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LOL, I always shout out, "I'LL TAKE A "G"!" When I hit the spin button, or some such. "I'D LIKE TO BUY A VOWEL, PAT. ".

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I have a few questions about the "Wheel of Fortune" slot machine. Is this an RNG machine so when you hit the spin button to start the game a randomly computer generated result on the three reels? So if you get the Wheel of Fortune spin symbol on the third reel with max bet for your free spin, this is random generated, correct?"

Yes, the result is randomly generated. To be more specific, the symbol that appears on each reel is randomly generated, independently of the symbols chosen for the other 2 reels.

And secondly and more puzzling to me, once you do get the spin symbol on the third reel for a free win spin, is this a rng win amount also determined by the machine when you hit the spin button to start the wheel turning? In other words, when you hit the spin button for your winning spin to start the wheel spinning on top of the machine, is the winning amount on the top wheel also random generated? For example,let's say you hit winning spin button immediately or wait five seconds before hitting the winning spin button to start the wheel turning, will the same dollar amount come up on the turning wheel for your win amount? Or would potentially a different win amount result depending when you hit that spin button to start the wheel turning? Thanks.

The short answer is that it doesn't matter either way, and there's no way of knowing unless you programmed the machine. The long answer is that it probably works like this: the RNG is cycling through millions of possibilities per second, and the instant you press the button is when it uses the current number to determine the outcome. If this is the case, then waiting another 5 seconds, or even 0.001 seconds might produce a different outcome. But since you can't press the button at both times and compare the results, you have no way of knowing. and it doesn't matter in the long run anyway.

With Wheel of Fortune-type bonus spins, each slice of the wheel has a different probability of being selected (typically the lower prizes have a higher probability of being selected), but the slice that you are given is still determined randomly.

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The Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines are based on you guessed it the popular TV game show, Wheel of Fortune !

The game is developed and manufactured by International Game Technology (IGT), and is one of the most played slot machine games in casinos from Las Vegas to Atlantic City.

Wheel of Fortune games are available in a wide range of base games . Depending on where you are playing, Wheel of Fortune slot machines can be found in 3 reel, 5 reel and video variations. A few of the most popular base games include:

  • Red White and Blue
  • Double Diamond
  • Five Times Pay

The base game doesn t really have anything to do with the Wheel of Fortune bonus spin, other than the requirement to hit the correct combination to activate the bonus spin. So, if you enjoy a particular IGT game, you may be able to find it attached to a Wheel of Fortune bonus.

Once you activate the bonus spin, a Wheel of Fortune on top of the machine is activated. The games have a button to push that starts the wheel spinning. Depending on where the wheel stops, it awards you, anywhere from 25 coins up to the current progressive jackpot.

(Not all Wheel of Fortune slot machines are tied to a progressive jackpot. Some of them have a top payout of only 1,000 coins.)

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How to Improve Your Odds at Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines

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Wheel of Fortune slot machines are some of the most popular slot machines in the world. Launched in 1966, this dazzling style of betting has captivated gamblers for years with high jackpots and spinning money wheels. While the outcomes of these slot machines are randomly generated, there are a few tricks to stretching your money and increasing your chances of winning.

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