Winners poker room wichita ks

Find our recommended poker sites here: Best Online Poker Rooms. is another very competent online poker room on the iPoker network.

Traffic is steady 24/7 and consistently ranks in the top five of the industry. also brings several new features to the iPoker table though with really big promotions, a strong loyalty program and a great looking poker client.

Texas Hold em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud and Five-Card Stud are all available although the No-Limit Hold em and Pot-Limit Omaha games receive the lion s share of attention.

Although one of s slogans is Play the best, be the best, this isn t the Bellagio and some of the players are incredibly bad. That s a good thing for experienced players hunting for soft tables. is worth checking out for anyone looking for easy games, good software and value-packed offers.


Exclusive $2,000 first-deposit bonus at 250% match for new players who sign up at through a link.

Winner Poker Bonus Code

Exclusive bonus code for PokerListings players: PL10EN

Winner Poker Bonus Payout

Players need to earn 1000 frequent player points per $10 of bonus pending. It s not a lump-sum payment and players can earn bonuses in increments of $10, which is better than what some of s competitors offer.

Winner Poker Promotions Loyalty Program rewards its players for the amount of time they play on the site with frequent player points. The more real-money hands you play, the more points you will generate. A rough estimate is 1 point per $.25-$.50 in rake.

The site also offers a very solid VIP program that awards seven elite tiers of status. Players start at Club and then move through Classic, Ace, Prime, Royal, and Imperial all the way up to the coveted Zenith Status.


Max Bonus$2,000
Regular Bonus$200
Match Bonus100%

TOURNAMENTS AND FREEROLLS is a prime location for tournament players thanks to the iPoker network. Thousands of tournaments are available every day ranging from $1 all the way up to $5,000 for the most experienced players.

There are several good guaranteed tournaments on the site with an epic $1 million guaranteed event that runs every few months.

Satellites are available for all the big live majors including the Aussie Millions, WPT and WSOP. If you re into big online tournaments there's also access to the European Championship of Online Poker.

The capper is iPoker s renowned Jackpot SnGs, which have awarded over $100,000 on occasion.


Although it s another skin of the iPoker platform, the version is particularly appealing. The room offers a dark theme that looks more professional than some of the other iPoker rooms that have wild colors.

All the industry standard features for a poker room are available with stats functions, player notes, avatars, several table views, a four-color deck and multi-table support for up to eight tables. Beginners may also find the "view hand strength" feature useful as it informs a player what hand they have hit.

The site offers No-Limit Hold em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud and Five-Card Stud. Heads-Up, Turbo, Super Turbo and Rebuy variants are also available for most of the games.

English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Swedish are all supported languages, among others. For a free and direct download, click the download link above.


The majority of players on do not seem to be winners at all. There are some shockingly bad players on the site and it s a potentially lucrative site for skilled players to frequent.

If you re looking for the worst players head to the micro-stakes No-Limit Hold em games where players range from passive to loose but usually not tight-aggressive.

As with all iPoker sites the Omaha games are plentiful but because of the network s European focus the high stakes PLO games can be very tough to beat.

Poker in Wichita: Live, Cashgames, Tournaments

In order to play poker in Wichita in Kansas Kansas with 389.902 residents for money, you have to drive to a official casino or a poker room.


In Wichita and throughout Kansas Kansas, poker is classified as a game of luck. For this reason, it is only permitted in casinos to gamble for real money. On this site we inform you about all the different options to play poker in Wichita and inform you about the legal framework in Kansas Kansas.

Legal notice: Is it legal to play poker Wichita ?

Poker Cash Games can fulfill in Kansas Kansas and thus as well in Wichita the criminal offence of illegal gambling. Punishment based on these regulations is if one helds a public game of chance or participates in it.

Is poker a game of chance or not?

The decision of whether poker is a game of luck in the sense of the jurisdiction has been arousing people's minds for decades and there have been many hearings on the matter. The law in United States and therefore also in Wichita says however that poker is to be rated as a game of chance. The national casinos in United States have of course a allowance.

Poker in restaurants in Wichita

Particulary for restaurants the criminal side is very risky. There is the danger of losing the official permission to operate a restaurant in Wichita if you make yourself liable to prosecution.


  • Poker cash games are generally forbidden in United States and therefore also in Wichita.
  • The casinos in United States have a permission.
  • Mostly it is very tricky for the authorities in Wichita to evidence prohibited gambling.
  • Tournaments are considered a game of skill, cash games a game of luck

Please note that the information provided does not constitute legal advice under the law and cannot replace legal advice, as such advice always requires

knowledge of all individual circumstances, in particular of the specific individual case.

Cashgames: Real money poker games in Wichita

In Wichita you are still not permitted to play a poker game for real money in public. If like to enter games for real money in Wichita, you will have to go to casinos poker clubs and poker rooms in the surrounding area. If you don't want to go to a casino but still don't want to miss poker cash games, you can evaluate Home Games, which are very regulated.

Poker tournaments in Wichita

You can find many poker tournaments in Wichita. Tournaments are permitted as long as no real money is paid out, but the award is a non-cash prize. In Wichita and the surrounding area there are regular poker tournaments. Current tournaments can be seen in the tournament calendar.

Poker Clubs: The best poker rooms in Wichita

Other options are offered by the various poker clubs poker rooms with events in and around Wichita. Here you can see a small overview of all poker clubs poker rooms in Wichita:

Live poker in casinos near by Wichita

You cannot currently play live poker in Wichita in any casino in the heart. Kansas Kansas has its casinos mainly in small cities and outside the heart of the city. It is though fast to access them by car or public transport. Most have even an own transfer busses. In case you want to go by your own car, all casinos provide extensive parking space for poker players. Meanwhile, however, nearly each casino in United States is organizing poker games. There is a variety of tournaments and poker events where you can join. Here with us you'll get a list, sorted by federal states, of the best casinos running poker with their precise offering and all important information. Within a radius of Wichita you will be able to reach a good range of casinos with poker tables with a ok travel time.

Casinos, Poker Rooms & Venues offering Poker in Wichita

  • Nikki's PokerRoom ( Website )
    3851 South Seneca Street, Wichita, KS 67217, USA

Best Poker Players from Wichita

  • 1. Yashuo Chin
    USD 220,010.00
  • 2. Brandon Steven
    USD 3,217,155.00
  • 3. Kirk Morrison
    USD 3,171,075.00
  • 4. Dung Gomer Nguyen
    USD 801,148.00
  • 5. Chad Bradbury
    USD 121,226.00
  • 6. Ngoc Nguyen
    USD 91,960.00

Homegames: Pokern for real money in Wichita in private locations

In Wichita the judisdiction of the federal state Kansas Kansas applies. In order to play legal poker home games in Wichita you must follow of the following:

Is the poker game in Wichita public?

If the poker round is not public, it can be legal in general and does not have to justify any criminal liability. A poker event is public after the jurisdiction in Kansas Kansas, if "it is made outwardly recognizably accessible to a not firmly closed circle of acquaintances". The best example of this is cash games in pubs in Wichita that anyone could join. Attention, this is forbidden!


Based on legislation in Kansas Kansas can: "However, a closed society in which a game of chance is customarily held is also considered public according to 285 II StGB". If the poker round takes place regulardy, it is not allowed in private rooms in Wichita as well as in public. So, if money games are hosted for every week on the similar day, it does not matter if it is a private room or public. Both are prohibited.

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