Wolves on mars quest

The Wolves of Mars

Quote: While the rest of the system concentrates on the Taken threat, Variks continues to monitor the Fallen Houses. He's already passed along several critical pieces of intelligence. We concur with Petra's assessment: for the time being, at least, the House of Judgment is an ally of the Reef. Crow report

Objective: Defeat 300 Fallen enemies in Old Russia, Earth. Defeat 300 Fallen enemies in Ocean of Storms, Moon. Defeat 300 Fallen enemies on Ishtar Sink, Venus.

Tips: Note: major/ultra kills count as 7%

Step 2: Hunt the Archon

Task: Patrol Mars to find and destroy the Archon Priest stalking the Rubicon Wastes.

Quote: Archon priests rare. Dangerous. Wolf priest named Keldar kept silent during Wolves rebellion. Has resurfaced on Mars. Need to know why. Variks

Tips: Go to Rubicon Wastes on Mars where the Archon will spawn with a pack of wolves to the left of where you spawn for the Cerberus Vae III strike. Here is a Video with the location.

Step 3: Talk to Variks

Task: Return to Variks at the Vestian Outpost in the Reef.

Quote: The motives of the Archon priests are mysterious, to say the least. We're still not fully clear on the relationship between the Servitors and their Fallen followers. Even one active in the field is a threat worth taking seriously. Crow report

Step 4: A New Den

Task: Track the House of Wolves across the surface of Mars. Complete the mission A New Den.

Quote: While the other Houses fight among themselves, the Wolves are reuniting. But why? And who is their new Kell? Monitor House Judgment databases for answers. Crow report

Tips: Bring a shotgun, as during the initial cabal swarm you can kill most if not all of them in close quarters, and the last part of the mission, where you fight fallen in the room where you usually have a strike for a valus, this is also close quarters

Step 5: Talk to Variks

Task: Return to Variks at the Vestian Outpost in the Reef.

Quote: Variks is the funniest, most relatable Eliksni I've ever met. That's not a hard bar to clear, I'll grant you. But still. Ghost

Step 6: Knock Knock

Task: Hold the line against a brutal assault by the broken House of Wolves. Complete the mission Knock, Knock.

Quote: Field assets be aware., the Wolves have landed several heavy caches on Mars to support their claim. The Wolves astound us with their ability to scrounge material and weaponry. Crow report

Tips: Both Cabal and Fallen will spawn at different times during the fight with the Walker, but across from each other. Ensuring that you do not get caught in-between the spawn and the Fallen Walker will make the mission easier. If you jump on top of the large base in the back and get on the highest point, you can shoot the walker and move back a little to dodge its blue laser ball attack, it can't shoot you with its main gun. This will also protect you from the Cabal.

Step 7: Talk to Variks

Task: Return to Variks at the Vestian Outpost in the Reef.

Quote: A Fallen Walker and a platoon of Cabal mercenaries. Is it just me or is it getting scarier out here every day? Ghost

Step 8: Prime's Path

Task: Hunt the Prime Servitor that has brought together the broken House of Wolves. Complete the mission Prime's Path.

Quote: New rumors Orbiks Prime is still operational. Orbiks-series Servitors sighted on Mars. House Judgment data supports religious pilgrimage scenario. Crow report

Tips: During the fight with Orbiks Prime, there will be moments when it teleports you near to it in an attempt to cause damage, which only occurs if you are too far away from the fight or out of its line of sight for too long.

Step 9: Talk to Variks

Task: Return to Variks at the Vestian Outpost in the Reef.

Quote: So that's three Primes on our scoreboard, right? I almost feel bad for the Fallen. They're going to run out of gods if we keep this up. Ghost

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