Slot Machine

Whether its to entertain your patrons and make a little money or just for you and your friends, a slot machine is a fun way to pass the time and makes a great addition to any man-cave. There are all kinds of slot machines, from flashy electric fruit machines to lovingly restored antique penny arcades. Whatever type of slot machine youre looking for, youre bound to find it among eBays huge variety.

What sorts of slot machines are there?

Some slot machines take coins, but many have been converted to accept tokens which will be supplied with the machine. Converted machines are a great idea if you want the fun of a slot machine at home without the need to use real money. There are so many different types of slot machines that it would be difficult to list them all, but here are a few of the most readily available:

  • Vegas-style one armed bandits.
  • Japanese Pachislo machines.
  • Veteran fruit machines retired from good old British pubs.
  • Antique penny slot arcade machines.
  • Toy versions of the full-size machines.

What can you expect to pay for a slot machine?

There are little toy machines that go for pocket money prices, or full-scale machines and antiques that are only for serious collectors and enthusiasts and involve a much larger investment, and everything in between. It really depends on what sort of slot machine you want. Refurbished or second-hand machines will almost always be more affordable than brand new ones, so if youre looking for the fun of a slot machine at a lower price, opt for one of these instead.

What if youre buying a second-hand machine?

Second-hand machines often come with a little wear and tear, which will be listed in the description. Always check the description for the type of damage on the machine - some types are cosmetic only, but others may need extensive repair which you will need to bear in mind when considering your purchase. Electronic slot machines are essentially computers and will sometimes produce error codes - most error codes are available to look up online, and very easy to fix. Antique penny slot machines are very different, however, and will require a different sort of care. You should be able to find guidance on how to look after your machine either from the seller, or online.

Arcade Machines

Brand new arcade cabinets pre-loaded with classic games. Various cabinet styles with up to 2,000 games - or more!

Relive your favourite arcade games from the '80s and '90s. Switch between games in moments.

Arcade Coffee Tables

Stylish, contemporary arcade coffee tables with 1000s of games. Relax & enjoy the finest arcade games from your sofa.

Designed to be long, low & comfortable, these coffee table machines feature arcade-quality controls.

Latest Arcade Machines

The latest, greatest releases in arcade gaming. From brands including Namco, Raw Thrills, Sega & more.

We stock the latest arcade machines from the biggest names. The newest, most cutting-edge games around.

Shooting Arcade Machines

Thrilling arcade shooters with light gun technology. Refurbished shooters for any home or venue.

Browse classic titles like Time Crisis, Virtua Cop, House of the Dead, Big Buck Hunter & many more.

Driving Arcade Machines

Take the wheel & get ready for the green light! Refurbished & new driving arcade machines.

We stock the fastest driving games in history, including SEGA Rally, Chase HQ, Need For Speed & more.

Arcade1Up Arcade Machines

Travel back in time & play your favourite retro arcade games. With Arcade1Up's fully-licenced videogame machines.

Arcade1Up arcades are themed around an historic arcade game. Choose your favourite & clear your diary.

AtGames Legends Arcades

AtGames is a truly exciting arcade gaming brand. Check out their cutting-edge videogame machines here.

This dynamic range includes everything from full-size arcade cabinets to smaller plug-in game centres.

Boxer Arcade Machines

Test your punch power with a boxing arcade machine. They're popular attractions in arcades, funfairs & amusement parks.

Available in a range of different styles and colourschemes, they're guaranteed to attract attention & players.

Arcade Consoles

Arcade consoles plug into your TV or monitor. They're loaded with hundreds of exciting arcade & console games.

Aimed at retrogamers & classic videogame fans, these compact units offer a vast choice of games at a great price.

Flight & Driving Simulators

Take your gaming into the next level of control. Sleek, accurately-modelled home & arcade simulators.

The best in hyper-real simulation gaming. Flight & driving sims with comprehensive set-ups.

Dance Arcade Machines

Get your groove on with a dance arcade machine. These popular arcade machines are a hit with dancers of all ages.

All the latest popular music, thousands of dance move combos & thumping sound systems.

Other Arcade Machines

Some of the most unusual, different arcade machines around. Browse the weirdest, the most wonderful & the wackiest games.

From football kicking games to skee-ball, these genre-twisting arcade machines defy pigeon-holing.

Novelty Redemption Machines

Ticket redemption machines for venues where prizes are won. Players win tickets from these machines, to be redeemed in your venue.

Offer free plays, prizes or gifts as rewards for the best players. These machines are proven arcade successes.

Claw Crane Grabber Machines

The arcade classic. Control the claw & grab a prize - if you're lucky! Claw machines are a popular arcade install. Don't miss out!

Fill with soft toys or gift bags to keep customers coming back again and again. With light & sound shows.

Quiz Machines

Test your knowledge against a quiz machine & win! With regular updates & new questions, keep your customers guessing.

Quiz machines are popular, entertaining installs in pubs & social clubs, with secure coin mechanisms.

Kiddy Rides

Ride-on fun for the smallest of your visitors! Kiddy rides are a great way to amuse small children.

With their bright colours, fun characters & music, these machines will keep children entertained.

Classic Arcade Machines

All the classic arcade hits from yesteryear. The biggest games from the golden age of gaming.

Browse our collection of classic arcade machines, all fully reconditioned, warrantied & ready to play.

Change Machines

Ensure your customers have a ready supply of small change. Convert notes into coins to spend in your venue.

These machines are secure, reliable & give out a variety of coins. Configure the machine to your requirements.

Sega Arcade Machines

The zone for SEGA aficionados; this is where the classics live. All of SEGA's biggest arcade hits in one place.

SEGA remains one of the biggest arcade brands. Browse our stock of their biggest & best games.

Basketball Arcade Machines

Aim straight & shoot hoops for points & prizes. Players must score hoops to bank points & win big!

Everybody loves basketball. Players take turns to shoot & score, winning points & prizes.

Contactless Arcade Machines

Take cashless payments on your arcade machine. Now you can charge your customers for game credits with no need for small change.

Convert your arcade venue into a cashless environment with our contactless payment systems.

Arcade Machine Buying Guide

Buying an arcade machine? Let us answer your questions and solve your problems, and get you set up with your dream arcade!

Some more specific advice:

Why Buy From Liberty Games?

We hold the largest range of arcade machines and video games in the UK. With plenty of passionate gamers in our offices, we can help you to buy and install your dream arcade machine, whether in your home games room or your venue’s amusement arcade.

See our range of multiplay arcade machines. These incredible games centres are aimed at homes, and are packed with classic arcade hits and iconic titles. Simply scroll through the game list, find your favourite and load it up! They’re convenient, compact and with thousands of games present on some models, they’ll keep you busy for years to come.

For the serious arcade and the most exciting experiences, only a dedicated arcade cabinet will do. Grab your gun and blast your way through alien landscapes, fine-tune your footwork on a dance machine, or soar through space in your own combat ship. Race the fastest cars ever made on the streets of the world’s big cities, or grab the joystick and relive the golden age of videogaming with one of our reconditioned classics.

Alongside these arcade videogame machines, we also stock a range of other amusements including boxing machines, basketball machines, novelty redemption arcades, quiz machines and lots more. Our passionate sales team are on the phone and ready to discuss your needs to get you the machine you really want.

Once you’ve chosen your dream arcade machine, our experienced technicians will be in touch to arrange your delivery. Our free delivery promise covers all of mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland, and we can deliver across northern Scotland, Northern Ireland and offshore UK on request. If you’re further afield, don’t worry we can arrange delivery worldwide. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to get you set up with your ultimate arcade machine in no time.

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Fruit Machine Sales
View our range of refurbished fruit machines.
With free technical support for as long
as you own the machine.

Mech Updates
Send us your coin and note mechanisms to be updated to accept all the latest coins and the new polymer ?20 notes. Full instructions on the relevant booking pages.

Spare Parts
We have a huge range of spare parts for coin-operated machines, including fruit machines, quiz machines and pool tables. From pool cues to lamps.

Coin-Operated Fruit Machines

Buy a Fruit Machine and Expand Your Gaming Enjoyment

Easy to use with zero learning curve, a fruit machine adds to any gaming setup. Just drop in the coins, pull the handle or push the button, and let the reels spin. Suitable for commercial premises or residential enjoyment, eBay offers a range of coin-operated fruit machines available to buy.

What types of reel-spinning fruit machines are available?

Also called a slot machine, a fruit machine comes in three main formats:

  • Multiplier: Pay-offs on a multiplier are proportionate to the coins played. For example, if the machine can take in three coins at once and you play with a single coin, the three bars would pay you back 10. For two and three coins, the payback will be 20 and 30, respectively.
  • Buy-a-pay: On a buy-a-pay machine, the first coin played would let you win only a cherry combination, the second coin will activate bar payouts, and the third coin will activate sevens. Those in the know would play the maximum number of coins allowed.
  • Progressive: On a progressive fruit machine,
    players are actively encouraged to play the maximum number of coins. By lining up the symbols, you eventually get a percentage of every coin played.

A payout line in a physical fruit machine is the line that lists out the winning combinations and the payout from the game. A fruit machine could have a single, or three or five payout lines. Most reel-spinning machines are single payout line types painted across the glass centre. Some machines could also have nine payout lines, on which one to five credits can be bet.

What payouts are associated with which symbols?

Commonly available on a fruit machine are cherries, double bars, bars, sevens, and triple bars. The payout varies with the symbols. For instance:

  • A single cherry could fetch you two coins.
  • Double and triple bars on the payout line could get you 10 coins.
  • Three single bars, three double bars, and three triple bars would pay you 30, 60, and 120 coins, respectively.
  • Most importantly, three sevens would win you a jackpot.

Fruit machines have a currency validator/detector installed that ascertains whether the coins or notes are genuine. The checking process entails various tests. If the coins are acceptable, the machine retains them in its storage container. If they are fake, they are returned to the user.

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