Where is Tarzan going

Where is Tarzan going?

LPL has already begun, lck rosters have already been announced and i can't actually imagine him going to na or eu. So he could resign with griffin and plax in ck what imo would be a waste of talent or stay without a team for one split. What do you think?

He could just . idk not play as a pro for a split. Might happen. Can he do his military service already? Could be a good time considering the whole GRF drama kind of has cost him and a break from league might be a good idea to reset the image.

But obviously this is just guesses on what else he could do.

military service there is like 2 years, thats career ending for a korean player

A 2 year break? Career ender most likely

Lmao that makes no sense at all. Why would he need to reset the image? A break in League of Legends typically isn't the best route either.

Either the offers weren't that great, teams weren't interested or he will be picked up in the coming weeks maybe even at the start of the split, another region than LCK.

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