Golden Ticket

A Golden Ticket is the pass that allows the owner to get into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Five Golden Tickets were hidden in Wonka Bars and shipped out into countries all over the world. The search for them turned into a worldwide mania and each ticket find was a press sensation. The five children that eventually found them were Augustus Gloop, Mike Teavee, Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregarde.

The ticket says far more than could logically fit on it: "Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this Golden Ticket, from Mr Willy Wonka! I shake you warmly by the hand! Tremendous things are in store for you! Many wonderful surprises await you! For now, I do invite you to come to my factory and be my guest for one whole day - you and all others who are lucky enough to find my Golden Tickets. I, Willy Wonka, will conduct you around the factory myself, showing you everything that there is to see, and afterwards, when it is time to leave, you will be escorted home by a procession of large trucks. These trucks, I can tell you are good, you will be loaded with enough delivious eatables to last you and your entire household for many years. If, at any time thereafter, you should run out of supplies, you have only to come back to the factory and show this Golden Ticket, and I shall be happy to refill your cupboard with whatever you want. In this way, you will be able to keep yourself supplied with tasy morsels for the rest of your life. But this is by no means the most exciting thing that will happen on the day of your visit. I am preparing other surprises that are even more marvellous and even more fantastic for you and for all my beloved Golden Ticket holders - mystic and marvellous surprises that will entice, delight, intrigue, astonish and perplex you beyond measure. In your

wildest dreams you could not imagine such things could happen to you! Just wait and see! And now, here are your instructions: the day I have chosen for the visit is the first day of the month of February. On this day, and on no other, you must come to the factory gates at ten o'clock sharp in the morning. Don't be late! And you are allowed to bring with you either one or two members of your own family to ensure that you don't get into mischief. One more thing - be certain to have this ticket with you, otherwise you will not be admitted.



Augustus Gloop

He found his golden ticket by eating a ton of chocolate, as usual. He bit into a Wonka bar one day and could not decipher what the flavor was. When he pulled it out of his mouth, it turned out to be a corner of the ticket.

Veruca Salt

She was the only child who didn't directly find her own ticket. Her father made his peanut shellers rip open a ton of candy bars until they found one.

Violet Beauregarde

She found her golden ticket after switching from gum to candy bars. After she found it, she went back to gum. She also found it because she was so competitive and put a lot of effort into her search.

Mike Teavee

He found his golden ticket after using an algorithm to hack into Wonka's computers.

Willy Wonka Slot Machines

There are now five Willy Wonka slots from Scientific Games / Bally based on the Willy Wonka movie. These have characters and designs in common with each game becoming more spectacular and immersive than the one before. The latest Willy Wonka slot games have screens that curve around you, as well as surround sound and hand motion detectors that allow you to interact with the display.

These are all based on the 1971 movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. While this movie looks dated by today’s standards, at the time the ‘Technicolor’ and special effects were state of the art. Add in an iconic performance from Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, and you’ll find plenty of material on which to base these entertaining casino slots.

This page covers the slot machines Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, World of Wonka, Pure Imagination, Dream Factory and of course, the Wonkavator slot. These are all found in live casinos in Michigan, Colorado and Atlantic City.

Online slots have loosely covered this theme over the years none have come close to these impressive live slots.

What the Willy Wonka slots have in common

Before covering the individual games, this section looks at what brings the series together. The surreal sights and sounds of the chocolate factory provides a rich backdrop for all of the games.

Symbols are shared between the titles. In every case Gene Wilder in purple jacket and top hat is the highest paying symbol. He will appear stacked on some games, and in special larger sized symbols too. The characters from the movie are all higher paying symbols. They include Charlie, Grandpa Joe and Verruca Salt.

Oompa Loompas appear in all the games. They don’t feature as symbols, instead having a key role in the random bonuses. You’ll see the reels expand in different ways in the series of slots and the catchy Oompa Loompa song play too.

All of the Willy Wonka slots have multiple bonus features. A big part of what keeps these games interesting is that you can win several different bonus games. This stops them becoming repetitive. There are picks games, free spins (sometimes with giant symbols) and jackpot games.

At the end of each bonus game, you’ll get to unwrap a chocolate bar, which can reward you with a ‘golden ticket’. This triggers a progressive jackpot.

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory slot machine

When you compare the original (in this series) Willy Wonka slot with others on the casino floor it stands up well. Compared to the newer games below, this is the simplest of setups. Instead of curved screens and tall screens that tower above you, this game simply has two standard sized slot monitors.

Scientific Games have used them to good effect. Oompa Loompa’s make their debut, stretching the reels onto the second screen and adding wilds in their base game bonus. There are tall Gene Wilder symbols and all the familiar characters appear on the reels.

Bonus games in the Chocolate Factory slots

Bonuses are triggered by hitting 3 or more of the golden elevator symbols. The elevator then shoots to the upper screen, stopping at one of many different bonus games.

  • Free Spins: These can be for Charlie or Grandpa Joe. You then pick a candy to see how many spins you get. During your spins, giant symbols covering 2 or 3 reels (for whichever character your elevator picked) are added to the reels.
  • Picks Bonuses: Again, based on the characters, you get to pick candies for cash prizes. Some candies make the lower paying ones disappear others give you an additional pick.
  • Chocolate River Bonus: The boat sails down a virtual river. It passes candies as it goes, which award cash prizes. You’ll stop, get a scene from the movie, before moving through a second tunnel for extra prizes.
  • Cash Awards: Some of the bonuses that the elevator can stop by are simply cash (coins) awards. These might not be immersive like the others, though some awards are on the larger side.

Add to this the golden ticket shot at the end of each bonus (where you unwrap 6 bars) and the Oompa Loompa base game feature, and you’ll see that even the simplest of the Willy Wonka slots has a lot of features.

2. Willy Wonka: Pure Imagination slot machine

The Pure Imagination slot is named after a song from the movie. Like the original it uses dual screen setup. These are big screens. One slopes away from you and the other is upright. The entertaining bonuses take full advantage of the setup.

Oompa Loompas again appear as a random feature in the base game. The reels can expand, with the green-haired creatures building them one row at a time. More Oompa Loompa’s then appear on top of the reels. They can pour sacks of sugar down the reels, turning them wild.

Golden Egg Respins

Bonuses are triggered by a golden egg respin feature. You keep collecting golden eggs until you spin with no more of them appearing. They then fill meters on the upper screen. The eggs then randomly fill meters on the upper screen. The bonus is chosen at random once the eggs are used the more eggs in each row, the better your bonus. Here are the games:

  • Fizzy Lifting Bonus: Here you choose bubbles (how many depends on the eggs). They float up hitting prizes in the upper part of the cabinet. If you are lucky, you can hit ‘all in row’ to trigger up to 4 prizes at once. The top of the screen has jackpot-sized prizes.
  • Pure Imagination Free Spins: There are two parts to this free spins bonus. First, Oompa Loompa’s bash symbols hanging on wires from top of the screen onto the reels. You then get free spins which include giant symbols. These can cover 3 or more reels completely at times, triggering wins over multiple lines.
  • Veruca Salt Tantrum Bonus: A clip from the ever-greedy Veruca Salt is followed by a series of gifts appearing. You get to keep the results of all of them as the girl keeps demanding ‘more!’.

After each bonus you’ll unwrap chocolate bars in this version of the ‘Golden Ticket’ bonus. Hitting that golden ticket wins you $5,000.

3. World of Wonka slot machine

The World of Wonka slots machine has a brand-new screen setup. This sees three screens positioned to curve around the player. There is an additional screen above them, with a bonus wheel on top of that making for an impressive looking cabinet. This game also includes motion sensor technology. When you hit a big win, you get to pop candies by waving your hands.

The curved screen makes for an entertaining random Oompa Loompa bonus. As their song starts, the creatures appear either side of the reels, stretching them out. Others then appear with ropes, adding rows. Wilds move in groups across the screen. Topping it all is a cart/train at the end that can give you win multipliers.

Everlasting Gobstoppers trigger the Wonka Winko bonuses

You trigger the bonus with everlasting gobstopper symbols. Two gets a respin, with 3 or more triggering a ‘Wonka Winko’ game above the reels. Here are the bonuses that can result from this:

  • Free Spins: These come with giant symbols, which can cover the entire reels held between mechanical arms and pulleys. These can be Charlie, Grandpa Joe or even the highest paying Willy Wonka symbols. Graphics for this bonus are as impressive as the big win potential.
  • Chocolate River: This is a picks bonus. You choose candies on the river, choosing whether to pick from the lower risk/lower reward close ones or those with higher risk further away.
  • Bonus Wheel: You can win a huge progressive via this wheel, which also has some generous coin wins. Note that you can also win the progressive on the reels, with special Gene Wilder symbols with the word ‘jackpot’ on them.

As with the other slots in this range, you’ll unwrap a chocolate bar at the end of each bonus to see if you get a golden ticket.

4. Willy Wonka Dream Factory slots

On top of a carousel of 3 Dream Factory slots you’ll see a 360-degree screen that spins to reveal the bonus features.

This game is a little different to the others. There is no Oompa Loompa base game feature. Instead Veruca Salt appears with an ‘I want it now’ random feature. Her song will start, and the highest paying Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka symbols appear, getting locked onto the screen in different configurations. You then see a wheel which can show ‘good egg’ (another spin) or ‘bad egg’ (game ends).

There is also a jackpot picks game with the everlasting gobstoppers. This is triggered separately from the other bonuses, with a gobstopper on reels 1 and 5. You see an entertaining sequence, then get to pick until you match 3 jackpots. You can also win jackpots with special jackpot symbols on the reels.

Glass Elevator bonus games

Regular bonuses need 3 glass elevators to trigger. The big horizontal wheel on top of the cabinet then spins. Here are the entertaining bonuses that you can win:

  • Juicer Free Spins: This uses the part of the movie where the girl blows up like a giant blueberry as inspiration. It shows mechanical arms holding her over the reels, squeezing to add wilds. You get 8 free spins, with reels that expand towards the end, to enjoy these wild symbols.
  • Wonka Vision: This is another free spins game. This time you get Oompa Loompa symbols overlaid. They expand in different configurations, then turn wild after each spin. More are added as you go along, so the last spins can be very profitable.
  • Fudge Room: The final free spins bonus has pipes filled with fudge to add wilds to the reels. Some of them have 2x wild multipliers.

This is the only Willy Wonka slot without the golden ticket game after the features. This is replaced by 2 different ways of winning a progressive jackpot.

4. Willy Wonka slots: The Wonkavator

This game took the immersive curved screen idea and expanded on it upwards. The top section of Wonkavator will tower above you. All the familiar elements are in place. This includes the candies and characters on the reels. There is an additional on-reel feature. When you hit a stack of Willy Wonka symbols, you get a respin with that stack turned into wild symbols. This can be worth hitting those times you trigger with multiple stacks.

Oompa Loompas appear again. They expand the reels upwards, making the best use of the tall screen. They then jump onto the reels, which can have wilds going up or down (or in some cases both).

Up to 10 wheel spins with Elevator bonus symbols

To trigger bonuses, you need golden elevator symbols. Bonuses are chosen randomly. You’ll see a mix of free spins, wheel bonuses and bubble picks floating around at the top of the screen. These pop and disappear one at a time, leaving the bonus you receive. Here are the Wonkavator features:

  • Free Spins: These are themed around the characters (or wilds) with giant symbols. You only get 5 spins, though the reels replicate all the way up the cabinet, giving you multiple ways to win. Giant symbols can cover entire sets of reels, or just part of them. Win multipliers can be added at the end.
  • Wheel Bonus: You can win up to 10 wheel spins, or even golden wheels with bigger prizes. You get a choice of how to use those 10 spins by picking a ticket. This can be fewer spins with multipliers, or 10 separate lower-prize spins.
  • Bubble Pick: Here you see Charlie and Grandpa Joe floating up in a bubble tube. You pick bubbles moving them up or down, and winning cash prizes and multipliers. The game ends when they hit the top of the tube.

As with all the Willy Wonka slots, there is a golden ticket game where chocolate bars get unwrapped at the end of the feature.

The immersive Willy Wonka slots

This theme works brilliantly for casino slots. There are now online slots via Facebook apps to enjoy it too. All 5 of the games are entertaining in their own right. You might well come away with the special Oompa Loompa song used for their random bonuses stuck in your head.

The latest games use motion sensors plus a curved cabinet for an immersive experience. With plenty of bonus games on all versions, and progressive jackpots to be won, it is little wonder these slots are so popular in real money casinos all over the country.

Willy Wonka Slots Machine

Slot fanatics are in for a treat with the latest in sensory immersion gaming from WMS The Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Slot machine featuring a sensory immersion 2.0 gaming experience. The Willy Wonka Slot by WMS is at the modern end of the slot machine spectrum that started with single stand-alones featuring fruit-graphics and has evolved into multi-sensory 3D gaming consoles that are interactive and engaging. The slot is sure to take the player into a realm of pure imagination along with bonus and other payout rounds occurring frequently.

A gaming experience from the world of pure imagination

Willy Wonka s chocolate factory theme is perfect for a gaming slot, with the right amount of whimsy, theatrics, and adventure all rolled into one. WMS has done a great job by combining technology, fantasy, and the award-winning music of the 1971 musical film adaptation to create a slot game that delivers pure gaming pleasure.

The eternally imaginative games developed by WMS involve everything from films to fantasy. The whimsical backdrop of this film provides the perfect fodder to produce an attractive gaming theme. The classic hits from the film itself play in the background to enhance the gaming experience and make the betting even more involving. As far as developing and entertaining slot machine goes, WMS seems to have found the Golden Ticket .

Innovative Game Play on Willy Wonka Slots Machine

The most exciting feature of the Willy Wonka slot machine is the motion chair technology that is paired perfectly with the theme of the slot. During a boat ride on the chocolate river, the motion chair moves back and forth mimicking the feeling of riding on an actual boat. The advanced graphic allow superior picture quality to match the colorful theme of the sloe, which is a visual treat. The orange skinned, green haired Oompa Loompa characters along with other elements of the movie set the perfect scene for an exhilarating game.

The audio quality is enhanced by the advance computing capabilities of the CPU-NXT3 operating platform. This also enhances the synchronized lighting and motion capabilities of the console. In addition, the Oscar-nominated original music from 1971 motion picture truly elevates the mood of the player. Moreover, the touchscreen features add to the overall experience, allowing players to see, hear, and feel the game.

Willy Wonka Slot Bonus Rounds and Payouts

The Willy Wonka slot intelligently combines the classic thrills of a slot machine with the various elements of the movie. The Oompa Loompa characters appear to add wild symbols to your reels and increase your chances for more wins. Your can also win a golden ticket similar to the one in the movie, however, this ticket pays out $5000 to the winner, instead of a trip to the Willy Wonka s factory. The ticket can be found in the Wonka bar, which is another popular element of the film. The unforgettable chocolate river boat-ride is reinvented in the bonus round. The chances of finding the golden ticket increase every time a jackpot is not won in the bonus round. The free spin that chooses the awarded bonus round is called the Wonkavator and is motion-enabled as well. The Oompa Loompa expansion rounds occur with more frequency than the bonus rounds, however, the bonus rounds on the Willy Wonka slot occur at the same frequency as any other royalty-based slot machine.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the Film

This 1971 film is based on the children s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . The story illustrates the happenings when a boy (Charlie) finds one lucky golden ticket that wins him a trip to Willy Wonka s chocolate factory. The adventure that unfolds in the chocolate-making factory is filled with whimsical characters, and the plot ends with the poor boy Charlie being chosen as the heir to the profitable chocolate factory owned by Willy Wonka.

This film was made in 1975 with Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka; the film gained a cult status owing to its numerous broadcasts on television. The film also featured a fantastic original score that was nominated for an Academy Award. Popular film elements that resonate in the minds of people today are the Oompa Loompa characters, the Wonka Bar of chocolate, the iconic chocolate river boat-ride scene, and the characters Charlie and Willy Wonka.

The story has been the subject of another film adaption of the same name as the children s book, starred by Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton in 2005. Both films were successful and based on the same story, however, the focal points of the two films revolved around different characters. The 1971 film revolved more around Willy Wonka than the actually central character according to the book, Charlie Bucket.

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