Poker Table Rake

The rake is defined below for each game which we spread. We do not charge rake if the hand ends on the first betting round (before the flop in Hold em or Omaha, before Fourth Street in Stud variants, or before the Draw in Draw variants).

The HORSE mixed game includes only Limit games in the rotation, and therefore will be raked according to the Fixed Limit structures.

We offer mixed games that have parts of game rotation which are Fixed Limit, and other parts which are No Limit and/or Pot Limit. Hands played at these tables are raked according to the type of game dealt in a particular hand.

We also offer a selection of special poker game variants see here for rake information for those games.

Number of players in the tables below refers to the players who were dealt into that particular hand, not the number seated at the table.

The tables below also represent the rake for both regular ring game and Zoom tables.

True Percentage Rake

Ring game rake is calculated as a true percentage using the round half to even method of rounding.

Non-USD Currency Rake

The caps for non-USD games are subject to quarterly review and may be changed due to fluctuations in the exchange rates.

What is Poker Rake?

Online poker rooms make their money by automatically taking a cut of each pot played. This is called the 'Rake'. The House takes a rake to cover its costs of providing you with the software and game and of course to make a profit too. Now you know about it, you ll notice it disappearing from pots (usually only when a flop is seen). Beside the regular Rake that is taken out of the pot, there might be an additional % of Rake that is taken to feed a jackpot that you can play for. Standard Rakes are usually a small percentage of the amount in the pot, capped at a certain fixed dollar limit. Typically, the rake is 5% of every pot. Often this is capped at $3/ 3/?3 but some sites offer no cap. So even playing just a couple of hours a day can soon accumulate and become a large amount of rake paid. And you could be paying tens of thousands of $$$ a year in rake!

Why do you have to pay Rake?

So you can claim Rakeback of course! But seriously the Rake is the only way that the house (host casino) earns money directly on Poker. The house is not wagering on the outcome of the game, so it has no vested interest in any particular result. Plus, it does not have the house advantage that it typically has in other forms of gambling (e.g. Blackjack, where you bet against the house/dealer, but they have a statistical advantage). Therefore, the use of Rake is primarily revenue that is going to the casino. A part of it is used to maintain and develop the poker software you are using, and another % will be reinvested in marketing, attracting new players to make deposits.

How is Rake Calculated?

There are a few different methods that an online poker site uses to calculate how much you have to pay in rake;

Dealt Cards

If you are dealt cards in a hand then you are deemed to have contributed to the pot and therefore you are allocated an equal share of the rake taken. This is regardless of whether you fold straight away or not. If for example the rake taken on a particular table is $3 and there are six of you playing, then your rake consideration is $0.50.

Weighted Contributed

You simply get allocated the weighted proportion of the pot that you contributed. For example, if the pot was $60, the rake taken is $3. If you put in $2 then your rake consideration is (2/60 * $3) or $0.10.

Examples: Unibet Poker

Real Player Value

RPV is a method of calculating player value based on the amount of net deposits that a player makes, in addition to the rake and fee generated at cash tables and tournaments. Usually RPV is made up of 50% gross rake and 50% source based rake. There is no exact equation to calculate this. It is worked out directly by the rooms using various algorithms and some smoke and mirrors too probably!

What is poker rakeback?

Rakeback is when you, the player, get a percentage of the rake that you have paid given back to you as cashback. Note this is nothing to do with your winnings of losses. It s purely dependent on the rake you have contributed to the table. Sometimes you can get that rakeback

directly from the room and sometimes it can some from an affiliate like us who refer players to the poker room. The room pays us a commission for bringing in new players and we pass the lion s share of that on to the player

Players can get up to 80% of their rake money returned to them through a rakeback affiliate like RakeTheRake.

What is Rake in Poker?

Unlike other casino games, poker is unique in that there is no house edge. Instead, the casino or gaming operator makes money from poker by charging rake. This is a fee charged by the house for the cost of hosting the poker game in question.

How Does Rake Work in Cash Games and Tournaments?

Cash Games

Generally, the rake in cash games is charged as a proportion of each pot. For example, for most live cash games, casinos will charge 10% of the pot for the lowest stakes available. So, if you were to win a pot of ?20 in a live cash game, the casino would take ?2, and you would instead win ?18.

Most casinos and gaming operators have some limit on the maximum rake that can be taken on each hand, to prevent huge amounts of rake in huge pots. This is typically around 5-15 big blinds for low-medium stakes. Let s say you were playing a live ?1/?1 game and you won a pot of ?800. If you were to pay 10% rake, your ?800 payday would be reduced by a substantial ?80. To prevent that, most casinos will cap the rake for each pot. Again, the cap per pot is usually around 5-15 big blinds. So, for a ?1/?1 game, the cap is around ?5-?15.

Other common examples of limits on rake in cash games include the no flop no drop rule, where the house will not charge rake unless the hand goes to the flop, and not charging rake for split pots.

Typically, the higher the stakes you play, the lower the percentage of rake you pay. For example, although many casinos charge 10% rake for ?1/?1, the rake might only be 1% or 2% for the highest stakes. Additionally, there is a much lower cap on the rake per pot for high stakes games. Whilst in a low-stakes game, you could pay up to 15 big blinds of rake or more per hand, the cap might be as few as 1 or 2 big blinds per hand in a high-stakes game.


The way rake works in tournaments is simpler. The casino does not charge a percentage of each pot in the tournament. Instead, the casino charges a proportion of your buy-in to the tournament. You will see this when buying in to any tournament. The buy-in will be advertised as ?X + ?Y . The first figure goes towards the prize pool, and the second figure goes to the casino and is what the casino is charging as rake. For example, if you buy in to a ?40 + ?4 tournament, you will pay ?44. ?40 of this will go to the prize pool and ?4 will go to the casino as rake.

Similar to cash games, higher stakes tournaments will often have more generous rake than lower stakes tournaments.

What Is Rakeback and How Is It Different to Rake?

Rakeback refers to the rewards and perks that casinos offer once you pay enough rake. These incentives might include cash rebates, loyalty points that can be spent with that casino or poker site, or free or discounted entry to tournaments. Other forms of rakeback can be even more creative, like a free breakfast roll for playing in the morning.

The rakeback on different sites and in different casinos will vary greatly, so it is always worth checking the rakeback for each site or casino before you play.

Rakeback is such a significant topic it deserves its own article, which we will explore another day. For now, just remember that rakeback lets you recover some of the rake that you pay, and each venue offers its own rakeback scheme.

What is a Good Level of Rake?

You might be thinking: why not just play poker in the places with the lowest rake? You would be substantially right. Rake is an extremely important consideration for any winning poker player. Playing a game with higher rake, even just a few percentage points, can have a large impact on your win rate.

However, the answer is usually not as simple as comparing the rake on different sites or in different casinos and choosing the lowest. Some venues may have attractively low rake, but then make up for it with unforgiving rakeback. Equally, other venues might have higher rake, but more generous rakeback.

That said, in general, avoid playing poker in places with a high rake if possible. The reasons are simple. Even if that site or casino has a generous rakeback scheme, it will take a fair amount of commitment to playing on that site or in that casino before you see the benefits. You can avoid that by simply paying lower rake in the first place.

Doing a rake comparison of all major poker sites and casinos is outside the scope of this article. That said, for micro and low stakes games, a standard level of rake is usually:

For online cash games = up to 5% of the pot and a cap of around 10 big blinds per pot (although the cap can be higher for buy-ins for $10NL, or in other words, blinds of $0.05/$0.10).

For live cash games = up to 10% of the pot for the lowest stakes (usually ?1/?1 in London) with a cap of around 5 big blinds per pot. The next-highest stakes (usually ?1/?2 in London) should have a 5% rake with a similar cap. Any higher stakes should have substantially less rake.

For online tournaments = up to approximately 10% of the buy-in.

For live tournaments = up to 20% of the buy-in.

How Is Rake Taken in Practice?

Taking rake for online poker is simple: the software does it automatically.

For live cash games, the dealer will manually calculate the size of the pot and then take a certain number of chips from the pot as rake.

For live tournaments, the casino will separate the rake from your buy-in when you enter the tournament.

Either way, there is nothing that players themselves are expected to do. However, it is always good to keep an eye on dealers in live cash games to see if they are taking too much rake, or even better not enough rake (in which case, stay on that table for as long as you can).

Standard Casino Rake Structure?

Moving away for University and planning on playing a lot more live cash having a casino round the corner. The rake structure is 10% upto a max of ?5 (?1/?1 Blinds). Minimum buy-in of ?40 and average stack is usually deep around 200bbs. How does this structure compare to other countries/cardrooms?

That's about standard. Some local rooms in Vegas will run $4 max.

Don't forget to ask for a cut rake if the game gets shorthanded. Most places willingly either discount or cut completely.

Casino I play at near Chicago is 5% up to $5 + $1 (on pots over $20) for promotions, i.e. bad beat jackpot, high hands. Reduced rake at 6 or less players ($3).

Higher limits are timed rake.

Live 1/ 2 in casinos here has 5% up to a max. 10, no rake below 20 pots.

As far as California and Las Vegas, I've seen a lot of card rooms do $3 for the drop when the flop comes + $1 for the Bad Beat Jackpot. If the river comes, they put another $1 to the Bad Beat Jackpot.

I think the worst is Macau. I read on a 2plus2 post that it's 5% with a max at $32USD. Yea fuck that.

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