dual-stat "Drift" mods.

    • Consistent with standard and nonstandard mods being able to stack,   Mobilizestacks with   Stealth Drift .

    Exilus mods have the Exilus mark near the top.

    Peculiar Mods are a subtype of Exilus mods. They do not offer any mechanical effects at all, instead only causing bizarre cosmetic effects. These mods, despite offering no real benefit to their users, are some of the rarest and most difficult to obtain artifacts in the system. They have a distinct smoky appearance.

    Unique Mods [ ]

    Mods that do not fit in the above categories:

    Precepts are mods which alter the behavior of a Companion, and are effectively the companion's "abilities". Every Companion has their own specific precepts. However, there are precepts that are universal within a class of companions. Upon acquiring a companion, the user is automatically granted some or all of the respective specific precept mods.

    Priority for precept usage (1 is highest priority and 10 is lowest).

    Precepts have "informally" designated slots by virtue of having the Penjaga polarity, exclusive to them, and there being four matching-polarity slots on every companion. Since these are still general mod slots, the player can alter this setup in any number of ways, and Precepts can be installed in other slots as well. Companions will use their precepts in a prioritized order, where the top left slot is the highest priority and the bottom right slot is the lowest.

    Players may not trade away / sell / dissolve a precept if it's their only copy of the mod.

    Visually, Precepts do not have a clearly distinguishing mark (but can be identified in a glance by their polarity).

    Parazon mods may only be equipped on the Parazon and grant effects which are tied to the Mercy mechanic and hacking. A type of Parazon mods are Requiem mods, which are used to defeat a Kuva Lich.

    Railjack Mods (also called Plexus Mods) are applied to the Railjack-modding platfrom called Plexus. They are divided into three categories: Integrated, Battle, Tactical, each category being compatible with the respective mod grid within the Plexus. Integrated mods provide stat bonuses to the Railjack and it's Armaments, and include Railjack Aura mods. Battle Mods provide the Railjack with energy-based abilities, while Tactical Mods provide the Railjack with cooldown-based abilities. Mods in the latter two categories do not drain capacity, but are further divided into Defensive, Offensive, and Super subcategories, each corresponding to a single special slot. They drop in Empyrean missions, and are untransmutable. Visually, Railjack Mods can be identified by their molded alloy trim.

    Conclave Mods can be mainly acquired from the Conclave Syndicate, where they originated from. Some of them can also be used in PvE (possibly with altered stats or effects) and can be obtained through Nightwave Cred offerings, while others are dropped by Sentients.

    Warframe Mods Guide: Mod Capacity, Polarity, and Damage Types

    Now that weve run down the different types of mods in Warframe, were going to take a look at the process of actually equipping them. Youll find that they function the same across both weapons and Warframes. That said, there is a delicate balancing act between maximizing the benefits of mods while remaining under the items mod capacity. So lets start there!

    Mod Capacity

    Every item you equip in Warframe has a certain level of mod capacity. This limits the number and strength of the mods you equip. Every item starts with a minimum mod capacity that eventually maxes out at 30 as you level it up. You can then double this with an Orokin Reactor (an item used to buff Warframes) or an Orokin Catalyst (an item used to buff weapons). An items starting mod capacity is relatively small, however, and only allows you to equip one or two basic mods at first.

    Items level up as you use them, increasing their mod capacity over time, until you reach the maximum of 30. This gets easier as you play the game, however, since your Mastery Rank (the overall level of your profile in Warframe) overrides all items minimum mod capacity. If your weapon starts with a minimum mod capacity of four, for example, but your Mastery Rank is 11, the weapon instead starts with 11 mod capacity.

    There are other ways to increase your mod capacity even beyond using Catalysts and Reactors. For more information on that, check out our Upgrading Warframe Mods Guide.

    Mod Slots Versus Mod Capacity

    Its also important not to confuse mod slots with mod capacity. Mod capacity is the maximum sum total of every mods strength that you can have equipped on an item. So if you have 15 total mod capacity, you can equip three level five mods, or five level three mods, or any other sum up to 15 total strength.

    Meanwhile, mod slots define the total number of mods you can equip on a given item regardless of total strength. Every item can have up to 10 normal mods. Melee weapons also get a Stance mod slot, while Warframes get special Exilus and Aura slots that can only equip certain mods. Its… complicated, but makes more sense once you see it firsthand. For more details about the different kinds of mods, check out our Warframe Mod Types Guide.

    Mod Polarity

    Every mod also has a polarity. Excluding Aura Mods, Stance Mods, and Exilus Mods, all mods can be equipped in any mod slot. Polarity does not limit which mods can be equipped, period. Rather, polarities give bonuses and penalties if the the slots and mods line up or not, respectively.

    Most items in the game come with at least some polarized mod slots. Match these up with the right mods and the their capacity cost will be halved. If the polarities dont match the cost will increase by 25 percent.

    Meanwhile, Aura and Stance mods actually add mod capacity based on their levels, rather than detract from it. So polarity works a little differently for mods in those slots. Match your Aura and/or Stance polarities and the bonus capacity you receive will double. Mismatch the mods and the bonus will be reduced by 20 percent.

    If that sounds a little confusing, you honestly arent wrong. Its a lot for a new player to comprehend. The good news is that Digital Extremes doesnt really punish you for not having optimal mods until very late in the game. Youll have hours upon hours to gradually adjust to the system. Im more than 100 hours into the game and only just starting to get really finicky about my mod selection.

    Physical Mod Damage Types

    Most basic weapons come with, well, one of three basic damage types. These are Puncture, Slash, and Impact damage. Different enemies are weak to different damage types, but heres a very simple breakdown of who is weak to what:

    • Grineer Puncture (sometimes causes enemies to deal less damage).
    • Corpus Impact (sometimes staggers enemies).
    • Infested Slash (sometimes causes enemies to bleed and lose health over time).

    You can increase any weapons overall damage with a basic damage mod: like the Serration mod for primary weapons. This will boost all your damage types on a particular weapon regardless of its type and whether the damage comes from a mod or the weapons basic stats. However, some mods will also enhance a particular damage type.

    Jagged Edge, for example, increases the Slash damage of any melee weapon you equip the mod to. It will not, however, add Slash damage to a weapon that doesnt already have it. So dont waste your mod slots and capacity with mismatched physical damage.

    Elemental Mod Damage Types

    Heres something else that was a surprise to me. The order in which you slot your mods into your weapons actually matters. Any mod that gives your weapon a different elemental damage type like Heat or Cold can be combined with another elemental mod to produce a tertiary damage type. And unlike physical damage, you can add elemental damage to weapons that dont already have it.

    That can be pretty important. Different enemies are weak to different elements. And if you arent high enough level to deal incredible damage yet, you want to have a few different loadouts ready with varying damage types.

    For starters, here are all of the basic damage types:

    • Heat Sets enemies on fire.
    • Cold Slows enemies down.
    • Electricity Stuns enemies.
    • Toxin Poisons enemies.

    And here are the combination elemental damage types. Remember, to get a combination element, you need to add two or more mods with the necessary basic elements to your weapon first:

    • Blast (Heat + Cold) Knocks enemies down.
    • Corrosive (Electricity + Toxin) Reduces enemy armor.
    • Gas (Heat + Toxin) Creates an AoE toxic cloud.
    • Magnetic (Cold + Electricity) Reduces enemy shields.
    • Radiation (Heat + Electricity) Reduces enemy accuracy and causes them to damage each other.
    • Viral (Cold + Toxin) Reduces maximum health.

    Warframe will read your elemental combinations from left to right, top to bottom, as you place the damage mods into your weapon. The mods do not have to be back to back, either. For example, if you put in Heat, Electricity, and Toxin mods in that order from the top left you actually get both Radiation and Toxin damage as a result.

    Here are our general recommendations of damage types to use against different enemy factions. This is by no means a perfect breakdown, but should be useful:

    • Grineer Radiation + Toxin
    • Corpus Magnetic + Toxin
    • Infested Corrosive + Heat
    • Corrupted Corrosive + Cold

    In addition to these basic enemy factions, you also encounter Sentient enemies later in the game. These robotic foes repeatedly adapt to damage types as you attack them taking less damage from each category over time. Equip multiple weapons with different damage types and alternate to take them down. Then, once you beat The Second Dream quest, you can also use your Operators void attacks to reset Sentient resistances. This makes these fights much easier, as you can continue to attack with your preferred weapons over and over.

    You can make things easier on yourself by saving up to three pre-made loadouts for each weapon. Just select between Loadout A, B, and C when placing your mods. The game will automatically save those combinations for future use. That way, you can have one gun with loadouts specialized for Grineer, Corpus, etc.

    Looking for more info on Warframe mods? Head on over to our mod type guide or check out our upgrading mods guide!

    Warframe Promo Codes: Unlock Slots, Glyphs & Free Rewards

    There are a lot of Warframe Promo Codes available on the web. These promo codes can offer you glyphs, free slots, boosters, and free stuff. Now, who doesnt like free stuff? I certainly do, lets find out a few working Warframe Promo codes that you can use right away.

    Warframe Promo Codes

    Warning: Spamming invalid codes can get your IP banned temporarily. Avoid entering more than 15 codes per day.

    Earlier you could use codes such as FREESWORD to get a free heat sword which was really useful for new players. But this code retired after 12.31.2018.

    Most of the codes given below are for YouTubers/Twitch Streamer Glyphs. Anything other than Glpyh related codes will be added in a separate section.

    How To Redeem The Promo Codes

    Below are the steps you can follow to redeem the codes once you have them

    • Head to the website
    • Log in using your Warframe login and password
    • The header will have a Store link Hover over Store Click Promo Code
    • Enter your promo code and click the submit button

    Warframe Free Glyph Codes

    Click on the image of the glyph that youd like to get in-game. Once you have redeemed it on, just login in-game and youll have it. I have only added the good looking ones, you can find the full list if you want by heading to

    Some of these codes might not work for consoles since the updates for consoles are pushed later.

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