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Metti alla prova la tua fortuna alla slot machine e ottieni chip gratuite. Prova ogni giorno per avere sempre piu chip!


Sei all'altezza della sfida? Completa i tuoi tre obiettivi giornalieri e vinci premi!

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Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem

Why was my account suspended/ banned?
Please read the Rules of Conduct for the game HERE and the Zynga Terms of Service HERE. If you are still uncertain why your account was suspended/banned, or you feel the action was in error, you may contact Customer Support HERE.

Why have my Experience Points (XP) stopped accumulating?
You can only gain 2000 experience points within a 24 hour period. Wait awhile and it will begin climbing again. VIP Club members can gain 4000 points within a 24 hour period.

I won the Horseshoe/Pimp Cup/Rainbow Dice while playing, but they aren't in my collections. Where are they?
These items are meant to be posted to your Facebook wall for your friends to collect. They do not go into your own collections. You can add these to your collections by finding them posted on your friends' walls, or by receiving them from friends as gifts.

I have "Unregistered" above my avatar when I'm at the table instead of my level. Why?
This just means you haven't shared/registered your email address with Zynga. If you decide to share it, the tag will go away. If you choose not to share it, only you will see the tag. Other players will still see your level.

Can I share some of my chips with a friend?
Yes, you may use the "Send Chips" tool in the game to share up to $500,000 of your chips within seven day period with friends. Remember that individual friends may only receive up to $100,000 chips within any seven day period. You can find the "Send Chips" tool on a friend's profile. Any other method of sharing chips with friends violates our Terms of Service and may result in your account being suspended or

banned and/or the loss of a large portion of your chips.

How do I earn Casino Gold?
Currently there is no way to earn casino Gold in-game. We sometimes run contests that may include Casino Gold as part of the prize/s. You may also purchase Casino Gold.

Lucky Bonus

Try your luck at the slot machine and earn free chips. Spin each day for even more chips!


Be the envy of your opponents by earning and showing off prestigious Zynga Poker Watches and Rings!


Are you up to the Challenge? Complete your three daily goals and earn prizes!

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Oyun Zynga Poker Texas Holdem PC'de Oynay?n

Tum zamanlar?n en populer poker olusumu, Zynga Poker Texas Holdem art?k sana cok daha yak?n. Zynga Poker Texas Holdem in Android versiyonunda art?k cok daha fazla masa, daha cesitli ve cekismeli turnuvalar ve daha zorlu rakipler seni bekliyor. Oyundaki VIP program? sayesinde art?k daha ust seviyelere ulasmak mumkun. Ozel fis paketlerinden faydalan ve surekli olarak yenilenen ozelliklere erisme sans?n? kazan. Zynga Poker Texas Holdem i indirir indirmez 60.000 fislik bir hosgeldin hediyesi kazanacaks?n. Ayr?ca gunluk 45.000.000$ a kadar oyun ici para kazanman da mumkun. Dilersen klasik Hold em ile rahat bir sekilde oynayabilir ve poker yeteneklerini gelistirebilirsin. Dilersen de yuksek bahisli Jackpot lara girerek daha zorlay?c? oyunlar oynayabilirsin. Bahislerin oranlar? tamamen sana bagl?, ister risk al ve yuksekten uc, istersen de daha mutevazi bir sekilde oyna. Zynga Poker Texas Holdem le kendini Vegas ta bir Casino da hissedeceksin. Ayn? Vegas taki unlu casinolarda oldugu gibi, Zynga Poker Texas Holdem de de bircok cesit bulabileceksin. Sezonluk turnuvalarda dunyan?n her yerinden gelen oyuncularla mucadele et. Tan?d?klar?n? da oyuna dahil et ve onlara meydan oku. Ustelik, Zynga Poker Texas Holdem e, Facebook hesab?nla giris yapabilirsin. Zynga Poker Texas Holdem, bir Android oyunu ama bu oyunu sadece mobil cihazlar?nla oynayabilecegin anlam?na gelmiyor. Dilersen Zynga Poker Texas Holdemi PC ya da Macle de oynayabilirsin. Bunun icin ucretsiz BlueStacks uygulamas?n? edinmen yeterli.

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