11 Fun Word Games for Seniors to Boost Brainpower

Playable virtually anywhere you ve got a web browser, free online word games are a convenient option for seniors. If you have a harder time with smaller displays, a larger computer screen can be more accessible and enjoyable.

USA Today Daily Word Search

For decades, two of the most common pastimes have been the daily crossword puzzle and word search in the newspaper. You might sit down with your morning coffee, or perhaps over your lunch break, to work on these time-honored traditions. That ritual has since extended to the online realm too.

USA Today offers its daily word search for free via its website. Each daily puzzle, which consists of finding about 15 words, follows a unifying theme. You also have access to three hints in case you get stuck.

Screenshot of USA Today Daily Word Search game

Internet Scrabble Club

Seniors eager to flaunt their word knowledge and test their strategy skills can challenge players from all around the world on the Internet Scrabble Club. This is a website for purists who love the game of Scrabble, complete with a built-in community of equally eager enthusiasts. You can expect to find thousands of players logged into the site at any given time. There s always a game to play!

For more information on how to get started with the website, have a look at our comprehensive article featuring Internet Scrabble Club facts. Did you know there s a built-in rating system, as well as the opportunity to play against computer-controlled opponents?

Mahjong Words

Some of the best word games for seniors combine elements from more than one pastime. A prime example of this is Mahjong Words. Mahjong solitaire has been a popular game for years, challenging solo players to find matching pairs of tiles to clear the board. With Mahjong Words, a similar idea applies, except you must form words using letter tiles to clear them from the board.

It s like Scrabble meets Mahjong, complete with bingo bonuses when you form words using seven or eight letters. And, just like Scrabble, there are wild tiles that you can play as any letter. A relaxed pace with just enough challenge is great for both brain training and emotional wellbeing.

Word Whomp

Word Whomp is one of those browser games that instantly captures your focus the moment you start playing. It s been available online for a long time and continues to draw players who want to test their vocabularies.

At its core, the game has a simple premise: Spell as many words as possible using a limited set of letters, all while working under a time limit. Word Whomp is an easily accessible word game; anyone can start playing right away. And thankfully, it s also a decent challenge. You ll need to think fast and work your memory, which can hugely benefit your mental health.

Word Game Apps for Seniors

Older folks can enjoy mobile games just as much as their younger counterparts! In addition to offline word games for everyone, senior citizens can also benefit from brain training apps too. These apps are easy to figure out, and playing them can do wonders for your goal of keeping your mind sharp.

Get in your brain workout with Peak, a mobile app with a variety of brain games and puzzles to challenge memory, language and critical thinking. The free app sets you up with a daily workout of up to three games or activities, including word games. Get the monthly subscription to unlock dozens of different games and puzzles so you can try them at any time.

Track your progress over time and peek into your performance across such dimensions as focus, language, memory and problem solving. Peak is available via the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android.

Screenshot of Peak Brain Game

Word Master Pro

Some people like all the pizzazz and variety of game modes in Words With Friends and Scrabble GO. Multiplayer word games can be a lot of fun. Other people may find all

those extras to be distracting. If you're more like the latter and prefer a more traditional Scrabble experience, Word Master Pro might be for you.

It s everything you d want out of a Scrabble-like word game with none of the extra distractions. Download it on Google Android and Apple iOS devices.

Wheel of Fortune

Do you love tuning into Pat Sajak and Vanna White every evening to play along with the contestants? Enjoy the Wheel of Fortune experience from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet with the popular mobile app. The familiarity with the TV will help you learn this game quickly. Just like the game show, you spin the wheel, guess letters and solve puzzles.

What s more, you ll be able to unlock new rewards, compete in tournaments and even win prizes and collectibles. Play with friends and family through Facebook too. Get it on Apple iOS or Google Android devices.


Just like Peak, Elevate provides a variety of brain training games designed to improve attention, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, math skills and more. The app will automatically adjust, adapting a personalized training program that s just for you.

There are more than 35 brain games in all, complete with adaptive difficulty, a workout calendar and detailed performance tracking. The word games help to expand your vocabulary, improve your communication skills and build speaking skills -- all things that any senior would appreciate. Get it for Android or iOS.

Screenshot of Elevate Brain Training Game

Offline Word Games for Senior Citizens

There s nothing quite like the social connection of sitting around the same physical table, playing games with friends and loved ones. Many seniors may find physical board games and card games easier to play than their digital counterparts too. It also helps that there is usually at least a bit more physical activity involved than playing the digital games.


How convincing can you be when you re lying through your teeth? In Balderdash, one player reads a question for the other players. The question might ask for the definition of a word, for example. The other players write down their answers, but these answers must be completely made up.

The original player reads out all the submitted answers, along with the real answer. Then, the other players guess which one is actually correct. If your made-up answer gets a vote, you earn a point. You also get a point for correctly guessing the right answer.

Scrabble Slam

The rules for Scrabble Slam are simple. Instead of playing on a larger game board with 100 letter tiles to form words, you play with a deck of letter cards. Starting with a four-letter word on the table, players race to play their letter cards, replacing individual letters to form new four-letter words. Up to four players can get in on the action, and the first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

There are no turns in Scrabble Slam, as every player plays at the same time. This fast-paced game challenges players to think and act quickly, a great way to boost brainpower! The game has the added benefit of working on the speed and dexterity of arthritic hands.


If you re thinking about taking your word game to the next level, quite literally, then Upwords could be a fascinating option to add to the mix. The core gameplay style is familiar in that it s similar to Scrabble or Words With Friends board games. Place letter tiles on a board to form words.

What s different is that you can (and should) stack your letter tiles on top of existing tiles to make new words. Earn points for every tile you play. Adjust your game strategy accordingly and stretch that brain muscle to new lengths. And heights! It s a game that s both familiar and new at the same time.

UPWORDS Board Game

Fun Brain Training Exercises

For many seniors, fun word games and other brain training exercises are the perfect way to keep their minds sharp and engaged. Whether you re playing on a computer, on a tablet or in-person the old-fashioned way, there s always a game to play. For more, check out this list of places to play single-player Scrabble for free online!

Michael Kwan is a professional writer and editor with over 14 years of experience. Fueled by caffeine and WiFi, he's no stranger to word games and dad jokes.

Best Free Online Word Games for Seniors

Playing the part of an international secret agent can make you feel like you re in a Hollywood thriller. With Cryptogram Quotations, you must figure out a substitution code to decipher a hidden message. The quotation is encrypted, with each letter substituted with a different letter. Leverage your knowledge of spelling patterns and sentence structure to solve the clue.

cryptogram quotations online word game

The Word Search

Paper-and-pencil word search puzzles have been a popular favorite for many years. In its digital form, word searches also make terrific online word games for seniors to play. Over on The Word Search, you ll find a huge variety of word search puzzles. Peruse through such categories as television shows, science, music, sports and more. If you d rather go offline, you can print any of the puzzles too.

the word search online word game

Wheel of Rewards

You may not enjoy the company of Pat Sajak and Vanna White, but you can play a version of a popular game show from the comfort of your web browser. Wheel of Rewards is an unofficial version of Wheel of Fortune that you can enjoy as a single-player online game. Spin the wheel, buy vowels, and solve as many puzzles as you can with your 10 lives.

wheel of rewards online word game

Categories Game

Have you ever played Scattergories? It s the game where you try to come up with unique examples of each category starting with a particular letter. For example, when asked for an animal that starts with a G, you might say giraffe or gopher. The Categories Game is exactly the same, except you play online, no download needed. Play against other human opponents as a social activity or against computer bots for a solo challenge.

categories online word game

Eight Letters

When it comes to online word games for seniors, or any age group for that matter, many feature a take on the anagram. Given these letters, what words can you form? Eight Letters tasks you with coming up with words based on the eight letters provided. This is great practice for other games, like Words With Friends and Scrabble GO. If you get stuck, our word and letter unscrambler can help.

eight letters online word game

Wordmeister Online

Speaking of Scrabble practice, many seniors may enjoy playing Wordmeister. This class of online word games borrows inspiration from the iconic Scrabble. You ve got similar letter tiles on a similar game board. When you can t find a human opponent, single-player Scrabble sites like this are a terrific alternative.

wordmeister online word game

Daily Quick Crossword

True, it is a bit of a stereotype that one of the most common word games senior citizens play regularly is the classic crossword puzzle. No wonder, then, that the AARP Games site features several online crosswords, including the Daily Quick Crossword. The straightforward interface makes it easy to read clues. When you re stumped, you can reveal letters, words, or even the whole puzzle.

daily quick crossword online word game

Boosting Brain Power for Seniors

Playing free word games online can have a lot of benefits for senior citizens. They re a source of entertainment and engagement, surely, but they re also amazing for mental acuity. For more options, be sure to read our list of word games to boost brain power. Our list of fresh takes on classic word games is another resource worth checking out.

Michael Kwan is a professional writer and editor with over 14 years of experience. Fueled by caffeine and WiFi, he's no stranger to word games and dad jokes.

Wheel Of Fortune Group Game

Play Wheel of Fortune online and spin to win! Find other game show games and more free online games at GSN. Activity Director Craft & Event Ideas: Games- WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Activity Director Craft & Event Ideas: Games- WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Discover ideas about Activities For Elderly. Whiteboards are an indispensable tool for Activity Coordinators and can be used for group. Puzzle Games Word. Join the famous TV game show 'Wheel of Fortune' with this particularly faithful online version. Turn the wheel (be careful to avoid bankrupt!), choose a consonant or buy a vowel then try to find the sentence on the screen.

The Wheel of Fortune television game show features three contestants who compete to solve word puzzles. The goal is to amass the most money and prizes by solving word puzzles after multiple rounds. A large carnival wheel, spun by each contestant in turns, denotes dollar amounts or prizes awarded for correctly suggesting a letter within the word puzzle.

Wheel Of Fortune Free Games No Download

7 Review Games that Won t Waste Your Time. Subscribe to the Teach 4 the Heart Podcast. Group work contest: Assign a set of questions or problems to be answered by the group in a set amount of time. The group with the most correct answers wins. I love the Un-Wheel of Fortune game! I was looking for review games for our roots.

Basics of the Game

In Wheel of Fortune, three contestants compete during three rounds to solve hangman-type word puzzles. At the beginning of each round, contestants are given a category such as a phrase, person, place or object that consists of blank spaces they must fill in with the correct letters. After random selection to see who begins, contestants take turns to either spin the carnival wheel and guess a consonant, buy vowels from their earned winnings or solve the puzzle. At the end of three rounds, the contestant with the most cash and prizes becomes the winner and moves to the game's bonus round.

Wheel Spin Prizes

In addition to the dollar amount wedges on the carnival wheel, some wedges indicate specific prizes or special game elements. For example, in some rounds the wheel contains two 1/2-car wedges, which when both collected, result in that contestant winning a new car if they go on to solve that particular puzzle. Other special game elements include the million-dollar wedge, which awards a player $1 million if they correctly solve the puzzle, the free-play wedge, which allows contestants one extra play to buy a vowel for free, call a consonant letter or solve the puzzle. The wild-card wedge allows the contestant to call an additional consonant in either the regular or bonus rounds. The wheel also includes bankrupt or lose-a-turn wedges, resulting in the loss of all earnings to that point, or the player loses a turn at the wheel and the puzzle.

Every game of Wheel of Fortune also includes tossup rounds. During the tossup round, the board reveals letters one-by-one. Contestants compete to see who can ring in and correctly solve the puzzle first. If a contestant guesses wrong, he is out of that round and the remaining contestants can either immediately guess or allow the board to continue revealing letters. Tossup puzzles have values of $1,000, $2,000 or $3,000 at the time of publication.

Wheel Of Fortune Interactive Game

The winning contestant goes on to participate in the bonus round. He spins a smaller wheel that contains 24 envelopes -- each hiding a particular prize. The contestant must solve the puzzle after the letters R, S, T, L, N and E have populated the spaces where they appear in the phrase, person, place or object's name. After that, the contestant selects three additional consonants and a single vowel. When the contestant guesses the right consonants and vowel, the selected letters are revealed, after which the contestant has 10 seconds to solve the puzzle. If he wins, he receives the prize denoted by the envelope he spun for at the beginning of the round.

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